My Visit With Simon (pt 1)

30 Temmuz 2021 0 Yazar: sexhikayeleri


My Visit With Simon (pt 1)So one of the hottest times I love to reminisce about is the first time I had sex with Simon while my husband watched. One thing led to another, I had found out my husband had gotten a little friendly with an ex of his from high school. They didn’t actually have intercourse, but knowing they shared a kiss made me furious. I went out drinking with my bad influence, Karen, and we got to talking about the best sex we’ve had, and if I could fuck anyone from my past again, who would it be? Although I’ve had some great sex with both guys and gals, my mind immediately thought of Simon, a Nigerian student in some of my design classes. Karen remembered him well too, and was there on a few of the nights where we’d stagger drunk back to our dorms and all hell would break loose. Karen, also very tall but quite tan, brought back a nice looking model in from NYC for the weekend. They went in the bedroom and ordu escort Simon and I locked ourselves in the bathroom. I remember we shared a blunt and he took out his massive African cock for the first time. He chuckled a little, it was the biggest I had seen, although I fucked a Swedish guy who was just about the same. Still, I love chocolate and couldn’t help but just squeeze it in my fingers and eventually force it in my mouth. I was actually afraid to put it inside me at first – we made out and I gave him a nice blow job. Later on, after hanging out a bit more I’d finally let him fuck me. Fast forward, my husband is apologetic about his fuck up and texts me while I’m out with Karen. I had talked about past experiences with him before and we had thought about swinging, although in his mind it would just mean Karen joining us. I told him I wanted to see Simon, and I think he might have been under osmaniye escort the right influence of d**gs, because he agreed. Karen had been sort of keeping in touch with Simon, and he was very eager to see me. Life usually doesn’t come together this easily, but there we were: at Karen’s apartment (by the way she playfully dislikes my husband, and I think also wanted desperately to see Simon’s marvelous chocolate cock) and she put down extra sheets on the bed in the spare bedroom. My husband had been waiting at the apartment while Simon and I were arriving by cab. I hadn’t seen him for about four years, but he looked sexy as ever. We were already feeling the chemistry there in the cab, and I hadn’t had good sex in over a year. Here it was. I was kind of hoping my husband wouldn’t be there, but he could also watch Karen who would also be spectating. Luckily, everything worked out. My husband escort bayan quietly watched in one corner and Karen in sexy heels and lingerie while Simon and I began what was almost something of a mating dance. We did a bit of bumping and grinding, I felt my heart race as the bulge in his tight jeans grew. I had on my little black dress, short leather skirt, and louboutins. I could see my husband getting a slight but uncomfortable a the fact Simon kept kissing me, but honestly that just made me more moist. Simon moved down, slipped off my skirt and began feasting on my wet, sweet pussy. It looked as if it were heavily glazed, his lush lips gently caressing. I saw my husband began to stroke his cock as I put Simon in my mouth, and then eventually he gently placed me on the bed and (unfortunately I had to use a condom) entered my soft, tight pussy. Eventually the pace reached a fever pitch, and my husband was feverishly stroking (and I think Karen masturbating too) while Simon unloaded all his athletic tension inside me. My husband came closer and began fucking me in my mouth, which worked out well. Simon came inside me as my husband filled my mouth with his seed. (more to continue)