My wife’s first experience with a woman

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My wife’s first experience with a womanWe had got new neighbors next door and we seemed to hit it off with them very well. He would come over and hang out in the garage while I would work on different projects and often she would come over and hang out with my wife and do girl things.They also had two daughters 20 and 21 as well as a 20 year old Son who was a twin to the youngest.One evening her husband had the guys over for football and she was not a football fan so she came over to hang out with us. After finishing up with our movie she said the jacuzzi sure sounds nice and I said it does so the girls went and got some swimsuits and we sat in the jacuzzi for a while. I began to notice I’ll look on my wife’s face and had me wondering if she was doing something to my wife under the bubbles so I leaned over and starting kissing my wife’s neck and she was enjoying it and begin rubbing my cock. After a minute or two I began reaching my hand up to grab her tit and when I open my eyes there she was kissing my wife’s neck and when I reached my hand down between my wife’s legs bingöl escort my neighbors wife’s hand was already there. We both started playing with my wife’s pussy and it became more intense as time went on and soon my wife’s bikini top was off and while I was sucking her tit those two we’re lip-locked and tongues in each other’s mouth. She then began sucking my wife’s other tit. I then sat back and watched them enjoy each other for a bit until I decided it was time to make my move on my neighbor who by that time was already on top of my wife with their tops off so I came up from behind and began playing with my neighbors tits. It didn’t take long before she said let’s go in the bedroom and when we got there my neighbor wasted no time to bury her face between my wife’s legs and lick her pussy while my wife was climbing the walls. She was getting her pussy licked by a woman for the first time while getting her tits sucked by her husband. She was so horny she told me give me your cock and I got up on my knees and fed her my cock as I grabbed the bitlis escort back of her head and fucked her mouth while she was getting her pussy licked by the neighbor lady. When The Neighbor finally came up for air and they began kissing again it was my turn to start licking some pussy and both those pussies we’re soaking wet and I sucked on both of them until both of them came in my mouth. I told my wife to come down and help me lick her pussy but she wasn’t sure about it since she never done it before but I convinced her to give it a try so she watched me and then I let her and she enjoyed doing it right off the bat and just got crazy so I went up to the neighbor and gave her my cock to suck for a while. I grabbed her head and slid my cock in and out of her mouth and I pulled it out and rubbed it in her face and tapped it on her tongue and she slid her tongue up and down my shaft and sucked on my balls while stroking my hard cock. Then she looked up at me and said fuck me with this nice cock of yours and then told my wife to come up and escort bayan sit on her face so I turned my wife around so she was facing me so I could kiss my wife and suck her nipples while I wasfucking my neighbor’s soaking wet pussy and she was licking my wife’s soaking wet pussy at the same time.I was ready to shoot my load and I said I’m going to cum in which my wife loves cum in her mouth then said shoot it in her pussy so I can lick it out and I did. My wife got off of her face and bent over to suck my come out of her wet pussy why I fucked my wife nice and hard from behind and just about the time I was getting ready to shoot my load again I heard my neighbor say I’m going to cum I’m going to cum. My wife got a load of cum shot in her pussy while my neighbor came in her mouth and she sucked it out of her pussy and continued licking well I went up and begin kissing my neighbor my wife begin sucking my cock and before you know it my neighbor went down on me as well and begin sucking my cock while my wife suck my balls and I didn’t think it was going to happen but for a third time I shot another load. This was the beginning all the new relationship with our new neighbors and what we didn’t realize at the time is they were swingers and they really liked us. She told me and my wife she wanted to continue this and move forward and it did.