New Toy; New Boy

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Stepping from the shower, Monica finally felt free and alone—away from the pains and aches of home and complications of family. She looked at herself through the steamy vapor that hung in the air of the rustic bath and thought back over the long drive up from the city. She had stopped in the little town where her parents had always stopped to grab a quick meal and some supplies before finishing the last leg of the trip up to the lake. Those last twenty five miles were always done as if in a somnambulist trance finally ending in a quick look around the cabin, a stop at the refrigerator to unload the breakfast supplies, a hurried make up of the beds, and the ultimate crashing sleep. This trip was no different except that Monika was alone. She hadn’t been back to the lake since college.

Monika had looked for a cabin on the lake for a couple of years since she managed to get on her feet after her divorce. Finding this one had been an incredibly lucky break. “A little tired and rusty but some putty and paint’ll make it what it ain’t,” the real-estate agent had told her back in January when she bought the place.

This day had begun with an early morning swim. She hadn’t been able to get herself to strip off her bathing suit before entering like she used to do as a teen but once in the water she peeled it off and tossed it up on the bank. The cool enveloping water took her back to memories of her earliest sexual exploits. She thought about the lakeside drinking parties, the midnight skinny dips and Johnny Driscol. Her hands traced the route that his had taken twenty years ago. She’d explored the curves of her own body and thought about what it must have felt like to him. And she’d let her fingers enter her pussy the way she had let his enter her then.

And now standing in front of the full mirror, still pink and wet from the hot water she sees the woman she wants to be double imaged over the woman she wishes she could leave behind. She knows she is beautiful. That has never been a problem. Her body is good, legs strong and a firm fanny from riding. Her waist is narrow and has kept her looking good in her sexy under things. “That fifty percent discount at Victoria’s was worth the nine months of selling pretty lingerie to dorky husbands on their anniversaries or their wives’ birthdays.

Monika was thankful she got her mothers good legs. She knows she looks better with a little extra weight over her anemic college days. She thought her breasts were a little too large but they were full and firm and always drew admiring reactions from the men in her life. She drew cat’s envy from the females especially since the divorce.

She had always responded well to a rough lover– her nipples being twisted or even bitten, a hungry mouth at her pussy and a good fevered fuck. But that worked for everyone, didn’t it? She especially liked her own neck; taking pleasure in knowing it was probably the most erogenous area of her body. It was the way a lover would lift the hair from the back of her neck and gently lick and kiss the sensitive flesh there that really made her wet. And she liked to feel her man pressing his body against her from behind. She had vowed she would try anal sex with the right man but somehow it had never happened. She thought she would like it. She thought about it often. In fact just thinking about it made her feel the gentle secretions begin to moisten the inner surfaces between her legs.

“Will that be all, Hun or can we find you something else?” Monica had been mortified about the idea of stopping in a Video Empire store to shop for a new toy. So she purposely researched and found one in a town half way up to the lake. It turned out to be surprisingly bahis siteleri easy. She had walked from her parked car to the entrance, knowing that the risk of running into a friend or client was next to nil. But once inside she was amazed at how comfortable the shop was. The woman behind the counter let her peruse by herself and only offered help when Monica asked for it. Then she was almost conspiratorial with her. They had a good laugh and a giggle over some of the more extreme items on display. Monica decided on a cute pair of bullet panties. They were cut high on the thigh, black and came with an elongated egg connected to them by a soft thin wire. They came with a remote control too. As she paid she eyed the row of colorful Butt plugs. “Those are Butt Plugs hun–pretty popular with the men. But…some of the ladies like them too. You know for practice.” And she winked to signal her encouragement to Monica.

She was glad the woman suggested the most expensive lubricant. It was water based and even had a good scent. She decided now was as good as any time to try it. And the naughtiness of the idea slicked her lips. She toweled off and laid two oversized dry towels on her bed. The CD changer was loaded with soft sexy music with a slow driving pulse. Nobody could make her move her muscles or turn her thoughts so erotic as Sade.

She climbed onto her bed and looked at herself in the full-length mirror across the room,. “I know why men liked to see women on their hands and knees like this.” She lowered her shoulders and pushed her rear up into the air. “Cat-Woman,” Monica hissed then she purrrrred like a crocodile in heat. She looked so wanton and submissive this way.

She could easily imagine a handsome him pulling her hair back, like the reins on a galloping horse, to meet his trusts as he pounded away at her. Sometimes she liked it that way, “rough and ready, Pardner. Giddy up!” But tonight was different. She wanted to languish in the long slow self-indulgence of this night alone.

She squirted a dollop of the lubricant into her hand and began to massage the slick stuff between her cheeks. It felt so good and soothing she couldn’t help but reach further to the insides of her thighs and the lips of her pussy. The two kinds of wetness melded into a slurry that felt warm and sensual to her touch. Then she took the tube and squeezed a long snake of it right on to the cleft of her ass. She worked it in and around her tight little hole and thought, “this will never work.”

The Butt Plug was Day-Glo pink and swollen towards the middle to a dimension that was thicker than any lover she ever had. The tip was softly pointed and smaller compared to the middle. The other end flared out to a flattened disc that was probably three inches in diameter. She presumed that was to keep the torpedo from penetrating any deeper and was thin enough to not be apparent under clothing. She squirted another dollop onto the tip of her new toy and held it against the rosebud of her anus. “No, this is never going to get inside me.” She had seen them used in videos. Her friend Debbie had told her they were great. She even had offered to help her. “Come on, Monni, you’ll love it. If ya wanna I’ll get naked and show ya. We can even do it together.” But she had resisted the offer. “Maybe next time, Deb.” They opted for a bar hop instead.

She held the smooth round tip against her opening until she began to feel relaxed. She worked it back and forth along the sensitive crease. She probed her anis slowly until she had worked it in past her tight sphincter muscle. Finally she realized she was at its biggest diameter and decided it was now or never. She gently applied pressure and began to feel canlı bahis siteleri herself stretch to open for this intrusion. It was very uncomfortable, even beginning to burn and she lifted her one leg, hydrant style, as she pushed. And with an almost audible plopping sound the pink plug seemed to pull itself from her slippery fingers and slide deeply into her with the flat disc tight against the crevice between her cheeks. A wave of heat dampened her forehead and she held tight as it passed. When she let herself relax and even move a little she began to feel the pleasures of this funny little toy. It fit perfectly and she enjoyed the sensations as she squirmed into different positions.

She slid off the bed and walked around the bedroom surprised at the ease at which she could ignore the presence of this alien anal probe. “Oh boy a little Sci-Fi sex fantasy.” She remembered the panties. Monica slipped them on and inserted the egg into her already well lubricated pussy. She checked the remote. “Yesssssss. That is nice.” She had a pair of high heels in the back of her closet so she tried walking around in them. They added a whole new series of sensations; because of the way the heels exaggerated the swing of her ass. “I can see how I could wear these around without anyone knowing” she thought as she turned to look at herself in the mirror from the rear. She loved the way heels made her legs look, “so long with calf muscles tight and defined. Not bad for thirty six.” She preened and punctuated her thought with a sharp slap to her rounded ass. This was naughty—delicious fun.

She was taken with how sexy she felt and decided to masturbate in a hot shower. After all it was where this had all started. Just as she had the water running steamy hot Monika had to turn it off. The phone was ringing. She froze in a panic letting it ring. Finally she picked up and hoarsely whispered a questioning, “Hello” into the hand piece.

“Hello this is officer Driscol. Her panic doubled. She listened as the officer told her that they had seen lights on in the cabin and wanted to make sure it wasn’t an intruder. Monica sat down on the bed. It forced the dildo further into her and she let out a yelp.

“Are you sure you are alright, Mam?”

“Yes! I stubbed my toe. That’s all.” She explained that she had forgotten to call and inform them she was using the cabin. The call seemed to last forever and she was enjoying the feeling of conducting this conversation completely naked with a pink dong deep inside her and a humming egg in her vagina. She turned the remote up a few notches when something struck her.

“I am sorry Officer… what did you say your name was?”

“Driscol, mam, John Driscol. There seems to be a faint buzzing on the line.”

Monica had to hold back the sound her heart was screaming. “Oh, its probably my phone, officer…Driscol did you say? I don’t recognize your name. Are you knew officer Driscol?”

“Yes mam, I’m new to this division.” Driscol relaxed into the conversation now. He was enjoying the emotion in this woman’s voice, first a surprise then yelps then the breathy whisper. Driscol was getting excited.

“I just transferred from the western part of the state. Are you the new owner up there, Mam?”

“Yes I bought the place this winter. This is my first real trip up. I mean for a long weekend.” Monica couldn’t believe that this could be Johnny Driscol from High School.

“So you aren’t from around here then, Officer are you? ” Her fingers found her clit—swollen and slick with the lubricant and her excitment. She worked her fingers into her pussy and pressed the egg in deeper as she listened to his voice, smooth and sexy in her canlı bahis ear.

“Just a minute… Officer, ” Monika said as she stretched to return the hand piece to the set and hit the speaker button.

Driscol wondered at the rustling sounds. “What was she doing? Was this woman in bed?”

“Sorry Officer Driscol. Please go on.” Monika grasped the slippery disc of the dildo and worked it gently tugging and pushing it as she held the egg deep inside her pussy. She thought she could remove it while she came but it was far too difficult to do and maintain her conversation.

“Well I have been working in Corbin county for the past ten years. Since my mother passed away five years ago my father has been steadily getting to the point where he needs more help. I just wanted to be near the feisty old fella. So here I am.”

“Yesssss you arrrrrrrrrrrre,” Her voice trailed down as she felt the first wave of orgasm pick her up like an ocean swell.

“It was a lucky break to get this transfer. I grew up in this town and it’s sure good to be back.”

“Yes it sure isssssss…isn’t it, Johnny?” Monica squeezed the egg out between her pussy lips and it brought on another wave of orgasm.

“Excuse me, Mam. What did you say?”

“That it isssss….A fortunate break, I mean… Isn’t it …uh…funny?” Monica could hardly speak. “Isn’t it, officer Driscol?” The thought of coming so hard with a big plug in her ass while she spoke to her old townie crush was too much for her. Another wave washed over her.

Driscol knew something was going on. The sexual tension was viscous. He held his own cock through his pants under the desk. “jeez, Its harder and bigger than the barrel of my Berretta.” Driscol thought as he tried to re-adjust to relieve the strain.

“Well Officer Driscol, I hope you are convinced that everything is alright up here.”

“Yes mamm, I am glad to hear it. Just let us know when you will be leaving so we can make a note of it.”

“Sure will, Officer Driscol.” Monica purred into the receiver as she settled back to the ocean floor. “and thank you…for your…kind help…I’m sorry. I mean concern.” Monica was burning up. “Officer Driscol, I might stop in at the station tomorrow to put a face to the name if you don’t mind.”

“Not at all, Mam. That would be real nice. Goodnight.”

With the shower massage head trained on the back of her neck, one hand in her pussy and the other hand firmly grasping the disc in her rectum, Monica climaxed again, for so long and so intensely that she felt her knees go week. She had to lean against the tile wall to steady herself. She thought she would pull the plug out with her orgasm but a few tugs told her it was too firmly planted and would take as much effort to remove it as it took to insert it. She realized that the same relaxing was necessary for the swollen middle of the plug to pass back out through her anis again. She did that, applying steady and gentle pressure against her resistant anal ring. It took longer for her to relax and there was a moment where she felt she had to push hard against the plug to almost deliver it through her resistant hole. She inhaled sharply as the soft pink plug popped from between her cheeks and another heat wave swamped her. She lavished in the hot water as the sensations and thoughts swirled through her. She felt exhausted and in a kind of delirium from the whole experience.

She fell on the towels on her bed and almost immediately dropped into a deep sleep. But not before the vision formed in her minds eye of the trip down to the police station in that new sundress she had brought with her and the wonderful sensations she would feel from her new pink plug as she drove down that long bumpy dirt road into town to meet Officer Johnny Driscol.

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