Nightime Temptation

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I enter your room quietly being sure I don’t step on any creaky floorboards the light from the door is just enough to make out your sleeping form I know you won’t wake up if I’m quiet I’ve been coming in here almost every night for weeks first just to check on you, then a little curiosity now out of horniness.

Every night I’ve been getting bolder originally I would just come in for a while and watch you then I couldn’t resist pulling my dick out and slowly jerking it beside you now I’m going even further I slowly roll down your sheets and look to look at your body you seem to be wearing a small pink t-shirt and white panties. I cup one of your breasts in my left hand then the other moving my right hand between your legs feeling your vagina through your underwear, I can’t resist going further so I slide my fingers under the waistband through the light pubic hair till their rest right on the outside of your pussy. I begin a slight rotating motion enjoying the sensation of your young pussy getting wet against my fingers starting to slip in a little.

Suddenly you move and I pull my hands away quickly and freeze you roll over onto your side your hand is now slightly over the side of the bed I pull my dick back out step close to you then wrap your finger lightly around my cock. It feels really lovely having you touching me like this and I start thrusting back and forth in your light grip but now I want more I see that your face is near the edge of the bed propped up on some pillows so I take my çatalca escort dick from your hand and kneel down beside you and bring my face to yours then slowly I press my lips against yours and kiss you sliding my tongue in just a little then I stand back up and press the shaft of my cock against your lips and start to slide it back and forth you lick your lips several times while I’m doing this accidentally licking my cock too. I put my thumb on your chin and push down this makes you open your mouth a little which is enough for me push the head in and very carefully I manage to get almost half my cock in. I look down and see that I dick in my daughters mouth and deep in my mind alarm bells are ringing but the warm wet sensation feels too good and I ignore them.

I begin sliding half my dick in and out not daring to push more in so you don’t gag and wake up but this motion isn’t quite enough ad your bottom teeth are sometimes scraping me and I know what I have to do next I roll you onto your back then get onto the bed I gently work your underwear down and off leaving them hanging around one ankle I part your legs and place my hand against your vagina again finding you still kinda wet from before I rotate my hand again till I’m satisfied that your wet enough. I open my pyjama pants fully and slide them down a bit and I position myself between your legs feeling my cock pressing against your wet slit the alarm bells start to ring even louder in my head saying “This is esenyurt escort rape!””Stop she is your daughter she trusts you she loves you!””This is incest this is wrong!” but these thought only make it feel dirtier and hotter and I can’t stop now I push up the t-shirt and bra that’s underneath it so I can get a look and feel of these tits I look at your pretty little face which looks so peaceful and start to push myself forward.

A short distance in I feel some resistance I think “My daughters a virgin?!” I look at your face and see your eyes looking at me your finally awake but I suppose there was no way you were going to sleep peacefully through all of this and there’s no way I could stop now I’ve gone way too far. I lunge forward forcing my way through the hymen and all the way in the tightness is unbelievable you look confused and maybe in some pain as I begin thrust in and out It feels very surreal to me I can’t believe that I’m doing it that I’m fucking my daughter that I’ve just forcefully taken her virginity but it is happening my cock is deep inside I can feel your body pressed up against me and your sweet breath in my face.

“Shhh baby everything’s going to be alright”… “Unghh”! , “You’re just so beautiful …,”Yeah!” “Daddy loves you and just wants to take care of you”…”Fuck you feel so good” My hands are now roaming all over your body feeling your soft tits and ass no need to be gentle now your awake and aware what I’m doing. I press my lips etiler escort to yours and begin to kiss you passionately sticking my tongue deep into your mouth all the while my dick is continuing to fuck your tight young pussy, the grip I feel is just amazing I’ve never fucked a virgin before the fact that your my daughter is just fuelling my lust and I slam in and out enjoying the best fuck I’ve had in years. I look down and I can see my bare cock sliding in and out of your tight hole and I think I can see a little virgin blood stain on me but I carry on regardless as I can feel the pleasure building up me inside suddenly I become aware that you’re breathing is getting fast and your starting to shake and I realise that you’ve just cum probably for the first time and it’s from being fucked by your Daddy I hope you always remember it. I feel my own moment approaching and I realise that I’ve been fucking you unprotected but there’s no way I could or would pull out even if there is a danger of you getting pregnant in fact the idea of knocking you up is the last dirty thought I need to push my over the edge. I thrust hard one last time and let loose inside you shooting my incestuous sperm deep into my daughters womb and I hold myself there as each wave squirts out of me and into you.

I stay on top of you for a few moments making sure all the warm sperm has left me and pushing everything that’s inside you further in. I pull out and move away and a small trickle of cum can be seen leaking on to your sheets. I get up to leave the room and I look back and see you pulling the sheet back up around you and I immediately start to feel guilty for what I’ve done as I walk back to my own bedroom I have no idea what’s going to happen tomorrow but I know I’m going to have to fuck you again.

The End…for now!