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A New Fuckboy for aol



“You just won me ten bucks,” Lane said, laughing as he looked through the few inches of space between the door and the wall allowed by the chain. “I told Kevin you”d be back by today, ready for more of my dick. You want it in your mouth again? That tight hole you call an ass but we both know is pussy? Or both?” He ran his eyes down my body, then back up to my face. He laughed again when he saw my shocked expression. As the door closed, I second guessed my decision to come here.


I listened to the thump as the door shut and the chain rattling as Lane undid it. I looked around, checking the hall and also the stairs to see if anyone was there who could have overheard his comment. The place was empty fortunately, but I heard Lane chuckling when he saw me checking as he opened the door again. He flashed me his sexy grin, the one that had been so intoxicating the other evening.


“No one around? Too bad. With a mouth as good as yours, it”s almost a shame to keep it to myself, though maybe I won”t. I knew I”d be seeing you again. I bet my roomie you”d be back by no later than today. So you won me a sawbuck,” Lane said, swinging open the door to his apartment wide enough for me to get a clear look at him.


He was shirtless and barefoot, clad in only a pair of running shorts that barely covered his butt, crotch and the tops of his thighs. I felt my breath catch in my lungs as I took in the sight of him. Lane was one of those guys who catch your eye as you”re walking through the student commons, or if you see him in a pickup game out on the court, or lounging at a carrel in the library. He”d catch your eye coming soaking wet, in sopping clothes drenched from a storm. I”d dreamed about what he must look like on a beach in just a pair of swim trunks. He”s the type of guy who looks like a million bucks when he rolls out of bed, throws on jeans, shoes, t-shirt and ball cap and heads off to class.


He”d look like a billion bucks, I”m sure, dressed in his best or a tux, but the view of him nearly naked was priceless. His intoxicating grin lit up his face and his tall, trim form would be the envy of any man. His physique and features seemed to emit sexiness, without him even trying, and I had to remind myself to inhale before I passed out. Looking at the handsome young man standing in front of me was like looking at a young god who”d dropped down to earth. I watched as a guy who could pass for Adonis crossed his arms, leaned his left shoulder against the door frame, showing off his muscled shoulders and the contours that set them off from his biceps and triceps. I stood there in lustful awe as he crossed his left leg in front of the other, propping his left foot on bent toes in front of his right leg, which bore his weight. I got a brief whiff of his sexy musky scent, tinged with fresh sweat, and found myself wondering what he”d seen in me the other night. While I knew I was in great shape myself, and had been told I was handsome, Lane seemed in a league of his own.


I let my eyes roam, enjoying the view of his well muscled, broad shoulders, the inverted triangle shape of his lean, tapered torso with its defined lines and angles, the ridges of hard bone and muscle covered by smooth, taut skin. I took in his flaring hips, then muscular legs, shins covered with blond hairs that gleamed golden against his tanned skin, which my eyes were happy to devour. He was even sexier today than he”d been the other night when we”d met in the bar and I”d ended up here at his place.


While not as tall as I, he was every bit as well muscled. He”d told me the other night that he”d built his strong body by being on his schools” wrestling and baseball teams since he was just a little kid and had spent a lot of time over the years in the weight room, on the diamond and on the mats developing the strength and skills he needed to be captain of his baseball team and an All State wrestler. It certainly showed.


He had a tight, toned and powerful physique that clothing, when he was wearing it, only made look sexier. The way clothes hung on his frame and stretched when he flexed his muscles or even when he just moved, showed off his amazing body. I knew that from when I”d met him the other night. His pecs had filled his shirt, which had hung straight down from them in the front, while bunching at the small of his back, above his big glutes, and the other night I”d seen his nickel sized nipples through the material long before I”d run my tongue over them. As I”d discovered, he was incredibly strong. His broad shoulders and muscled arms had pinned me easily in multiple positions the night we met. He also ran, though not competitively, which had developed his legs and balanced out his sexy, defined form so that he was basically a walking wet dream.


Lane”s sandy brown hair was tousled, and looked wind blown. Despite that, it just made it seem that he rocked the unkempt look, knowing it worked on him. I knew from the seeing him in the bar that he normally kept his hair under control, not parted on either side, but in a mess of thick, soft waves that framed his face perfectly. His style was longish on top, compared to most guys, taking full advantage of those sexy waves, but cut a bit shorter on the sides, as was the fashion. Fortunately he”d not had it buzzed so short it looked nearly shaved, like so many guys did. I realized he was holding a shirt in his right hand that had been hidden by the door as he had opened it. He rubbed it down his chest, soaking up some sweat that was beading there.


“Just was lifting after my run when you knocked,” he said. “It”s got me all pumped up and sweaty, but my guess is that”s fine with you,”


His chest, powerful arms and the muscles of his broad shoulders were accentuated and contrasted with the hollows at the base of his throat above and between the ends of his collar bones which were standing out beneath his tight, smooth skin. As he turned his head, the thick cords of the tendons in his neck stood out and led my eyes down to the center line of his sternum between his pecs.


The run and workout had his muscles pumped up, showing off his definition and his hard body. Lane looked like he had been sculpted by a old master artist and I could not only see under his skin the veins running but also where the muscle fibers connected to bone as my eyes traveled down his chest. My eyes dropped lower down his torso taking in his narrowing waist until they encountered a few sparse brown hairs sprouting from his tanned skin just below his belly button.


The hairs continued down the center between the slabs of muscle that formed his lower abs, and the dark, descending trail further emphasized the inverted triangle of his torso which tapered down from his broad shoulders to about a thirty inch waist, before widening with his hip bones and thigh muscles. Just seeing him barefoot and shirtless in all his glory, hair a mess or not, had my dick stiffening until it was painfully pressing against the material of my underwear and shorts. Lane saw that and the sexy smirk I”d seen the other night grew into a full smile. God, this guy was handsome and hot, with a killer body, but when he smiled, he was downright fucking beautiful!




Lane had exuded strength, confidence, even arrogance from the minute I”d met him in the campus bar where all the jocks gathered. As a ball player myself, I fit in with the crowd. In fact, at six one and one hundred seventy-seven pounds, I”d gotten a lot of admiring looks when I walked into the place. The difference was that nearly all the guys were there chasing the girls who filled the bar hoping to hook up with a hot jock, but it was those same hot young men who were eye candy to me.


There”d been a lot of grade A prime male jock bodies in the bar, but I”d ended up on a barstool next to Lane seemingly more by accident than by design. It simply had been the only seat available when I”d gone to get a drink. I”d intended to get a beer and make my way over to check out the pool tables and the guys playing, but seeing Lane sitting there changed my plans and I”d quickly taken the empty stool next to him.


I”d ordered my beer and looked around, glancing over at the hot stud sitting next to me on my left and watching his biceps bunch as he lifted his beer, then his throat working as he drank. When my beer arrived, I”d taken a swig from the bottle, using the movement to check out the sexy, athletic dude a bit more closely. I figured he was another straight boy, scoping the room for a hot girl, but I let my eyes surreptitiously drink in his incredible profile. When I”d tried to sneak a third peek, I found him staring at me openly.


“Like what you see, dude?” he”d asked me bluntly, pitching his voice just loud enough for me to hear over the noise of the bar. I”d been caught off guard and some beer went down the wrong pipe. I”d started coughing and he had taken the opportunity to pound me on the back a few times, until it subsided. He left his hand resting high on my back, between my shoulder blades as he”d spoken. “Sorry, buddy. Didn”t mean to make ya choke…at least not on beer,” he chuckled. “You okay now? My name”s Lane. What”s yours?”


I”d felt an electric shock run through me from where his hand had slapped my back and now felt the heat where it rested on my back and my neck, completely distracting me from my coughing fit. I felt him give my neck a quick squeeze, before letting his arm rest companionably across my shoulders. This caused another spark to run down my spine straight to my dick and I was as hard as granite in seconds. Only the fact that I was seated kept my arousal hidden.


I”d somehow managed to process what he”d said and croaked out my name, Victor, and felt him squeeze my right shoulder in acknowledgement, still keeping his hand and arm across my shoulders, like we were old friends. He”d raised his beer and I clinked my bottle against his before we both took a swig.


As we”d continued to drink our beers, Lane had been assertive and outgoing. Despite this being a regular bar, he”d kept his arm and hand on my neck and shoulder for longer than necessary, subtly squeezing and rubbing. I”m sure to anyone else, we looked like two buddies just hanging out, but we both knew what he was doing. He was staking his claim, and I was submitting to it.


Lane had pulled his arm from my shoulders and focused back on his beer after a few moments, but as we talked, he”d reached out to touch me several more times. I knew from being on teams that casual contact between guys was common, but I”d hoped what Lane was doing meant that he had an attraction to me, because my dick had clearly decided it had one for him. When I”d felt his hand on my knee, then sliding up along my thigh, out of sight of anyone else, I”d known he was more than just a jock who”s comfortable touching another dude”s body. I”d known he”d felt my body tense up when his hand squeezed my knee, but had then felt me relax and submit to him putting his hand wherever he chose.


Over the next hour as we talked and had a few more beers, Lane had clearly shown me he liked to be in charge � ordering me beers and a couple shots and insisting I drink with him. He”d continued to be handsy with me and my submission to his will and touch must have been apparent. It had caused a reaction in me similar to the night several years back when a guy named Connor hadn”t taken “No” for an answer and had taken my virginity. When Lane had suggested we get out of the bar and have a few more beers at his place, I was happy to go along with him.




Now standing in front of him in his doorway, Lane”s masculinity and amazing good looks struck me again. I feasted my eyes on the sight of his tight, hard body and smooth taut skin as he stood in the doorway. As I mentioned, he wasn”t as tall as my six foot one, being about three to four inches or so shorter than I. But his lean, muscled body that I”d become so intimately familiar with a couple nights ago, and his dominant personality made him seem to loom large in the doorway. He”d proven the other night – repeatedly – that being shorter was no impediment to his ability to get me to submit to him in any way he wanted.


Seeing him again, nearly naked, with a knowing smirk on his face as he watched me checking out his sexy body, with my cock now obviously hard in my shorts, should have been embarrassing, but getting hard at the sight of the nearly naked stud who”d fucked my brains out a couple nights before didn”t bother me. He knew the effect he had on me. Lane had basically no hair on his chest, and I wasn”t sure if that was natural, or if he shaved to show off his impressive chest and torso. The trail of brown hair, darker than what was on his head, that began just below his navel and ran straight down in a line that was framed on either side by two prominent veins, drew my eyes and I took in the matching deep indentations of his Apollo”s belt. They bracketed his crotch from either side of his narrow waist. All of these disappeared into the shorts he wore and pulled my eyes down to the big bulge in the thin cotton.


Lane”s legs were also amazingly strong as I”d also discovered the other night. He told me that strong legs were required to be a wrestler and I had been able to experience just how powerful they were, along with the rest of his body. I was in good shape…hell, I was in great shape, but while my body was very defined, Lane”s was shredded. Every muscle was accented with bulging tendons and veins, from his neck down to his toes. Every curve and contour stood out, ready to be seen and admired, or as I”d learned the other night: licked, sucked and worshipped. Even though I”d never thought I”d find a guy”s feet in any way sexy, I had spent plenty of time the other night with his toes in my mouth.


Despite having spent dozens of hours on my knees through high school with three different dudes” hard pricks filling my mouth on a regular basis, and often their fingers or thumbs as well (especially Connor”s, as he”d nearly always push several fingers into my mouth in order to grip my jaw between them and his thumb underneath my chin as he”d fucked me), I”d never thought I”d ever have any other guy”s toes in my mouth. But I”d tasted each of Lane”s, even sucking on them almost like they were his dick when he”d told me to do so.


Something about him brought out a need in me to please him, to submit to him, a need that I”d tried so hard to suppress for years. I”d given up trying to suppress it the other night and had submissively used my tongue on nearly every inch of his body. I realized I”d been standing there, letting my gaze linger for too long on his body and quickly raised my eyes back to Lane”s face as he remained in the doorway.


Lane”s eyes met mine and I took in the sexy smirk that was now curling the left corner of his lips as he watched me check out his hot, muscular � and nearly naked – body. Lane had green eyes, which seemed to sparkle with his smile in the hall light back at me. A pair of brown eyebrows, just a touch darker than his hair, ran across the ridge of his forehead, setting off the eyes beneath them. I watched as Lane raised his left brow in inquiry.


He had an oval shaped face, emphasized by smooth skin over high cheekbones, a straight, narrow nose, and a strong jawline with a small dimple in the center of his chin. His full, pink lips could give anyone pause, and when he smiled, devastating matching dimples appeared on either side of his sexy lips.


Lane”s grin showed off his white, even teeth again. This was one of the grins he”d flashed me several times as I”d sat on the barstool next to him, and it was both sexy and inviting. I knew that I”d turned my share of heads when I”d walked into the bar and had been proud of the reaction I got, but when Lane had gotten up and crossed the room to make a head call, I think he had gotten looks from every person in the place, both male and female. He moved with a cat-like grace, his muscles rippling and his powerful, muscled physique screaming “Sex!” to the point that Lane just walking was an eye catching event.


I”d spent hours in the weight room, training for my positions on my high school baseball and football teams, building my chest, arms and core, as well as every other muscle in my body to swing the bat, throw the pigskin and have the speed to run bases or across the field. The result was that I was in perfect shape for a guy ready to turn nineteen, but more impressively it had resulted in this incredibly handsome and hot guy sitting next to me, buying me beers and booze, grabbing my neck, arm and leg, and flashing me his sexy, killer grin every time I had drunk what he”d ordered or had done what he”d said.


I”d later seen that same grin on his face, but full of dominance and determination as I”d stared up into his eyes with my lips stretched around his cock just as Lane began to force his cock into my throat for the first time, and so far, I”d loved every version of it. He gave me the same sexy smile now, still blocking the way into his apartment.


Lane”s face was covered in stubble and it looked like he”d skipped using his razor since the night I”d spent in his bed. The stubble looked sexy and made him look even more masculine, if that were possible. I”d never been much into facial hair, but seeing it on Lane made my cock throb so much I knew that soon a dark spot was going to appear on the front of my light gray shorts.


In fact, taking in the whole package that Lane presented, including the spicy, sexy scent of his body that I”d gotten to know so intimately the other night, had my cock so hard it was hurting, confined by the boxer briefs and the cotton football shorts I was wearing. I watched Lane”s eyes travel down my body and he chuckled again when he clocked my obvious state of arousal. His eyes rose back up to meet mine.


“Looks like someone”s happy to see me. Why don”t you come on in, kick off your shoes and tell me why you”re here and more importantly, what you want,” Lane said with a knowing smirk on his face and in his voice.


He stepped backward, pulling the door open wider as he did so, but for a second or two, I couldn”t pull my eyes away from where they were focused on the sight of his taut belly as he twisted, and the flexing of his pecs, lats and biceps as he gripped the edge of the door and swung it open wider so that I could enter. Any movement of this guy”s body was like some living display of sexy art and I found myself staring at the ripples of his muscles under his smooth skin as he moved.


A flash of memory hit me again, this time of Lane both on top as well as inside of me, his body moving, his hips thrusting as the moonlight coming through his bedroom window lit his skin and caused it glisten with the sweat he”d worked up from his hard fucking and also from my spit where I”d servilely sucked on his nipples and lapped up the salty drops of his sweat as they”d formed on his neck and chest, causing us both to moan in pleasure. I remembered the amazing feel of the violation of his cock into my body, deeper inside me than Connor, the only one who”d ever been there before him, had ever reached. His hard rod had rearranged my insides and I”d been lost in the delicious feeling of submission to Lane using me as pussy, which far outweighed the pain of being roughly reopened after months without any dick. The memory and image in my mind kept me immobile for a moment, standing in his doorway.


“Well…?” he continued, motioning with his left hand for me to enter.


My brain reengaged with my body and I stepped past him into his apartment. I kicked off my shoes into a basket set near the door filled with his and his roomie”s shoes, leaving me wearing just footies, the kind that are invisible when you”re wearing shoes. As I walked the couple paces down the short hallway into the main room, I saw his roommate, Kevin, sitting on the couch with his bare feet propped up on the coffee table, knees bent and also bare chested.


He was wearing just a pair of long, dark blue and gold basketball shorts and a baseball cap on backwards which covered most of his black, curly hair. He”d been watching TV and drinking a sports drink. He looked up at me and a quick look of disappointment was replaced by a smirk when he took in my hard dick, blatantly obvious where it was straining in my shorts.


“So, I owe ya a tener,” he said to Lane.




Kevin had been in the kitchen the other morning when I”d done the walk of shame out of Lane”s bedroom. I”d tried to slip out quietly and had managed not to rouse Lane, or he”d just ignored me as I”d grabbed my clothes and stealthily left his room. I”d been pulling on my clothes outside Lane”s bedroom door after gently closing it, when I”d turned to see this black haired young god standing in the kitchen area, turned towards me and staring at me. He was clad only in a pair of worn, form-fitting boxers, which displayed his own ample bulge.


My whole body had been sore inside and out from the rough, aggressive fucking I”d gotten from Lane throughout the night. He”d penetrated me repeatedly at both ends in so many different positions and ways, with his dick and more, I”d had a sore throat and equally sore ass. He”d made me ride his cock numerous times, while he lay comfortably on his back, hands behind his head, watching and enjoying me fucking myself on his meat.


I”d never been made to fuck myself on a guy”s dick before, which had been embarrassing when Lane suggested it. Embarrassment had turned to total humiliation when he”d rolled onto his back and insisted that I fuck myself on his meat. He”d given me his smirking grin as he”d watched cave to his will and straddle his waist on my knees, my own throbbing hard cock giving away my reaction to his demand. I”d listened to him let out a soft sigh and moan as the head of his dick breached me and I took him inside me, feeling his hard prick filling me more and more, moving ever deeper as I lowered myself onto him.


Despite the humiliation of lowering myself onto another kid”s hard dick, or perhaps because of it, I”d loved it. Despite the pain when the head of his cock stretched my hole again, I”d enjoyed the feeling of his hard manhood moving into me, making me arch my back as I tried to control the speed of his penetration. I”d especially loved the sight of the handsome stud as he”d laid back with a sexy grin on his face and watched me, laughing at my struggles. If I”d not been in as good shape as I was, all that athletic fucking would have left me totally exhausted and probably still collapsed in his bed, unable to move.


As it was, I”d only felt like I”d been hit by a train � one that had run itself down my throat and up my ass before smashing me flat. Lane had cum in my mouth twice, insisting that I swallow his seed, and three times fucking my ass and he”d not been quiet about it at all. I”d had no idea he had a roommate, until the second I”d seen the guy as I”d been standing in front of him half dressed wishing I”d pulled on my clothes or at least my underwear and jeans in Lane”s room. Unsure what to do or say, and intensely embarrassed to have been caught nearly naked leaving another dude”s bedroom, I”d just stared at the black haired jock whom I”d never seen in my life, before embarrassment caused me to drop my eyes to the floor.


He had softly laughed at me that morning when he”d seen the state I was in after a night in Lane”s bed. It was only when I”d gotten in my car and seen myself in the mirror that I”d discovered that I had some of Lane”s cum dried on my cheek, forehead and in my hair. I thought those two loads had all gone in my mouth and down my throat, but I”d been wrong and this dude had been able to see the evidence. The guy, whose name I didn”t even know as I stood in front of him, had turned to face me fully, and I could see the CK logo on his underwear.


Embarrassed beyond words, I”d returned my gaze to his bare feet unable to look him in the eye while I stood there, still mostly naked. A glance upward had been enough to give me a good look at the underwear he was wearing which was faded and worn with several gaping holes that gave me a view of an area of his black pubes and a bit of the shaft of his dick. My own cock had reacted immediately to the sight of another nearly naked, muscular jock in front of me and by then had been painfully hard. It was clearly obvious as it was “hidden” only by my own underwear.


I”d pulled on my shirt and taken a deep breath. I”d looked up determinedly from the floor getting a good look at the guy”s fully packed crotch, his defined torso, rippled abs and strong arms before my eyes had met his. I”d tried to keep eye contact and not let my gaze drop back down to his strong defined shoulder and arm muscles or the black hair that sprouted lightly across his chest, pecs and abs before condensing into a line that widened as it disappeared into the low riding band of his underwear. I”d tried to keep my eyes up, away from the big bulge in the tight CKs, but I”d failed.


This guy was sexy as hell and I”d not been able to help myself. My eyes had wandered over his body, taking in everything from the defined biceps and his sexy collar bones, to the outline of his ribs along his muscled torso, his narrow waist and defined abs, wider hip and thighs, then on down his muscled legs. I”d known I was staring and after a few more seconds finally managed to force my eyes back up, drinking in the view of his hot, tight body another time before I”d met his gaze, taking in his smirking grin as I did.


“Damn, dude,” he”d said to me, slowly and blatantly running his eyes down my body then back up to my face, “so you”re the one Lane was nailing last night!” He”d chuckled, his beautiful gray eyes lighting up with amusement. “Honestly, I couldn”t tell who was the bigger slut last night – the girl in the bedroom beneath me who was getting pounded by that black kid who lives there, or you in the bedroom next to me getting railed by Lane!” He”d laughed harder as he”d said this and I”d felt my face blush with embarrassment.


“A couple times your voice definitely got higher than the girl”s downstairs did…well, make that a bunch of times, kid. If I”d gotten home right then, I”d”ve thought Lane was fucking a girl, at least until I heard you begging Laney in your regular, deep voice to fuck you harder and to give you more of his prick!” He”d chuckled again. “He made you beg fir his dick quite a bit last night!” He chuckled. “Oh yeah, and for his cum! I heard you actually begging for my boy to fucking fill you with his jizz!” He”d laughed again.


The memory had flashed into my head. At one point I”d been on my hands and knees, with Lane taking me doggie style. He”d gripped my hair and pulled my head back, forcing me to arch my back. That had given his cock even deeper access into me and he”d taken advantage of it, pushing his meat forward a bit more before lowering his chest onto my back and shoulders, his right hand holding my hair and his left against my cheek, his fingers pushing into my mouth.


Lane”s lips and tongue had toyed with my left ear and he”d been whispering about how tight my pussy was and how I was made to get fucked. The feeling of the weight and heat of Lane”s body on mine, his smooth skin covering hard muscles and bone, the thickness of his pulsing manhood buried deep in me and his hot breath and words in my ear and his fingers in my mouth were all driving me crazy. He”d been calling me his little boy, his slut and his cum whore as he sawed his cock back and forth inside me.


Then he”d pulled his fingers out of my mouth, grabbed my cock and squeezed it � hard. In any other moment, the pain would”ve been all I felt, but in that moment, being completely dominated by the sandy haired stud, physically, sexually and mentally, his viselike grip just made me whimper with lust, the pain lost in the overwhelming pleasure of the way Lane was fucking me. Then he”d driven his cock into me fully and stopped moving completely. I”d waited for him to resume, but he didn”t. I tried to move my body forward, then back but Lane moved with me, keeping his meat lodged inside me, immobile. I heard myself let out a high pitched whine of desire as I tried to fuck myself on his cock. Then I”d felt his hot breath in my ear again, and again it carried his voice.


“Beg me, bitch. Come on! You”re whining like a bitch in heat with my big dick in you. I wanna hear how much you like it and I wanna hear you beg for more like the cum hungry slut you are or I”ll kick ya outta my bed and be done with you,” he gave a small thrust of his hips. “You won”t ever feel me cum up in your tight boypussy.” I”d not hesitated.


“Oh fuck, Lane!” I”d gasped out. “Your cock feels amazing in me. I love it. Your whole body is fucking amazing. I love the way you”re fucking me. Please don”t stop! Come on, dude, please keep fucking me! I want your dick, man…please! I want you to give it to me. I want you to fuck me.” Lane didn”t move.


“Louder, fagboy. Tell me what you are and what you want, and do it louder!”


“Please, Sir! Please fuck me, man!” I wasn”t shouting, but I was much louder. I could hear the whining need in my own voice. “Ram your cock into me any way you want. I”m your bitch and I”m begging you to fuck me! Fuck my brains out and fill me up with your jizz like the slut for your big dick that I am! Please, Lane, fuck me! Fuck me hard! Shoot your cum in me!” I couldn”t believe the words that were coming out of my mouth but I was totally controlled both by my lust for this hot man and his domination of my body and mind.


I”d heard him chuckle as he thrust with his hips again, drilling my hole. Later, he repeated the process, several times in several positions. The last time I was on my back, looking up into his eyes, just an inch above my own. Lane was pressing his forehead down against mine and I was begging like some cheap whore – begging him loudly to fuck me, to cum in me.


“The way you begged him to shoot his wad in you?” Kevin had continued, laughing softly as he did so. “How”d you put it? Oh, yeah…” The guy had pitched his voice much higher as he”d continued, “`Please, Lane, please cum in me! Make me your pussyboy, Lane!” With that, kid, you won the biggest slut for the night contest.” He”d looked directly at me and asked, “You let him rawdog you?” I”d felt myself blush and had dropped my eyes to the floor.


“Yeah, I figured,” he”d said. “He loves to make bitches like you eat his cum and take his loads but most insist on condoms. But you, you”re full up with my roomie”s baby batter, huh? I know Lane, so I know you got at least one load pumped down your throat. How”d his dick taste? How”d his cum taste?” Kevin had looked at me with a half disgusted, half curious expression on his face. “How can you fucking swallow another dude”s fucking sperm, guy? That”s…that”s…” a shudder ran through his entire body and he made a gagging sound. “I can”t even imagine opening my mouth for another guy”s dick, but God! Letting a dude empty his nuts in my mouth!” He”d shuddered again, “Then fucking swallowing it!?! Willingly? Jesus man… I”d be puking!”


I”d felt my face go even redder with embarrassment, if that were possible, but at the same time I”d felt my dick growing. I couldn”t believe what I”d been hearing, mainly because it was all exactly right. Well, almost. Apparently he”d not heard when Lane had made me thank him for shooting his load in my throat. I guess I”d done that quietly enough that the guy hadn”t heard or maybe I”d swallowed that load of Lane”s cum before he”d gotten home.


My mind had been swirling around with shock and embarrassment. Sure, I”d been sucking his roomie”s dick, and if you suck dick, you swallow cum, but hearing another guy express his disgust about it, while discussing how I”d just been doing that very thing was both humiliating and exciting. Knowing this seemingly straight guy knew I”d not only sucked his buddy”s dick and eaten his cum, but had been fucked by him and had his cum in me, had made my own dick hard as steel.


I”d not even known Lane had a roommate when I”d come back with him from the bar, much less that the guy would be in the next room listening to Lane fucking me all night. I”d felt my blush growing as I”d remembered all the things I”d said, the noises and sounds I had made, some intentional and some forced out of me by Lane”s actions and his thick meat, when I”d thought we were alone in his place. I”d remembered the way Lane had clamped his hand over my mouth when he”d fucked me the very last time, late in the night, telling me to be quiet, to shut up and take it like a man, not a fucking bitch.


I”d managed to stifle most of the noise I”d been making as Lane had rammed his big, thick pole into me without any time for preparation, and much harder than his initial penetrations the other two times I”d taken his thick cock up inside me earlier. The rest of my moaning had been muffled by Lane”s hand covering my mouth. I”d been sore by then, and he”d seemed to enjoy taking me rough and hard with his meat in multiple positions but also forcing me to take it as quietly as I could, keeping his hand clamped over my mouth throughout, while he did all he could to force moans and yelps from me. It reminded me of many of Connor”s fucks, when he taken me fast and hard when too much noise would get us discovered. I”d found I loved being taken by him that way and had liked Lane clamping his hand across my mouth and doing it that way even more.


Lane had certainly not been quiet himself either while he was fucking me nor when, after nearly twenty minutes of exquisite, agonizing pleasure, he”d filled me with his seed for the third time. He”d announced his orgasm with a seemingly loud growling roar of pleasure, that changed into staccato expelled breaths and moans as his entire body had convulsed with each shot of his sperm deep into me. I”d shot my load silently, face pressed into the sheets and Lane”s muffling hand by his other forearm across the back of my head. That was only a minute or so before Lane had rolled me onto my back, put my ankles on his shoulders, clamped his hand across my mouth again, and then pressed his sweaty forehead against my own to stare into my eyes as he seeded me.


I”d come back to the moment, seeing Lane”s roommate staring at me. “Sorry…sorry I ummm…bothered you, dude, or kept you awake,” I”d managed to say as I”d looked around for my jacket.


“No bother…I”ve got no interest really in any other dude”s dick, but it”s fun sometimes to listen to other people fucking. Tells me a lot about them. Especially when it”s a guy who”s getting dicked. The shit I heard Lane doing to you last night and hearing your reactions to it all? I gotta admit, it got me hard and I”m not gay.” I watched as he let his right hand drop to his crotch and pull at his boxers. I could see he was half hard now. He shook his head and looked at me. “Damn, dude, you”re a real slut! You wanna swallow my load too, before you go…” he said as he shrugged. “I wouldn”t mind. The thought of swallowing another kid”s jizz grosses me out, but I love seeing a guy on his knees gulping down my load.”


I”d watched as he had squeezed his crotch, laughing, but he must”ve seen the stricken look on my face, because his demeanor had suddenly changed, and his voice had softened. “Hey…hey, relax kid! I”m just joking with ya, dude!” he”d said, stepping forward and extending his hand. “I wouldn”t say no if you wanted it, but you don”t have to do anything you don”t wanna do. Name”s Kevin.”


I”d reached out and grasped his hand, more out of reflex than anything else. I”d felt a small shock of excitement at his touch, despite everything that had happened, everything he”d just said to me, as this sexy, nearly naked but apparently only mostly straight young stud had given me a firm handshake. He was a seriously hot young man, with an incredible body and killer good looks. The fact that he claimed he was straight, despite just suggesting I give him head, and admitting he loved seeing a guy swallow his load, made him even more desirable.


I knew that plenty of straight guys would let a dude suck them off, as long as they weren”t required to do anything more than get sucked and cum. The old “a mouth is a mouth” viewpoint. Plus I suspected that lots of guys got off on making another male swallow their ball juice. Few things establish the dominance of one male over another more definitively than a dominant man cumming in the submissive guy”s mouth and making him eat the hot wad of sperm. I”d learned from Connor and the other guys I”d sucked how much of a power trip it was for them. I realized Kevin was staring at me,and was expecting a response.


“Victor…Vic,” I”d replied. Kevin had held onto my hand for a few extra seconds, gripping it more tightly when I”d tried to pull away, letting his eyes run up and down my body again. I was now in my clothes but felt like I was on display and somehow like I was standing naked in front of him, as I knew my stiff dick was still clearly visible. After a few seconds of his warm, strong hand holding onto mine, he dropped my hand. He looked up at my face, staring directly into my eyes as he spoke.


“Victor, huh? Well, you”re built like one, at least as far as that tall, hard, impressive body of yours. You”re blond and before you got your clothes on, I saw you”ve got lotsa toned, tight muscles and nice, hard abs.” Kevin had quickly shot his hand forward and slapped them, making my body twitch. “It”s obvious you work out and you”re definitely an athlete. The girls must”ve been drooling when you walked into the bar the other night…half the guys too, with the other half just jealous of your muscles snd good looks. None of them would”ve guessed when you walked in that you end up spending the night in my roomie”s bed getting your brains fucked out by him!” He”d chuckled. “And speaking of fucking! Damn, boy…that ass! Jesus…I love a good ass on a woman, and I”ll tell ya, boy, you give them a run for their money! I can see why Lane picked you and gaziantep travesti I”m sure he absolutely loved getting his dick up inside that booty!” Kevin grabbed my right shoulder with his right hand and turned me to my left, to see me in profile. Before I knew it, he”d smacked my ass with his left hand, hard. I let out a yelp, more from surprise than pain.


“Yeah, that”s the kind of stuff I heard last night,” he said as he chuckled at me.


Kevin had chuckled again when he”d seen my eyes widen, but he”d continued. “Hell, kid, like I said, I”m not gay, but I think you”ve got a pretty fucking hot body, and even though I”m not gay, I do love a good blowjob. Guys almost always give better head than girls and from what I heard last night you”ll let a man fuck your throat. From the moans and groans and the comments I heard from Lane while he had his dick in your mouth, you”re apparently a great cocksucker.” He grinned at me.


“But a `Victor”, huh?” He continued. “Nope…I don”t think so. No way you were the victor last night. From all the whimpers, moans and squeals you were making, it sounded like you were totally conquered by my man Lane, boy…I”d even go so far as to say you were the victIM, ya know?” Kevin had laughed again as I blushed. “It sounded like Lane was the victor and you got conquered, pillaged and plundered – mind and body, ass and mouth…pretty much in any and every way my man Lane could think of, boy.”


He”d chuckled yet again. I”d felt a wave of humiliation run through me as Kevin made clear he knew all about my submission to his roomie”s sexual desires, but it had been accompanied by a sexual thrill that was much stronger than the embarrassment. It had been several years since Alec has pushed me to my knees on the carpet in the basement of his house and turned me into a cocksucker, but I”d felt that same thrill when I”d actually submitted to Alec”s desire and opened my mouth for his cock, as I had been feeling then listening to Kevin describe all the things that Lane had done.


The day before this discussion only three guys from back home had known I”d suck dick, and only Connor had definitive proof I”d do more than that, because he”d been the only guy who had fucked me. I was pretty sure the other two assumed I”d probably take it up the ass, but they”d been satisfied with me sucking them, as long as I let the fuck my throat and swallowed. It was obvious to me that all three guys got off not just on the purely physical pleasure of reaching orgasm but also to varying degrees on the power rush from dominating another male to the point of making the guy swallow their cum. Both were facets of the human male”s biological urge to spread his seed and also to varying degrees, the aggressive need to dominate and control, be it on the court, on the mat, on the field or in the bedroom.


Now, not only did Lane know far more about me than any of those guys from my high school, so did his roomie. As I”d thought this, I”d realized that I didn”t even know Lane”s last name! The guy had fucked my face and throat and made me swallow his hat cum � twice! – then fucked me up the ass and cum inside me multiple times, something only one other guy had ever done. Lane had gone much further though, and had made me lick, suck and worship every inch of his body from his neck to his toes and all the parts in between and I didn”t even know the handsome stud”s last name. I remembered him calling me a slut several times and it had suddenly struck me how true it was.


Hell, I”d not even known that he had a hot as fuck roomie who had apparently listened to most of it as it happened. I”d wondered if he”d known that Lane had made me lick his hole and then slide my tongue up into his ass. I”d felt my blush spreading across my face as I remembered. Rimming a guy was something I”d seen in gay porn but I”d never even thought of doing it before Lane had me in position to become his ass licker.


Lane had simply rolled me onto my back on his bed, and I had naively thought he might stroke or suck my cock. Instead he”d knelt over me and positioned himself with his dick over my face. He”d begun rubbing and smacking my cheeks, lips, forehead, nose and eyes with his hard meat. This smeared his precum all over my face and Lane very deliberately ran the head across my lips, then under and all around you nose and pushed the slit into my nostrils so that the scent of his precum filled my nose and sinuses and was all I could smell and the taste of him was on my lips.


Then he”d aimed his cock into my mouth, but only kept it there for about thirty second or so. Enough time for the taste of his precum to permeate my mouth and throat completely, combining with his scent and filling my entire head with his musky, testosterone laden essence, driving my lust nearly out of control. Then he”d moved forward some until I could suck on his balls. All three of the guys I”d sucked off in highschool had made me suck their nuts, so this was still familiar territory, although with Lane, I”d been sucking the balls of the hottest guy I”d ever met.


“Ohhhhh, fuck, yes! You suck a man”s balls as well as you suck dick, Vic. Yeah, use your tongue, bitch. Fuck! Just look at you, where you are and what you”re doing…on your back in my bed with my fucking balls soaking in your mouth! Just think, boy, every choice you”ve ever made, every decision you ever made…hell, everything you”ve *ever* done in your life was just bringing you one step closer to becoming my cocksucker and now to this minute here, sucking my fucking balls, boy! Ahh, fuck yeah, suckboy, that feels good. You”re doing what you were born to do.” With Lane basically straddling my head, his words were a bit muffled, but I still heard them and they were making my dick throb.


“You realize that, don”t you, bitch? All those hours training, lifting, running and working out, all that work and sweat, were to build a hot enough body that I”d wanna fuck you. But don”t worry, you won the prize. I”m gonna fuck you in every way you can imagine and probably some you can”t. Your whole life has been spent making choices that have led you here � in my bed on your back, one load of my jizz already down your throat being digested while you suck on my balls trying to get another.” He moved his hips, rubbing his dick and balls on my face before settling his balls back in my mouth. I”d run my tongue over the sensitive skin and had been rewarded with another moan of pleasure from him.


“Ohhhhhh, yeah boy! Suck my balls! Fuck yeah!” Lane said, letting out a long breath, then inhaling sharply when I got both his nuts in my mouth at the same time. “Fuck yeah! Look at you, bitch! Look at where you are and what you”re doing! You built your body so that you”re a big, strong jock, but did you do that to be more of a man? Or did you do it to try to get the dicks of more men?” Lane was letting out small gasps of pleasure and panting a bit as I lapped at his balls with my tongue. “You did it all to get other jock”s dicks didn”t you? Ya figured out that to get jock cock, it was easier if you were a jock too, right?” Lane asked. It was obviously a rhetorical question because with him now basically sitting on my face, balls filling my mouth, there was no way I could answer.


“Ya know, I”ve had fags of all types hit on me since I was about fourteen or fifteen,” Lane said. “Usually back then they”d offer their mouths to me on their knees in the locker room. I”d been seriously hitting the weights for about a year by then, in addition to wrestling training, and grew about six inches, which helped even out the muscles I was building. So I got a lot of attention from horny dudes of all types – from nerds, to skaters, to stoners, to the skinny, scrawny dudes with no real definition, to plenty of guys who were trim and toned, but not well muscled like you and I, all the way up to several of the other jock boys who were built like us.


“Even had a guy on the wrestling squad from my school”s main rival suck my dick a few times. Now that was a fucking rush! Not only could I pin him, I could plug his mouth! I never had a dude like you, though. Never had a guy as tall and with such a jacked body as you, tasting my dick. I decided years ago, if I was gonna dick down another guy, I didn”t want any more of the scrawny guys who I could snap in two like a twig. I wanted to fuck guys who could give me a real fight, if they weren”t fags ruled by their need for a hard dick in their mouths and their jock boypussies. In other words, guys like you, suckboy,” he said.


“It”s so much better to fuck guys who”ve put in the time and effort to build hard, strong, muscled bodies to try at least to look like real men, ones who may be competition on the mats or a field but when you get them alone all they want is another athletic dude to give them the dick they need so badly. Dudes like you, Vic, who know that despite everything they”ve done, when they meet a real man like me, they”re gonna drop to their knees and open their mouths, ready to take the cock of the superior male they”re kneeling at the feet of, however I decide to give it to him. I love showing them that despite all their muscles, they know on the inside that they”re pussies. Guys like you, who understand that this is your reality, bitch! It”s being put on your back by a god like me and worshipping my manhood with your mouth.”


He”d had me on his bed laying on my back, and he had been kneeling over me straddling my chest, so that I was in a good position for sucking and licking first his dick, then his balls and could look up into his eyes as we began. Lane liked to watch as his cock and balls were getting sucked, licked and worshipped and he loved to be able to look into my eyes as I did it. He”d maintained eye contact until he”d moved forward enough so my tongue had been lapping at his taint. A few seconds later he”d moved forward again and I realized what he wanted. If I complied, Lane would be leading me one step further down the ladder towards being his total bitch, and it”d be a step I”d never before taken with any other guy.


I”d tried to move my arms to stop what I knew was coming, but besides clenching and unclenching my hands and flexing my biceps there was little I could do. When he rolled me onto my back and into this position I”d let him pin my forearms with his shins and had no leverage to get free, even if I”d tried seriously to do so. Instead, almost before I knew it, my tongue was at his hole, as he”d sat on my face.


I”d known what he wanted and the feeling of his hard shin bones against my forearms, his weight holding me down, physically restraining me had my cock hard and leaking. I”d remembered hearing Lane”s comments, encouragement, and especially his loud moans of pleasure when I”d surrendered to his domination and let the tip of my tongue explore his hole.


He let out a long breath as I lapped upwards with the broad length of my tongue. I heard him chuckling softly as he turned me into his ass licking slut. My cock was leaking precum as the desire to make this beautiful, muscular specimen of manhood feel good, to give him pleasure even if I was doing so in a way that was embarrassing and degrading to me, ran through my brain and body.


“Fuck yeah! There ya go, bitch. Lick my fucking hole! Oh goddamn that feels fuckin” good! Yeah, use your whole tongue like that. Ahhhhh, fuuuuuck…” He let out a long, breathy moan as I lapped and licked. I”d been immensely turned on by his words and the sounds of pleasure coming from him. “That”s right Vic, you lick my ass like a pro, boy. Now, get your tongue up inside me. Do it, little boy! It”s something else you were born to do.” I was past even hesitating and immediately stiffened my tongue and obeyed, teasing his hole and making his entire body twitch several times, before pushing up and into him. Lane had let out a very loud moan of pleasure and satisfaction, before he”d spoken again.


Hearing the pleasured moans that had been coming from Lane had resonated with the submissive desire in me to give this young, dominant man whatever sexual pleasure he wanted, regardless of whether it was humiliating for me. In fact, the very idea of Lane simply using my body however he wanted to get the most pleasure from me that he could, without doing anything to my dick in return had been a major turn on for me and I”d been completely lost in my lust for this hot stud”s young, hard body.


I”d worked so hard for so many years to preserve my rep, to be seen as the dominant, aggressive jock on the field, court or diamond, the one that everyone admired and respected. None of the three guys whose cocks I”d been regularly servicing knew about the others and I”d tried to build my public persona by dating and fucking some girls. I”d always gone to my knees for those guys and sucked their cocks when they wanted it, though.


Now both Lane and Kevin knew my secret � that I craved hard cock. They knew what I”d let another man do to me and knew that I got off on it. I”d dropped my gaze again, embarrassed, staring at Kevin”s muscular calves, hairy shins and bare feet, unsure what to say or do.


Kevin had stepped closer, grabbed my chin and forced my head up, so that my eyes met his as he looked up at me. “Dude, you”re blushing and looking like someone killed your dog. Chill out. So what if I heard Lane fucking your brains out? Lane likes to fuck muscle boys like you. From what I heard last night, especially the sounds you were making when he was using you as pussy � big jock pussy, but still pussy – I”d say he succeeded. I”d also say, from what I heard, that you loved every second of it, slut. Time just to admit that you”re a big jock, but a big, jock pussyboy who needs dick, and accept it. Get your brain in sync with your body, boy. It”s telling me clearly what you like.”


Kevin had flashed me a grin, released my chin, turned his back to me and walked over to the kitchen sink. I”d reached up to rub my chin. My skin had tingled where he”d touched it. I”d also watched the muscles play in his shoulders and back under his tight, smooth skin, as he walked away from me, mesmerized momentarily by his impressive physique. I”d given myself a mental shake, trying to throw off the spell this gorgeous young man had somehow cast on me.


Kevin”s swerves in the conversation from polite introduction, to recounting my sexual submission to his roomie, to telling me to accept that I liked cock had thrown me and I”d mumbled some thanks and bailed out of the apartment.




Now not even seventy-two hours later, I was back in their apartment and I knew it was obvious to all three of us I”d come back for more of Lane. Kevin was surely thinking I was just a slut wanting more of Lane”s thick dick, but I didn”t care. I”d been unable to get him out of my head ever since I”d spent the night in his bed and if getting the chance to hook up with Lane again meant Kevin would hear it all again, so be it. I was controlled by my lust for the sandy haired wrestler and seeing Kevin sitting shirtless in front of me made me realize that I”d been hoping to see the sexy jock again, too. He”d said he was straight, but he”d also said he”d let me suck his dick. That thought had intrigued me as much as spending more time with Lane.


The fact that he was wearing only a pair of shorts was an added bonus. My eyes drank in his strong arms, deep defined chest and the smooth skin covering his pecs and the ripples of his abs. Sitting as he was, with his forearms propped on his knees only emphasized his trim waist, and defined body. As I moved closer, I admired the dark hairs that lightly dusted his chest and the quarter-sized nipples capping his pecs.


Lane had followed me into the living room where Kevin sat on the couch. I stopped as I got close to the black haired young stud, unsure what to do or say. Kevin made no move to make room for me to sit but before I really had a chance to do more than drink in the sight of the tight abs and broad shoulders of the shirtless jock, I felt Lane move up behind me, and press his body up against mine. Lane suddenly smacked my ass embarrassingly, then he pressed his crotch against me, humping me shamelessly just a few feet from where Kevin sat. I felt my own cock throbbing as Lane”s hard dick rubbed against my ass and saw Kevin was now watching what his roomie was doing. I knew I was blushing but I said nothing and did nothing to stop Lane as a smirk appeared on Kevin”s face. After watching for a few more seconds, he glanced up at my face and must have seen my reaction because he laughed.


“Told you he”d be back for more by today,” Lane said to Kevin. “You owe me five dollars. You told me you”d heard him when I was fucking him in my room. He was such a slut the other night, I didn”t think you”d take that bet,” he said with a chuckle.


“I probably wouldn”t have, except he was so rattled the other morning when he snuck out of your bedroom and found me standing there staring at him that when I made a joke about him giving me some head, he”d looked like he was gonna faint. Then when he realized I”d heard it all? Big guy like him, knowing I”d listened to you fucking his brains out nearly all night? I figured it”d be another couple days before he overcame the embarrassment and came back sniffing around for more of your dick.”


Lane wrapped his arms around my chest, pinning my upper arms to my sides and bent me forward so he could hump me more easily, though we were both still wearing clothes. I made no move to stop him from doing it, despite this putting my face only a foot or so from Kevin”s. Kevin didn”t seem upset or even surprised by what Lane was doing to me right in front of him. I didn”t stop Lane when he pulled me back upright long enough to grab the bottom of my shirt and pull it up. In fact, when he released my arms to do it, I raised them up over my head to assist Lane in stripping it off of me. He tossed it away onto the floor.


“Never underestimate lust overriding common sense, especially in a college freshman completely cut off from all of the high school cock he was used to getting regularly.” Lane told him.


Now all three of us were bare chested and I felt the warm, soft skin covering Lane”s pecs, and his hard nipples press against my back. He was already aroused and he pushed his hard dick into me, rubbing it against my ass through our remaining clothes. Even though I could see Kevin was watching us closely, I continued to submit to Lane”s control over me. I saw Kevin”s eyes widen, then another smirk appear on his face as he watched when Lane moved his right hand up to my mouth and pushed two fingers between my lips.


I felt Lane”s rough, salty fingers slide across my tongue, pushing deep into my mouth. Instead of resisting, I let my lips close around the digits, sucking the salt from his skin. Lane had been working out and smelled of new sweat, and I inhaled his decidedly masculine, spicy scent. I”d become intimately familiar with it the other night. I looked at Kevin, my eyes meeting his as Lane pushed his fingers across my tongue.


“I know, and you were right, Laney,” Kevin said, looking up appraisingly at me from where he sat on the couch. “You always are when it comes to knowing which dudes need dick.” The baggy shorts Kevin was wearing hid any view of his meat, but just looking at the black haired jock”s jacked body got me even hotter � even just sitting there relaxed as he was, his sculpted chest, strong shoulders and arms clearly showing the definition of his muscles and the veins tracing along under his smooth skin, across his biceps and along his forearms, which still rested on his knees – was an incredibly sexy sight.


Kevin”s lightly hairy toned chest, tight abs, and his muscled thighs formed a “V” shape from his broad shoulders to his knees from where he had his feet propped up on the coffee table. My eyes drank in the sight of his trim waist, rippled abs and even his hairy shins and sexy bare feet. Every inch of this stud”s body was a turn on for me. I saw that he had a small shamrock outline in green ink, about an inch high, on the inside of his right lower leg and wondered if that meant he had Irish blood. I felt my already steely hard cock twitch as it pumped out precum in response to the sight of this sexy young stud sitting in front of me along feeling Lane”s body pressed tightly against mine as his fingers probed my mouth. Lane slid a third finger into my mouth to join the other two and Kevin chuckled as he watched. I saw his eyes move over my body appraisingly.


“Damn, Lane!” Kevin said. “This kid”s built! I got a quick look at him the other morning when he was trying to sneak outta your bedroom but he put on his shirt before I could see much of his body. I could tell he was tall, of course, but didn”t realize he had this kind of definition.” Kevin continued to run his eyes over me. “Fuck, bro, I think his arms might even rival yours and mine. Plus, he”s a big guy, must be at least six foot, maybe six one, but judging by how he”s bent over sucking on your fingers as you dry hump him right in front of me, well…all those muscles don”t mean the same thing on him as they do on us.” Kevin looked me in the eyes again. “How tall are you?”


I thought Lane would pull his fingers out of my mouth, but he kept them there and when I hesitated, he said, “The man asked you a question, boy. It”s impolite not to answer.”


“Thusht owwer shix wonnn,” I said around Lane”s fingers. Kevin chuckled again.


“Taller than us, bro, though like the muscles, I guess its not that important when he spends all his time on his knees,” Kevin said with a laugh. “But that puts his face at crotch height, which is where you like it, right?”


“No doubt about that, Kev,” Lane said, laughing. “This guy knows that when I”m in the room, or you for that matter, he belongs on his knees and I plan to put him there soon. From what he told me, some dude named Diego at his high school showed him he was born to be a cocksucker when he was about fourteen. Vic went on to become a big muscled high school jock, but I”m betting that was both to try and hide his craving for dick and also let him get close to all those other hot jocks. He became a jock so he had a reason to be in the locker and showers so he could perv on his teammates without giving away his secret.”


“Case in point,” Lane continued, pulling his fingers out of my mouth and holding up one, “he said he ended up on his knees sucking off a couple other guys, besides this Diego dude, one who was his teammate. Apparently the teammate decided to fuck him and so Vic”s been taking it up the ass from him for the past couple years. I”m betting he kept at weights and sports just to see his buddies after practice or a workout, naked in the locker room and showers, so he could jack off at night dreaming about them. Of course, that”s when he wasn”t getting face and ass fucked as often as he could in high school.” They both laughed again.


“The kid is tall and you”re right, he clearly spent a lot of time building up his body.” Lane said. “He hid what he is and what he craves from most of the dudes in order to be a big man on campus back home, but he still got sussed out by some of those guys and ended up where he was born to be…on his knees, or his hands and knees, getting dicked and filled with jizz. Now that he”s cut off from those horny bastards, he needs dick from us. I can tell ya from experience, he is a slut for a hard cock and knows how to open his throat for a big one like mine!”


“Really?” Kevin asked. “He can deep throat your cock? Was he able to take your whole dick?”


“I fucked all of my rod right down his throat past his tonsils and he took it like the slut he is, bro! I know you love getting good head, and I”ve told you the best you ever get is when it”s from another guy, especially a jock like Vic. This kind of fag is so happy to get dick, he”ll let you skull fuck him if you want. You should try him out.”


“I”m definitely interested,” Kevin said, rubbing his crotch openly now. “I”m not gay, but I fucking love it when a dude looks up at me with his mouth stuffed full of my dick. I get such a rush looking down into a cocksucker”s eyes when I cum in his mouth and make him swallow my ball juice. Fuck! That”s such a power trip! I can”t wait to feel the rush putting this big jock get on his knees and making him eat my cum!”


“I knew you”d be into it,” Lane said and laughed quietly. “So far he”s only sucked off four guys, and that”s including me, if you believe his story. From how good he is at giving head, he”s either lying about the number of dudes he”s blown, or he sucked off those three guys a helluva lot! One of them, at least, must”ve had a pretty big dick and trained our boy here to open his throat like a good little bitch.” Lane put his mouth next to my ear again. “So which is it? You can tell us. Were you really on your knees in the showers after every game sucking the dicks of all the guys on the team, one after the other, or did you tell me the truth?”


“I told you the truth,” I said in a rush. “I”d only ever sucked off those three guys before you. You”re the fourth guy I”ve sucked and the second who”s fucked me. One of them was on my team, and they were all athletes but I didn”t blow guys in the locker room showers. Well, I mean, I did, but only the one who went to the same school as me, but…” Fuck! Was I really gonna tell these guys all the details of being made a cocksucker and pussyboy?


Lane”s fingers suddenly were grabbing my nipples, twisting and pinching them and my body and brain both reacted. My back arched, pushing my shoulders blades back against Lane”s powerful chest. I could feel the heat of his body, his smooth skin and hard nipples. My cock throbbed and a wave of lust ran through me as I felt Lane push his dick against my ass.


“But what?” Lane asked in a low voice. He ran his right hand down my chest, his fingertips sliding against the skin of my abs and then down to my crotch. He squeezed my hard rod through my shorts. I let out a moan of excitement and pleasure, as Lane showed off his control of me to Kevin. I told them everything.


“All three had me sucking them pretty much at least once every day and while they started out pretty gentle, soon none of them was satisfied unless I took their cocks all the way to the base. But it was really the first guy I sucked, Diego, who taught me to deep throat his dick. I”d been sucking him for about three or four months before I began sucking Evan and more than six months before Connor. Well…Diego didn”t teach me so much as he just kept getting more and more aggressive and instead of being satisfied with getting blown, he began fucking my mouth and throat harder and deeper each time until I finally got used to it.” Both Lane and Kevin laughed when I told them that.


“Shit! I cannot imagine going through high school having to give head to three guys every day.” Kevin said. “Hell, I can”t even imagine going to class knowing I”d be seeing a guy who was making me suck his dick and swallow his spooge!” Kevin glanced up at Lane. “No offense, bro. You know I don”t care if you”re gay. You”re my brother, man, and no one makes you do anything, so that”s different.” Lane just laughed again.


“No worries, Kev. I knew what you meant. No way we should let this mouth and throat go to waste this afternoon, though,” Lane gripped my throat with his left hand, “especially because the guys who”ve been fucking his head and ass don”t go to school here. So poor Vic went from getting dicked regularly on the down low by three high school jocks to nothing.” Lane pushed up with his left hand under my chin, which tilted my head back until I was looking up toward the ceiling and he snugged his grip around my throat more tightly. The back of my head was on his shoulders and I felt Lane squeeze both my throat and my cock. He slowly tightened his hold until I could feel the pressure building in my head and my pulse thumping both in my ears and in my hard meat. The combination had my head spinning.


“So, you”ve got three dudes whose cum you”ve been guzzling for years and one of them popped your cherry when you were…” Lane squeezed my left nipple. “How old did you say you were?” He slid his left hand back down along my abs, but stopped well above my cock.


“Fifteen,” I said quietly.


“So at fifteen you got opened up and your cherry popped by…” Lane trailed off again.


“Connor…the third baseman on my team,” I said, resigned to both of them knowing all my secrets. “We”d been drinking at a party and went to piss in an upstairs bathroom. He”s tall like me and has a powerful, muscled body. He”s got a big dick and for some reason instead of zipping up after he pissed, he turned and showed it to me. When I didn”t react and stared for too long, he put his hand on my shoulder and just pushed me to my knees. I left the bathroom with a bellyful of his cum. I sucked him off a couple more times and he seemed happy with that, but he was always very aggressive about it, much more so than Evan and Diego.” I didn”t know why I was telling them this, but I felt Lane”s left hand move until his fingers found my nipples and squeezed again. His right hand still gripped my throat, making me feel totally at his mercy.


“Come on, tell us the rest,” he said softly into my ear. “We wanna hear it. We wanna hear how this third baseman turned the…what position did you play?” My body felt like electric shocks were running from wherever Lane was touching me, but especially from my nipples as he pinched and played with them, and from where he pressed his hard cock against me, slowly dry humping my ass.


“Right field,” I told them.


“So how did your third baseman cop the right fielder”s cherry ass, big boy?” Lane asked quietly, almost confidentially, except of course Kevin was listening. “How”d it happen? Didja give it up to him? Or did he take you and make you pussy?”


“One time when I was sucking him, Connor said he was going to facefuck me. I let him do it, even when he got rough. He grabbed my head and started forcing his dick into my mouth and throat. He kept holding my mouth on his cock and fucking as hard or gently as he wanted, just using my head and ignoring it when I choked or gagged. When he shot his load, he made me swallow, which was pretty much what I always did for him. But when I looked up at him after eating his load that time, I saw a different look on his face and could tell there was now something different about him, about us. After that, everything changed. The next time we got together, he told me he was going to fuck me up the ass. He was suddenly much more aggressive and dominant.”


“I told him I didn”t want to get fucked in the ass because it had never happened before, but instead of stopping him, he got even more excited and he wouldn”t take `No” for an answer. He told me he”d always wanted to take another guy”s virginity,” I said.


” I”d…I”d thought about getting fucked and had seen it in gay porn plenty of times,” I said. “Some guys seemed to love it, but lotsa guys seemed to be in pain � a lot of pain. I”d never really even played with my ass and couldn”t imagine that I”d ever let it happen to me. But I”d been on my knees sucking him as he sat on his bed. Connor grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up so I was up on his bed. He had some lube and… and he took me on my hands and knees, doggie style, and made me his bitch, and I let it happen.” The words seemed to rush out of me. This was the first time I”d ever talked about Connor taking my cherry. “After that first time, he fucked me at least once nearly every day for over three years.”


“Jesus!” Kevin said. “You”ve taken some high school kid”s load a thousand times?” I just nodded. “So did it hurt or did you love it?”


“It hurt � in fact it hurt a whole fucking lot!” I replied. “He reached under me and grabbed my shoulders, laid his chest on my back and then he began to push into me. It felt like a baseball bat stretching me open and I tried to pull away but there was nowhere to go. I ended up face down on his bed with him on my back holding me in a full nelson. He kept telling me to relax and take it, and how good it felt.” I glanced up and saw Kevin staring at me, listening to me tell how I lost my virginity.


“I did like hearing him say that it felt good and knowing I gave him pleasure. I liked knowing that, even though it had hurt like hell. I didn”t know it at the time, but he was actually nice about it. Once he…once he was inside me, he didn”t move for a minute or two. He just lay there on top of me, his mouth next to my ear, telling me in a quiet voice to relax and take it. He kept this up, telling me how good it felt and to accept it until the pain finally started to fade a little. I tried to relax like he wanted, but it felt like surrendering to him, surrendering my entire body to his will to be used however he wanted, which I guess it was. So it wasn”t easy to accept at first and it took a little while. I finally forced myself to calm down and stop resisting. I let myself relax in his hold and he must”ve felt that. As soon as he did, I felt his hips pull back and he started slowly fucking me.”


“Yeah,” Lane added, “and you found out you fucking loved what this dude Connor � he was your teammate on your squad, right?” I nodded. “You loved having your teammate making you his bitch and turning you into a pussyboy! It obviously didn”t matter if it hurt or not, because if it had, you wouldn”t have gone back for more of his dick and he wouldn”t have been pounding your pussy on a daily basis for years!” Lane added. I looked down at the floor, embarrassed again and unable to meet Kevin”s gaze.


“Now he gets to college and suddenly there are thousands of hot guys all around, but the guys whose dicks he”s been sucking and taking up the ass went to other schools. He”s been left high and dry and craving dick. I”m surprised he”s not been on his knees in the dorm showers blowing every dude who walks in and decides he wants to drop a load. Lucky for me, I got my hands on him and my dick in him first, and discovered what a sub he is,” Lane said to Kevin.


“After Connor and the two guys who made Vic their cocksucker went elsewhere, he”s gone cold turkey and has been dying to get more dick in his mouth and pussy. He wants it from men like us. Men who know what our bodies, and especially our cocks, are meant for and who have the natural urge to spread our seed, not get turned into pussy and regularly seeded by men,” Lane said to his roomie.


“Most importantly for a guy like Vic, though, is he knows I will allow him to take my dick and will fill him with cum,” Lane said, addressing Kevin. “You just heard him admit that he totally gets off on being made to submit and having a man use him, fuck him, for the dude”s own pleasure, which Vic knows is really all that matters. I gotta give Connor some props. He taught you how to be a good sub fuckboy!” Lane chuckled in my ear.


“He just told us he gets off from giving other dudes pleasure, Kev, and submitting to us using him for our sexual gratification. We both know plenty of girls who would do a lot of this stuff, but the truly slutty ones are gay boys like Vic, who”ll do anything for a hard dick because they”re so grateful to get it. I spent the other night using this `big strong jock” as basically nothing more than a human cumrag, and the bitch loved every second of it so much he shot his wad while I was ramming my hard dick into his tight pussy � twice!”


I let my head hang, as Kevin burst into laughter again, unable to look into the eyes of the straight guy as Lane told him this about me. I knew that Kevin had heard much of what had happened in Lane”s bed, but seeing a straight man sitting just a few feet away, listening as his roomie described using me as a sex toy, talking about me almost as if I weren”t there, but at the same time playing with my body, so that I reacted physically, much to my embarrassment, was different.


I”d always wondered what it”d be like to have another guy there as I blew one of the guys back home…another guy, who”d be my equal except for the fact that he was seeing me on my knees at another dude”s feet, witnessing my domination by another guy…and not just any domination, but submitting myself to be used by another guy for his sexual pleasure while he watched. It had been a thrill to imagine, but now here it was happening and my dick was so hard from it that it ached.


I”d always figured it had to be the most humiliating thing that could happen � having straight jocks witness me sucking dick, swallowing cum or having a straight dude watch another man fuck me, but Lane had taken it a step further. Kevin had already been a witness to Lane”s fucking me in the mouth and ass the other night, even if only by hearing it. So now Lane had forced me to recount having my mouth and ass virginity taken by two different young men to his straight roomie as he demonstrated his immediate physical control over my body and I was powerless in his grip.


It was humiliating and embarrassing but it had my cock hard as steel. Lane had made me tell Kevin my deepest secrets – how I”d been turned into a cocksucker by more than one guy and how a high school teammate made me his pussyboy � but despite the embarrassment of this straight boy knowing I”d do nearly anything for dick, the biggest embarrassment was my hard cock dripping precum as a result of Lane”s treatment. Telling what had happened while Lane”s hard, muscled body and stiff cock pressed against me was exquisite torture. I loved the feel of his body and the unique scent of Lane”s body which enveloped me as he pushed it against mine.


“Most guys I know want to get at least a little head in return and the braver ones hint at trying to fuck me,” Lane continued. “If they”re hot, aggressive dudes who”ve already sucked me off, I”ll sometimes return the favor, but Vic here is a different story. He took my dick all night and like I said he shot his load twice, each time while I was nailing him. Unlike most guys, though, he never tried to get me to blow him and there was never any doubt about who was gonna be pussy. He either doesn”t have the need that men like us have to spread his seed around or the guys back home have started to train him to get his rocks gaziantep masaj salonları off when he”s got a man”s dick in him. Instead of wanting to fuck, he has a craving for dick, an itch that only men like us can scratch and it makes him a slut for hard cock. He loved it so much he”s already back for more.” I glanced up and saw a sneer appear on Kevin”s handsome face as he listened to this, his nose and lip curling upward and he chuckled derisively as he watched and listened to his roomie degrade me right in front of him.


“These fag bitches…” Kevin said, shaking his head with a superior smirk on his face. “At least this one apparently knows he belongs on his knees, choking on a superior man”s rod in his throat while it shoots a load of jizz into his stomach.” Kevin looked me in the eye and I saw a shudder run through him. “I can”t even imagine being on my knees in front of another dude, much less allowing that to happen. It”s so fucking gross! Look at his dick though. Just hearing us talking about him taking dick has him hard and leaking.”


“Well, that and my dry humping him right in front of you while he sucks on my fingers.” He slid the middle and pointer finger of his left hand into my mouth again and both of them laughed as I felt them scrape across my tongue.


I was shocked and humiliated at what was happening but put up no resistance as Lane slid the two fingers between my lips and past my teeth. I couldn”t believe what I had admitted, what I was hearing or that Lane was doing this to me in front of his roomie. At the same time, knowing Kevin was watching, and hearing this sexy young guy whom I”d met only once describing something so humiliatingly intimate � something that Lane had actually already done to me within only two or three minutes of getting me into this very room a couple nights ago � was totally embarrassing but was also totally getting me hot…as Kevin had noted.


Sex had always been something almost secret, something I”d done with girls, then other guys, but it was a private thing. I”d never joined in the locker room banter when I”d had girlfriends, and stayed completely silent after I”d become a cocksucker. The thought of any of my buddies, or any guy from my high school, making me suck his fingers while he dry humped me as another guy watched had never occurred to me as a possibility.


I”d never been in truly sexual situations with my buddies or guys on my teams, other than Connor, and had been terrified people would find out what he was doing to me. I”d never double dated with any of my friends which may have led to that kind of situation. No circle jerks or anything like that, but that was because I”d somehow already ended up on my knees giving head to three guys and worried what might happen if I saw my buddies beating their hard cocks. So other than the three guys and several girls, I wasn”t used to talking about sex, or being part of any type of sexual scene. Obviously, though, Lane and Kevin had no such limitations or hang ups around each other when it came to sex, either talking about it or doing it in front of each other, even though Lane was gay and Kevin was straight.


Lane”s fingers in my mouth and his hard body and steely cock pressed against me were doing a number on me. I looked at Kevin again and I realized was sitting in the spot where Lane had sat the other night, his sock clad feet on the floor with his shorts around his left ankle. I”d knelt between his legs on the small rug with my hands feeling his muscled chest and abs while he locked his hands on the back of my head as I”d swallowed his first load of the night.


Feeling Lane pressing his body harder into mine, I realized again that I stood several inches taller and was broader across the shoulders and chest than either of these guys. I could almost certainly take either one of them in a fight but I had no desire to challenge them. Something in me liked the way they were discussing me and also liked submitting to whatever Lane intended to do with me. My hard cock was testament to my sexual excitement caused by Lane”s domination of me both physically and mentally.


Lane already knew he could treat me like he owned me. It”s what he”d done the other night. He knew that I wanted more dick, and I”d do what he wanted to get his again. Seeing the way he was looking at me, it was clear that Kevin knew, too. That also got my dick hard, betraying my arousal and lust from being put on display as Lane showed off his control of me to his roomie, making certain that I couldn”t deny I was getting off on it. Lane slid my shorts and underwear down further until they fell to my feet, leaving me basically naked and displaying my hard rod.


“Yeah, slut, show my buddy how much you wanna be my bitch,” Lane said softly into my ear. “Kick them away.” I did as he ordered, leaving me in just my socks. Lane now was running his right hand up across my abs to my nipples. He slid the fingers of his left hand out of my mouth, prompting another chuckle from his roomie, then grabbed me around my chest with his right arm and pulled me fully upright, his arm wrapped tightly around me. My cock throbbed again as I felt his hard muscles contracting beneath his smooth skin where he pressed against me and the strength in his arm.


“He”s tall and look at these guns, pecs and abs.” Lane said as his left hand explored each part of my body as he named them, pawing at me, then he began tweaking and pinching my nipples which hardened under his finger tips, until I couldn”t hold in a moan of pleasure. I felt a large drop of precum work its way out of my prick which stood at an angle pointed toward the ceiling. Lane suddenly reached down and grabbed both of my wrists, pulled them upwards and crossed them behind my neck, so that my elbows stuck outward. He held my wrists in place with a firm grip. Lane was making me stand naked, hard and on display for Kevin.


“Dude, he”s leaking so much from what you”re doing that his dick drool is gonna make a puddle on the floor!” Kevin laughed and Lane chuckled in my ear. Lane gripped both my wrists with his right hand and ran his left hand down my body to my cock. He squeezed the base, forcing a louder moan as well as more precum out of me, then ran his middle finger across the head of my cock, smearing it around and making me twitch. I heard Kevin laughing. I didn”t know what Lane was planning, but the sensations on the head of my dick were nearly too much with everything else happening and I was afraid I”d cum.


Lane”s fingers dropped my meat and he moved his hand behind me. With his right hand still gripping my wrists at the back of my neck, Lane bent me back over, putting my face near Kevin”s again. I saw a smirk of amused superiority playing on his lips as he watched Lane in action. When Lane”s slick finger found my hole and circled around it, slicking it with my precum, I let out another moan, unable to help myself. My cock was almost painfully hard, pointing up along my bent over body, nearly parallel to the floor, toward Kevin.


“I”ll bet ya a thousand bucks he cleaned out his pussy for me,” Lane said. I just nodded my head and felt the back of it rub against his knuckles where Lane held my wrists. I listened to Kevin laughing again as he saw my agreement, and immediately felt Lane”s finger slide into me. He did it quickly and forcefully, roughly claiming my hole yet again. I arched my back, my mouth dropped open as I let out a gasp and a bit off a squeal. Instinctively, I raised up on my toes as best I could, trying to slow the rough penetration, despite Lane”s grip on my wrists at the back of my neck holding me down. He”d only used my own precum for lube and despite being nowhere near as thick as his cock, his finger felt huge. I”d learned long ago that initial penetrations were always painful.


Connor had never cared about my discomfort and I knew Lane and Kevin wouldn”t care much either, given the present circumstances. Hell, we”d already established that I”d come to their place for more of Lane”s cock. So they”d expect me to take it, and anything else he wanted to give me, however he wanted. I saw Kevin lean forward a bit, studying me. The smirk on his handsome face as he watched me trying to accept and adjust to Lane”s finger moving in me, somehow made him look even sexier to me. My eyes met his and I felt a shudder run through me, as Lane”s finger pressed against a spot inside me and Kevin laughed.


“Jesus! His eyes just rolled back into his head! What the fuck! What kinda dude lets himself get fingered by a man in his mouth and ass, right in front of another guy, and gets off on it like that?” Kevin asked. “What a fucking slut!” Despite his words, he was slowly rubbing his own cock. He looked me in the eye. “Is that what you are little boy? A slut? You a faggot slut?” I knew he wanted an actual answer from me.


“Yes, sir, I”m a slut,” I said. I felt Lane release my wrists, but before I could react, he”d smacked the side of my head again with just enough force to break my eye contact with Kevin, then resumed his grip on my wrists.


“The man asked you a question, bitch, so answer properly!” He demanded. I looked back into Kevin”s eyes.


“I”m a faggot slut, Sir!” I said. Kevin sat back, the sexy smirk playing on his lips again. Fuck, the guy was hot! Not just physically, though he had a body made to be worshipped, but also because of his demeanor. Lane obviously didn”t mind Kevin using the word “faggot” even though he”s a gay man, but I”m sure he considered there was a world of difference between himself and me. All the guys I”d sucked off had used that word to describe me and I was long past caring, but I knew many considered it offensive. Apparently, Lane and Kevin just considered it descriptive. Frankly, in my current circumstances and state of arousal, it barely even registered.


After a second or two I settled back down flat on my feet, accepting Lane”s finger fully up inside me, my face red with humiliation and lust. Kevin”s cock was hard and he was blatantly rubbing it through his shorts. I wanted him and I”m sure all three of us knew it. If he”d pulled out his dick right then, I”d”ve sucked him without needing to be asked.


Sitting there on the couch, with his face was still only a foot or two from my own, the sight of his stubbled creamy skin, blue eyes and full lips made me want to lean forward and kiss him. However, I”d already heard him describe his disgust and disdain for guys being on the receiving end of sex with another man, so I knew better than to act on that desire. Lane hadn”t minded making out with me the other night and in fact had seemed to enjoy it greatly. He”d had his tongue in my mouth for at least 20 minutes the other night, but then he was gay and Kevin was straight.


“Holy shit!” Kevin continued. “I heard him the other night, and it was clear even through the wall that you”d made this dude your bitch, but I”ve never actually heard a guy admit he”s a fag slut right in front of me. Never seen a guy let himself be stripped naked and put on display like this either, Lane, much less see a guy getting off on being fingered at both ends. Judging by his reactions though, he”s definitely getting off on being treated like this. What a fucking pussy!” Despite these words, Kevin watched these indignities with a big grin on his face, clearly enjoying what he was seeing. Lane pulled his finger out of me.


“Yep, clean, ” he said, “but just to be sure…” Lane used my wrists to get me standing upright, then pulled me back so my body was pressed against his again as he slid the finger into my mouth. I could taste the lube he”d used � my own precum. A second and third finger quickly joined it, pressing in my tongue. My arms and chest were still on display as Lane held my wrists behind my head and I heard Kevin make a muttered comment.


“Jesus! Big, tall jock with all those muscles, but…” I saw him shake his head in derision as he looked up at me. I could also see he”d now slid his hand under the waistband of his shorts and it appeared he was squeezing his hard meat. I could feel Lane”s dick through his shorts pressed against the back of my right thigh and up against my ass cheek. He humped his hard cock against my ass and released my wrists. I let my arms drop and my knees bend a bit. I let Lane push my head, using his finger in my mouth to tilt my face upward so that my head rolled back onto his shoulder again as his other hand slid around to grip my throat a second time.


“You nailed it, Kev. Despite Vic having this fit, rockin” body, he”s just a pussy for any real man who sees through his act and decides to shove a hard dick into him � like me.” They both laughed again. “Vic”s a real dick slut. He was swallowing my fucking jizz less than thirty minutes after we exchanged our first words in the bar and less than five minutes after I got him back here. Kid needed cock so bad he didn”t even know my last name the first time he ate my cum! Hell, now that I think about it, I”ll bet he still doesn”t.”


“Well?” Kevin asked. “What”s Lane”s last name?” With my head tilted back, I couldn”t drop my eyes in embarrassment, so aimed them at the ceiling because I knew I didn”t know, plus I still had Lane”s fingers in my mouth preventing an intelligible answer. I”d had no way to reach Lane other than show up at his door like I”d done. Lane had pulled his fingers out of my mouth, I guess expecting me to answer and since he was behind me, unable to see that I didn”t know. “Goddamn!” Kevin swore. “You fucking swallowed my roomie”s load more than once and he fucked you up the ass for hours and you didn”t even know his full name? You really *are* a slut.” He looked past me at Lane. “Should I make introductions?”


“Sure,” Lane replied.


Kevin stood and again I realized that these studs were both shorter than I, but that in the grand scheme of things, they were looking down on me, or at least Kevin was. “Lane Parker, this is Vic… um, what”s your last name, Vic?”


“Murphy,” I told him after Lane pulled his finger from my mouth.


“So, Lane Parker, this is Victor Murphy, a self-described fag and cocksucking slut. Vic Murphy, this is Lane Parker. He”s the man whose cum you ate the other night. You”ve been walking around with it inside you since then, and I guess you will for the rest of your life.” Kevin looked at me curiously for a moment, then continued, “I”m Kevin Kildare. You”re a Murphy, so I guess we share some Irish ancestry. Maybe if you”re a good boy, I”ll add some more Irish DNA to what”s already inside you.” He laughed and I gave him an uncertain grin, wondering if he were serious.


Lane had enough of the formalities. He ran his hand across my rippled abs and slid his index finger, wet with my saliva, into my navel. My whole body tensed as I”d never before had anyone do that to me. He chuckled into my ear, then slid the hand up to my chest, towards his other hand which still had me by the throat, but stopped at my left nipple. He resumed pinching and squeezing my nipples moving his hand back and forth to give equal attention to both. I bit my lip as I let my head fall forward as much as Lane”s hand allowed, to hold in another moan. I shook my head against the feelings in my body and the submissive desires that filled my mind.


My cock was throbbing and the entire front of my body was tingling from Lane”s touch. I don”t know why, but the feeling of Lane”s grip on my throat was getting me as hot as what he was doing to my nipples, and I was worried that all the stimulation might make me cum. I knew it would only take a couple strokes to make me shoot, but Lane ignored my meat.


Lane increased the pressure on my throat, further demonstrating his dominance over me. I was unable to hold in the moan this time. I could see Kevin was standing there and closely watching my reactions to the way Lane was playing with my body like I was some kind of sex toy, and he was grinning with amusement. I”d only discovered the last time I was with Lane how sensitive my nipples were and he”d used that discovery to drive me crazy with lust, and then used that lust to get me way beyond limits I”d thought I had.


I couldn”t believe it was happening again, this time right in front of a straight boy, who was witnessing Lane”s domination of me. I understood on some level that Lane planned this, planned to show off his control of me to his roomie at some point, and that I”d given him the perfect opportunity. Lane had basically stripped me naked, while feeling me up, then fingering me and humping his hard cock against me so that my entire body and especially my own hard dick were on display in front of another college dude sitting only a couple feet away and watching!


“He”ll suck a load out of you too, bro, if ya want.” I saw Kevin”s face reflect both lust and a bit of disgust when he heard this, and apparently Lane saw it too. “Yeah, yeah,” Lane continued, “I know you think a dude sucking dick and swallowing is gross and I also know that”s why you love having a guy blow you so much. Hell, you just admitted you like making another jock eat your load! You really think I didn”t know you”d gotten head from some of the boys I”ve fucked? Hell! I”ve known for years. In fact, I”ve known since you let Ricky Cortona suck you off back in high school.” Kevin looked at us with a continuing frown, then a grin appeared and he burst out laughing.


“I always wondered if any of those cocksuckers told you I”d used their mouths,” Kevin said, wiping tears of laughter from his eyes. “I figured at least a couple did but you never brought it up, so neither did I. I didn”t expect you to know about Ricky, though. I figured he was too afraid of me to ever tell anyone I”d let him blow me a few times.” Lane laughed.


“He didn”t plan on telling me. It kind of slipped out when he started deep throating me before I”d taught him how to do it. I asked him how he was able and he said he”d been forced to take a dick in his throat and had learned from the guy who made him do it. I figured he”d been experimenting with one of the other school cocksuckers, but he”d let it slip that it was you. Said you knew that I was gay and that he was blowing me and you wanted some action yourself. Knowing Ricky, he wasted no time getting his mouth on your meat. I know he had a thing for you and he was a hot Latino muscle boy as well as a little cocksucker. The jocks seem to be the only ones that ever had a chance at your dick.”


“Yeah, like I said, I get off seeing a dude swallow my jizz. Anybody could get one of those pussyboy fags to give it up. I taught Ricky how to deep throat?” Kevin laughed. “I just assumed you”d already been in his throat and never gave him any other option. Oops.” He laughed again. “But yeah, you”re right. If I was gonna let a guy suck me, I wanted to see other built dudes, other jocks, do it. Some rivalries ended with my cock, then my load down the throat of my competition. Remember Liam Stone who tried to challenge me as team captain?”


“Sure. I fucked his brains out junior year. As I recall, I told you I”d nailed him the day after I fucked him.”


“Exactly. So when he started running his mouth about being captain, I invited him to my house and showed him the true purpose of his mouth when I stuffed my dick in it. By the time I shot my nut down his throat, he had learned that he”d never be anything but on his knees whenever I wanted while I was on the team. Worked like a charm.” Kevin looked back at me.


“He even came sniffing around for more of my dick a few times, but I was banging Stephanie, so didn”t need or want him.” Kevin looked past me to Lane. “Pretty bold offering me this kid”s mouth without even asking him, though.”


“Nahh. Dude”s a slut. Show him your dick, and he”ll be on it in a flash. You won”t even need to ask. Any more than I did just now before I slid a finger inside him. He”ll absolutely love drinking a straight man”s cum…though you say you”ve let other guys suck you since Ricky? Maybe you”re not so straight as you”ve always led me to believe!” They laughed together at this, while I stood there embarrassed and bewildered, feeling Lane”s tight grip on my throat which was driving me crazy.


I felt myself blushing, but remembered Kevin”s comments in the kitchen the other morning about how he”d heard me in bed with Lane, taking the sexy stud”s dick multiple times in multiple ways when I”d thought we were alone. Kevin had called me a slut then and my reactions to Lane”s latest treatment right now were only proving him correct. It was humiliating having Lane shove his finger up inside me then into my mouth in front of the sexy, raven haired young man. It was even more so hearing Lane offer Kevin the use of my mouth as a cumdump! I was embarrassed but at the same time I could feel my hard cock pumping out precum like crazy as Lane”s hand tightened on my throat even more, until I could feel the blood pumping in my ears.


I felt pressure building in my head from Lane”s tight grip and my cock was twitching in time with my pulse. The fingers on Lane”s other hand kept playing with my nipples, pinching and squeezing while the guys talked. It seemed that the nerves in my nipples were connected to my cock and brain and surprisingly my hole. All those together and whatever Lane was doing drove my lust out of control.


I heard myself moaning and I knew if I saw Kevin”s dick and he”d allow it, I”d suck him. I”d even swallow the sexy jock”s load if that”s what got him off. He”d said watching a well built dude swallow his load turned him on, but that the thought of swallowing a guy”s cum was disgusting. I didn”t care. He never needed to suck me or even look at my cock if he”d just let me suck him and feed me his jizz.


I didn”t want to admit it even to myself, but I knew deep down that my reaction was due in large part to Lane doing this to me in front of an audience, especially an audience made up of another hot, fit, college-aged jock. Kevin already knew Lane had fucked me several times, but now I was being put on display by his dominant roommate. Lane was showing his roomie just how much of a slut I was for hard cock, and what I”d go through to get it, a secret I”d tried to keep for years. But with just one night in his bed, Lane had turned me into a willing bitch for his big dick. He was showing Kevin that I”d endure this public humiliation, and obviously lots more, for another chance to get his meat.




The memory I had earlier flashed into my mind again, this time in greater detail. I clearly recalled again how Lane had awoken me just as I was dozing off next to him in his bed the other night by rolling on top of me as I lay on my back. I”d felt his warm, smooth chest against my own and felt him push his knees between mine. I”d felt him spreading my legs open as I started to awaken, his hard cock sliding and rubbing against my own for a second or two, which brought me fully awake.


That contact was lost though when Lane had gripped my ankles and lifted, rolling me up into a ball. He”d spit twice on my exposed hole. Lane had let my calves settle onto his shoulders and before I knew it I”d felt his cock pushing into me. I”d let out a loud yelp as my hole was stretched open by his thick meat for the third fuck of that night, lubed at first only by his spit and whatever precum he”d been producing. Lane clamped his right hand tightly over my mouth.


After he”d sunk deeply into me, he gave me about fifteen seconds of short, fast, jackrabbit thrusts and his earlier loads which still filled me provided plenty of lubrication. He lowered himself onto me, pressing my thighs downward and spreading them until our chests were pressed together. Lane had basically folded me nearly in half pinning my thighs tightly against the sides of my chest as his cock filled me. He”d put his right cheek against my left, keeping his hand over my mouth and I felt his stubble and mine scraping against each other. Lane had whispered quietly, his breath hot in my ear.


“Shhhh. Shhhhhh. Just calm down! Be quiet and take it like a man,” Lane commanded, clamping his hand even more firmly over my mouth. He used that grip to pull my head to the side and turn it, so that he was nuzzling my ear as he quietly spoke. “Open up and take my dick, bitch, just like you did earlier. Yeah, I know it”s hurtin” right now, but that”s not important.”


“The only thing that matters is how good your pussyass feels on my cock. I love the way it feels when my dick forces your tight little boypussy to open up, feeling your body surrendering to mine and your hole taking my dick. That pleasure is the only thing that matters right now! I wanna fuck you and I know you want me up inside you again, so just be quiet and deal with it! I”m gonna give you more of my seed soon. Ohhh, fuck, yeah you”re nice and hot and tight.” My moan was muffled by his hand. “There ya go bitch! Taking my cock and my cum is the only reason you exist when you”re in my bed. Fuck, bitch! It”s pretty much the whole reason you were ever born! So just shut up and take it like a man!” He had been slowly pulling his dick back, but rammed forward into me again as he said this.


Lane had lifted his head turning mine as he did, so I was looking upward again at his handsome face which was just an inch or two over mine, illuminated by the moonlight coming in through the bedroom windows off to our right. There was enough light that I could see his eyes staring into mine with an intensity that I”d seen before when he”d fucked me. The expression on his face was a mix of dominance, determination and lust, blended together by the sexual pleasure radiating through his body as his cock moved inside me. He had then lowered his head until he was pressing his forehead against my own, our eyes still locked together, and the tips of our noses just touching. Had his hand not still been covering my mouth, I”d”ve kissed him. He”d had no problem with that earlier.


His hips had begun moving faster, and each time he penetrated me fully, it forced small yelps from deep in my chest, which were muffled by his hand on my mouth. He”d stared into my eyes as he”d fucked me, and I”d not looked away as I reveled in the feeling of his silky, soft skin covering his hard muscles and bones, the weight of his body on mine, the heat of his body enveloping me. The way he had kept his hand covering my mouth, controlling what sound I could make, and of course the feel of his thick manhood deep inside me, nearly completed Lane”s total domination of my mind and body for that last fuck.


I”d felt my body finally beginning to adjust to taking Lane”s cock again as he”d changed his pace, slowing his hips and fucking me with long, slow thrusts, ones that I felt sliding inside me for a long moment both as he moved in and pulled out. He was nearly pulling himself completely free before sinking his rod fully back into me. He wrapped his other arm wrapped around my head and his dominion over me was complete. His body was penetrating mine, he was on top of me, pinning me in place, his hand muffled any sounds I made and now with his other arm wrapped around my head, I was enveloped by Lane and held in place to take his fuck. I”d never experienced being totally possessed by another man like that.


I breathed in the air that had just been in his lungs, I tasted the salt from his palm in a thin line between my lips and his spicy scent engulfed me. I reveled in all of it, but mostly the way he stared into my eyes as he fucked me, slowly at first and continuing that way for a long time, then faster and harder.


The feel of Lane inside me was so much different than the way it felt when Connor fucked me so many times in high school, and not just because Lane”s cock was so much bigger. Lane had me moaning with a mix of pain, but also growing pleasure, into the hand he had clamped over my mouth. I”d really never much enjoyed the actual, physical penetration component of sex with Connor when he had fucked me, especially the first time it had happened � an experience I knew I”d never forget. He”d taken my cherry by ignoring my weak protests, then forcing his dick into me as I”d begged him to stop. After he was all the way in, he”d given me a little time to adjust, but then had fucked me until he came. I thought I”d never let a guy do that to me again, but just a few days later, when Connor wanted to fuck me again, I”d given in and let him.


But the pain of taking Connor”s cock had been far outweighed by the extent to which I”d always gotten off on knowing the sexy ball player was getting so much pleasure from using my holes � that his young and undeniably male body was using my own young and undeniably male body for his sexual conquest and pleasure. I”d never admitted � even to myself � the extent to which the fantasy, then ultimately the reality, of my submission to the sexual desires of other hot young jocks, affected me.


It was a taboo, and at that age one of the greatest that existed for guys � especially the jocks. Being violated by another male, especially if you willingly allowed the guy to do it and let him shoot his seed inside you, was the absolute worst thing guys used as insults � cocksucker, pussy, fag, homo, dicklicker, cum guzzler, bitch, pussyboy, cunt, cumdump � these and dozens more that suggested you let dudes fill you with their jizz were always the worst and deadliest of the insults guys threw at each other. Despite that, I allowed Connor to fuck me and let him cum in me on pretty much a daily basis.


I”d quit trying to understand why my dick was always hard when I knew the guy I was with, be it Connor or one of the others I”d sucked, was going to use my mouth. But it was always hardest whenever Connor told me he was going to fuck me up the ass. I”d never understood why I got so excited � and hard � being the submissive bitch to the tall, muscular third basemen, who”d taught me how to get fucked.


It had ultimately boiled down to that in most outward ways, Connor and I had been alike. Objectively, he and I were basically the same thing � young, strong, athletic males on the same team. We lifted together, trained together, ran together and practiced together, along with the rest of the team. We were both jocks with hard, muscled bodies made up of the usual parts: arms, legs, hands, feet, abs and chests, and of course cocks. I”d even go so far as to say that we were two of the best looking guys in our school, not just from the fact of our both being very fit, but I”d heard plenty of whispers and gossip about my sexy eyes, face and lips, and similar comments about Connor.


We both had tons of attention from the girls in our school, and plenty of envious glances from many of the guys. We both excelled in the sports we played and were popular jocks � we were the fucking princes of our school. But while we appeared to be basically the same and roughly equally matched outwardly, it wasn”t true for what was inside our heads. I knew I was attracted both to girls and guys, but realized early on that I strongly preferred a hot, hard male body to a hot, soft female. I”d fucked several girls in my school, and it had been…fun, whereas the first time I”d felt a cock slide between my lips and tasted another dude”s precum, had been mind blowing!


Connor had figured out that he and I were different inside � specifically in the way our brains worked and what caused lust to override everything else. He”d made it clear he liked the physical pleasure of getting blown by a dude, but truly got off on the domination of another jock who no one would suspect would ever take dick. He”d always taken control of our private encounters, expecting and demanding that I submit to his sexual desires and I”d always complied, letting him take my virginity and then allowing him to fill me with his cum more times than I could count. I”d liked hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling and even tasting his orgasms. I got the most illicit pleasure from breaking the taboo and accepting the submissive role. I got off on how I could give this hot young man, and the other guys I was sucking, so much sheer physical pleasure by letting them use my mouth.


When I”d first become Connor”s cocksucker, I”d pretty quickly adjusted to his much more demanding and controlling ways compared to the other guys. The second blowjob I”d given Connor was when he began forcing his cock into my throat, rather than let me control how far I took his dick like the other guys did. Fortunately, I”d at least had some practice in suppressing my gag reflex with the other guys I”d been sucking as I”d tried to take their dicks deeper and deeper.


I found out that all three guys seemed to get a rush out of making me choke and gag on their manhood. I”d also discovered that all three young men seemed to get off as much if not more on the rush of power they must have felt by making me swallow their loads and from the knowledge that they had another jock on his knees actually eating their sperm, as they did from the pure physical pleasure of their ejaculations.


I admit that this act, fellatio as I found it was called, which in the early stages I thought of as the ultimate submission to another guy, had given me a perverse thrill each time I did it from knowing I was violating such a taboo. All three guys were well built, handsome specimens of American male youth, and each time I swallowed their cocks, tasting their precum and knowing I had more of their hot, fit bodies inside me forever was nearly enough to make me cum, and in fact usually did. They all liked seeing me beat off and cum while I sucked them, especially Connor who often made me cum before him.


He knew that my lust was driving me to open my mouth for him but once his dick was in me, I”d given up control to him. That was true for all the guys, but it was Connor who liked to fuck my mouth long after I”d cum. Our relationships changed once they”d gotten their dicks in my mouth. From then on, while we”d act normally when others were around, we always knew I”d been on my knees looking up into their eyes as they emptied their balls down my throat. There”s no way things stay the same after that, certainly not when only one of the two involved ever does the sucking. Maybe it was different between guys when they both suck dick and trade blowies, but I”d not experienced that.


I knew that Connor especially enjoyed seeing me jack off as I”d sucked him until I would cum, naked and on my knees, spending my seed on the floor between his shoes, then after I”d lost the lust driven sexual high, he”d continue fucking my throat to show me his dominance and control. Despite the humiliation I”d felt after cumming while sucking off another dude, I was normally hard again before I”d even swallowed his load.


Of course, Connor had shown me that there were other, even more submissive acts I could perform for his pleasure, and Lane had introduced me to even more, but the actual feel of Connor”s hard shaft inside me was always initially painful and then generally uncomfortable. I”d read plenty of stories of guys enjoying the feel of getting fucked, of discovering they loved the feel of a man”s hard rod inside them.


For me, though, getting fucked was thrilling and the thought of Connor doing it to me � actually violating my physical integrity and penetrating my body with his own body – got me rock hard and leaking. I realized when he took my virginity that the reality of it was much more painful, but that it was something I needed to endure to make the sexy third baseman feel good…to make him reach orgasm. The fact he liked to call me his bitch, slut, fag, pussyboy and fuck me however he pleased for some reason made it better for me.


I didn”t know why but I wanted him to use me however he wanted to get whatever pleasure he desired. That allowed me not only to accept being able to take his cock, but to enjoy the feeling, sight, scent, sound, and often taste, of him cumming. That”s what got me off…knowing he was cumming because I”d made him cum, but the actual fucking was difficult, painful and often brutal. Even so, Connor demanded I jack off while he fucked my ass, just like when he fucked my mouth. It wasn”t long before I was cumming with his cock inside me more often than not.


It was different with Lane. His cock had sent that brief shot of intense pain through me when he”d initially penetrated me again � a mix of the initial stretch of my hole around the big head of his cock, soreness from the fact that he”d already fucked me twice in the past few hours but primarily his use of nothing more than his precum and some spit as lubrication. Still, I knew that an initial penetration *always* hurt. But as I lay trapped under him, feeling his hard body on top of me and his soft skin warm against my own, his rod filling me, the way Lane was fucking me actually began to feel good.


It was more than just the physical contact of his body on mine or the way he wouldn”t break eye contact. He was pumping into me and hitting a spot inside me repeatedly that was driving me crazy. I”d felt it before, on occasion with Connor, and a lot when Lane fucked me earlier, but not like this. Connor hadn”t cared much if I enjoyed his fucking from a purely physical standpoint, but I could tell Lane was doing this on purpose. He was fucking me this way to make me love his cock being inside me, not just tolerating it to make him feel good.


I”d realized that my cock was rock hard and leaking precum where it was trapped between us, leaving slick spots on our tight abs. My whole body felt on fire and as Lane adjusted his position, I briefly glanced over at the mirror on top of the chest of drawers opposite the windows. I could see Lane on top of me, lit by the silvery moonlight and thought again that he had a beautiful body. The shadowing effect from the soft light only made him look that much sexier. His left arm was nearly lost in the darkness, but enough light reflected from the mirror that I could see the contour of his muscles from his shoulder down to his left forearm. The veins that ran just beneath his skin were highlighted by the moonlight and the lines of shadows it created, which traced them on his skin.


Lane”s short, sandy hair looked lighter in the pale moonlight. The tendons in his neck stood out as he threw his head back. The light shone along the ridge of his collar bone, setting off the hollow of the junction between it, his shoulder and his pectoral muscle which was gaziantep escort bayan shrouded in darkness. I could see the movement of his shoulder blades standing out in his back as his adjusting of his grip turned his body so that the reflected moonlight bathed it. The ridge of his spine was accentuated for a brief second before he found the position he wanted as he continued to fuck me.


The mirror showed the slope from his broad, muscled shoulders and strong back, flexing along with his narrow waist, and even in just the light reflected from the mirror I could make out the ridges of his ribs down the side of his chest. I could also see the indentation of the crack of his ass as the muscles clenched each time he drove himself into me. His legs were long and lean and he was propped up partially on his knees to give himself leverage. I now even found the sight of his strong feet, which I knew were size elevens, to be a turn on.


His toes dug at the sheets on the bed as he thrust into me and I remembered how I”d servilely licked and sucked on them earlier, something I”d never even thought of doing to a guy before meeting Lane. I could also just see myself underneath him, bent in half with my feet in the air, arms pinned, and Lane pressed tightly down on me, his hips moving. The right side of Lane”s face was hidden from my view, so I trained my eyes back up at him, my eyes meeting his again. I could see that Lane was aware of my reactions. I watched as a sexy, superior grin appeared on his face, his white teeth flashing in the moonlight.


“You like that, dontcha boy? You like my big dick inside you, reaming you out and showing you what a bitch you truly are!” It was a statement, not really a question, and with my mouth covered I could only nod my head in agreement anyway, but that apparently satisfied him. “Yeah, you”ve never been fucked so good, have you?” I shook my head. “That”s because I”m an expert when it comes to fucking. I”m a man, not some schoolboy like you had before. I”m gonna show you just how much you need my big ol” prick inside your pussy and I”m gonna make you cum while I”m up inside you.”


Lane crossed my wrists on the pillow above my head and pinned them with his left hand then used his right to cover my mouth again. I felt a throb in my cock as he did this. Connor had often covered my mouth with a hand when he fucked me somewhere that wasn”t completely private and I”d always found it made his fucking me feel better.


The bed squeaked in time with Lane”s thrusts as he fucked his cock into me for several minutes at a moderate pace, using the whole length of his rod, but never pulling out completely. I breathed through my nose � my only option � as Lane plugged me. I felt heat building as Lane used the strength of his whole body to drive his manhood deeply into my hole again and again and I could do nothing but accept his penetration of my body.


His skin began to shine in the moonlight from the window as he broke a sweat from his exertions pounding into me. After another minute or two, I watched as a drop of it formed at the tip of his nose and dropped onto my face. It splashed off the bridge of my own nose and the salt from his body stung my eyes. I felt it run across my upper lip.


As if it had a mind of its own, my tongue had pushed between my lips to try taste it, but was blocked by Lane”s hand. He felt it and grinned down at me, his breathing heavier from his hard fucking than it had been. Lane raised his hand off my mouth, grinning down at me as I lapped at his palm before running my tongue across my upper lip, licking up his sweat as best as could be managed to taste even more of him. I didn”t realize I was letting out yelps with each thrust of his cock into me until he warned me to be quiet.


I managed to stifle the cries his thick cock pounding into me had been forcing out of me. Lane had watched me closely for a few seconds, then moved his right hand to join his left pinning my wrists above my head, his elbows to either side, on top of my own. Moving his arms forward pressed my calves, which were caught on his shoulders, down even further. I watched as he lowered his head until he was pressing his forehead against mine again, his eyes boring into mine from just an inch or so away, judging my reactions. I could tell he was getting off on his complete domination of my body and mind, and my acceptance of it.


“Stick out your tongue, and keep your mouth open wide,” Lane said. The man had on my back with nearly nine inches of his hard cock deep inside me, so of course I obeyed. I watched as he raised his head a bit, until maybe six to eight inches separated our faces. Lane drove his cock as deeply into me as he could and held it there. I could see his lips and cheeks moving as he gathered saliva in his mouth, then he spat into my mouth and onto my tongue three times. I”d felt my cock throbbing repeatedly as he”d done it, producing a bigger slick of precum on my abs. I let out a moan of pure lust as he did it.


Connor had almost always taken me doggie style in his basement or laying face down if we were on a bed. I”d loved it when he”d taken me on my back, which he”d done several dozen times at least, but he usually only cared about getting off himself. I was a convenient pair of holes for him to use, but not much more. Even when he”d fucked me on my back it was nothing like this…this was so much more!


Lane was so much more – not a schoolboy fucking his teammate”s ass or mouth because it”s convenient – but a powerful, aggressive young man, intent on not only getting off, but on dominating the man he was fucking in every way that occurred to him, knowing that we both enjoyed it and got off on it.


I felt Lane”s spit coating my tongue as he told me to swallow and saw him watching as I obeyed. It wasn”t kissing him, which was something I was desperate to do again. This was about Lane clearly demonstrating his power and superiority over me as I let him spit in my mouth and then swallowed, taking another part of Lane”s amazing body into me. My lust increased exponentially at this treatment, taking his spit down my throat willingly, just as I”d taken his sperm and precum earlier, while he slowly pumped his cock in and out of my mouth. Fuck! I”d even swallowed some of his piss! My cock had throbbed again as that memory had flashed through my head.


Earlier that night with him, as soon as his apartment door had shut, he roughly pushed my back against the wall, pulled my body down a bit, making me bend my knees, until our lips met and forced his tongue into my mouth. My hands had been exploring his body, feeling his hard chest and abs and his soft, smooth skin before grasping his hard cock through his shorts. Lane, however, had broken our kiss long enough to slip two fingers in my mouth after which he pulled me from the wall and slid that hand down the back of my shorts and without warning, penetrated me with first his middle finger. His other hand held my head in place, as he mashed his lips against my mouth, I sucked on his tongue and stroked his cock through his shorts, and he slid his other spit-slicked finger into me as well.


After a few minutes of his tongue in my mouth and his fingers inside me, he pulled me into the living room. He”d pushed the coffee table out of the way and forced me to my knees between his legs as undid his shorts and pulled his clock free. Lane sat on the couch and I”d pulled his shorts down to his ankles. I reached for his cock again, taking in his length and thickness, but he blocked my hand with his own.


“Hands behind your back, mouth open, tongue out and eyes on mine!” he”d ordered. I”d obeyed and when our eyes had met, he”d beaten the head of his long, hard dick on my tongue, lips and cheeks, a stern look on his face as he did so. Only a moment or two later, he”d entered my mouth and ordered me to keep looking up at him while I sucked his cock.


I”d tilted my head back and kept my eyes locked on his as best I could as I worked more and more of his dick into my mouth. While Lane”s meat was longer than any I”d sucked before by a good two inches or more, the first guy to make me his cocksucker had almost eight inches and had continued from the first time I sucked him to work it slowly deeper and deeper until I”d learned to open and take it in my throat. I saw Lane”s left eyebrow raise up as he felt the head of his cock slide past my tonsils and enter my throat. When I fought down the urge to gag, though made plenty of choking noises, a satisfied smile appear on his face.


When we”d made it to his bedroom Lane had told me he”d needed to piss, and for me to strip and stand next to his bed while he did. I”d pulled off my clothes and waited, standing where he”d instructed, naked and fully erect as I listened to his piss hitting the water in the toilet of the connected bathroom. I heard the toilet flush and a moment later Lane walked back into his bedroom, now shirtless, he”d kicked his shorts and underwear from the ankle they”d been caught on as we”d entered his room. His cock, much longer and thicker than I”d expected given his 5″9″ frame, was hanging in front of him semi hard.


Lane had stepped up to me, reached up and put his right hand on top of my head. He”d been looking up a bit, directly into my eyes, which stayed locked on mine as he began to push down on my head. I lost eye contact as my head reached his neck and my eyes greedily drank in the developed chest, taut, nickel-sized nipples and the hard ridges of his abs, until my knees hit the hardwood between his spread feet. He”d grabbed my head with both hands and tilted it back, so I was looking up past his beautiful torso and through the valley between his pecs at his face.


One of the guys I”d sucked off regularly as a High School senior had called this “cocksucker position one” which quickly became just “position one” and he had ordered me to “assume position one” more times than I could count. I knew what to do and still looking up into Lane”s eyes, I opened my mouth. I saw a smirk appear on his face as he pushed his still mostly soft dick between my lips and onto my tongue. Suddenly his cock had twitched and I”d seen him tighten the muscles in his lower abdomen and crotch. A shot of hot, slightly bitter liquid had spurted from his cock.


“I saved the shake for your mouth, bitch! Now swallow it and then suck the next load of my cum outta me!” The shock and humiliation of Lane just finishing his piss in my mouth was incredible, but it also made me incredibly horny. His total domination of my mouth, arrogantly and cockily using me however he wanted, pushed my buttons the way no guy ever had in the past. I heard myself moaning as his piss collected at the back of my mouth and my own dick throbbed at this treatment � an uncontrollable reaction to my forced submission to Lane”s naturally dominant nature.


None of the guys who”d used my mouth had been as domineering and demanding as Lane, even though it had always been basically all one way with them. Other than a couple quick strokes on my rod by the first guy I”d sucked, I always took theirs dicks and cum, not the other way around. However, something in Lane”s manner brought out a much deeper submissive streak in me than I”d ever known existed.


This wasn”t some seventeen year old kid just testing the waters and finding out he enjoyed dominating and fucking guys when it was convenient, like Connor. This was a young man in his early twenties who knew what he wanted and was going to take it. All through high school, I”d been so afraid that my reputation as one of the top jocks in the school would be ruined if word spread that I sucked dick, much less took it up the ass. Now, I was on my knees looking up into Lane”s eyes, seeing his stern, dominant expression as he waited for me to obey and no thoughts of my reputation had been in my head, just Lane”s cock and his piss.


I”d realized this was the moment. If I swallowed, I”d willingly surrender whatever was left of my will to Lane and would be completely submitting to him, but seeing him standing proudly over me, his gorgeous, hard, muscled body illuminated by his bedside lamp which cast shadows across his skin that only emphasized his sexy physique, I knew I was lost. With his cock still in my mouth, I”d swallowed the bitter fluid. I”d watched his wide grin reappear and his cock had begun stiffening and growing, pushing its way deeper into my mouth. Lane”s grip on my head tightened and he held me in place as his cock began to push against the entrance to my throat. I felt my cock throb again and knew I was leaking precum in buckets.


I also knew that I didn”t care that this fucking fit, aggressive young man knew he could put me on my knees and fill my mouth with his cock, spread his dick lube across my tongue, make me eat his cum and yes, even drink his piss. I wanted whatever he”d give me and it was clear Lane knew it. I heard myself moaning as Lane slowly and steadily pushed his hips forward, his hands gripping my skull. Within seconds, I was sucking on his nearly fully hard cock, which Lane had slowly forced into and past the entrance to my throat.




I was shaken out of the memory from the other night of Lane”s piss in my mouth and his cock sinking into my head and snapped back to the present as Lane moved his right hand up to my throat while Kevin watched. I felt him grip my throat down low, almost at my collar bones at first before he adjusted his grip, forcing my head back and encircling the middle of my throat under my chin. He squeezed, gently at first, then more tightly. I felt pressure building in my head, but submitted to this newest control over my body.


“I got my dick all the way in to about here, Kev,” he told his roomie who was no longer watching Sports Center, but watching what Lane was doing to me. Lane squeezed my throat harder now, nearly cutting off my air for a second. I felt my cock throbbing even more, pumping out precum, even as I felt my face heating up and my head grow light. Lane released his grip and I felt him fumble with his left hand at his crotch. When he pressed up against me again, Lane began to hump me from behind with short, hard thrusts, I realized he”d aimed his cock up in his shorts to make it easier to hump along the crack of my ass. I couldn”t believe I was standing naked, except for my socks, in the den of these guys” apartment being humped by Lane from behind while his roomie watched. I saw Kevin”s hand moving to his crotch, squeezing at his own growing bulge as Lane released his grip on my throat.


“Sit down, bitch, right here on the floor,” Lane ordered running his hands up and across my now hard nipples to grasp my shoulders. I let him pull me down to the floor. He moved with me and as my butt hit the rug, Lane settled on the floor behind me and began to wrap himself around me. First I felt his legs encircle my waist and his feet move in between my thighs. He dug his heels snug in tightly against the inside of my thighs, almost touching my balls. When he snaked his right arm around my neck so that his elbow pointed in line with my chin, I realized what was coming. He took a moment or two getting set up, longer than was necessary or I”d probably not have remembered that much but it also gave me time to protest if I wanted him to stop. I was so wrapped up in the sexy young man”s control that I didn”t. Instead, I felt my cock throbbing even more as I let him get into position. I could feel his own hard cock pressing through the material of his shorts as he pressed his body against my back.


Lane pulled me back against his bare chest. I felt his hard nipples scraping across my shoulder blades and the heat of his body against my back as he held me. His heels pressed in more tightly, now pushing up against my balls as he tightened his legs around me. I glanced up as Lane”s arm snugged up around my throat and saw Kevin”s face break into a grin as Lane”s arm forced my chin upwards.


“Right arm up,” he said into my ear. I think I felt his other arm locking behind my head, but things started to go dark as Lane tightened his hold under my chin and the muscles in his arm bulged. I know that”s what he would have been doing, though.


Suddenly I was in a dream world. An explosion of strange thoughts seemed to fill my head, so many that I could only grasp a few. Men with hard cocks, led by Lane and Kevin, were standing around in line waiting to use my mouth and ass. A bunch of other images flashed in my head seemingly all at once. I think I saw memories of the guys I”d sucked through high school and guys on teams at rival schools I”d lusted after. I didn”t know what was happening.


I felt a hand slapping my face and knuckles rubbing hard on the center of my chest between my pecs. Some amount of time later I could hear Kevin laughing and realized I was slumped over to my right across Lane”s thigh and it was his hands slapping my cheek and rubbing on my sternum. I felt my entire body twitching and heard a gasping noise that I realized I was making as I came to with a shake that ran through me from head to toe. I could hear Lane chuckling in my ear now, too.


“Wake up now, Vic. Wake up,” Lane was saying.


“What the fuck just happened?” I said. As the words came out of my mouth, I knew I”d heard them a couple dozen times before, from both my own lips and from other guys waking up after being put out with a sleeper hold. Both Lane and Kevin were laughing at me now and telling me I was all right. I managed to get my bearings and realized I was still sitting on the floor with Lane”s legs wrapped around my nearly naked body, his heels between my spread legs and tight against my crotch. My cock was nearly completely soft now. I saw Kevin holding his phone, aiming it at us.


Lane slid his arm around my neck again and said softly in my ear, “You wanna go to sleep again?” I could feel his hard dick pressing against my spine from where he”d tightly wrapped his slightly smaller, but very strong, body around my larger frame. My own cock responded, beginning to grow again. He”d clearly gotten a sexual thrill out of showing off his power over me and now my own body was responding.


I shook my head, and told him “No.” This prompted another round of laughter from the two jocks. While I knew Lane putting me to sleep again wouldn”t harm me, he”d already clearly demonstrated his total power over me and I was still getting my bearings. I”d been put out by guys before and had put a few to sleep myself, but this was different. In the past, it had been a game and we”d all known what was happening.


I”d understood what was happening when Lane wrapped his legs around me, pushed his feet between my thighs and snaked his arm around my throat. I realized he”d taken his time getting set up so I”d know what he”d done when I awoke and I guess it was also so I could object, but my cock was hard from the feeling of his powerful arm against my throat and I”d remained silent. Lots of times guys won”t remember the five seconds or so leading up to being put out and Lane clearly wanted me to remember so he”d taken his time to be sure I”d remember what he”d done.


I also remembered that I”d not tried to stop him, or uttered a protest of any kind, not even tapped his arm. We all knew that this was about Lane demonstrating his domination of me, and doing so with Kevin watching. I knew that any thought I had about not doing as Lane commanded was now gone, just as had happened the other night when I”d swallowed his piss. I glanced up at Kevin who was still laughing and saw he still had his phone aimed at Lane and me, but he was watching the screen, not recording. When Kevin mentioned my arm dropping I didn”t really remember clearly that I”d actually raised it so Lane would know when I was out, I just remembered hearing Lane tell me to do so. The fact I”d complied showed I was not only not objecting, but actively going along with Lane putting me to sleep.


“He”s all the way back, Lane,” Kevin said, watching me. “His eyes are focused again. You should”ve seen yourself!” Kevin said to me as both guys laughed again. “You put your arm up but when Lane started to squeeze, your eyes bulged and a couple seconds later the hand that wasn”t already in the air raised up to Lane”s arm like you were going to start tapping.” They both broke up again. “Instead you just kinda grabbed his forearm and a second or two later both your hands dropped. Lane let go and you were out, boy!”


I didn”t clearly remember anything beyond sitting down and Lane getting his legs around my waist and arm around my throat from behind me, then him telling me to lift my arm. I remembered the weird dream vision and then the slapping that awakened me, though.


“I”ll show you the video later, boy, so you can watch yourself as Lane puts you to sleep,” Kevin said. I saw Kevin press the screen on his phone which was aimed at me and Lane, then set it on the coffee table near his bare feet.


Kevin looked at me, then directed his gaze over my left shoulder at Lane. “I”ve never seen you put a dude to sleep before, Lane. I gotta admit it was pretty fucking hot watching you put the big jock out. He didn”t even try to stop it, just let you do it, too.” Kevin looked back at me. “Did you know he was putting you in a sleeper hold?”


“Yes,” I said. “It was something the guys did on occasion back in school usually when we were together drinking and wrestling and stuff. I”ve been put out before and have put a couple guys to sleep. It”s no big deal,” I said, trying to downplay it.


“No big deal? Quit lying to yourself, bitch. You”re the biggest pussy I”ve seen, Vic. You let another guy basically strip you naked in front of another dude, get you on the floor and put you out and knew what was happening. Despite that you didn”t do anything to stop him or fight back, you just let it happen. Fuck, your dick is already hard again! If there were still any doubt in my mind about what you”ll do to get my boy”s dick back in your mouth and ass, and after what I heard the other night I gotta say there wasn”t much left, it”s all gone now. No way you can deny you get off on Lane showing you who”s in charge.”


“He”s got his arm still under your chin and could put you to sleep again in five seconds, but your such a fag, I can see your dick gets hard just at the thought! I bet you”re totally perving out on Lane being pressed up against you.” That remark hit home and embarrassed me. I let my eyes drop from Kevin”s. “Look at me when I”m talking to you, bitch!” Kevin snapped. I raised my eyes to meet his gaze. “That”s better. You”re a slut, boy. You”ll clearly do anything for Lane”s dick…probably any dick.” He shook his head in amused derision as he spoke.


“Just reminding you I own you, big boy,” Lane said quietly, his breath hot in my ear. Despite the weird visions of hot guys, I”d gone soft when Lane had put me to sleep, but as Kevin had noted, that had quickly changed. I”d rapidly gotten a full hard on as they watched and I realized that Kevin”s video didn”t just show me getting put to sleep, it showed me hard and naked and getting put to sleep. Fuck!


Lane moved his heels tighter against my crotch, forcing me to spread my legs wider. The feel of his arms and legs wrapped around me, his hard cock pressed against the small of my back, and the words in my ear had my lust back back in control of me. I heard a moan and realized it was coming from deep in my chest. The pure physicality of what Lane had just done to me, his domination and control of me using his strong, muscled body caused a response in my mind that I couldn”t control. I didn”t know why, but I absolutely got off on Lane treating me like I was a toy he owned, and especially him doing it while this straight boy watched.


My secret that I”d worked so hard to keep wasn”t a secret from these two hot jocks any longer. They both knew I wanted cock, and had not only taken Lane”s the other night, I”d clearly come over today hoping to get more, like some bitch who won”t stop calling, though I”d skipped the phone completely, not knowing Lane”s number, nor his last name to be able to search for it. I”d just shown up like some lovesick chick, but that hadn”t surprised Lane. In fact, he said he”d not only expected it, he”d had a bet with Kevin when I”d show.


These thoughts ran through my mind but then Lane started working over my nipples again and they were lost in a wave of lust. I let out a loud moan of pleasure and pain as Lane twisted, not caring if Kevin heard, and there was no way he wouldn”t. I was sitting on the rug on the floor facing him and he watched for a moment before he commented.


“Kid”s already totally boned up and leaking again, Lane. Damn, I don”t know what”s got him so horny – the way you put him to sleep, what you”re doing to his nips or how you”re wrapped around him. Speaking of which, you”re nearly completely hidden behind him, buddy. This kid is the biggest dude you”ve ever brought home. He”s clearly a jock. No one ends up with a body like his without some putting in some serious work and getting a lot of exercise.”


“Yeah,” Lane said from behind me. “Like I said before, he”s tall and has got a big, muscled, jock body, but he”s still pussy.” Lane moved his hands from my nipples to my wrists, then ran them up my arms, squeezing my biceps as I flexed them. “Bitch played baseball, football and basketball and clearly spent a lot of time in the weight room. He also spent a lot of time on his knees sucking off high school boys. Right, Vic?” He didn”t give me a chance to respond beyond the blushing heat I could feel across my face.


“You just saw some of what I can do to him whenever I want to him,” Lane continued. “This pussyboy has been mostly hiding what he really is, but after the other night, then him showing up sniffing around for more dick and what”s already happened today, I”ve decided that I”ll finish training him to be the slut for dick that he was born to be!” lane said. Suddenly, his hand swiped across my cheek, slapping me just hard enough to sting, and to show Kevin another demonstration of his dominance. I made no protest, again.


“The dudes he was blowing, and the one who popped his cherry started the process,” Lane said, “but there”s more work to be done. It”ll be fun and feel damn good, but it”s still work to train a sub the right way. Once he”s trained properly though…” Lane trailed off, but gave me no time to think through the implications of what he was saying. As Kevin watched he continued his exploration of my body by sliding his fingertips across my shoulders and down to my pecs, giving my both of my nipples another hard tweak. The sensation from my hard nubs made me moan, then Lane dropped his left hand down further, letting his fingers graze across my abs as it descended to my crotch.


Lane grasped my stiff cock and squeezed it hard, making me moan again, as he continued, “Despite his hard fucking body, and this hard dick in my hand, what”s inside up here,” he knocked on the side of my head with the knuckles of his right hand, “is what controls, and in his head he knows he”s pussy and a slut. I proved that to him a bunch of times the other night. He worked so hard to be a jock to try and fool his buddies back home, but he”s already admitted that some of them saw through his act and made him their cocksucker. One of them made him a pussyboy. This kid was born to be a bitch for men like us. He should have been on his knees after every practice, in the locker room giving head to all the guys on his team like the slut he was born to be.”


Lane”s right hand moved from the side of my head to the front and he cupped my chin for a moment before I felt his fingers against my lips, sliding across them. “He needs training at the feet, and on the cock, of a real man. He got opened up by some schoolboys who were just looking to drain their balls in a convenient hole, and found our big jock here would go to his knees and even on all fours to take it. But this bitch needs to be shown his place in the world by a man, and I”m the man who”s gonna do it. If you want, you can help me make him into the sub fuckboy he was born to be, bud.” I felt Lane”s head tilt back where he had it next to mine as he looked up at his roomie. “So, ya wanna help?”


I saw surprise in Kevin”s eyes as they widened and his grin get broader as Lane began to push his fingers between my lips and I obediently opened my mouth, letting Lane”s rough, salty digits move between my teeth again and scrape across my tongue. I heard myself let out a small whimper of shame mixed with lust as I saw Kevin eyes narrow as he watched me. He was still squeezing his crotch as he saw how I submitted to Lane”s penetration of my mouth with three of his fingers. Fuck! How did this guy have so much control over me?


“I spent quite a bit of time exploring his submissive side the other night,” Lane said. I dropped my eyes to the floor, unable to look at Kevin as Lane described me, but unable to actually lower my head with Lane”s fingers still filling and probing my mouth. “He”s got a need, deep inside him, to be dominated by another man that”s a mile wide. He gets off on taking orders. You should”ve seen the way he went down on me the other night! Took me down his throat on the first try. He just needed a firm hand and a hard dick in him to show him what he was. You told me you heard him begging me when I was nailing him, Kev, so you know he”s a born fag. I opened up both his holes with my fingers and my dick, even had my toes in his mouth, and the little slut loved every second of it. The boy”s a born cocksucker and he swallows.” Kevin chuckled as he heard this. “He loves it up the ass too, just like any pussyboy. You”ll be amazed at what this kid”s do for dick.”


“He”d have eaten your load the other morning, if you”d wanted,” Lane continued. “Now, you”ve admitted that you”ve let some fags blow you, so why don”t you help me train up this bitch? Teach him to serve and service real men together. He”s a born sub. A fuckboy. I know you”re straight, but all it would”ve taken was a bit of your natural dominance and aggression the other morning and you”d have had him on his knees sucking your cum outta your balls.”


Lane and Kevin both laughed. Hearing these two masculine, well built guys laughing about me while I sat there with Lane”s body wrapped around mine, his fingers in my mouth and my cock steely hard had me both humiliated and incredibly turned on. Why was I enjoying this treatment and why was I liking it even more knowing a straight guy was witnessing it all? A straight guy who”d just been offered the opportunity to help “train” me? I already took Lane”s cock however he wanted me to, and I”d be happy to suck Kevin or let the hot, straight dude fuck me if he wanted. What kind of training did I need?


I couldn”t believe that Lane was talking about me this way, but there was no denying that his using a sleeper hold on me, coupled with his fingers exploring my mouth, all as his roomie watched, had clearly demonstrated my place in this group and where I was in the pecking order. It also had my hard prick nearly ready to explode. I looked at Kevin who was staring intently at me.


I watched as the nearly naked stud stood up, still rubbing his own dick through his shorts, and wondered what the raven haired stud”s cock looked like. I wondered what the sexy young man tasted like. I saw Kevin”s shorts displaying a wet spot and then saw him slide his hand under the waistband, right next to the trail of black hair that ran down his taut abs, and saw him curl his fingers around his meat. It was stretching the fabric along the top of his left leg, pulling the waistband down as he hardened to his full length. I let out a moan around Lane”s fingers as Kevin pulled his hand from his crotch, his hard cock now clearly visible, outlined by the blue material of his shorts, but my eyes were locked on his hand, and the two fingers glistening with his precum.


He took a step around the coffee table to directly in front of me. Without any words Lane pulled his fingers from my mouth and Kevin slid the ones covered in his precum in their place. I got my first taste the slick, salty fluid that came from Kevin”s balls as his fingers spread it across my tongue. As if it had a mind of its own, my tongue responded, lapping at them. I wanted to taste this jock. I wanted him in me. I couldn”t believe I was getting the chance to taste his fingers, much less taste his fuck lube. Despite his admission that he”d let a couple guys blow him, I didn”t expect he”d ever allow me a chance.


“Jesus,” Kevin said. “I knew he was a slut, but this bitch totally craves it! He”s licking up my dick drizz like there”s no tomorrow. That”s so fucking disgusting, but I gotta admit I really get off on seeing another dude swallowing my precum. I definitely wanna see and feel what it”s like to pump my actual babymakers down this big jock boy”s throat.”


“Sweet! If you”re okay working together, we can give this big pussyboy something he”s been dreaming about for years but has been too afraid to admit he wants, even to himself. You okay with me fucking him while he blows you?” Kevin frowned for a few seconds as he thought.


“Guess so,” he said slowly. “I know you like fucking dudes. Hell, I”ve known you since we were three and you came out to me when we were twelve. You”re like my brother…hell, you and I are closer in some ways than I am with Ken, to be honest, and he and I have double teamed some girls in the past. Always wondered what it”d be like to bang a bitch together with you but figured it”d never happen. I guess I never expected us to use a guy as our bitch, much less expected to watch you fuck a dude up the ass, or for you to watch a guy blow me.” He sat back down on the couch with a frown on his face.


“If it freaks you out, you don”t have to do anything. You can just watch if ya want, or you can take him in your room so he can blow you in private, or do whatever the fuck you want,” Lane told him. “But tell me one thing first. Did listening to what I did to this bitch, and how I treated him the other night and now get you hard?”


“Yeah,” Kevin admitted. “But getting head from a fag is one thing. Fucking another dude, though? It seems too…well, sorry to say it Lane, but it”s true…too gay.”


“Hey, bro, you”re not just a straight man, you are a man! You decide where you put your cock and if you don”t want anything to do with another dude”s…I get that. I”m the same. I”m a gay man but I”m a man. I decide where, when and in whom I”m gonna put my dick. I sure as hell always control whether I”m gonna do anything with another guy”s cock! I”m not a bitch. But Vic here? Well, he”s a gay male, but he”s a bitch…he takes dick from men like us wherever, however, hell, he”ll take whatever you decide to put in him, just for a chance at some straight boy cock.” I saw a grin replace the frown on Kevin”s face.


“Yeah, you”re right. We are men and if we wanna fuck a bitch together, that”s what we”ll do. But, ya know, I don”t wanna rape the guy or anything.”


“No chance of that,” Lane replied. “Vic, if you wanna leave, you can get up and get out now. No questions asked and no hard feelings. You”ll never see my cock again, much less taste it, and you”ll sure as hell never get Kevin”s. But if you want you can stay, but you stay for the rest of the weekend and you just have to do what we say, when we say the entire time you”re here. You”ll stay here tonight and tomorrow night and do everything we want, no complaints, until Sunday evening. If you can”t handle that, you can go.”


I felt Lane”s cheek against the side of my head and his lips moving against my ear as he said softly, “If you stay, you”ll get a chance at things you”ve been dreaming about for years. A straight man”s load down your throat. Serving two men, getting two dicks at once and so much more.”


Kevin was staring at me, gauging my reaction. I”d already made up my mind back when Lane had said I”d never see his or Kevin”s cocks again if I left. That had been reinforced a thousand percent by the thought of serving two men. I knew what Lane meant and he was right, I”d dreamt of it for years. Lane knew I”d stay. He unwrapped his arms from around me.


“You can get dressed and go if you want. If you stay, you stay til Sunday. We won”t hurt you, though we”ll push your limits. If you can”t handle that, get your clothes on and get out now.” I didn”t move. Kevin laughed.




To all my long time readers, I apologize for the (very) long delay between stories. I hope this one, which spans more than 80 pages (when in Word format) makes up for a bit of that. I dislike stories that end unresolved, most especially with the words “To be continued” but then which never are. I understand the amount of work that goes into one of these stories, so I sympathize with authors who”ve written those words with good intentions, but then found they didn”t have the time, or worse, the thread of the story unraveled on them (if you”re not a writer, please understand that can happen very easily for ten thousand different reasons).


I had intended this to be a standalone piece but frankly, its length seemed to warrant breaking it here, and continuing with a second part that completes it. Part one is just shy of 30,000 words and part two is about another 20,000. In order to avoid the potential of it not being finished and having readers see the dreaded “to be continued” with nothing more ever being posted, I”ve already written the second half. However, it still needs some serious proofing and polishing, but as the whole story is roughly 140 pages or so, I figured I”d get this posted, then take a bit of time smoothing out the rough edges (and trying to catch all the typos) of part two.


Speaking of typos and other errors…I”ve tried to clean them all up, but when you”re forced to proofread your own work it is nearly impossible to catch everything. So for any mistakes that slipped through, I apologize. I had two readers who offered to be proofreaders, but that didn”t work out. One never replied at all after getting the story, and the other was overwhelmed with other responsibilities, but did have the courtesy to offer a bit of a response and apologize for not being able to do more.


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