Neighbors to lovers part 2

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Title: Neighbors to LoversAuthor: Starlightstarbright2Summary: Sydney has been watching her neighbor a hired hand of the building cut grass for months and he’s been watching her enjoy watching him. Donovan is ready to do more than watch the voluptuous upstairs neighbor, but how far will straight laced Sydney go?Disclaimer: These characters are mine, any resemblance to any persons living or dead is purely coincidental.I got a text from Donovan around six, I’d been going out of my mind thinking about our last encounter. I’d gotten myself off once more on my own making use of my showerhead that had amazing water pressure. I dressed in a strapless blouse of an outrageous yellow hue with peplum that hid my tummy effectively and I pair of black short-shorts with sandals. Underneath I was wearing a black lace strapless bra in a size 42 GG and a matching pair of boy shorts.My doorbell rang ten minutes after the text. There he was in an Abercrombie tee shirt ripped jeans and sneakers holding containers of Chinese take out. “Hello,” he said taking a moment to notice my outfit, “You look great, I wish you would have let me take you out tonight. I’d be the envy of every guy in the restaurant.”I smiled at him, and let him inside offering a quiet, “Thank you.” “We gonna eat first or?” he asked setting the food on the counter.“I don’t know,” I bit my lower lip and looked up at him through my lashes.“Fuck, Sydney when you look at me like that I can’t think of anything else but you,” he said.“Does one look really get you going like that?” I asked letting my eyes travel down his body, I could tell he gaziantep suriyeli escort was turned on.“Hell yeah,” he said, “I’ve been trying to get enough courage to talk to you about this for months.”“So I take it you want to talk it out before we do anything tonight?” I asked.“We should be mature about this,” he explained, “I need to know what you want out of this.”I sighed, “I didn’t expect this, honestly and I haven’t even thought about it.”I was such a fucking liar, I knew it and I was certain he could take one look at me and tell it too.“You’re telling me you haven’t got some little fantasy about you and me that you play out in your head when your all alone at night?” he asked.“I find you attractive and yes I fantasize about you,” I said, “But I never imagined anything to come of it. Guys like you aren’t attracted to women like me.”“The hell they aren’t!” he exclaimed, “Most of us are too damn chicken shit to do anything about it.”“Seriously?” I said.“Yes,” he said, “I just told you I’d been trying like hell to work up the nerve to talk to you about this.”“You want to talk lets talk,” I said, “What do you want from me? Though I think it’s pretty clear, you want to add another notch to your bedpost try out some chocolate.”“Not that I wouldn’t seriously love to fuck you right now,” he said, “maybe I want more than that.”“Well, we’re doing it wrong then,” I said.“Is there a guidebook on how we should go about this?” he asked.“I haven’t checked online yet,” I snarked, “I agree we should talk this out, over dinner.”“Let’s keep it simple then,” he said once we were seated around my small kitchen table.“I liked what we did this afternoon,” I explained.“Would you be comfortable with me touching you?” he asked.I could feel my nipples start to tighten against the lace of my bra, “Where were you planning to touch me?”“Wherever you’ll let me,” he said, “I would love to start with those amazing breasts.”I didn’t say anything I stared at him.“Will you let me touch them?” he asked.I nodded, I hadn’t been touched in quite a long time, “What else would you like to do?”“Can I suck them?” he asked, “Can I use my fingers to make you squirt?”“I don’t think I can squirt like that,” I explained.“Have you let anyone try?” he asked.“No, but I’ve tried myself,” I explained, “I like the toys better.”“Can we try?” he asked.“I’ve never let anyone touch me there,” I whispered my voice sounding smaller than I’d ever heard it.“Really?”“I’ve never gone there with anyone,” I told him.“Would you be open to trying that with me?” he asked, “We don’t have to go that far tonight, maybe another time.”“That’s implying that you’d want to continue this,” I smirked.“I’d be crazy not to,” he responded seriously, “If you’d have me at least. I really hope you will because, I have thought of nothing else for months.”“You really want this with me?”“I want more than this,” he said, “I’d actually like to take you on real dates.”“Donovan,” I said, “You don’t know me.”“That’s kind of the point,” he said, “I’d like to get to know you. I want this to be more than just hooking up.”“It is,” I told him, “I don’t let many people close to me.”He nodded, we stopped talking for a while and just ate.Once we were done, “Would you like to come into my bedroom?”He blushed and gulped, “Yeah sure.”He followed me in, “What exactly is going to happen in here?” I pushed him toward my bed, which he sat on the end of while I reached for the zipper on the back of my strapless blouse.“Well, we’re going to do one of the things you told me you wanted to do,” I told him, “and maybe this time we’ll just play it by ear.”“Tell me if I do anything that makes you uncomfortable,” he said, “Say the word and I will stop.”I nodded sliding the top off and unclasping my bra. I tossed it away and walked over to him.“Fuck,” he breathed, “Can I?”I nodded. He used to the waistband of my shorts to move me closer before he reached out to cup my breasts. His hands felt warm against my skin he squeezed them and felt their weight in his hands.“What size are these?” he asked.“42 double G,” I respond gasping when he flicked my nipples I could feel wetness seeping out of me then, someone else touching my breast never failed to make me wet, “I’m really sensitive.”“Come here,” he pulled me closer so that I was straddling his lap and he was lying on my bed, which conveniently placed my breasts in his face.He guided one nipple to his mouth while he pinched the other. I balanced on my hands and moaned obscenely loud. He swirled his tongue around it and sucked making the sweetest little sounds. I was soaking wet.He switched to the one he’d been pinching and started pinching the wet one.“Oh…” I groaned bucking my hips into his.He laughed, “You like that? I could do this all day, do you think I could get you off by sucking them?”I could only writhe and gasp in response, he reversed our positions putting me on my back.