Next young sexual experiance.

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Next young sexual experiance.After my 1st masturbation school experiance, see story, i instantly started to enjoy masturbation and these new wonderfull feelings i was discovering with my young body.I couldn’t wait till a was alone in my room, either pretending to be doing homework late in the evenings and playing with my young cock.While these new experiences were happening, little did i know, that it was going to become more intresting.One k** that lived down the road, which i spent time with over the weekends, we would become very close friends!Tony attended another junior school, he was about a year older then me, however, because he lived nearby, we woud catch up on the weekends.We would always be on our bikes, riding off on new adventures and places. Tony had an older brother and a much older sister. His sister had just married when i first met Tony and she moved away.Tony’s older brother would let us listen to his albums and tell us all about the new bands and music, eventually Tony also discovered his older brothers porn stash.One day while Tony and i were in his older brother’s room listening to albums, Tony explained he wanted to show me what he found in his room.Tony’s older brother was away and his parents had gone visiting.Tony said that i could not tell anyone what he was about to show me. Tony reached behind his brothers album collection and pulled out these magazines, from a distance i could just make out that there were girls on the covers, some flashing tuzla eve gelen escort their breasts, some wearing tight, small outfits.I was starting to get excited, knowing that i was going to see my first porno magazine at the age of eleve..We quickly started flicking through the magazines and i was amazed at the sight of the fully naked women in the magazines, the different shaped pussies and breasts.It was my 1st sex education on the female body and it was via the Playboy…After the discovery of the magazines, Tony and i would always look for an opportunity, when his brother was away and we could sneak into his room to look at the magazines. This would make me so excited and started feeling my small cork slowly stiffen in my pants. Tony told me that he started sneaking a few magazines in his bedroom and would look at them at night. I quickly asked him if i could do the same and take a magazine home. I was wishing he would agree, so then i would be able to lay in my bed, looking at the pictures while i masturbated.Tony made me promise that i return the magazine the next day, so as his brother doesn’t notice them missing, then i would be allowed to take one home. I would promise anything so as to be able to take the magazine home.I quickly left Tony’s place with one of the magazines rolled up under my arm and rushed home and straight to my bedroom.I remember playing with my cock for most of that night. I was just learning how a young tuzla otele gelen escort cock performs and is able to bounce back very quickly after cumming.This went on for a while, then one day while in Tony’s room flicking through the magazines, he asked me if i play with my cock at night when i’m looking at the magazines. I wasn’t sure what to reply, if i said yes, would he think i was weird, does he do the same?I threw it back at Tony and said i’m sure he does. Tony admited he did and how great it felt, that was when i felt comfortable and confessed i did the same.This is when Tony said that he wanted to take his cock out and play with it because it was always hard and uncomfortble in his pants when we read the magazines together. I jumped at the idea, i had a flashback of me and the boys back at school learning about masturbation and how great it felt after we overcame our shyness and masturbate infront of one another.He started to unbutton his pants, i tried to keep one eye on the naked women in the magazine and the other eye waiting to see what Tony’s cock would look like. When he finaly pulled his jocks down along with his pants, i could see that his cock was slightly different to mine but about the same size, he had no foreskin. He then looked at me and said it was my turn.I froze for a moment, trying to decide what to do next, thoughts were running through my head, but the excitement and the hardness of my cock helped make tuzla sınırsız escort my decision to take my trousers and jocks off as well.We slowly kept reading the magazines as we kept playing with our cocks, all of sudden Tony reached over and touched my cock and asked me why the foreskin was longer and if affected my peeing or wanking. I let him keep playing with my foreskin and then he started to play with my cock and trying to see what effect it had on me.I was out of control, my young cock was standing to attention, i was filled with mixed emotions, that it wasn’t right but at the same time really enjoying Tony playing with my cock.Gradually he quickened the pace and i had to warn him that i was about to explode.I was lying on the bedroom floor on my back with Tony kneeling beside me, with his cock sticking out as he was rubbing my cock up and down fascinated by the foreskin, I took the opportunity to then take hold of his cock and begin to touch it, rub it, feel the blood pumping through his hard young dick, i looked at Tony and without saying a word, we both knew that we were both enjoying this whole new sexual experience.That was it, i suddenly felt my small balls stiring and with thrush of force, i was exploding in the air, on my top, around Tony’s hand and felt like i was going to pass out. Lucky i was already lying on my back.While all this was happening, i hadn’t relised how hard my grip on Tony’s dick had gotten, or how quickly i was playing with his cock. It wasn’t much longer after that Tony started spraying cum on my thigh, cock and my hand.Once all the excitement subsided, we quickly pulled up our pants and cleaned up the sticky cum stains.I said goodbye to Tony, quickly rushed home and went straigh to my room wondering what had just happened.More to come..