Normal Times

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Normal TimesThere is still one thing that gets me. It is always hard to see my wife depart to do vanilla stuff with her guys. Even worse when it is a holiday deal. Or some special occasion. Friend’s Wedding: First part of last month The Woman Who Married me and HER Real Man went to a wedding. It was HIS friend’s wedding in Jamaica. There had to be a big cover story and the fact that SHE was taking a ten days trip made it interesting. It was an all-inclusive with the wedding for the first Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday. Then they left that resort and spent Sunday through Sunday at the all-inclusive with clothing optional pool the rest of the time. She sent me pictures of them at tourist points and on the beach. It is still very strange to see her like this. The funny thing THEY ended up buying her a metal ring that looked like a collar. She wore it for the trip and had a tan ring around her neck. Still has a faint line. She is thinking about tanning with it again. Or maybe that is me. Work Event: Another Real Man SHE sees had a work event and needed a “classy lady” to make his coworkers jealous. HE asked and SHE looked at me and said, “Well sugar is that ok with you?” HE looked almost lost in hope that I would say yes. I paused to tease HIM and then said, “But of course that canlı bahis is the least I can do after all the joy HE brings YOU.” SHE and I went out an pick out a new dress, black like most of the other SHE has, with dark red heels and belt that went matched. The dress was about 2 inches above HER knee, which with her shorter legs, made it short on HER body. The 4 inch heels and stockings were just the right touch. Needless to say he was very happy with the end outfit and his coworkers are very jealous now. Just like me. Protest: There was a protest against the biggest political figure by a pro Black Group downtown two weeks ago. SHE went with HIM. SHE was wearing HER “collar” and pair of pink and black stretch pants. On the back the pink part made a shape of a heart showcasing her butt. SHE had pink skin tight top that had a Black Power Fist symbol with Black Power under it and a pair of pink and black running shoes. SHE wore a loose coat and flannel over the top to get out of the house. She gave him head in the park at the protest and then walked behind him holding his back pocket the rest of the day. From what she told me it was the most submissive she ever felt to a man. Thankful Nation Holiday: Yesterday we had dinner with family and the neighbors. SHE had agreed to accompany bahis siteleri HIM to “orphan dinner” later yesterday evening so she wanted our dinner she agreed to host done efficiently. SHE had text me the strict schedule on Monday. SHE wanted me to have dinner on the table at 3:30 PM and the guest were told to be there promptly at 2 pm for socializing. SHE wanted me to have 12 bottles of wine open at 2 pm and I was instructed to feed wine to the adults as soon as they walked in and keep it up. SHE wanted me clearing the table no later than 4:30 pm so she could be nice and then slip away. Starting at 6:30 am, HE was texting her all through the day and dinner with teasing comments and suggestions on what to wear. He did send her a pic of HIS MANHOOD at one point. SHE giggled. SHE was trying to rush us. SHE was very hot by dinner’s end. She kept having me pour wine while SHE kept talking about her commitment with the JL Women’s group on serving dinner to the needy later that night. By 5 PM the neighbors were all gone, and most of her family. I had to deal with her drunk aunt and uncle while she dressed and prepared to “serve.” Grandparents, family and all were gone by 5:30 pm. She called me up and asked the status and I ran it down. SHE smiled and patted me on the butt saying, bahis şirketleri “You did such a great job and I’m thankful for your support and work.” Then SHE smiled and said, “It is time now.” I paused for a moment. She had changed her dress to a tight halter top black short cocktail dress with a plunging open back. She matched it with knee high black spiked boots and black stockings with little outlined black hearts with hot pink outlines. SHE coughed to let me know when SHE said it was time it was right now. I prepped the alcohol and ice and stripped. SHE looked at me and handed me the hot pink plastic CB Chastity Device and demanded, “put it on NOW” I lowered my stuff into the alcohol and ice bath in the bowl and huffed and puffed until it shrank and then I quickly put the loop and device on. I walked over to HER, once I dried, and held the lock and keys out for HER to put in place. SHE finished her lipstick, looked down, giggled and locked me up. I helped to put HER boots on and SHE kissed me on the fore head leaving some lip shaped red mark. Then SHE held the keys on the necklace and said, “Put it on ME, I’m going to be late.”I complied and then SHE said “I left you a list on the desk, close the shades and get the list done with no clothes on. I will check.” Thank you home security. SHE fixed her lips again and left. I have been home alone since then. So back to my point, when she goes out like this or travels for normal stuff I am extremely jealous and compliant. It is still strange for me.