Nancy’s Story, Chapter 6

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Nancy’s Story, Chapter 6Chapter 6, Flying high to “The Princess”Our flight to Fiji was a few minutes late in departing but we arrived in just under three hours. It was delightful looking at the dark blue water below us that stretched out in every direction. Gina asked to sit with me because she wanted to talk. My mother sat next to Chuck.Chuck and she spent most of the flight looking out the window which she sat next to with Chuck sitting in the center seat of the set of three. On the expansive surface here and there were large container ships and smaller freighters. Occasionally we’d see a sailboat or two heading with the wind. It was nice to watch them interact and see a non-sexual play between them. I wondered what they were thinking.Gina was filled with energy. I could still detect bahis siteleri the smell of sex despite her showering before we left for the airport. We talked.“I have really enjoyed myself.”I replied, “I am glad. I worried about the age difference.”“I was worried about it too. This has been so different than sex with my boyfriends.”“How different.”“They will do things to turn me on to want the sex. I get turned on and want it, they fuck to get off not worrying if I get pleased or not. It was not good for me. But, the sex I have had on this trip is different, better. I feel like my pleasure to them was as important as their pleasure. I felt like a woman.”“I understand. If all you want is fast sex, youth is wonderful. Sometimes, I just want the hard sex to satisfy me. But, long, slow, passionate canlı bahis siteleri sex is fantastic.”“I watched you and Chuck. I watched Good Peter fuck you without a condom and cum in you. Was Chuck jealous?”“No, he was not. We spoke about it before we married.”“What did you feel when you watched him with women?”“Sweetheart, I felt several things. I know what the women were feeling because I have experienced it. It was sexy to see them feeling what I get to feel. And, I loved watching him receive pleasure.”“You liked watching him have sex.”I replied, “Yes, I did.”“What was it like to have two men fuck you at the same time.”“Intense. I kept cumming over and over. Especially when I felt them cum in me.”“Has Chuck cum in another woman since you married him?”“I think just canlı bahis with me.”“Is it okay with you that he cums in another woman?”“Of course it is if it gives him pleasure. Why would I let a lover cum in me but not want Chuck to cum in a woman?”“Have you told him how you feel.”“I think so. I told him to please himself”“But, that was not telling him you wanted him to fuck and cum in a woman, was it?”“Not exactly.”“Will you tell him.”“Yes.”“I want to be with you when you tell him.”The conversation ended as we landed and prepared to disembark.Lori met us at the airport with a van to take us to the boat. She was as prettier than in her photos. I wondered if she was bisexual. Having lived in Mexico, her fluent Spanish was a godsend . No translating for mother and Gina.On the way, Lori explained her parents had been sailers living aboard boats for most of their adult lives. It was natural for her to do the same. She was living the dream.I felt very good. And excited.And, our flight was on time. It landed around 1 PM.