Nora Becomes Dominant

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One day in late September, I made one of my usual trips out to Maspeth to visit Nora at her house. I was surprised by her appearance when she opened the door. She was wearing a business outfit: a dark-gray suit with a tight skirt, dark nylon stockings, and high heels. I had seen those clothes before during her first visit to the college newspaper, The Salient. Her dark-blonde hair was pinned up on her head.Her most noticeable accessory was the big wooden object she was holding in her right hand. I guessed that it was a paddle. Now, who would she use that on? I seemed to be was the only candidate around. I had never seen her dominant side in action, but I expected that I would find out about it on that day.“Oh, hi Nora.”“It’s Miss Meara if you please.” I knew that dominatrices sometimes used “Miss” when referring to themselves, but I figured I’d go along with whatever action she had cooked up for me.  She obviously was playing a game, but I didn’t know the exact details of it yet. I had previously experienced her in her submissive mode in which I was the one spanking and belting her.We went into the living room and she sat on the couch. I was just about to sit next to her when she said, “Oh no, just stand right there.”She crossed her legs and I thought, God, she looks great today. She should get dressed up more often. Then she touched a substantial wooden hairbrush on a side table. “This, and my paddle, are the two implements I have available for me today.” It was obvious at that point that she was going to use them on me.I had put my hands in my pockets. “Get your hands out of your pockets when I’m speaking to you.” I didn’t have much choice but to fold them in front of me.“So, Nora…”“It’s Miss Meara, remember?”“Okay, Miss Meara…”“Let me speak, if you would.” When she had my attention, she continued, “Paul, I have a serious issue with you. Today I’m going to deal with it quite firmly and thoroughly.”It was impressive how she usually adjusted her speaking patterns to whatever plan she had going. She was a better actress than I had originally thought last spring.“All right, Miss Meara, what is it?”“Let me explain in some detail. It has to do with our fellow female staffers on The Salient. I have noticed that your eyes are all over them. In fact, I’m sure you use them for your sick masturbation fantasies.”She had a point. There had been six of them last year, and now there was a seventh. The new one was a very tall, very nice-looking girl named Linda. I had indeed used all of them for fantasy material. I tried a push-back to see what would happen. “Well, how about Lilith? I don’t like her and she doesn’t like me.” Lilith was a dark-haired, very intense, and a rather humorless senior who was our news editor.“That doesn’t matter; bahis şirketleri you still want to possess her physically.” That was indeed true. I had fantasized about her but I had forgotten that I had told Nora about it.  She hadn’t forgotten. “You told me once me you wanted her on top, straddling you on the main table in The Salient office. By the way, I notice that she doesn’t always shave her under her arms.”“That doesn’t bother me.”“Who cares? She gets to you anyway. And that new Linda tart. I saw her black knee socks. I’m sure you’ve imagined lifting her skirt up, pulling off her panties, and copulating with her standing up against a desk.”Actually, my fantasy had been on the couch, but basically, Nora was correct. Copulating; I never heard her use that word before.A counter-strike occurred to me. “Besides, I’m sure you’ve also indulged in an occasional imaginary fling with somebody.”“Absolutely not. I’m completely loyal to you, in my heart and mind as well as with my body.” A woman of heart and mind, as Joni Mitchell had put it. In any case, I didn’t believe her.But who would she use as her fantasy lover? I doubted it was any of the male staffers. Maybe it would be Professor Raskin, the English professor who taught a course about vampires and other figures of evil and horror in literature. He was relatively young and rather hot for a professor. Somehow, I could imagine whatever Nora might have considered doing with him. It was sort of one fantasy inside of another one. He’d have dropped his pants inside his office, and Nora would be on his desk with her skirt up and her legs splayed. She cried out in pleasure as he nailed her on the desktop.It was weird, but now I had a pang of jealously regarding this scene that I myself had made up. But Nora, Miss Meara, quickly interrupted my musings.“If you are wondering how I’m going to correct your misbehavior, then I will tell you.” She leaned forward on the sofa and explained it in some detail.“Paul, it’s quite simple but effective. It’s called corporal punishment.”Even though I already knew what was coming, I suddenly wasn’t that keen on the whole idea. “You’re kidding me right?”“Absolutely not. You’re going to kneel on the floor, and I’m going sit here and paddle you on your backside. First, you’re getting it on the seat of your trousers. They look kind of lightweight, and I’m sure they won’t give much protection of any kind for your sorry ass.”I pushed back again, “This has to be a joke.”“I notice you can dish out the spankings to me, but you can’t take them yourself. That’s rather unfair, wouldn’t you say?”It was interesting to see her formerly hidden dominant side emerge. Other guys had seen it, but I never had. I said, “You never mentioned this aspect of yourself before.”“I bahis firmaları certainly have when discussing my former customers.” But I had never judged her past before, and I decided not to do it now. I remembered her saying once that being a dominatrix, for her, was the only satisfying aspect of being a prostitute.She continued her description. “After some of that, you are going to take down your trousers and I’m going to vigorously apply my implement to your bare buttocks. Then you are going over my lap, and I’m going to firmly beat you with this nice, big hairbrush.”My behind twitched at the prospect. Maybe I’d like this after all. Her dominatrix look was not the black leather kind. Her model was the strict teacher or manager look – or, in this case, the strict girlfriend.“What if I don’t like it?”“Then there are always the safe words, tuna salad. However, knowing what a twisted little mother-fucker you are, I suspect that you will like it.”“How could you possibly know that?”“Sweetie, you know I’ve been with a lot of guys. After a while, I can practically sniff out what they’re thinking. And you, my friend, I’m sure that you are a switch. You have both sadistic and masochistic tendencies.”That was an impressive bit of psychology. I tried one last ploy, “Miss Meara, this whole thing of me looking at other women, fantasizing about them, it’s just an excuse, a pretext, and you know it.”She could be very firm, even if she was faking it. “Well, I don’t think it’s a pretext.” She had one more thing for me. “Be a man about it, take your punishment like a big boy. Don’t be a pussy about it.” Then she smirked, “If you don’t get a big erection from this, I’ll be quite surprised.”“And how much of this am I getting?”“You’ll get as many as I deem necessary. Now, kneel down and present your behind for correction. Get it up nice and high so I have a good target.”I guess I could have just gotten up and left. What was she going to do, break up with me? Maybe her appeal to my manly pride got to me. This chick isn’t going to intimidate me. I was rather annoyed by her today and yet, underneath, I was excited by her proposal too.I got into a kneeling position on the floor and raised my ass for her. “Go ahead, baby, let’s see what you can do.”“Oh, you’re not just going to see it; you’re definitely going to feel it too.”She moved forward on the sofa to position herself, then she gently rubbed her paddle on the seat of my pants. She moved it up and down, and from side to side.“How does that feel? Pretty nice, right.”I tried to remain nonchalant about it, “Yeah, it’s okay I’d say.”“All right, try this one.” Without any further warning, she raised it high and brought it down on me. I felt the impact and heard the thwack of it connecting with my backside. kaçak bahis siteleri I couldn’t help but yowl, and I fell forward. I didn’t go all the way down, by Nora commented on it.“Come on Paul, you can do better than that.”I said the obvious thing, “But it hurts.”“Of course, it’s supposed to.” I didn’t know it then, but I didn’t realize how trite what she said was. “Steady yourself; you know what to expect now.”I suppose I did better with the next ones, but I still made noises and wriggled around. I didn’t nearly collapse with those, and she didn’t chide me for my sounds or movements. I lost count, but I think she gave me at least six on each cheek. “There, you’re doing much better now. Make me proud of you.”Then she stopped, and she felt my backside with her hand. “This must be working; I can feel how hot you are now. Come on, unbuckle your pants. It’s time for some wood on the bare flesh.” When I had my pants down below my knees, she noticed something right away. “You do have a huge boner, just as I expected.”“I couldn’t help it; it just sort of went up on its own.” It reminded me of the first time I had spanked her, back in June, and she was surprised to find that she liked it.“That’s okay, lots of guys get them. The buttocks are an erogenous zone, as you must know. Blood is flowing into them as you get beaten.”She had a good grasp of anatomy. I thought, it hurts in the back but it feels surprisingly good in the front.I glanced over at her, and I noticed that her legs were splayed apart. I could look under her skirt and see up to her crotch. Her underthings were surprising. She had a black garter and straps to hold up her stockings, plus sheer black panties that were virtually transparent. Her public hair was clearly visible.I commented, “Nice retro underwear you’ve got. I suppose later I’ll get an even better look.”“Oh no, not today you’re not.”“Nora, I mean Miss Meara, you know how it goes. First the discipline, then the fucking.”“That may be how it works with me, but definitely not for you. Now let’s get to the main act.”Yet I was angry too, but I decided not to argue with her. She raised her paddle again and she hit me about every two or three seconds. Tears were coming out of my eyes, but yet I was still aroused.“I see you’re still erect. You are one of those hard-core cases.” Then she began to lecture me, “So no more looking at other girls, no more jerking-off about Lilith or Linda or Martha or those other journalistic twats and their eager pussies.”I realized that she couldn’t possibly know what I was thinking and doing twenty-four hours per day. There was no point in mentioning that, because Nora already knew was it all just a game, and an excuse to tan my hide. It perhaps wasn’t the best pretext she could invent but that paddle felt real enough. Probably if I made a show of just looking innocent in the office, I’d do fine. That was until she decided to do this again. I was starting to complain, “Come on Miss Meara, that’s enough already.”