My shy colleague and ex student and emergency sex

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My shy colleague and ex student and emergency sexI’ve hired an ex student to work for me. She’s this incredibly sweet gorgeous Ethiopian beauty. Always dressed very modestly in line with her religious beliefs. Nonetheless her African curves shine through. We share a house with 5 colleagues in our field duty station. One of those places were security does not allow us to go around and we are in between office and the house. When she was a student in Europe she would wear jeans and t-shirts and the image of a pair of solid perky boobs on top of a slender body with nice hips have not left my memory. I used to fantasies about undressing her and jerking of in front of her. She has the bedroom next to mine. During sleepless nights, out of girlfriend , I’ve picked up the habit again and often end up wanking , trying to see through the walls, imaging her naked on the bed as temperatures are high and there is no aircon. The last days she has been distracted and sulking. I’ve overheard a number of angry phone calls and get the sense that it is boyfriend back home stuff. This time around we’ve been stuck here for much longer than normal and tensions are getting higher . We are all becoming irritated. We have a video room with gaziantep escort bayan a mattress on the floor and that weekend we all ended up going through our video library , one after the other. By midnight, it is just the two of us left and as we both suffer from insomnia we decide to go for one more. I pick up a video without a label and shove it into the machine. We stare in silence and have no clue what movie it is. Soon however, it is clear we are watching a soft porn flick which one of the colleagues must have forgotten. I don’t dare to look at her but suggest to change knowing how conservative she is. She doesn’t reply but just holds me back. I glance over and see her fixated on the screen where a girl is unbuttoning a guys pants and slowly starts sucking his dick. I lay back and can see that She is doing the same. By now the couple on screen is undressed and soft moans are coming from the screen. I feel her hand touching mine. Not knowing if this is conscious I don’t move. But my heart starts pounding and I can feel my dick growing in my shorts, the type where it is hard to hide. Her fingers grab my hand and before I realize she is leading my hand towards her thigh. We are both still staring at the screen. She’s wearing a multilayered skirt and a wide shirt tonight. She leaves my hand on her side and I can see her slouch back even more. I look at her and before I utter a word she puts a finger on my lips and shuts me up. I don’t care she whispers. I want to forget. Show me what you do at night. Shit she must have heard my orgasms. I hadn’t realize the walls where that thin. I nod. This is my change to play out my fantasy. I get up and slowly take off my shirt. By now, the bulge in my shorts is undeniable. I let my hands slide down my chest towards the edge of my trousers. I stop on the edge. She is staring at my shorts. Her hands have disappeared under her shirt and I she her grasp for her bra lock. I slowly stroke my dick through my shorts. She slips her bra off and pulls it out from under her shirt. Two nipples immediately poke through her shirt. I can see her eyes glazed over. The moaning behind me on screen is increasing. She notices her nipples and she starts circling them with her fingertips. I do the same with the tip of my cock still caught in my shorts. I pull my shorts back just enough to let my dick head jump out. Her hands fully grasps her boobs now and her legs slightly open up. I drop the shorts and my cock is as hard as ever, slowly moving up and down with my blood throbbing. I just stand there and wait. This is what I do she says when I hear you next door. She starts unbuttoning her shirt and reveals her soft chocolate boobs with two incredible long stiff nipples. Her hands slide down and rest on top of her pussy. I can’t help it and grab my cock. Don’t. Please wait, she says. I reluctantly let go. She slowly pulls down her skirt. I see a few pubic hairs peaking out from a tiny white slip. Her legs are long and gorgeous . Her hands move up the inside and stop just under her pussy. I can see a wet spot by now. One finger moves up and clearly marks her lips. It leaves a wet line and my shy colleague is clearly incredibly horny. I try again to grab my cock but get an even stronger rebuke. That’s mine, leave it, she hisses. She pulls down her slip and a nice black curly bush comes out. Her hands go up again and she slowly peals away the layers revealing an incredibly pink tight cunt with a big clit staring me right in the face. Her fingers play around and start sliding in and out . Her hips are moving now and she’s getting more aggressive, shoving 3 fingers, as deep as she can. She is in her own world now and clearly trying to hold back the moaning not to wake up anybody in the house. MORE LATER,