My Sister, the Flirt Part 1

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My sister had always been a flirt. She flirted with my friends, my girlfriends, even me. Not that any of us minded. Sarah was a vision of beauty. She had bright blue eyes, a stunning figure and a great ass. Her tits were a little larger than average, and she kept her hair dyed a deep red. She didn’t mind showing all of this off either. Tight jeans and tight tops kept her assets on display all day, and she loved the power that she held over everyone. I’d been having impure thoughts about my sister for a long time,and it’s hard to see how it could’ve been any other way. Sarah didn’t treat me like a brother; she treated me like I was just some guy renting a room down the hall from hers. She would run her hands down my chest in conversation; she would stand close enough to make most people uncomfortable, and she talked in a voice that made me melt. Over time I thought I’d get used to the effect that she had on me, that I’d develop some sort of immunity, but she managed to keep me suckered şişli escort bayan in just like every guy – and a fair few girls – she met. Sarah was bisexual, a fact that she liked to remind me of occasionally, probably to perpetuate the fantasies she knew I had about her. I was too, though I’m far more attracted to women than men, and she teased me about it constantly, sending me pictures of her boyfriend stroking his cock, asking “Is he cute?” whenever I went out to meet one of my male friends. For the most part I didn’t care. So there I was at 18, my sister 22. My parents were away for a week and Sarah was upstairs. My girlfriend Jess and I had been seeing a lot less of each other lately; I wondered if we would break up soon. The thought didn’t really bother me; whenever we fucked, I was mostly thinking about Sarah anyway. Sarah came downstairs wearing a short skirt and a tight top. “Joe will be here any minute,” she said. Joe was her boyfriend. “Try not to stare at his ass mecidiyeköy escort bayan too much.” Another joke about my sexuality. She sat herself down very close to me on the sofa and put her lips to my ear. “You’ll be happy to hear that I intend to fuck him for the rest of the afternoon, so if you listen, you’ll be able to hear him moan.” My cock twitched in my jeans. I did indeed find Joe incredibly attractive. He had olive skin and firm, well-shaped muscles. Sometimes I’d daydream about sucking his cock while I jerked myself off. “Don’t be disgusting,” I said, trying to push the image out of my mind. “What, you don’t want to hear?” she asked, dropping her voice to a whisper and getting even closer to my ear. “You don’t like the thought of him moaning as I ride his thick cock?” Involuntarily, I let out the tiniest little moan of arousal, which she obviously delighted in exploiting. “You do, don’t you? You want to hear him moan.” She climbed onto me, straddling me, and escort şişli I could feel her pussy against my now rock-hard cock. “Or maybe,” she said, taking my face in her hands. “Maybe you like the idea of me getting fucked. Does your big sister turn you on?” Without warning, she pressed her lips into mine and started grinding on me. Well, she’d taken this further than before; further than she should. But that doesn’t mean I was going to stop her. I opened my mouth to accept her tongue just as the doorbell rang. She slowly broke the kiss before looking me in the eyes and saying “He’ll be blindfolded. Maybe you want to come upstairs in a few minutes.” And then she got up, leaving me horny as fuck and frustrated, and answered the door. Joe stood on the threshold, looking as hot as ever. But at that moment, I couldn’t care less what he looked like. I’d received an invitation from my sister; an invitation to spy on her and Joe while they fucked. And I had every intention of accepting it, just to see my sister’s body. Joe waved at me as he headed up the stairs and I nodded back. Sarah was just behind, and gave me a flash of her bare ass before following him. Now I knew I had to see her riding Joe’s cock as my own struggled against my jeans.