New Life Part 3

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New Life Part 3Part 3 “are you just about ready dear?” Linda inquired as she put the last of her face on. “I am, sweet heart, we’d better get going or we’re going to be late,” Braxton retorted as he cinched his tie into place and gave it the usual wiggle to make sure we wasn’t going to choke. “Alright sweetie, going to get the car, I’ll be waiting for you out front.” yes sir, she smirked as he fled out of the door. She then grabbed her hand bag and made her way out of the front door, where her car and super handsome driver awaited. However just as she was about to open the door, Braxton in a flash had made his way around to open the door for her… “ma lady…” he gestured with a closed mouth smile and a wink. “someone is in a romantic mood tonight,” she replied returning her version of the same smile. “You are definitely getting laid tonight, just so you know,” she affirmed. He jumped back into the car, placed it smoothly into gear and pulled out of the driveway. Just as he started down the surrealistically clean suburban road, he could feel her touch, on his thigh and squeezing ever so lightly. “if you’re not careful, you’re going to cause me to wreck,” Braxton moaned as she slid her hand ever so close to his crotch. “you know you like it,” she encouraged. “that’s not the point missy,” he professed. “it’s the only point that matters,” Linda persuaded as she began to massage the head of his quickly hardening cock through pinbahis yeni giriş his black slacks. “okay sweetie, if you don’t stop now, we’re all going to die,” Braxton choked out as he struggled to maintain his composure. “okay dear, if you insist,” Linda conceded. “Look sweetie,” Braxton said with excitement as he pointed to Linda’s right. “there it is, the place we’ve been wanting to try forever in a day… due cuori ristorante!” “It has such a lovely name,” Linda replied. “with a name like that, it has to be good… besides, these mom and pop places are always great.” They quickly found their parking spot and again he was there to open her door and hand in hand, they made their way to the entrance. The door was opened by a small Italian islander looking gentlemen with the thickest accent they had ever heard. “welcome to Due Cuori Ristorante!” “Thanks so much, “Braxton responded, “Um table for two… reservation is under the name Braxton Page.” “oh yes… here you are, I shall seat you myself… right this way.” As they followed their short stout host, Linda glanced around to make sure no-one was looking and grabbed her hubbies ass firmly. Braxton only responded with a slight glare and a rolling of his well set eyes. “ladies first,” their host stated as he motioned her to sit. “thanks kind sir,” she responded as Braxton took his seat on the opposite side. He then handed then each a menu and announced, pinbahis giriş “our special of the day is chicken francaise.” “thank you,” Braxton responded as their host, spun on his heels and walked back towards kitchen area. “So what are you going to order dear?” Linda asked with a look of supreme mischievousness on her face. “Oh boy,” Braxton sighed. “what is on that crazy brain of yours?” “You’ll see,” she added, as she began to slide under the table. “what are you doing baby?” Braxton questioned, but already knowing what she was doing and feeling she zipper begin to come down. His manhood was engorged with arousal and when she released it from it’s fabric confines, he let out a sigh of ecstasy that even caught her off guard. Due to the lack of space under the table, the head of his long thick shaft, nearly caught her in the eye. Laughing it off inside her mind, she began to swirl her pretty pink tongue around the head while stroking the shaft and not quite being able to get her hand around it. “Does that feel good baby?” Linda asked as she began to take his head into her mouth, while still stroking with one hand and massaging his now aching balls with her other hand. She could begin to taste the steady flow of his pre-cum, which began to drive her wild as well and she could feel her nipples tighten up and her pussy began to ache with desire. “What happened to your wife!” their stout host asked as Braxton pinbahis güvenilirmi was jolted from his trance, baring a cherry red face and struggled to maintain a decent posture. At that same time, Linda banged her head on the table because she had been startled so abruptly. “what was that loud bang under the table?” the man asked as he sort of half-asses inspected the table. “Oh nothing sir,” Braxton responded swiftly, I got a cramp in my leg and I accidentally banged my knee. My wife is in the restroom freshening up.” Braxton added with look mixed with chagrin and embarrassment. “Well ok sir, if you say so sir,” the man replied. “Are you ready to order yet?” “Um, yes… we’ll both have the special please…” Braxton responded while Linda was doing all she could to keep from exploding into a fit of laughter, over their most compromising situation. Finally the man walked away and Linda sprang up from under the table and quickly grabbed her napkin, so she could wipe the small amount of pre-cum drizzle that found its way out of her mouth, at the time of their interruption. “You’re such a naughty girl,” Braxton stated with a look of candor. “And you’re a terrible liar,” she retorted. “but, it was affective I guess, she added with a smile as she reached under the table with her stalking covered toes and began to massage his balls. After several minutes of conversing and laughing about their latest adventure under the table, their host returned with their food. They then made their way back to spend one last night at their old place and although they had been filled with an amazing meal, they were still hungry for each other and the drive home, only made them want each other all the more.