nailed the nice niece

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nailed the nice nieceIt happened about 5 years ago and I live it in my head like it was yesterday.I married into a big family of 6 girls the next sister up to my wife had a little girl about 22 yrs ago and fell in love with her as soon as I met her. Emma was cute and as she grew up we fell in love like father and daughter as her father pissed off to live with another women, I had fucked her mother my sister in law on a few occasions and had enjoyed awsome sex god knows why her hubby left her, sexy body, awsome bj’s top rate hand jobs and mind blowing sex with orgasms that would deafen you when she cum.Well as time went on Emma and I grew closer even more I was there when she had her first period, wore her first bra even wanted to see her hairy garden as she called it lol I declined the offer. Well her 14th birthday came and we all arrived for her party I asked her mother were she was as Emma called me her sweet little voice calling me uncle melted me. I went up stairs and knocked on her bedroom door she said come in.As I walked through the door I coped a sexy eyefull of a topless women with a tiny thong on that didnt even cover her none hairy garden, her tits where perfect tanned nipples that stood out and a body that makes your cock hard betsobet yeni giriş and mine was. I closed my eyes and said put some clothes on before I looked, she did as I asked, I kissed her on the cheek and wished her a happy birthday and winked at her patting her on her bum.The party was in full swing but no Emma I went to look for her I heard moans comming from her mothers bedroom I walked in to see Emma on the bed with her mothers vibrator sliding in and out of her sweet pussy, she told me to shut the door and watch, I watched in awe as my cock was rock hard, I unzipped and rubbed my cock slowly, she groaned and said she was cumming and pushed her hips up and then collapsed my cock twitched and a thick stream of cum poured from my cock.She sat up and said did I like what I saw, I looked her in the eye and said yes but I shuldnt be looking or be here. She said i love the look of your cock and would love you to fuck me with it. I was shocked and said on her 18th birthday it’s a deal she said ok i’ll hold you to it. Things where a strain between us knowing I had seen her pussy and she had seen my hard cock. Each birthday she reminded me she was a year closer to fucking me.On her 16th birthday we had a garden party betsobet güvenilirmi as it was a great hot day things where goin well when her mum asked me to go look for her, I went to her room to see her on her knees a man fucking her from behind and another in her mouth both pulling out and cumming on her. I went down stairs and told her mum she was just finishing what she was doing and would be down, as she came down i told her what I saw she said well fuck me and I wouldnt have to and walked off.The dreaded day came she was 18 I knew I would have to go through with it or be bugged, we arrived at the hall i asked where the birthday girl was her mum said would I pick her and her mate up from the house, I knew I would be safe if she had a mate there. I arrived at the house and went in I shouted i was here, she said i’m upstairs come on up I went up hearing voices and walked in she was on the phone she said by and hung up. She pushed me on the bed and said pay up and unzipped my trousers, pulled my cock out and started to suck it, I felt her warm mouth roun the head licking it she took her shorts off and panties, I pulled her up and took her top off she stood naked infront of me, I took my top of and layed back as betsobet giriş she got ontop and lowered herself onto my cock, her pussy lips stretching as she slid down the shaft, i kissed her my probing into her mouth as she moved up and down.I couldnt hold back as I grabbed her and flipped over and rammed my cock into her smooth pussy like a horny dog humping a bitch as tho it was it’s final fuck before he dies. Emma begged for more as she cum again and again her jucies running down my cock shaft she was saying her pussy was numb with my cock but wanted more until I emptied my load in her, we fell off the bed but was to horny to stop as she had her legs wrapped round my waist as I pounded her pussy.I wasnt gonna last much longer as I fucked her harder and harder, my cock thickened and exploded in her pumping huge waves of cum into her pussy, she bucked as I pumped given her more orgasms before she collapsed in a heap, sh lay on her bed legs open cum seeping from her pussy her pussy lips puffed up after her rodding she got, she got dressed but coudnt put panties on as her pussy was to tender. We arrived at the party 2 hours later about a hour late from the start we made a excuse about the car breaking down and having to wait at home for the repair people, after the party I offered to drop Emma home and call back for the other 2 on the way back Emma sucked my cock whilst I drove cumming in her mouth and spanking her ass. I then went back for her mum and my wife then going home and fucked the wife imagening it was my niece.