My Sex Doll.

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My Sex Doll.I met with Ezinne on Thursday morning after her husband Chike has gone to work. We both took permission of our working place citing ill health. I told her to wait for me at her home and dress like a slut. She did as I told her, heavy makeup; tight white shirt with a slutty black push up bra underneath it; tiny pleated black skirt; lace panties; knee high socks and heels. She stood, back against the wall and waiting for me to come and inspect her. Her arms are loosely at her sides and her gaze is lowered respectfully to the floor. Her heart pounds in her ears in eager anticipation of my arrival. She was hoping that everything is perfect – she wanted to please me. I entered and stood in front of her and her heart soars, she wanted to throw herself into my arms but she didn’t. She remained right where she was and tried not to move. A slight catch in her breathing gives her away and I smiled knowingly.I nodded my approval at her attire and used my leg to nudge her legs further apart. I grabbed her wrists, roughly, and pull them up above her head so that her body is pulled taught and her breasts are thrust out for me. I run my hands down her body, slowly, leisurely, teasingly and she trembled. It tickles. But it turned her on more. My hands inch down her body oh so slowly until I reach her bare silky thighs. I inched up her skirt and she held her breath and closed her eyes,waiting for that magic touch.Suddenly I removed my hand and delivered a resounding slap across her face. She blinked, confused, and dared to look up into my eyes. “I said no panties,” I growled at her “remove them. Now.” She gulped and hastily slide the offending item down to her ankles, kicking them away as she stepped out. Her face smarts from the slap I gave her and although her heart plummets to have let me down, she strengthen her resolve not to fail again. I shoved a finger into her mouth and bark another order at her “Suck!”She didn’t hesitate, taking it deep and swirling her tongue around me, imagining it was my cock she had the honour of pleasing in her mouth.When I was satisfied, I slowly withdrew my finger and inserted it straight into her wet pussy. I pumped it in and out, unbearably slow, twisting it slightly to hit her g-spot. She didn’t make a sound, but just as her knees begin to tremble, I withdrew my finger and fired it deep into the back of her throat. She struggled not to gag as she sucked her pussy juices from my finger; loving the taste but struggling with the depth. Just as she’s getting the hang of it, I withdrew again and this time she could not help her gasp of surprise as I rammed it straight in her ass, right to the hilt, with no lube. “Quiet!” I demanded and she bit her lips to keep her whimpers in as I slowly pump my finger in and out of her sweetest tightest hole. Satisfied, I withdrew and ripped her shirt open. I yanked her bra down so her breasts bounced free, her nipples taut and begging for attention. I greedily descended on them; licking, sucking and biting the tender flesh. I ripped the shirt and bra off, pulling her skirt down soon after and forced her to kneel across the bed. I landed a stinging slap on her ass and I told her to move. She crawled forward as I repeatedly spanked her ass to encourage her to move where I wanted her. She’s poised at the edge of the bed thinking it must be so that I can fuck her mouth from the other side of the bed. I pressed down hard on her back so that her ass is sticking up in the air and I slapped the inside of her thighs to spread her legs even further. She’s teetering, her balance barely canlı bahis hanging on, and she trembled at the effort of keeping herself in the position I’ve placed her in. I know how hard it is and, although she couldn’t see me, she knew that I was smiling. “Move your knees higher. In line with your hips so that your dripping wet cunt is on display for me!” She immediately obliged, and she was rewarded with a soft stroke from neck to ass which made her purr with pride. I was gone for a moment, but soon returned with a marker pen in my hand. My eyes are alight with mischief and I removed the pen cap with my teeth. Walking round to her back, I took her by surprise when I began to write across her ass. Finished, I came and stood in front of her again and I bent down to look her in the eyes.”Do you want to know what it says?” She nodded “It says ‘Fuck Doll’. Because that’s what you are: a dirty little whore that is here for my enjoyment and my pleasure only. Okay? You are just a series of holes to fill, fuck, punish and break!”The menace in my eyes fills her with a slight trepidation but her pussy clenches with excitement. She gulps and says “Y-yes!” in a shaky, breathless voice.Smack. Her face whips to the side from the force of the stinging blow I delivered to her cheek. “Let’s get one thing straight,” I growled, “Fuck Dolls do not speak, or make any sound, unless when asked to. If you can’t do this I will find another doll to play with and pleasure me. Understand?” Mortified at having failed me again, she silently nodded.”Good. Now I have something to do. Do not move. If I come back and find that you’ve moved you will be punished.” I slapped her on the ass for good measure as I left. She knows this is a test and she’s determined not to fail but almost as soon as she heard me banging around downstairs, fixing myself a drink, her legs began to tremble from the exertion of keeping still. She didn’t know how long I kept her waiting, but she felt her juices began to run down her leg. Embarrassed, she wondered how she’ll hide them from me. For a moment she considered quickly reaching back to wipe herself, but decided not to: the punishment for moving will be far worse than her embarrassment at having me see her in this aroused state.I returned. Has it been minutes or hours? She was panting and needy and she no longer cared about the wetness between her thighs. I was pleased that she kept her posture and I stroked her hands up the inside of her thighs. I chuckled when my hands discovered her wetness and her cheeks flamed as I came round to stand in front of her. I placed a finger under her chin and gently raised her head up so she can stare at me. “Good girl,” I mumbled “You get a treat for doing so well.” she then noticed that I was naked and slowly pumping my huge, hard cock with one hand. “If you had displeased me, you would have had to do this without any aid, but as you’ve been so good I’ll help you out.” my free hand reaches over and grabs a white tube. She knew what that is and she licked her lips in eager anticipation, watching as I coat my long member with the sticky minty gel.”Open wide!” I said but she was one step ahead of me and eagerly awaiting this prize. “Nice and slow.” She frown at that, wanting nothing more than to swallow me whole. She forced herself to take it slow, not wanting to lose this special treat, but I wasn’t satisfied. “Slower!” I barked, pulling back on her hair. So she’s forced to take it painstakingly slow. This ‘prize’ for being so good is fast turning into a torturous punishment for her, she swirled her tongue bahis siteleri around my thick shaft, loving the tingly taste of the minty gel that’s going to allow her to take my face fucking. When my cock is coated with her saliva and her throat is coated with the gel, I pulled out and she almost whimpered in protest. A cold furious glance from me causes her protests to die in her throat. “I think you need a reminder of the rules Fuck Doll!”I took the beautiful, exquisite, rose gold nipple clamps from the side and attach them torturously slowly to her erect nipples, giving the clasps an extra hard squeeze as they snap shut. Satisfied, I give the golden chain a sharp tug and head round to her ass. My finger slowly traces the words and I stroked and kneaded her flesh, causing it to warm and tingle deliciously. Suddenly I spanked her ass, hard, with three quick slaps before settling into a steady rhythm. I gently tilted her hips forward so that I can spank her pussy on the down stroke. Her pussy gushes with wetness and I slide two fingers in with ease. She didn’t react, but she so want to. she wanted me to know how good it feels, how turned on I was making her, but this isn’t about her.I withdrew and come back to face her. “Open wide!” I commanded and before she can take a breath, I buried my cock in her mouth. I slowly drag myself in and out a few times and then I clamped my hands behind my head “hold still”. Her eyes are wide, her heart is beating hard and she’s more than a little afraid. The face fucking is relentless. I pounded her throat hard and deep. It’s not pretty or elegant; her eyes are streaming and her makeup is running down her face. At one point I reached down for the chain swinging between her breasts and tugged on it, hard, in time with my pounding. She struggled to breathe and there’s rising panic travelling up her spine. I ignored her wide eyed pleadings for mercy and continued to pump away. If anything, I pounded her harder and she swore. She saw me smile mercilessly.Just as she thought she’s going to infuriate me by pulling away, I pulled out. To her absolute delight I sprayed my hot sticky load all over her face and breasts. When I was spent, I rammed my semi-soft cock back in her mouth and demanded that she sucks me clean. When she finished, I pulled away and spanked her hard; in the vigorous face fucking she must have moved out of the position I put her in. The punishment spanking that follows makes her long for the ‘gentleness’ of my cock being forced down her throat. “She was so disappointed in me.” She hung her head in shame, tears filling her eyes “Get back into position. When I come back I am going to continue to Fuck my Doll but now you don’t get to come. Don’t wipe the cum off. It should be a reminder of how unhappy with you I am. You deserve to be shamed.” and with that I was gone and she was left bereft. I definitely made her wait longer this time and she cannot help the tears spilling over. When I returned I refuse to acknowledge them and instead took my place behind her. My cock is hard again and she brightened up instantly. Without warning I buried myself to the hilt in her pussy and a silent gasp escapes her lips. I slapped her ass but took pity on her. “Go on Fuck Doll. You’re such a filthy whore I should have known you can’t keep quiet. Go on then, let me know how much you love being broken by your master.” I wrapped my hand around her ponytail and pull tight, her head snapping back. I pounded her relentlessly to the point of pain and she is screaming with joy, shouting all sorts of filthy things bahis şirketleri she would normally blush at. She didn’t care. She desperately wanted more. She pleased me that I pulled out and rammed her vibrator into her pussy, switching it on full. “No coming remember!” oh, so she has not pleased me then, this is another punishment. She gasped when the cold gel coats her ass and she felt my fingers exploring her most intimate area. She squirmed and try to pull away and that earns her a hard tug on her hair and a stinging slap to the ass. She didn’t know how she’s going to take me; despite the gel, her throat hurts from the vigorous pounding and she knew I won’t take it any easier on her ass.She took a deep breath and concentrated on the deep vibrations on her clit and g-spot as I stretched her ass with two fingers. It’s not so bad. Just as she’s getting used to it, I withdrew my fingers and replace them with one from each hand. I pulled my hands apart, stretching her ass wide open and she felt my tongue trace her rim. She whimpered at that; so close to coming. I slide in two more fingers and she now know that my two hands are pulling her ass wide and getting it ready for my enormous cock. More cold lube. And then I was ready.It’s excruciating at first. She know I was not in far, but at the same time am not being as gentle as I have been in the past. She held her breath. “Breathe,” I tell hef “It’ll help with the pain.” just as she let out the breath she has been holding in, I buried myself all the way in her ass. She screamed and I held her tight against me so she can’t pull away. She can feel me twitching deep inside her and suddenly, as I held her, her attention is drawn back to the vibrations. She felt oh so full. Soon that fullness gives way to something else; a heat is slowly building. I held her tight against my chest and remove the nipple clamps. She whimpered at that but loved that I soothed the pain by gently playing with them. I whispered soothing noises and nonsense words in her ear, telling her what a good girl she was and how well she’s doing. “You’re the best Fuck Doll I’ve ever had, baby girl. Ready?” I asked. My praises has warmed her; taken her closer to the edge. She knew she must not cum but she’s right on the edge, so she nodded. “Good girl!” With that I pulled out and slammed my cock back in. All the way. She felt the fullness in her belly and when my cock is buried deep in her, it pushes the vibrator in her pussy hard against her g spot. It’s too much. She couldn’t feel the soles of her feet begin to burn; a sure sign that her orgasm is imminent. Shivers are running up and down her spine and her legs begin to tremble with the force of the orgasm that’s building and relentless pounding of her ass. I sensed the change and begin to spank her ass in time with my thrusts. “Hold on slut, hold on. Not much longer now. I want you to come with me Fuck Doll. Come on command, whore.” my words are nearly her undoing but as my thrusting reaches fever pitch she knew I won’t make her wait much longer. With a roar that fills her ears I begin to empty my hot load deep into her ass and I reached round to pinch her clit: this sends her over the edge and she’s screaming, sobbing, ruined as she came completely undone around me.I pulled out in the midst of her orgasm and with one hand stroke her spasming cunt whilst the other twists her nipple to the point of pain. My ministrations keep her going as one orgasm rolls into another and into another.She finally collapsed, spent and sobbing, into my open arms and I stroke her hair and rocking her in my arms, mumbling how well she has done, how proud of her that I am and that she’s a good, good girl. She sighed, broken but content, and snuggle deeper into my arms. I thought to myself, life can’t be any better.