my wife become girlfriend to rich man–4

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my wife become girlfriend to rich man–4deleteddeleteddeleteddeleteddeletedMeenakshi spend quality time on backseat of carMy wife was now looking little scare, she was worried that her picture was taken by teenager. In picture Meenakshi blouse was totally open, her boobs was expose in picture. I was sure he had also got nice view of her nipple in photo. Not only that but this bastard was that Vijendra also having his hand on her boobs in picture. Meenakshi was bold girl, but she always hides her boobs. Since our college days she never exposes her boobs. She will wear tight fighting dress, but she will never show her bare boobs to anyone, its not like she don’t want people to stare at her bosom but she was too shy to expose it. she was very alert about her boobs. But today one eighteen years old teenager had taken her picture without blouse, that too with her face, that too just from one feet with good quality camera.Vijendra,who was boyfriend of my wife for one day was now sucking her boobs. His mouth was too small for her boobs. I was proud on my wife’s boobies; I was working on them since college days. Today somewhere I was feeling great when Vijendra mouth or hand was not big enough to hold them.Meenakshi was so busy in thinking that she forgot that this guy had removed her pallu; meenakshi blouse button was already broken by her boyfriend. My wife Meenu still have blouse on her shoulder, but it was doing nothing to hide her boobs. Rather It was giving sexy look to her body. Red open blouse on milky white sking. She was looking towards me in mirror, I don’t know how to console her. I wanted to remind her that she was on total display in car.I signal her that her blouse is open, she look at her chest and realize that this guy was now shamelessly sucking her boobs. She didn’t try to stop him neither she try to cover herself. Why will she cover herself? One guy who was sucking her boobs was her boyfriend for today, and I was her hubby. Both male was familiar to her, both had already suck her boobs, Both have feel them, so there was no point in hiding them. In fact she put her hands on the head of Vijendra lovingly and thrust her chest slightly forward so he could get easy access to her melon, Encouraging him to suck her boobs. She used to put her hands on my head when I used to suck her boobs in our college days, today that privileges was passed to Vijendra.“Viju, are you sure that medical guy will not forward my picture to his friends? See I don’t mind he watching me, he is my devar and I am her bhabhi, but I don’t want him to forward it to other college guys”, my wife Meenakshi ask Vijendra, there was little vulnerability in her voice. She was more worried about her picture going viral among college guys. I remember few teenager who stay in our society and eye on my sexy wife. I feel little scared. Vijendra stop sucking her boobies and remove his head from her boobs. I look at my wife’s boobs from mirror, they were very damp, I could see red bite mark on her white milky boobs. I never bite Meenu there, but Vijendra bastard had bite her, I was now angry on him. How could he hurt my wife their? I wanted to punch this bastard but i control myself.“No Meenu, trust me, He will only shag himself, after sometime I will ask him to delete the photos, let the poor boy enjoy the show, all he see in college are flat chested girls, let your eighteen year old devar enjoy your melon, it’s your duty as bhabhi.”, he was smiling, to my surprise my wife still didn’t cover her naked boobs. I know that her blouse button is broken but she should at least keep both end of blouse together or she should cover it with her hands or she should easily cover it with her pallu. But she did not do it. In fact she pressed her boobs from both side by her arms so they look little bigger and make nice cleavage. Vijendra was looking in my wife eyes.I was sure he will try to kiss her now. He try to take his mouth on my wife’s lip, she blush, kiss was nice way of consoling most girls and my wife was not exception to it. she allow his lips to come very close to her lips, I though their lips will meet now and then suddenly Meenakshi put her hands between their lips, his lips touch her hands instead of her lips, my wife giggle on this, “viju, you have not eaten mouth freshener yet!! Remember the deal”, both of them laugh. He slaps her playfully, my wife had forgot about pictures and her mood change drastically by Vijendra kiss initiation.“driver give him mouth freshener otherwise he will kiss me like this only”, my wife address me, both of them laugh again, I quickly take mouth freshener which was in my upper pocket and handed it to Vijendra.I look back to give him mouthfreshner, I saw His one hand was busy on my wife thighs, to my surprise he has elevated her saree till her mid-thighs, her thighs was beaming in little black environment. I don’t know when he did it. I was sure he did this when my wife was busy in her thought, He use other hand to accept mouthfreshner, he quickly unwrapped it and eat it. My wife was giggling nervously on his eagerness to kiss her. He was behaving like teenager who is about to get his first kiss of life. My wife definably find it very cute, I could sense it from her expression.Once he was finish with mouth freshener, he looks into my wife’s eyes. Remember my 26 years old wife meenakshi was wearing very small red blouse, but all her button was broken, her pallu was not on her shoulder, it was resting on car seat, some part of it was also between two seat. her saree was raised till her mid thighs exposing her thighs, she was sitting on back seat of car with her one day boyfriend, they were preparing for their first kiss, and I was driving car and taking them to Lover Park so that this guy could spend some quality time with my wife. Remember guys meenakshi very smartly had avoid fucking till now.I saw my wife’s expression, I could sense that she was equally enthusiastic for this kiss, I know her from college days, she used to see deep in my eyes in our college days when she wanted kiss, now she was looking deep into Vijendra eyes. She slowly took her mouths towards Vijendra mouth. She was blushing and little shy, her face become red with shyness, She open her mouth slightly to smooch him, she tilted her neck so their lips could meet. To my surprise Vijendra put his hand between their lips, her lips landed on his hand. Why vijendra stop her? Till now he was dying to kiss her, what happen now? My wife was confused and couldn’t understand. This was very rare for any beautiful girl that someone denied kissing to them. she lean back and was about to speak but Vijendra interrupted her by his loud laughter.“Meenu darling, I want to chocolate kiss my lovely girlfriend!!, I want our first kiss to memorable one”, Meenu was very strange state now, she just laugh little, she like his idea, every girl like when her boyfriend do memorable thing to her. Vijendra tab my shoulder, I understood what he want and remove dairy milk from my upper pocket and handed it over to him, I handed dairy milk to him so he can chocolate kiss my wife. I still had condom in my pocket. I was hoping he cum before fucking her and my wife survive from this session.“wow!!! Dairy milk, I love you Viju for this”, my wife squeal, she love chocolates. In üsküdar escort our college days I used to give her lot of chocolates, she used to get chocolates from other boys also; I was feeling jalousies that time. Vijendra unwrap chocolate and show it to my 26 years old wife. Meenakshi tried to fetch it from his hand but he avoided her attack. he teasingly put one end of dairy milk in his own mouth. He signals my wife whose boobs were on total display to eat other end of dairy milk.She smile and started eating other end of dairy milk, both started eating dairy milk and now dairy milk was about to finish. With each bite their lips was coming close.they was holding each other by shoulder for stability. I was driving smoothly and was avoiding rough part of road. Their lips was about to meet suddenly Vijendra open his mouth, my wife meenakshi put her own mouth in his mouth and started sucking his tongue, she was eating chocolate from his tongue. He also did same thing, he put his mouth in my wife’s mouth and started sucking her tongue. She was cooperating with him. They both started smooching each other. Vijendra hand was on my wife’s boobs; his other hand was on my wife’s head so that he can control kissing. My wife allow me to suck her tongue in second year of our relationship and here this guy was sucking her tongue just after few hour. Then I remember as per deal she is his girlfriend and she is bound to do duty of girlfriend.They separated after few minutes, there was lot of chocolate on both face, especially lips. They were all mess up. Both laugh nervously as If it was their first kiss. Remember Vijendra daily fuck call girls and Meenakshi is my girlfriend since college days and we are married for two years now. They again started kissing, this time they were kissing each other’s lip. Their romance continues till we reach the park. he fondle and kiss my wife lot, meenakshi also replied with equal enthusiasm. My wife was behaving like perfect girlfriend. He never tried to touch her pussy. Both was behaving very professionally, remember this guy is regular customer of Hemlata who is college friend of Meenu and me. We trust this guy only for Hemlata. This guy was not also crossing his limit and doing all thing very slowly.Wife finally enter in park with her loverI told both of them that we have reach to Lover Park. My wife meenakshi was busy with that bastard Vijendra; they don’t even understand that we are in parking of Lover Park and car has stopped. Both of them come to sense, my wife quickly pick up pallu from her thighs and put it around her chest, remember her blouse have no buttons now. Her boobs were very big. She quickly pulls her saree down to cover her thighs. Vijendra also left her alone so that she could organize her saree. All the time he was noticing his one day girlfriend. He loves her erotic figure and at same time he also likes to watch her when she arranges herself. My wife looks really appealing when she arrange herself. She is not only sexy but also cute.I look around me, it was very empty, it was 5 pm and closing time of park is 6 pm, most of the couple had leaved the park. Actually this park is well-known among college couples, they bunk there classes and come here to spend some time together. They visit it mostly in afternoon time, this park become empty after 4 pm, because college time is mostly afternoon. Lot of girls have lose their virginity in this lover park and my wife meenakshi is one of them. I had fucked her first time in this park only in third year of our college days.I used to come in this park with Meenakshi in my college days, today also she is with me, but today she is girlfriend of someone else, I am only her driver today. My feeling of possessiveness increase when i enter in this park today. I have spent lot of time with my wife here in this park. I kiss her first time in this park in college days. My wife Meenakshi shows me her boobs first time in this park only. I have lot of memories linked with this park. but today Vijendra will stole those memory from me, i will remember only that my wife had spent time with her lover in this park.“Viju, please go and ask the watchman what is closing time of lover park, I need some time to get ready”, my though was interrupted by voice of my lovely Meenakshi, She ask viju to go to watchman, maybe she wanted to spend some time with me alone, I saw in mirror she was well covered now, but her wobbly blouse clearly indicate that her blouse is not closed, her pallu hide her bobs though. Her waist was really tinny and then her big ass below her waist and big boobs above her waist was giving her sensual look.“OK, daring, Driver lets go, we will ask that security guard, give my girlfriend some time alone, so she could reapply her makeup”, his hand was playing with my wife hair, Vijendra ask me to come with him. That bastard had ruined my hope of spending few minute with my wife. i wanted to comfort her, i know my wife is concerned about her picture taken by that medical guy, but Vijendra was right at his point, why will he leave his girlfriend alone with driver? i know he like to display his girl but leaving her alone with driver was too much. I looked at my wife meenakshi, Vijendra was right, her makeup was mess-up, there was lot of chocolate on her face because of chocolate kiss, her hairs was disorganized, she do need to reapply her make up. It was natural loosing makeup because this bastard was feeling my sweet wife from last hour.I come out of car because i had no choice, he signal me to go few feet away so they could have privacy, why he want privacy now? He has fondled her in front of me, i had seen her uncovered boobs, what is there to hide. I don’t understand but I just follow his order and leave car and went few feet away, I was waiting for him now. Vijendra before coming out of car pulled my wife into another smooch. He holds her both nude thin arm and pulls her towards himself and put his mouth on my wife’s mouth. He was not leaving single opportunity to kiss or attack her. After 30 seconds of smooching my wife almost push him outside car, I could see lot of understanding between them. They were acting like perfect college couple now. Vijendra come out of car, he was smiling, he look towards my wife from window, he give her flying kiss, she also accept it by making pouting expression on her face. They were behaving like if they are parting away for years. i remember meenakshi used to behave with me in same way in our college days. she used to hug me if i was going away only for hour. She is very emotional girl, today she was behaving like perfect girlfriend, and actually she is playing her role only.Vijendra come towards me, he signals me to look towards his jeans, I got shock, his zip was open and his penis was out of jeans. It was fully erect. i could see it was wet, i could see dry spit on his penis. This penis was wet because of my wife meenakshi saliva that dry spit was of my wife. She had given him blowjob half hour before in front of medical. His penis was out of jeans means all the time in car he has his penis out of zip and my lovely wife meenakshi was massaging it. He winks at me & put his penis inside his jeans and closes the zip. He was finding it difficult tuzla escort to put it in jeans as it was fully erect, he somehow manages to do so.“what a maal yaar, i can pay lot more money to make her my wife, i love her, do you like what you see in car, how was her boobs, i was not able to hold them in my hand, her boobs are bigger and firm than many slut i fuck daily, i like her, do you get erect after watching her boobs and how she kiss me”, Vijendra ask me about my own wife’s boobs and her kissing, he don’t know I am fondling her from last five years. he don’t know i was first guy to kiss her, i was one who make her boobs from 32B to 32C. we started moving towards gate of lover park which was 300 meters away. I had accompanied meenakshi on this road thousand time before, today I was walking with her so called boyfriend. there was no one around as closing time was park is very near.“Nice, they are big & very white, but Vijendra sir, meenakshi madam also kiss very nice, but sir that medical guy had photograph of your girlfriend in objectionable position”, I was still worried about that photograph.Meenakshi is one day girlfriend for him but she is my wife; I don’t want her photograph to circulated among college boys. I don’t mind if that medical guy mask her face before forwarding it to his friend but I don’t want her to become material of shag for college boys. it could ruin our life.He slap me on my shoulder, “forget it yaar, I trust him, he won’t forward it to anyone without my permission, you like her boobs and her kissing skill, I will give you opportunity to kiss her and fondle her someday, but you have to be little patient, tell then you can sniff her blouse i gave to you, you could even smell her boobs from my hands”, saying so he put his hand close to my nose, these are same hand which was m*****ing my wife from last one hour in car, I smell it, I could smell perfume of meenakshi which she had applied this afternoon before coming to meet this guy. i could also smell odor of her body from his hand. I had sniff her blouse some time back & now I was sniffing hand of this bastard who fondle her in car. I was feeling humiliated now. What he said? I will get opportunity to fondle her and kiss her, does that mean he will gave same opportunity to pizza guy? Will he give same opportunity to medical guy? My mouth went dry.i had to ask him few more question but till then We reach to watchman & I was shock, he was same old security guy which was there in park during our college days. He must be 30+ age now. I was scared what if he identified me, it is two years since I come here, I know its very difficult to him to recognize me as daily lot of couples come here in park and he can’t remember faces of everyone. But I was coming in park for three years of my graduation with my then girlfriend and today’s wife meenakshi was was in car right now. I know he will remember my face but he won’t be able to recall where he saw me, i was sure about that.Another though hit my brain, he won’t be able to recognize me, but he will surely recognize Meenakshi. watchman of lover park stare a girl lot and i am sure he will recognize meenakshi. Meenakshi had awesome figure right from college days, she was popular for her figure & her cute smile among males. Meenakshi used to tell me that watchman stare her lot when we were in park. This security guard used to look at her boobs like he will eat them, that time i used to feel proud that my wife has great boobs and great shape. Meenakshi told me that he bang her with his eyes. he used to scan meenakshi from head to toe then, Then all men used to do same thing to her. she was bomb from her college days, I don’t know what to do now. i was worried he might be able to recall that meenakshi was my girlfriend once he saw her. Meanwhile we reach to security guy.“Hey security, when will this park close”, asked Vijendra, watchman look at me, but as per my speculation he didn’t recognize me. Remember I am in dress of driver, i have change my look lot from last two year. i felt relief he didn’t recognize me.“It will close after 30 minute”, he told Vijendra. He was eating tobacco I guess. meenakshi don’t mind guys staring at her, but she hate stare of this watchman because he used to eat tobacco even then and he was pretty dirty. i told you how hygienic my wife is, she don’t allow kiss to vijendra before eating mouth freshener.Vijendra look around and ensure no one was listening and in slow voice he speak to guard like it was grand secret, “hey brother, actually I want to fuck my girlfriend, she is in car and will come here in few minutes, can you tell me private place to execute my plan?”, I got shock what he was asking to security guard. He removes few notes from his pocket and put them in pocket of security guard. he bribe watchman, he was spending lot of money for wife. i dont mind he fondling her but why was he exhibiting her. who exhibit girlfriend to lower class people like this? How can he speak like this about my wife? Face of security guard beam with smile, i could see his yellowish teeth, now i realize why my meenu used to hate her stare in college days.Guard then laugh naughtily, he then told him the road which will take him to private place. i was sure this guy will recognize Meenakshi, she has such sexy body that person will never forget her if he watch her once, and this guard was ogling her for three years of our college. I was worried after recognizing her he might be able to recall that I was her boyfriend few days ago. i totally ignore their conversation and i wanted to run to my wife and tell her to cancel this plan. i was deeply thinking how could i avoid confrontation of my wife with this watchman.“Driver, give me the condom””, I was interrupted by Vijendra. Security guard was looking at me, till now guard was surprises how this guy could talk like this about his girlfriend in public. I quietly remove condom from my upper pocket and handed it to Vijendra. He kiss that condom pocket slightly and then he put it in his pocket. it was my biggest defeat of day. i just handed condom to man so that he could fuck my wife. My plan to keep condom away from Vijendra was unsuccessful. i remember painting where one tiger was jumping on deer. i envisage my wife as deer and this bastard as tiger. now only meenakshi can save herself.“hey my sweetheart is here”, we all gaze towards road and we saw meenakshi was walking towards us, she was wearing black saree. she had arranger her saree neatly, She had arranged her pallu in such way that her blouse was not visible to us. Remember all button of her blouse is broken. her hair was neatly comb, her lipstick was on her lips, there was no sign of chocolate kissing on her face, she was totally fresh now. I was apprehensive that this guard might recognize her.Meenakshi was walking from 5-6 meter toward us, suddenly she saw security guard. probably meenakshi identify him. She quickly turns around, she was so quick in turning around that guard was not able to see her face. security had enough time to see her face, but i am sure he must have look toward her boobs first as shape of her boobs was very prominent.Now my wife was looking away from us and her back was towards us. i was happy meenakshi pendik escort recognize him. though my wife will somehow cancel plan of lover park now.but Meenakshi was doing some movement, we don’t know what she was doing, guard was busy in ogling toward her almost open back and her back posture, her ass was looking attractive in this black saree. Then We saw she was wrapping scarf around her face. I got relief, big trouble was avoided. If this guard had identified her then it would have revel our secret to Vijendra. It would have become very embarrassing.“Sir, your girlfriend have sexy back, she is milky white there, look at her thin waist, look at her ass wrap in lovely saree, i will shag imagining her tonight, I never seen such shape in my entire life, you are lucky that you will bang her in some time” he was speaking slowly to Vijendra, I look at my wife, this guard was right, her posture was looking very sexy from back. i feel proud i have such hot wife but i feel bad that this low class guy speaking like this about her. Vijendra look at him and hit him teasingly on arm. Security guard had known till now that Vijendra love to exhibit his girlfriend.“ohoo you like her back, I will fondle her ass in front of you, I will massage her entire back in front of you, you know i have suck her boobs in front of this driver, i will give you also show, so be ready” he wink at guard. Meenakshi had completed wrapping her scarf and now was walking toward us. I saw my wife had covered her face completely by her scarf. There was no way this guy could identify her now. this guy was looking at her boobs now. i was worried what this bastard vijendra will do to my wife now, how will he fondle her front of this guard? will my wife meenakshi allow him to do so in front of guard?“thanks sir, and sir your girlfriend also want to fuck you, because she had all her blouse button open, I could tell this because her blouse was pretty loose on her back”, I came to know he had observe her back very carefully when she was tying scarf. This guy was right, when girl wear blouse and they button it, blouse mostly grip their body like second skin, but when they open buttons it become loose from all sides. he is real lecher, i understand why meenu used to hate him in our college days.“it look like you gaze lot of girls daily sitting in this park, you are right, I had broken all buttons of her blouse in car, her mammary are free below pallu, you know I am fondling her from afternoon, her boobs are bigger than my palm, ask this driver”, saying so he show his palm to security guard. guard look at his palm and pallu of my wife alternatively, remember my wife was walking toward us. both of them laugh, I was standing there like idiot. They were talking dirty things about my wife and I was not able to anything.My wife reaches to us and joins us. guard was still looking at hand of vijendra and my wife pallu alternatively, “what are you showing him viju darling, Let’s go , we only have half hour to spend time together”, both security guard and Vijendra was looking toward my wife. my innocent wife don’t know that they were discussing about her boobs. She had scarf around her face. Security was looking toward her pallu cover boobs, but my wife has cover herself very skillfully, this lecher have no chance to ogle at her naked boobs. I remember in our college days also he use to stare at her bulge. But he could easily make out shape of her breast from her pallu.“meenu darling, i was telling this guard that i have big palms, but you have something which is bigger than my palm”, my wife blush and this lecher security now started to stare her boobs openly. my wife started to hit vijendra playfully by one hand and by other hand she was managing her saree. in our college days also my close friends used to flirt with her naughtily, she used to take it sportingly, she believe friend of boyfriend have right of harmless flirting with girl.vijendra catch hand of my wife in his own hand. “lets go in park meenu, i am very keen to spend time with you in private”, He guided meenakshi to route told by security guard. my wife hug him lightly and she give him peck on his cheek.Vijendnra put his hand around my wife, This couple starts moving in lover park and I was standing there with security guard. i was happy that vijendra dosent fondle her back in front of guard as promise. i was happy that my wife and me survive from that humiliation.i look at my wife and vijendra who was moving away from us, Vijendra leave her hand and put it in her white midriff. This lecher was taking my wife to Lover Park so that he could fuck her. He also have condom with him. Meenakshi used to come to Lover Park with me, but i used to love her, this guy only want to use her body,today she was with this lecher, who was exhibiting her. i was happy he don’t fondle my lovely meenakshi in front of this guard.i was wrong, We were still looking at this couple, Vijendra started fondling her back in front of us, he was completing promise he made to this security guy. Now I could see Vijendra was fondling her ass over her saree. His palm was not able to cover her entire ass. Remember she is married to me, she has ass of married girl, she was not teenager, she had big ass. He also slaps my Meenu on her ass couple of time slowly. he even roam his hand lovingly and also press her ass. I realize he is deliberately giving show to me and this security guard. now his hand come up towards her naked back. He roam his hand on her almost naked back. I could say his hand was pretty black in shade as compare to milky back of my wife. his hand was nicely fondling her. till now he has exhibited my wife to pizza guy and medical guy, but that time my wife was aware of exhibition, but in this case my wife was totally unaware.My wife’s milky back, his little black hand, loose reddish blouse on her back and her black pallu, it was great sight for this lecher watchman. Vijendra was giving us thumbs up in between to us. remember both of them was looking forward walking slowly, My naïve wife was unaware of all this as she was looking forward. vijendra continue to do so for one minute, he was intentionally walking slow so we get more show.Suddenly Vijendra remove his hands hand from her ass, and now both of them were walking together. Vijendra hand was few inches away from her ass. He shows his finger to us. We don’t understand what he was doing. He started making gesture of fucking her from back by finger, security guard started laughing. After few seconds my wife meenakshi feel odd. She might have thought why his hand was not fondling her. She turn her neck, she was still walking with him. She looks down and understands what he was doing from last one minute. She look towards us, my wife realize what was happening. She show mock anger and try to hit her one day boyfriend playfully. Vijendra started running ahead, meenakshi started chasing him. And in few seconds they disappear in Lover Park.“Driver, I want to shag, give me some time, I will come back”, saying so security guard run towards public toilet there. I was standing like fool there. I understand Vijendra has exhibit my wife to three low class man today. Pizza guy, medical guy and now this watchman. That medical guy also have picture of my wife with naked boobs. Then I realize it is not big issue, big issue is that this guy had taken my wife meenakshi in park and he will attempt to fuck her mouth went dry. I just sit there on ground for few seconds. I thought of making call to Hemlata or Anil now for help because fucking was never deal for today’s date.tbc.,……