My Wifes first black experience chapter 17

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My Wifes first black experience chapter 17Chapter 17 It was 2 am and i dont know how much cock Julia Becky and I had sucked and fucked and the guys were all zonked out . I went to bed with Julia and she was drunk fucked and very tired , Becky i dont know where or who she slept with and or where the guys slept.In the morning i was in the kitchen taking stock of all that had happened and my ass was a bit sore from at least 4 good hard fuckings and Becky came in the kitchen and asked how i was ? I said am good bit of a head ache and that viagra wont let my cock go down but apart from that good.. She said well let me help you with that and she bent over the settee and i plopped my cock in her and it slid in no problem and i fucked her hard until i spunked in her mixed with countless loads i thought. I asked her if she was becoming a nymphomaniac and she said possibly… I brewed some coffee and we sat in the garden and both smoked .She asked me if the boys would be staying long or do they go first thing ? i said not sure but Simon would be staying as usual …. She said yeah hes my favorite but he can be a bit too much its nice to have a normal cock like yours sometimes. I said i will take that as a compliment canlı bahis !I asked her if she was having any problems with her ex and she said she was getting bombarded by his texts and calls. I said are you def finished with him ? She said yes 100% . I told her there is an easy way to make him go away. She was curious .. I said well if you send him a picture of you with Simon or anyone else he would be insecure due to size of his cock and also prob never have you back at that point but only risk is he shows everyone it ! She said yeah thats the risk… Well something to think about.Our nice conversation was interupted by David who had stayed but didnt usually . He was just in a tee shirt and briefs leaving nothing to the imagination and he looked pretty solid in his pants. I joked the viagra still not worn off… He said shit no i been hard all night …Becky said well its your turn Jon i just got rid of your hard on… I laughed and said well you suck him and see how you feel if you want…. He pulled his whopping cock out and pushed it in her mouth to suck. She sucked it really well and as she did i thought i should go down on her and i licked her pussy and ass tasting many white gooey droplets out bahis siteleri her pussy when fingering her pussy which felt bigger than it was a week ago.She was sucking David well and he said he needed to fuck her and she went in and sat on the sofa and spread her legs to let him enter her .He pushed in and fucked her until he spunked , he pulled out and i went to swallow it all and i did , was a thick creamy load having had a few hours to build up.. After he had cum he said he had to go and he went got dressed said good bye and went. I was relieved one less person here to be honest theres still Ty Tam Oly and Simon . Tam was next down stairs and like David was rock hard in his pants , it really looked like there was a can of coke in his briefs..Becky looked at me to say hes all yours…. I laughed and said morning Tam how are you,, he said good but as you can see pills still working.. I laughed and offered him coffee. He drank some coffee and sat and joined us Becky was talking to his cock not him and i said your really wanting that big thick one arent you and she noddedTam went to kiss her and she pulled it out and sucked on it best she could and soon was fucking her and she loved it . Tams cock was bahis şirketleri beautiful and so thick and he usually always cums a really thick load. He fucked her and when he was soon to cum i took him out her pussy and sucked him and took all his load and swallowed it… Becky said eh i wanted some of that so i went to kiss her and she french kissed me deep trying to get some cum.We resumed our coffee and no signs of anyone else and I went up to see where everyone else was . Ty was awake on his phone in his bed so i went in to see him and his pulled me into his bed and started pushing my head down on his rock hard 11 inch cock. I sucked him and knew i be probably haveing this up my ass in a minute and sure enough he was fingering me and getting me ready for my ass invasion and it sure was . His cock is 11 inches and thick and meaty and he always fucks hard. I was fucked really hard and as i was Oly came in and stuck his hard on in my mouth and i sucked him , getting spitroasted and Becky walked passed and asked if we were ok and i said come in help out .. Oly fucked her as Ty fucked me and Ty came in me and pulled out.. He wasnt in a good mood that day as just got dressed and left as Oly fucked Becky. I kissed Oly and becky as she was fucked and Oly came in her. He grabbed a lift from Ty and he left too but his mood seemed ok.I went to check on Julia and Simon was in her bed looked like they had had sex and fell asleep.