My wife and her massage therapist

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My wife and her massage therapistMy wife Erin is a very attractive mid-40’s ginger. 130 lbs with C-cups, a great ass and an appetite for cock that is truly insatiable. Recently Erin’s back was really sore so she booked herself into some sessions at massage therapy. She booked her appointment with the girl she used to see and when the day came she went to her appointment. When she got home later I asked how her appointment had gone and she said that it was good, but that she was surprised when she got there to find that her regular girl was off sick and a man had been substituted in. She was asked if she’d prefer to reschedule for another date but Erin needed her back sorted out and decided to continue her appointment with him. I asked her if she was uncomfortable with this situation and whether she felt better and she told me that she was surprised but that Jacob did a very good job on her back as he was much stronger and worked her sore muscles better. At that point she smiled ever so slightly and blushed a tiny bit. I didn’t miss this and called her on it. She then admitted that Jacob was also very cute and well-built which didn’t hurt the situation. Those who’ve ready our other stories know that I love instigating encounters that lead to sharing or loaning out my wife and this situation definitely got my thoughts roaming. I asked when her next appointment was and whether it was with the same guy. She informed me that it was next week at 11 am and that she’d intentionally booked it with him again. I said “Good” with a big smile on my face. Erin grinned, knowing that my head was full of naughty ideas. Before I got too far I asked her if she’d been at all turned on by him massaging her back. She replied that at first she was nervous, but as he worked her back and got closer to her backside, she started to get a tingle between her legs and started to fantasize about him. She was also pretty sure that he’d let his package bump against her arm a few times. This was exactly what I wanted to hear. I left things alone until the morning of her next appointment. That morning I told her to make sure she was freshly shaven down below and to not wear any panties and to wear a pair of yoga tights. Erin nodded and smiled, knowing I had plans for her. When she was ready to go to her appointment I gave her a good stare up and down and was very pleased. She was wearing tights as instructed and a tight sports top. She asked what I was up to and I told her that she was to take chances and try to instigate a sexual encounter with him. At first she protested half-heartedly, saying that it was very inappropriate, which was definitely true but I also figured that if he wasn’t interested, he’d set her straight so there was nothing to really lose. I told her to use her cell phone to ring me as her session was about to start and to leave her phone nearby on a chair so I could try to listen. Finally she left and I smacked her ass on the way out the door. My heart was racing in anticipation and then finally about 45 minutes later the house phone rang with her name on the display. I answered but there was no reply so I listened intently. The rest of this story is written by Erin as one of the conditions of this was for her to fill me in on the encounter, whether good or bad.So as my hubby explained, he wanted me to push for something sexual with my massage ther****t. I arrived at the office and waited to be called back to meet with my new guy, Jacob. Jacob was around 30, tall and handsome with a very good but lean physique, one of a rock climber or runner as opposed to a guy who works out for muscle bulk. Our ther****t’s office is broken up into multiple small rooms, all with doors for privacy. I was directed into the same room as before and instructed to remove my shirt and lay on the table face down and that Jacob would be in shortly. I did as instructed again, this time with my stomach full of butterflies as I also rang my husband and slipped my phone under my shirt on a nearby chair. I always get nervous when my hubby makes me push the limits with someone, and this situation was one I was sure was going to end badly with me likely told to find a new ther****t. I was face down on the bed when I heard the door open and close behind me and then heard Jacob’s voice asking how I was today. He asked all the regular questions about how my back was after the last session, whether I had any concerns, etc. I told him that his hands were magic on me, which was true in more ways than one. Finally he got to work on me, not a moment too soon. His warm, oiled hands were big and strong and he worked my back hard. He rubbed all over starting with my shoulders and working down to my lower back. I was trying to find a way to push things, then told him that I thought the pain was connected to my backside because I illegal bahis could feel a pulling when he pushed on my lower back. He asked if I’d be okay with him working on my butt a bit and I told him that I was definitely okay with that. I quickly grabbed the sides of my tights and slid them down my butt. At first Jacob started to tell me it wasn’t necessary but then said it was okay if I was comfortable with this as it was easier to massage bare skin than through clothing. I said that I was, definitely. He now transitioned from my lower back to my butt and worked each one in turn. I was getting very worked up sexually and could feel myself getting extremely wet. Jacob was now at the side of the bed and as he worked on my butt I slowly eased my arm towards the edge of the bed until I felt his shorts against my arm. Now I was having a bit of a panic attack as I often do at critical moments. Should I push against him or chicken out? I knew that my hubby would be very disappointed if I didn’t so I went a bit further until I felt him against my arm. He paused slightly upon contact but then kept massaging me. I now pushed a bit harder against him and again he paused, then continued but now he wasn’t massaging me nearly as hard as before. In fact it was pretty obvious that he was distracted as he was more just rubbing my cheeks than massaging. He was now rubbing them in circles and I could tell by his position and movements that he was intentionally spreading my cheeks for a peek at my treasures. I knew this was the make or break moment so I went for it. I shifted my arm up slightly and turned my hand to meet his crotch. He didn’t resist at all and when I actually made a grasp for his crotch I was very happy to feel him hard in his shorts. Without a word between us I started to fondle his cock through his shorts. I could hear his breathing getting more laboured as was mine. I kept stroking him and felt his hand start to slip down the back of my ass cheek closest to him, then down the inside of my thigh until it found my wetness. I let out a gasp as he made contact with my pussy. When I gasped he stopped dead and asked if he should stop. I replied breathlessly “definitely not”, then I wiggled my tights down a bit further.I spread my legs a bit for him and he started to rub me, then slid a finger into me. I nearly came right then but held off. He kept rubbing and fingering me gently but I wanted more. I turned on my side facing Jacob now, seeing him for the first time since last week. He was smiling, flush red. He moved his hand over the outside of my thigh as I rolled over and he slipped his hand back between my legs as I faced him. I pulled him up the bed slightly so that his waist was near my head and then I told him to “take it out for me.”He slipped his shorts to his hips and his cock sprung free. He had a very nice cock. It was cut, his pubes were trimmed short, and his cock was about 6” long and thick. I don’t really care that much about length (although it’s definitely a bonus), but girth gets me going. His hand was still between my legs and I parted them again as he slid 2 of his fingers back into me. I leaned forward and licked his shaft a few times. His cock twitched every time my tongue made contact and I could see precum now leaking from his head. I grabbed his cock to guide it to my mouth and licked the tip, then wrapped my mouth around him. He moaned slightly but very quietly obviously for fear of being heard. I sucked him for a few minutes, tasting precum and enjoying how hard I was making him. His fingers felt good but not good enough. Suddenly there was a knock at the door and we both jumped. I don’t know how he managed to put his cock away so quickly, nor how I pulled my tights back up and got turned face down so quickly but we did manage to just before the door opened. Jacob’s hands were on my back again and I heard one of his coworkers asking if he was going to join them for lunch today. Jacob replied “oh jeez, I want to but I actually have to run some errands today”. The other ther****t said something about seeing him after lunch, then closed the door behind him. “That was way too close” he said, moving away from me. I agreed, but I also wasn’t going to let things end this way. “Do you want to go somewhere more private?” I asked him. He smiled and replied “definitely!” I asked him where his car was and he told me what it was and that it was at the back of the building. I told him to meet me at a nearby park and I got dressed, picked up my phone, and headed to the front. I left in a hurry and got into my car, then left for the park while telling my hubby what had happened. He replied that he was enjoying where this was going and to keep letting him listen so I put my phone in the outside pocket of my purse.I got to the park and found Jacob already there illegal bahis siteleri in his car. I parked mine and went to his passenger door, got in, then told him to find somewhere more private to park as this was a very busy place. He started to drive and I immediately put my hand on his crotch. He was still as hard as stone and I slid my hand down into his shorts and continued to stroke him. He was moaning, now able to be more vocal. He made great noises, something that also gets me very turned on but I really didn’t need the help at this point. I told him to help me slide his shorts down and between the two of us we awkwardly got them to his knees. Now I moved up onto my knees sideways, lowering my head into his lap and took him in my mouth again. He was really moaning now and I could even feel his cock twitching. I could hear his breathing getting faster and I almost let him finish but I wanted more so I released him from my mouth and told him “not yet”. He was panting like a dog and looked a bit disappointed so I continued to speak…”not yet….. unless you can cum twice”. He smiled and said “no problem at all!” Magic to my ears because I do truly love getting a man off with my mouth. I returned to my task, wrapping my mouth around him and now fondling his big balls. His breathing got faster again. I stopped for a few seconds, just long enough to tell him he should probably pull over somewhere. He answered “we’re almost where I want to go. Please keep sucking me, please!” I love it when a man begs so I hesitated and moved my hand from his balls to his cock and kept stroking him with my hand. I asked “are you sure you want me to keep going?” Jacob was completely out of breath, as though he’d just run a sprint race as he replied “please, yes, please. Your mouth is fucking incredible. Please suck it!” He then reached his hand over behind my head and pulled me back down to his crotch. I love it when guys grab my head. I love being manhandled, fucked hard, my hair pulled, mouth fucked and just generally abused sexually so he was definitely doing everything right. I resumed sucking him, taking the time to wiggle my tongue hard against the end of his cock right below his head. Finally I faintly heard his turn signal, then he took his hand away and turned the car and parked. I didn’t bother to look around, not that I’d have the opportunity because as soon as the car stopped, his hand was back on the back of my head. Now he grabbed a handful of my thick red hair and started to guide my head up and down on him to set his pace. I went back to playing with his balls with my free hand. Again his breathing was getting faster. He was moaning a lot which I also love because it gives me feedback to know I’m doing things right. I could feel his cock swelling even more in my mouth which was starting to hurt my jaw a bit due to his thickness. I knew he was close now. “Fuck, yes. You’re going to make me cum. Fuck. Don’t stop please!” Some guys ask if they can come in my mouth or not, some ask where I want them to cum, the ones I like just do as they please, and Jacob turned out to be one of those. I felt his balls start to twitch in my hand and at the same time Jacob yelled out, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, yes fuck I’m cummmming!” Not that I needed the hint but it was still hot to hear. Now his cock exploded, shooting his extremely hot semen into my mouth. He pushed my head down hard so that his cock was at the back of my mouth as he continued to yell “fuck, oh my God, oh that’s so fucking good!” I gulped down every drop of his cum. It was very sweet tasting and quite thick. I’m still amazed at how it’s so different from guy to guy. Once he was done shooting into my mouth he eased his grip on my head. I started to pull back but stopped near the tip of his cock and worked his head with my tongue. I love cleaning a guy up and feeling him twitch as I touch him right after he cums. He kept jumping when I flicked my tongue over him and to my delight, he was true to his word and was staying hard. Now I sat up and looked around briefly, keeping my hand on his shaft and pumping him slowly. We were in an alleyway behind some businesses. Not the most private place around but it would have to do. His car was more of a two seater than a four with two doors and tiny seats in the back. I reached down the front of my seat and pulled the lever to slide the seat back, then grabbed the handle on the side to allow me to recline. “I need you” I said to him. He smiled at me as I pulled my yoga pants down, kicking my shoes off and pulling my pants off completely. I then pulled my top up so that my tits were free. Jacob smiled and awkwardly climbed over onto my side and between my legs. His fat cock was resting against my belly, still leaking hot semen which was dripping onto my tummy. I loved feeling his canlı bahis siteleri weight on top of me and he quickly slid down just enough to let his cock rest against my opening. He started to rub his shaft up and down my slit, pushing my lips apart and rubbing my clit with his cock head as he did. Between sucking him twice and getting ready to fuck him, I was extremely wet, to the point that I could feel my juices leaving my pussy. Jacob looked down at me and asked “are you completely clean and safe or should I use a condom?” I couldn’t take my eyes off his fat cock in anticipation but replied, “Yes and yes and absolutely not! Please fuck me bare, I can’t wait any longer”. He wasted no time. He lowered himself slightly so his head was at my entrance and pushed into me. I was so wet that despite his size, he slid into me quickly. It hurt because I wasn’t adjusted to his thickness but it was that hurt that also feels incredible and I heard myself let out a loud moan as his pelvis met mine. Jacob didn’t disappoint. He fucked me like a jackhammer, slamming into me all the way with each thrust. I could feel his balls hitting my ass and could hear them slapping against me. My feet were up on his dash and I was grabbing his hard ass cheeks as he fucked me silly. At that point I saw something in my peripheral move just outside the car. I briefly glanced over to see a homeless person standing next to the car watching! He was right up to my door with his cock out and was jerking it furiously. For a moment I thought about saying something to Jacob but then the thought of being watched and masturbated to turned me on even more so I said nothing about it. I resumed giving my attention to the man on top of me while still watching my spectator. I continued prompting, “Fuck me Jacob, fuck me hard! Yes, I love it, I love your fat cock”. I don’t remember even saying all that but my hubby told me that he heard it all through the phone, including when I begged Jacob to cum inside me. “Yes baby, fuck me. I want to feel you cum in me. Please Jacob, fucking cum in me, fill me!” That was right when Jacob yelled out “Oh fuck, you want it in you? Do you? Fuck, I’m gonna cum! I’m cumming!” He slammed into me hard, holding himself there. I could again feel his cock twitching and his hot semen splashing inside me. At the same time I saw the homeless man ejaculate thick ribbons of cum against my window, and between the two of them it caused me to climax also. I pulled Jacob into me as deeply as I could with my hands on his ass, loving the feeling of him releasing inside me as he collapsed onto me with all his weight. The homeless spectator smiled at me and then made a hasty retreat, his semen still running down the window and door. Jacob stayed there inside of me for a minute or so and I felt his cock slowly soften, then slip from my pussy. I could feel his semen leaking from me, down my ass onto his leather seats. I reached down and scooped some of it up and brought it to my mouth and licked my fingers clean. Jacob smiled as I did this, then worked his way back over to his driver seat and started to dress. I pulled my tights on and lowered my shirt again. “That was amazing.” Jacob finally said. “Please don’t tell anyone!” I laughed, “If I told anyone I’d be in as much trouble as you. I’m married.” He started the car and I returned my seat to the normal position. On the way back to my car he said “is it going to be too awkward for me to keep working on your back because I understand if it is and you want to see someone else?” I replied, “I’m good if you are. Just make sure you keep fixing my back before we do anything else”, then I winked at him. I’ve been back to see Jacob 6 more times since that visit, making sure to always book my visits right before lunch or as his last appointment of the day. My back hasn’t hurt since that second session with him but this was just too much fun to pass up on. We’ve fooled around in the office again, in his car, and even outside in a park once also where he fucked me from behind against a tree, leaving his cum running down the inside of my thighs. The last time I saw him was my last for now and I wanted him to really remember me so I made sure that when he was at the head of the bed working on my upper back at the start of our session, I pulled his cock out slid myself up the table, and sucked him right there, letting him fuck my mouth as he held my head in place by pulling my hair. I worked him into my throat and let him shoot his entire load down my throat as I reached around him and held him in my mouth. I then sat up and told him that sadly, my back hadn’t hurt in a while and this was our last visit for a while. He was disappointed but also understood, asking me to please come see him again if I need massage work done, or just to ring him sometime if I want to meet up for anything else. My back usually needs some care about once or twice a year and I truly hoped Jacob was still working there when I next needed attention. Worst case, I have his number and one way or another, I’ll be having his fat cock again.