My Wife Nadia – Pt. 09

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I hope you’re enjoying the series and picking up on things about us as we progress. These sessions happened over a period of time. Our relationship grew and there were other experiences.I feel like I should briefly describe another encounter before the next story or you’d never believe it. Nadia truly was quite the innocent girl when we met. six years into our marriage Nadia had experienced Matt several times and been willing to hand out a few kitchen passes for me. The topic of a MFF threesome had come up a couple times and she wasn’t opposed to it, but again timid.We had a good (girl) friend who had been in a long distance relationship for a couple years and it ended up breaking down with him cheating on her. Long story short, after a few nights at our place and some drinks, Nadia and Michelle had gotten comfortable and Michelle was more than happy to tease me with Nadia. Over the course of a couple months they progressed to making out in front of me and a double blow job. One night Michelle stayed over and we all ended up in bed. The girls making out. Nadia and Michelle laying on their sides, facing each güvenilir bahis other, having a sensual make out session. I was laying behind Michelle, watching Nadia’s face as they made out. We were all naked.Michelle was pixie sized. Just over five feet tall, slender with a little bubble butt and large breasts for her frame. Michelle was quite different laying next to Nadia’s taller frame with smaller perky breasts.I took the opportunity to cuddle right up behind Michelle and couldn’t resist, I gently pulled her leg up and back and began working my hard cock between her wet pussy lips. As I began to slide into Michelle, she gasped.Michelle’s gasp was out of rhythm with Nadia’s kisses. Nadia opened her eyes, looked at me and slid her hand down to Michelle’s pussy, now filled with my cock. Nadia’s eyes widened and she smiled.The girls tried to continue their session but Michelle’s focus was lost as she tried desperately to take all of me.It was my turn to destroy Michelle, I took her away from Nadia and began to fuck her. I had her propped up on all fours, grabbing big handfuls of her cute little bubble butt güvenilir bahis siteleri while sliding my hard cock in and out of her from behind. Every time I tried to push my cock all the way in, she gasped hard and yelped. Looking at my naked wife watching us, holding onto a cute little pixie friend, I was struggling not to thrust my cock furiously hard into Michelle so I could feel her tight pussy stretching around the base.Michelle hadn’t been fucked in quite a while.“Oh fuck, you’re too much right now!” Michelle gasped “You need to give that fucking thing to Nadia, please!”My cock was raging hard, I wanted to keep fucking Michelle’s little body so badly. Nadia knew I was rock hard, she was hot and wet after her session with Michelle. I jumped on Nadia and wasted no time thrusting myself inside her. Nadia’s eyes were wide, Michelle closed in and began kissing her as I thrust deep inside Nadia. Michelle was whispering encouragement to Nadia as I continued thrusting. It was driving me nuts hearing Michelle whisper “take that massive cock” to Nadia between kisses. Nadia was so overwhelmed with iddaa siteleri the attention from Michelle and my thrusting, her orgasm almost surprised her. Michelle kept her lips locked on Nadia’s as Nadia worked through her orgasm. I was so turned on watching Michelle dominate Nadia’s face.I was about to pull out and cum all over Nadia when Michelle realized what was happening. Michelle moved down Nadia’s body as I pulled out, grabbed my shaft, took hold of the head of my cock in her mouth and with a couple quick strokes began to swallow my load. Nadia had never taken a load in her mouth and watched intently.After we were done, Michelle was cleaning up in the bathroom.Nadia whispered, “Oh my god, when I realized you’d started fucking her, I got so jealous. It was kind of a turn on!””Welcome to my world babe!” I responded with a smile.Fast forward a little, Matt was now in a relationship with a cute little olive skinned girl named Andrea. Nadia and I had become pretty close with Andrea as they dated, doing a lot of things as couples. Andrea was pretty open as a sexual person (which was what Matt needed). It came out one evening that Matt and Nadia had been together, Andrea seemed intrigued. The next few times we saw them, Andrea seemed to increase her flirting with both Nadia and I. Matt didn’t mind, after all he’d fucked my wife a few times now.