My Step-Sister – Part 3

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My Step-Sister – Part 3Mss pt3My step-sister Chrissy and I started fooling around with each other senior year (see parts 1 and 2). I had masturbated for her then we both masturbated in front of each other. Friday evening we have dinner with my mom and Chrissy’s dad to discuss weekend plans. Then the ‘rents went out to see some band we had never heard of. Chrissy and I had the house to ourselves. We decided to watch a movie on our parents new VCR. We watched An Officer And a Gentleman and got kinda fired up. As we were watching the movie, we were fooling around. We were both wearing athletic shorts and t-shirts. We were sitting side-by-side on the sofa. First I rubbed my bare leg against hers. Chrissy reached over and held my hand for a while. Then I started running my fingers gently up and down her bare legs. In the early ‘80’s both men and women wore short shorts. Slowly my fingers went to the insides of her leg. Then up under her shorts. When my fingers traced the edge of her panties, Chrissy moaned and goose bumps swelled out on her arms. I went further and began running my fingers over the front of her panties. I could feel the heat of her labia as it swelled under my gently stroking fingers. After a few minutes Chrissy started breathing heavily with her chest rising and falling. Her nipples stood out and then I felt her panties getting wet. Chrissy leaned over and whispered in my ear, “That feels so good! You are making me crazy.” Richard Gere and Debra Winger were making out on the screen to add to our excitement. Chrissy turned my face and kissed me on the mouth as her hand went to the inside of my thigh then up inside of my shorts. This could not have been more erotic. Here we were kissing and rubbing each other under our shorts and over our underwear. I was soaking my undies with precum and she was soaking her panties with poontang. As we kissed I moved my hand up and felt her tits over her shirt and bra. After we made out for a while, Chrissy said, “I have to use the restroom.” She got up and came back a few minutes later. She climbed on top of me and sat on my lap facing me. She kissed me again and I put my arms around her. As we kissed and I ran my hands over her back, I noticed something hand changed. NO BRA! I ran my hands around to the front and got two hands full of Chrissy’s tits. Mmmmmm – big, pillowy, smooth, nipple canlı bahis topped Chrissy tits. We kissed as and I ran my hands over her tits and gently pinched her nipples. I grabbed the bottom of Chrissy’s t-shirt and started pulling up. She reached her arms up and I pulled the shirt up and off. Ohhh flesh. I buried my face in her tits. I kissed her tits and gently sucked on her nipples. Chrissy was clearly loving this as she rubbed her hands in my hair and pulled me into her tits as I sucked her tits with more vigor. Although I was having a great time, I wondered what else she had taken off. I ran my hand down and under her shorts. NO PANTIES! Oh Heaven. I stood and, with Chrissy clinging to me, turned and laid her on the couch. I grabbed her shorts and pulled them down. I rubbed my fingers up and down her pussy until I found her vagina (female anatomy is rather confusing if you have never been there before). I put my middle finger in her vagina and stroked. (Oh my God, her vagina was so tight; one finger barely fit.) Chrissy went off like a rocket. Her hips thrust up, she got amazingly wet and her eyes rolled back. I was going to kiss her but her mouth was open so I started sucking her tits instead. As I fingered Chrissy and sucked her nipples (back and forth), I remembered her masturbating for me and when she ran her fingers rapidly over her clit – that is when she orgasmed. So I removed my finger from her tight twat and started running three fingers rapidly over her clit. That did it. Chrissy’s eyes squeezed tight, she thrust her hips up and stayed in that position. A high shriek came from her throat, and her entire body convulsed. Wow. Giving another person an orgasm is truly amazing. I kissed her mouth then kissed my way down her chest and sucked each nipple. I continued down, licked her navel and kept going. Chrissy already had one foot on the floor but she lifted her other leg over the top of the couch exposing her pussy. I went down and kissed the crease where her leg meets crotch. I moved around her pussy smelling her beautiful aroma and getting little tastes of pussy juice as I slowly moved closer to her gash. When I got to her outer lips Chrissy started moaning and muttering. “Oh, yes. Lick me Greg. Keep going. Mmmmmm.” I licked her inner lips then sucked each one into my mouth. I would go up to her clit and barely run my bahis siteleri tongue over it. She would gasp and thrust her hips, clearly wanting me to lick it more. But I was teasing her now and enjoying it. I licked her pussy from the bottom up to her clit. Then I would go down licking and sucking one side of her lips. The base of her lady-parts below her vagina seemed to be very sensitive. When I licked there she would moan and put her hand on the back of my head. My nose would be right in her vaginal opening. I would slowly lick up, flicking her clit with my nose then with my tongue. God I loved the taste of her.After teasing her for ten minutes or so I went up to her clit and stayed there. I would lick around it slowly then flick it with my tongue. Chrissy was in another world. Her hips were thrusting up and down. She was moaning and saying words but the words were unintelligible. Finally I started sucking her clit in and out rapidly with a lot of suction. Chrissy literally screamed as she started cumming. She grabbed the back of my head and held it into her pussy and her body was wracked with spasms. Then she suddenly pushed my head away. She was breathing in gasps and covered her clit so I could not suck it any more. I went down and licked the outside of her vagina and below it. Her secretions were flowing out of her and coating my cheeks and chin with yummy poontang. Then she started rubbing her clit fast and in three seconds started cumming again. She screamed and shook then pushed me away. What happened next freaked me out. She started crying. Her chest heaved in sobs and tears flowed from her eyes. I was frozen in shock. Then I rubbed her arms and asked if she was okay. She finally calmed down. Chrissy looked at me and smiled. She pulled me towards her and kissed me on mouth. She laughed and used her hand to wipe her pussy juices from my cheeks and chin. “This happens to me sometimes when I masturbate too.” she explained. “Occasionally I can make myself have three or four orgams in a row. At the end of these sessions I have all this emotional energy build up and I just start crying to release it. I’m not sad. I just need some…some kind of energy release.” Wow. This was beyond anything I had heard about. Chrissy just smiled and looked down at my raging hard-on. She got a twinkle in her eyes. “Now it’s your turn.” She said. bahis şirketleri I lay back on the other end of the couch and Chrissy got between my legs. She stroked my dick looking at it intently. She ran her fingers over the veins. She pulled what is left of my foreskin up over the head. She squeezed my dick hard and asked, “Does this hurt?” I told her no. That it would be almost impossible to squeeze it too hard. That when I masturbate I squeeze it very hard and run my hand rapidly back and forth over the top and head. “Yea, I’ve watched you.” she giggled. Precum was oozing out of me. Chrissy scooped a dollop off with her finger then brought it to her mouth. “Mmmm.” was all she said. Once there was a new drop seeping out she leaned forward and licked it off. Oh my God. She was licking my dick. She started to get into a rhythm. She was jacking me up and down and occasionally licking the head. Finally I could stand this no longer, “Please” I pleaded, “suck me into your mouth. Chrissy put her mouth over the head and sucked about two inches into her mouth. I moaned and thrust up. This scared her a bit and she pulled back. “Are you about to cum?” She asked. I told her no; that I would warn her before I cum. She moved up so she was straight over top of me. Now she could stroke me with her hand and suck me in and out at the same time. Fuck…I was in heaven. I could not help but thrust up into her mouth but she now had enough control that she was not nervous. Then my dick started to swell. Her eyes went wide and she looked up at me. “I’m gonna cum soon.” I warned her. She took her mouth off me and started jacking me fast and hard as she had seen me do. Some kind of primal sound came out of me and I started cuming. The first shot sailed up and landed on my neck with a little on my chin. The remaining spurts hit my chest then my belly. “Holy Shit! That’s amazing.” Chrissy exclaimed with wide eyes and a smile on her face. Then she dropped her head and licked the cum that was clinging to the head of my penis. She smacked her lips tasting my sperm. I guess she liked the taste enough because then she brought her mouth over my dick and sucked the remaining cum from my dick. She sucked and squeezed my dick from the base to the tip getting the final drops of cum out of me. I had never been so happy in my life.She came up to my face. She swabbed the drops of cum on my chin and sucked them off her fingers then kissed me passionately. “That was amazing!” she said. “We need to do this more often.” We both laughed and she pulled a blanket over us as we snuggled on the couch.