My wife housewife to hotwife 3

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My wife housewife to hotwife 3After Marie’s first time being shared and having a strange cock pleasuring her she was hooked. Our sex life while never being dull was heated up considerably. We began playing more games in the bedroom and online with many others, both and female. Our games eventually evolved into me blindfolding and restraining her and pretending to be some total stranger having my way with her which brought her to fantastic orgasms. During this she would climax so hard that copious amounts of fluid would squirt forcefully from her which embarrassed her at first then she began look forward the flood. This got me to thinking about trying it for real.I conversed online with a man that I had become friends with in Memphis and scheduled a meeting with him, unbeknownst her. We booked a room at the Holiday Inn next Platinum Plus which had become our prime hangout on our visits town.After getting settled into the room and showering I had her lay on the bed on her back as I placed the blindfold over her eyes and tied her wrists and ankles with silk ties and pulling her spread eagled tied them to the legs of the bed and told her that my friend would soon be there. She assumed that as before I would be the one taking her while pretending to be a stranger.I watched out the window to the parking lot and saw my new friend Ricky drive up and exit his car. I was relieved to see that he was exactly as he described to me online. He had instructions to not make a sound when he came up to the room. I had texted him our room number and had the door opened when he got there. I put my finger to my lips to remind him that he was supposed to be as quiet as possible kaçak iddaa and then spoke to him inviting him to come on in and enjoy himself. Of course, Marie thought I was pretending to have company. I had been varying my technique when playing with her for some time pretending to be different men so maybe she wouldn’t notice the difference too soon.Ricky quietly undressed and as soon as he dropped his boxers I knew that he was being truthful with me when he described his cock, it was about 9 inches long and much thicker than mine and standing straight out from his body. Wordlessly he approached the bed and began running his hands over her body. His hands cupped her 38D breasts and pinched and toyed with her fully erect nipples, then ran slowly down her body onto her legs, bypassing her hot moist pussy. As his fingers passed by her pussy she squirmed and tried to make contact with his hand but was restrained enough that she didn’t get that satisfaction. He caressed her inner thighs and bent down kissing her legs and gradually worked his way up then kissing her abdomen, again bypassing her now squirming love triangle, try as she might she could not make the contact she so needed by now.His mouth now worked its way down and finally made contact with her hot wanton pussy. As he licked and nibbled she pushed as hard as she could against his face and orgasmed almost immediately. Ricky moved up and rubbed his cock against her lips and as soon as she opened her mouth she knew for sure that it wasn’t me that was having his way with her. She moaned loudly and took all of it that she could and acted like a woman starving to death. I had never seen her like this kaçak bahis before, she was stretching and writhing on the bed, sucking the largest cock she had ever had and humping her pussy in the air as far as she could like she was looking to have her pussy filled at the same time.After about 5 minutes of this he moved down and got between her legs and rubbed the massive head of his cock against the lips of her now hot and very wet pussy. As he slowly and effortlessly entered her she went ballistic moaning and babbling incoherently begging him to fuck her with his big coc Her pussy was being stretched and filled like never before and she was loving it. I untied her feet so she could raise her hips meet him and give him a better angle for better penetration. She was in a state of almost constant orgasm by now, but it was going get better. When I loosened her wrists, she wrapped her arms and legs around him trying pull him deeper into her.He was slowly fucking her and I was sucking on her nipples and kissing her telling her how much I loved her. I told her that I had one more surprise for her as I untied the blindfold. When she opened her eyes the look on her face was priceless, being a product of the 60’s in the deep south she realized she had crossed the last taboo as her new lover was a young virile black man. She went totally out of her mind, humping to meet his every thrust and quite vocally yelling, “yes, fuck me, fuck me hard with that big black cock”. Ricky knew that he was to be her first interracial encounter and was now really getting into giving her the fuck of her life. She was talking to GOD and telling him how much she liked it, no, loving illegal bahis it. Just a couple minutes later she went totally limp under him and he slowed, taking 5 or 6 seconds to slowly withdraw until his cockhead was almost out then taking the same time to bury himself to the hilt in her. I was amazed to watch, seeing her pussy seem to turn inside out as he withdrew while his cock glistened with the white foam of their combined juices.After about a minute she opened her eyes and came back from wherever she had been and told him to turn over so she could ride him. She mounted him cowgirl style and began lifting herself and dropping back down on his coc From between his legs I had an amazing view of all the action. As another orgasm hit her she rolled off him and said that she had rest a bit. As she lay there she continued stroke and fondle his cock while her hips kept involuntarily humping up and down seemingly looking have her pussy filled with coc He and I both commented on how it looked like she was hunting for his cocAfter getting her a rum and coke and a smoke she was ready for more. The rest of the afternoon was spent with either him or I eating her pussy and either getting our cocks in either her mouth or pussy sometimes both of us at the same time. I lost count of how many times she came and don’t know how many times he filled her with his cum but the bad was a total mess and the of us were totally exhausted. I used 2 full hours of videotape filming it and took many still photos which I still get aroused watching.***As you all can tell I am not a writer but just felt that I could accurately relate some of our escapades. We had about 8 years of having her shared and loving it. I’m not sure how much more I will write but have at least one more episode to relate soon. Thanks for reading and your comments and votes. Once again this is all 100 percent true.