My summer with the sluts

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My summer with the slutsMy summer of sister’sMy goings on in JulyMaster Hunter(To clear up any confusion in the story all the below is true I have simply changed names to keep it more private. Also the people are as follows: Z is the married slutthat took me to Malibu she is 27 years old about five foot five nice firm B cup tits, smooth sexy ass, thin but still shapely (I have been using her for about threeyears, now we have a c***d together that I leave with her and her husband, the cuckold, to raise) Her sister is A she is thirty years old quite short at five foot evenvery fucking sexy with D cup (fake) tits a tight, round ass you could bounce a quarter off of a set of lips begging to be fucked, her husband’s name is Jim and a wealthy CEO older than A by about ten years and he has a tiny cock (and some latent homosexual tendancies as you will see below) and a natural cuckold) Let me start off with a little about me. I am eighteen years old now, a very thick and almost ten inch long cock, and very I’m very dominate. I love to use married women and cuckold their pathetic tiny dicked husband’s. This summer I was invited by Z (a psedonym, to keep her identity secret, for a married slut I’ve been using for three years now) to her sister’s ten year anniversary party. I went with her, leaving her pathetic cuckold husband watching my k** I have with Z (the c***d is a year old now anyway..) So we left for California with cuck boy’s credit cards.So Z is thin and five foot five but still shapely 27 year old, nice firm but only B cup tits and an amazing round bubble ass. Her sister (Who I will call A) isbarely five feet tall very sexy with very large (fake) D cup tits 30 years old, an fucking amazing ass and lips that look built to suck cock. The first time I saw her I knew what I wanted to give her for an aniversary present. This was even more apparent after I meet her husband it was even more of a turn on when she treated him like shit, belittling him from the first second. I guess he is some kind of wealthy CEO of an advertising company in Los Angeles, but his younger and sexy wife treated him like dirt (I know what you are thinking now she is already cucking him right? Well I found out later NOPE she had only slept with him for twelve years now since they first started dating) Sooooo for the first three days of my three weeks at their Malibu beach house I made sure A heard me abusing the shit out of her sister Z everyday after the husband left for work. I made sure I walked around their house everyday wearing only a pair of VERY loose cotton pants that are almost see through and A got an eyeful everyday. On the fourth day I hatched my first part of my plan. Me and Z left early in the morning and after getting my morning Blowjob in the car I had Z bring meback to the house after the husnand left and then sent Z off on a few errands (she had full knowledge of what my plan was) When I walked in the house I was again wearing only those loose see through cotton pants my dick still hard and covered in my cum and Z’s saliva. I saw that A was doing her usual and sunning herself out on the semi-private back deck (it’s blocked from view from the beach and other houses but it easy access to the beach) When I walked out there on the deck I greeted A and sat down asking her if she minded that I get a tan too, of course she responded with she didn’t mind at all so that is my first step i stripped off my pants leaving me completely naked and in full view of A. SHe of course was shocked, but I acted as if it was nothing at all and spread my legs on the recliner facing hermy huge young cock only a couple of feet from her and I started making small talk with A. After a few minutes of this with her staring at my long, thick, teen cock Ilooked at her and got her attention and told her “Hey my eyes are up here.” Her faced turned the darkest crimson a human can turn in embaressment (that is when I knewhow easy this would be) So as her eyes went back to my huge teen cock I just started slowly caressing my dick (not like masturbation, more just idle touching, almost just distracted touching) I watched as A kept staring when i finally confronted her “well what the fuck you staring at?” it was the best way to start some level ofcontrol over her.She stammered and tried to look away and that is when I took advantage grabbing my huge hard cock I stood inches from her face holding my long thick dong near her face, “what your husband doesn’t have a dick?” She turned even redder (i didn’t think that was possible) and she stuttered out something to the effect of”nothing like your’s Hunter….nothing like it” She stared transfixed as my giant dick pulsed with excitement I looked down at her “What married slut? You want to feelit? you want to feel how big I am?”She tried to face away but keep looking back at my thick white cock a small amount of cum at the tip I stared at her tits watching her breathe faster and faster. I simply said “touch it now you fucking married cunt.” She slowly reached up with one hand lightly touching my pulsing shaft. “No cuntboth hands now.” Almost in a daze both her hands mpved to my cock lightly touching my almost ten inch shaft. Thats when i laughed at her “What the little married cuntscared? stroke istanbul escort me you dumb bitch! Now!” Grasping me with both hands now she started stroking my full length, moaning as she did it, her mouth open just a little. Iwanted more right then “take off your clothes now A! Show me your naked body noW! Not taking one hand off my teenage cock she slowly undid the ties on her top and bottoms of her bikini. Exposing her huge tits and her swollen nipples and a clean shaven pussy. At that point I reached down grabbing her already dripping pussy andfound out why she was so transfixed by my giant organ. Fingering her cunt I started to laugh a little as i felt the tightest cunt i had ever felt by a long shot! I knew i was going to have fun ruining this. I wanted more from her right then and there I wanted to see how good those lips really were. I told her open wide, hesatating she said she never sucks Jim’s cock! Admittingly I was shocked but very aroused by this and simply stated “well you are for me.” At that point I grabbed her head and slide my cock in her mouth making her start to suck me. Honestly at that point it was painfully apparent that she had no cocksucking skills so I just began facefucking her at that point using her mouth as a masturbation device. Laughing as she choked and gagged on me. After fifteen minutes of this me berating her for her skills I told her it was time for me to put that married cunt to work. She was legitatmely frightened and that tiny cunt was why. So I simply put her on her back climbed between her legs and started stroking her flamming hot cunt with my thick young cock. As she moaned flooding her pussy with more lube I started pushing my way in her stretching her as I dove deeper! Her cunt lips were clinging tight to my teen cock gripping me as I thrust in and slowly pulled out. By this time I only had gotten about four inches deep asshe started screaming I was too big. Willing to take that challenge I simply moved her ankles to my shoulders and started banging my way in. My giant throbbing cocktreating her as the fuckmeat I was now training her to be. As I was doing this she was peaking again cumming for the third time in only the first two mins of fucking her. I was loving every minute of ruining this arrogant married cunt! I suddenly pulled out of that gripping cunt, looking down seeing her cunt lips looking as red as her face had looked earlier. I grabbed her blonde hairdragging her behind me to the master bedroom where she usually slept with her husband. Wzanting to truly defile this stuck up married cunt in her own marriage bed. I threw her naked across the unmade bed (the maid wasn’t there yet) rolling her over her sexy bubble ass up, I pull her hips up leaving her face down as I slam my hugecock home in her sweet, wet pussy her screams of pain/pleasure echoing throughout the house. I grab her hips tight pumping her little pussy as I start demeaning her, telling her how much better her younger sister is at pleasing her Master. I slapped her ass hard telling her to say my name, she of course manages to scream out something that sounds like “Hunter,” swatting her again I tell her that is not a slave addresses her betters! Spanking her ass harder again I told her to say my name! I know she knew that her younger sister addresses me as Master and that is what i wanted from A. She was hesitant at first but as I pummeled her formerly tight cunt into submission I spanked her ass till she quietly whispered “Master Hunter.” I was fucking that little maried cunt as she continued cumming again and again at one point she even begged me to stop as her cunt was becoming to sensitive to my furious pounding. I of course responded that it wasnt up to her which made her cum again.After well over forty five minutes of her cunt being abused her tight cunt had finally milked my cock till I was ready to cum I slammed one final time buryingall almost ten inches in her abused cunt. My cum filling her womb. As she came down from the pounding I pulled out and turned her around starting to put my cum coveredcock in her mouth, hesitant at first she responded with enthusiasm as I told her this was a slaves’ job to clean her Master’s cock after cumming. As she sucked and licked my still huge cock I looked up to see her sister Z in the doorway with her hand in her shorts cumming hard on her fingers. Not ready for the next step in my plan I ordered Z to wait in the guest bedroom for me. As her sister A sucked me clean she became even more embaressed as she realized her younger sister had just seenher slut herself out to me. After a few minutes of A worshipping my cock i pulled her up onto my still swollen teen cock forcing her to get on top so she could ride me to more orgasms. Her protests of being too sore fell on deaf ears as I pulled her abused cunt apart for my huge hard cock. Watching her abused cunt lower down on my long thick shaft turned me on even more as I watched this tiny little married cunt try to please me more. This fucking went on the rest of the day till her husband called her telling her he was on his way home. We hopped in the shower at that point washing off thecovering of sweat and sex on us both. I of course told A that zonguldak escort I had many more plans for her over the course of the rest of the time staying with her and her pathetichusband. After fucking her mouth in the shower I dried off leaving her slumped in the shower as i went to the guest bedroom walking naked back to her sister Z. Z was already naked in bed as I arrived in the room and immediately fell to her knees sucking my young cock as she begged me to tell her what I had done to her sister A allday long. Sharing my tale of her sisters abuse as Z worshipped my cock was honestly the highlight of the day, it is very arousing to be using the younger sister as I share how tight a cunt her own older sister has with her.This arrangement continued for the next 4 days fucking the younger sister Z in the morning then using her older sister A the rest of the day till her pathetichusband came home in the evening. The rest of my plan was yet to come.My next step was the forced cuckolding of A’s husband. I began by telling her how it was to be done she initially refused of course but not offering her anyway to refuse I began to carry out my idea. My plan was not complicated I had A dress in her sexiest most revealing lingerie as i bound her hands behind her back and placedher on her knees in the entry way of their home. Z had purchased a collar and leash for me to place on her sister for this exact moment when her husband arrived A wasto be sucking my huge swollen cock as her husband walked in. When the cuck walked in the door he was of course shocked and angry but some simple words from me put mein control of the situation. As his own wife pistoned her mouth on my throbbing cock I simply demanded of him to shut the fuck up and close the door. At first not complying I started to treat him as a undisciplined boy. I grabbed his ear hard! Twisting his ear to me I whispered that he was to sit down and shut the fuck up the situation was not up to him. As he began to cry as I was hurting him he moved to comply with my wishes. I allowed A to continue fucking her mouth up an down on my swollen teen cock as she continued her husband sat on the couch in full view of my use of his wife. As I was using her mouth for my pleasure I looked at her husband(let’s call him Jim) telling him how good a job his wife was doing pleasing my giant cock with her mouth I continued telling him about how I knew that she did not suckhis tiny cock and that pleasure was reserved for me. Jim tried to look away in embaressment but I quickly slapped his face hard forcing him to then stare as she sucked me even faster than before. As I was approaching my own orgasm I noticed a tiny bulge in Jim’s slacks at that point I knew they were mine! I ordered him to stand up and undress and let us see his tiny hard cock in this he did not even argue and quickly stripped down revealing what I already knew from his wife A. He was hard as a rockbut his tiny old cock was maybe three inches long and about as big around as my finger. I burst out laughing as he stood there the comparision was so apparent between him and myself i was more than three times his length and many, many times thicker than his little old cock. Jim stayed hard through the abuse though and as I was fucking his wife’s mouth faster now I started to cum making her swallow my cum as I told Jim I was cumming down his wife’s throat. I laughed again as Jim started masturbating his tiny cock furiously. He came on his own hand in just seconds as I was finally done shooting my load down his wife’s willing throat. Laughing again as he moaned watching me abuse his bitch of a wife for my pleasure. Of course I wasn’t satisfied at that point and wanted him to see me abuse her whole body! Dragging hersucking mouth off my still swollen cock I grabbed her hair bending her over their expensive leather couch. I forcefully slammed my giant cock deep in her tight wet cunt! Causing A to scream as I stretched her married cunt again. Jim was silent at this and just watched attentively as I used her married, rich pussy for my pleasure. Jim sat on the coffee table so he could touch his wife as I pummeled her dripping cunt. He was telling her how much he loved her even as I was making her cunt mine again and again. After an hour of this treatment of her married cunt and countless orgasms on her part I was finally ready to cum again. Thats when I got a surprise from Jim he crawled under A’s naked body and I felt his tongue on my balls as I then started cumming in his wife’s wet cunt. I pulled my giant teen cock from A’s cunt trailing my cum and hers Jim open his mouth as I did this licking and sucking his wife’s cum mixed with mine off my huge young cock. I let him clean me a moment beforetelling him to suck my cum from his wife’s cunt which he then happily did. This went on the rest of the night I would use A’s cunt or mouth as my cum dump and Jim would move in to clean her up. When I finally fell asleep after hours of this I fell asleep with A pulled up tight to my naked body and Jim sleeping on the floor.I was awakened the next morning by Z. Jim had just left for work and A was still passed out beside me. Z was begging for some attention so with her own oldersister escort bayan asleep beside me I allowed Z to climb up on my now hardening young cock. Having cum so much the night before, I simply laid back and let Z ride me to her own orgasm after orgasm. After quite awhile of this A awoke seeing her sister riding my throbbing hard cock she simply snuggled up to me as if my thick ten inch cock wasn’t currently being ridden by her own sister. As Z was riding me through another of her orgasms I decide to up the ante on the two of them. I was going to use them both atthe same time I just had to decide when that would be. I decided against now as my huge cock was actually kinda tired from the non-stop use over the last week. So after my own orgasm into Z’s cunt I sent her away to clean up dragging A into the giant master bedroom shower letting her clean my cock of mine and her younger sisters cum. I allowed A to clean and bath me in the shower before disappearing to the beach to be away from them for the day I only returned when Jim got home that evening to do amuch shorter version of the night before. I used his wife of course and allowed the new cuck to clean us but I limited my own orgasms to just two that night since thenext day was going to be my plan for using the sisters.My first decision was a simple one and that was what sister was going to be in charge and that was a simple one I decided it was obviously going to be the younger Z. I knew she harbored numerous grudges against her older sister one of them being that A was stealing her own fuck time from me. So with that decision done I set it up the next morning on wakening with Jim having just left I put A naked on her knees where I bound her hands behind her and gagged her with her own panties. I then brought Z in wearing nothing but the starpon I sent her to buy, at first Z had been reluctant to do a 3-way with her own sister but my promise of her being in charge allevated any initial resistance. So as soon as Z came in I ungagged her older sister A and allowed Z to start fucking her mouth. Of course Z protested but my hand across her ass over and over leaving her very red silenced that. I then sat back to watch for awhile to see what would happen. A really took out her aggresion built up over many years in that one day! She abused A on that strapon choking her on it before moving around forcing A’s face to the floor where Z started spanking her fast and hard over and over very angrily. I just laid back and laughed as A was put in her place by her younger sister. Who then fucked her very dripping pussy for almost an hour before I decided it was time for me to join in. I procedded to put A naked on her back and then forced her to like her younger sister’s dripping cuntbefore i slide my huge cock in her cunt fucking Z’s cunt like a man possessed as my swollen balls dragged across A’s face. After a long while of this I finally came deep in Z’s cunt then letting A taste what I had done to her husband I forced her to suck my dirty cum covered cock clean and then clean her younger sister’s pussy clean of all my cum. The rest of the day I used them both in every position my warped mind could imagine even finally taking A’s anal cherry, a very painful, for her, first time. This arrangement went on the rest of my stay with them, training the cuck, using the sister’s in every way imaginable, and even using them both in public asJim drove us around. The only deviation out of this was in the last few days in Malibu. The sister’s started to get possessive of me and I of course had to right that immediately. So one morning towards the end of the stay in California I tied both girls up to the end of the bed forcing their heads down wrists tied to their ankles and both gaggedwith their dirty panties. I then left heading out on to the back deck then down to the beach. It took awhile but I found a sexy coed from USC down on the beach twenty two years old tight blonde and dumb as a fence post, perfect for my plan. After some chatting and flirting I invited her back to “my house” (of course it was not mine,but she didn’t need to know) after only a few minutes on the back deck I had my huge cock out and in the coed’s mouth after some more oral on her part and mine I pulled her naked into the Master bedroom. Of course she was shocked to see both A and Z naked bound and gagged and tied by their collars non the floor at the foot of the bed, but after I explained that A and Z were just the house slaves this vapid coed took it in stride adnd we proceeded to fuck the day away on the bed leaving the sister’s untouched and oh so horny. The only action they got that day was when the coed wanted to spank them both, of course an action I allowed. Watching a completestranger spank them both was very arousing and I used the coed some more after. When Jim came home I was just finishing up with the coed and I introduced Jim as my “driver” then having her drive her to her home an hour away. A very enjoyable day on my part ended by putting both sisters in their place as nothing but my slaves. I had some wonderful experiences with the three of them some of which I have not outlined here of course including the actual night of their anniversary when I had Jim take us all out with both A and Z pleasing me on the way there and the way back in the back seat and when we got back to their Malibu home I proceeded to fuckall three of them using all their holes. Feel free to message me and I will be glad to share some more details.more as desired.