My teacher kept me after for a reason… PART 3

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My teacher kept me after for a reason… PART 3PART 1 2 Please don’t tell me you came in me? My teacher, Emma, asked me while I was resting my cock inside of her. And yes, I did cum inside her. Not on purpose though.- Ehm, I’m sorry. I said and pulled my cock out, a small string of cum was attached to my cock and some cum even dripped out of her pussy. I spanked her ass with my cock a few times to get the last drops out and just stood there. Then she turned around and looked at me.- You know, I’m not on birth control. She said and stared me in the eyes.- Why the fuck not? I mean, you’re an incredibly hot 30 year old. You must be getting laid all the time. I said and inspected her body even more.- Shh you’re making me blush. She said and looked at the ground.- Oh well, are we going to get anything to eat? I asked her and gave her a kiss.- Yes, what would Mr like? She asked me and kissed me back.- How about pizza? I suggested and bit her lip carefully. – Just because you’re cute! She answered and walked over to the kitchen, while wiggling on her sexy butt, to get her phone.- I’d like a cheese pizza with some mushrooms lotusbet güvenilirmi on! I shouted through the kitchen and walked around her apartment, to try to find my ways around. I found her bedroom and walked in. The walls were maroonish colored and she had a big bed in the middle of the room, with a window behind. The only light coming in to the room was from that window and of course, the door. I stepped in and walked to her bed and laid down on it, still all naked.- 25 minu.. Oooo. She interrupted herself when she stepped in to the bedroom, she was also naked. She closed the door behind herself and the room went quite dark. You could see, but it was dark. Then she sneaked up to me and laid herself on top of me, with her pussy touching my cock. Then she kissed me and grinded herself on top of me. I was getting hard, once again, and I think she could feel it quite well, since my cock was getting all wet from her grinding. She carefully took my cock with her and and putted it inside of her once again. Then she began humping slowly, while kissing me.She moaned quietly and began picking up her pace a little. Then she sat straight up, still with my cock inside of her and began riding me lotusbet yeni giriş fast. Her breathing was really heavy now and she moaned loudly.- Oh that feels soooo gooooood! She screamed and began fingering her clit whilst riding me fast.I started to hump as well and a nice spanking sound happened every time our bodies touches.- Oh I’m gonna cum! She screamed very loud and began humped me really fast. Then she leaned back so my cock went out of her pussy and she squirted all over my stomach, screaming really loud.- AHHH! OH MY GOD! She shouted and fell on top of me and began kissing me. Her breathing was really heavy. My dick slipped out and it touched her anus. She lit up.- I want you to fuck my ass. She said while looking me straight in the eyes.I was shocked, truly shocked.- Okay, do you have any lube? I asked and kissed her.She then grabbed my cock and slid it across her pussy.- Will this do it? She asked with a big smile.My cock was very wet out of juices.- I think so, what position?- I think doggy. She answered and kissed me and jerked my cock a little. Then she got up on her knees and fingered her ass a few minutes to stretch it.I shoved my cock up her pussy and fucked it for a few seconds lotusbet giriş then I pulled out. My cock was soaking. Then I teased her ass with it and slowly pushed the head of my cock in and waited. She grinned a little and told me to continue. I slowly pushed all of my cock in and stayed there. It sure was tight there! Tightest hole I’ve ever fucked in my whole life.Suddenly she began moving her hips forward and backwards since I wasn’t doing anything.- Come on! Fuck my ass already! She commanded.I did as she said. I began fucking her tight ass. First I went slow, but then I picked up pace and fucked her fast. She began moaning loudly again and my balls smacked against her wet pussy. The sensation was enormous. I wasn’t going to be able to hold myself for much longer.As I fucked her she fingered her wet cunt and I could feel that she was close to coming as well.- Mmmm, she moaned out. I’m gonna cum again!- Me too!I felt her knees shaking and her pussy vibrating and meantime I shot a big load inside her tight ass. I slowed down my pace and stopped. I held my cock inside her ass until it went flaccid. Then I slowly pulled out and some cum came out as well from her tight ass.Then we both laid down on the bed next to each other, talking about other fantasies we had. Later that night she gave me the best blow job of my life in the shower. We went to bed early that night.**************************************************************************************Please rate, comment and add friend 🙂 More to cum!