Norma’s Story

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When she drove her Z-3 into the driveway, she didn’t see the MG. Paul’s not home. It was good having her 18 yr old around this spring break. 5 months away was too long. Not seeing him growing through the awkward stages of puberty was both a blessing and a loss. Paul was the only child this strange marriage produced. And while the 4 year relationship between Norma and Larry produced much unsettledness, it did create this wonderful, smart, handsome as he puts on weight and begins to grow a tapered beard, sexually charismatic and horny young man.

Horny is a perfect way to describe Paul. In the 3 days he’s been home, Norma has been witness to several cliché sightings of ‘is that a pistol in your pocket or are you just glad to see me’. Paul has been sporting what most young men are vulnerable to at any given moment. Norma would love to take a peek, just to see, what harm would occur if she could validate how much Paul resembled his father in probably the only department that she could feel was one of the few pluses that came out of the relationship.

Larry turned out to be a real shit, leaving her for another man was just one part of the downhill slide.

Using her inheritance to further his escapades and lifestyle of men, women and gambling was another.

So was absence as a father to Paul.

Just a peek was all she wanted. Paul was now 18, was his cock as thick or long as his father’s? Hmmm. Was it free of pubic hair like his dad’s? That was Norma’s doing. She’s had a penchant for being groomed and bald ever since she could remember. Smooth and hairless. Norma liked the look on her and on men. Norma used to shave her husband often. She like the feel of power she had as she held his cock in one hand and a razor in the other, his cock helplessly hard and throbbing during the process. Norma on the other hand hated the feel of a razor on her pussy and used a depilatory that occasionally Larry be allowed the pleasure of denuding her.

Imagine, wondered Norma, Paul being hairless like his father. She quickly removed that thought from her mind…Paul’s my son, I’m his mother. Away with those thoughts, but it was difficult with Paul sporting hardons for the past 3 days and Norma’s …for whatever reason…awakened state of sexuality.

When she reached the top of the stairs to the second floor of the 3 story modern Tudor that her long since departed parents gave her as a wedding present, (Norma came from an upper middle class family.

She went to the best schools, was a dedicated student with a BA in Art that she later put to use in her professional career as a designer that led to starting a design studio with her friend Carol before she hooked up with Larry.) she noticed the door to the smaller of 3 guest rooms opened; There were groaning sounds coming from inside. She quietly made her way to the door and all she saw was the body of a male, the face hidden from view. The male was naked. It was a young, in a nice stage of development, teenage body. Definitely. This someone who seems to be on the right track. What did not look teenage was the large protuberance in his hand. That what he held in his hand had the look of a member far beyond its years..

It was large and erect. The male had one hand on the shaft and the other on his balls. Yes, thought Norma, this cock is of very decent size…nice purple head and I can see it throbbing from here. She also noticed. something that made her quiver. There was not a hair on his entire sexual ness. Norma’s reaction to this naked hairless male came in the form of ‘pinch me I must be dreaming’ A naked male, whose face I cannot see, yet with a body that has a nice look to it is in the guest room of my house jerking off. And I’m incredulously and instantly turned on. To what Norma is not sure. But she can feel the moisture developing in her crotch. And there’s more. As this male plays with himself, the sounds from another part of the room filter through and combined with his groaning sounds give the room a flavor a small orgy in progress. Those other sounds came from the tv the male is watching and thou it was off in a corner of the room, Norma could make out that porn was the feature of the day for this male.

Rather than turn away and leave the place to the male’s privacy, Norma did not move but focused on the male’s cock as it stood straight and inviting. The dampness from her own sexuality increased. The moistness of her cunt made it impossible for Norma to ignore. In a decision that would change her life gave in to the impulse of release as she squeezed her thighs together, tightening her zone of pleasure and brought forth an irresistible orgasm. And while Norma stifled her moan of pleasure, her legs became shaky and her balance was thrown array. Does she exit without being seen? Does she make herself known.? Does she stay, her presence obscured by the partition that block the male’s face from her, and continue to watch ataşehir escort as the moment of climax for him begins?

The decision is made for her. In an instant the climax of this youth erupts volcanically, shooting upwards in an arc that lands on his chest. Though not quite visible Norma believes this eruption also landed somewhere north of the male’s hairless upper chest. The hand of the male quickly leaves his cock and dabs his index finger north of Norma’s visibility. A licking sound is heard. The finger then reaches down to the pool of sperm on the male’s abdomen and brings more sperm upward beyond the Norma’s vista. Her arousal is brewing again. Now she is thinking how she would love to be holding the male index finger in her mouth. If only she dared. Her breathing was stabilizing better now and she fought the arousal.

She needed to regain her senses. She had to regroup her thoughts and not be a slave to her lascivious other self.

She could if she wanted, do nothing but quietly walk downstairs, re-enter the house and announce her presence in order to give the male an opportunity to put things in order. Yes I could do that. I should just leave thought Norma. That’s the safe and sane thing to do. Norma will always have the memory and never forget the moment. She could recreate it as one of the repertoire of masturbation fantasies. Except Norma didn’t play safe and this one was no fantasy. Then it hit her. The bolt that in a millisecond gave birth to the fear and torment that the male whose face she could not see was Larry her ex-husband.

After all the male’s cock looked large and the head resembled that of Larry’s. There was no pubic hair. Bald. Smooth to the look. The chest was hairless. All features she remembered of Larry. And then there was the ritual of the taste and lick of the sperm. All traits of that ex bastard who’s been stuffing his face with another man’s cock lately. But just as quickly Norma realized it wasn’t Larry so then it had to be…No impossible. It couldn’t. Paul’s car wasn’t in the driveway. This male was in the guestroom. It must be a friend of Paul’s.

Yes, this becomes acceptable to Norma. This isn’t Paul. She isn’t voyering on her son Paul, but rather a friend or acquaintance. Someone who perhaps has the slight resemblance of Paul. But certainly not Paul. I will not allow this person to be Paul. If she doesn’t see his face it could be anybody. It was then that Norma made another millisecond decision. She would have this male but never see his face. But how? And why would it be okay for him to see her? What if this male rejects her? Heartbreaking indeed but so what she wouldn’t know who he was. And that was fine for her. Norma peered into the room, the male hadn’t moved. He was still watching the porn and holding his less than turgid member lightly.

With its strength removed…now just a lovely piece of meat above the sounds of the porn, Norma spoke. “Please don’t say a word and don’t move. I don’t know who you are and I don’t want to know. Please don’t move and please not a word. This is important. If my son Paul new I were here, watching you jerk off that magnificent cock of yours, my son Paul would be very upset with me and with him. So let’s agree not to say a word about this to anyone. Do you agree? Yes or no? Please say yes.

And the voice from the male his face still hidden from her view responded. Yes of course, my mother would be very annoyed as well..

We are agreed came the assured response from Norma. And she then revealed her thoughts to the male…

I do not want to know who you are. Understand. I will call you Drake. I am Paul’s mother. I’m sure you know Paul. But I don’t want to know of your relationship with him. Understand.

I’m a healthy, sexy divorce woman of in my mid 30’s. I live in this house with my son Paul. I was watching you play with yourself. I watched you as you caressed your balls and stroked your shaft. I couldn’t help but notice how groomed and free of pubic hair you are. You must tell me about that but not now.

I watched you as your body arched giving way to your orgasm. I watched your finger dip into your cum and bring it to your mouth, I think. Do you like the way your cum taste? Answer me, Drake. Norma heard his quiet yes. Would I like the taste she asked? You want to taste my cum…he replies questioning in disbelief that his taste would be something someone would take pleasure in. In due time…comes Norma’s answer. In due time. But now I must tell you that while you were jerking yourself I had an orgasm just watching you. I feel that I’ve deprived you of the excitement that I witnessed.

Would you, Drake, like to watch me as I give myself an orgasm? His reply was a stammering yes.

Then come to my room the one down the hall, I’ll leave the door ajar where you can see me as I play and excite myself for you. Oh one avcılar escort more thing, Drake, you are to call me Norma. Don’t get up yet. I must go to my room and prepare myself. When you come to my door, you will stand at the entrance. Do not enter unless I say. Is that understood? Yes or No? The reply of yes was quick and with certainty. I will be lying on my bed in attire suitable for this occasion. And I will wear a sleeping mask. I do not want to see your face. I do not want know that which one of my son’s acquaintances you are. Paul should not know about this. It’s not right for him to know his mother watched an acquaintance jerk off. Yes or No?

A silence is evident from Drake He is confused and not knowing of how to answer. Norma then says…do you think it right for a mother to watch his son jerk off? Of course not. A mother being a voyeur and watch her own son hold his manhood in his hand and rub it until an orgasm happens and watch him as he dips his finger in his cum and devours it. It’s also not right to have that mother invite her 18yr old to watch as she masturbates?. The yes becomes a yes, yes, yes. Oh Drake I nearly forget. The only response I want from you unless I specifically ask you to go into detail is Yes or No. And I want the response to be the truth or I will be very upset. I’m going to m my room now be there is five minutes. Yes or No? A yes shouted from the voice called Drake.

Norma glided to her room, aroused and excited again in the span of 15 minutes. Her heart was pounding, her nipples taut and burning, if she would touch one Norma felt she would explode. Her pussy was drenched. Norma took off her clothes, opened her dresser drawer and took out an immodest bra and panties. She opened another drawer and took out her sleeping mask. She looked around the room. The light from the window was too harsh so she adjusted the blinds to let less in. The light from the other corner of the room should be left on for a enhancement and accentuation. Norma finally reached in to get a match so she lights an incense candle. And finally before arranging herself on her bed she went to her purse, pulled out a marijuana joint, lit it, exhaled a couple of times and left it in an ashtray on the table near the door,

Calmed and empowered by the smoke, Norma adjusted the sleeping mask over her eyes, making certain she could not see anything but blackness and choosing to keep her eyes closed as she gently let her hands explore her body. Before she actually touched them Norma knew how hard and responding her nipple now became. She controlled the touch just enough that the tingle was just what she wanted to feel now…no shuddering; out of control orgasm was wanted. Just the tingle of one escaping. Her toes felt the sensation and curled and tightened just a hair. Her hands continued the slow ascent to her crotch. Norma pulled the waistband a bit shrouding her pussy lips for an outline. The crack should be visible she hoped. Now I’m ready she said to herself at the split instance the male called Drake makes his presence know as he cleared his throat. Welcome to my room Drake.

Remember Yes and No answers to my questions and only the truth. Agreed? Yes.

I just lit a joint. It’s there in the ashtray. Do you smoke marijuana? Yes or No? His reply was halted but a yes was heard. Then light up Drake and watch me as I do to me what I saw you do to yourself. The match was struck. The sound of inhaling followed by a pause and an exhale and then again he repeated the process three times. Norma spoke to him…I’m very excited as I touch myself, blindfolded as it were,

unable to see but just to hear. You’re still at the door I can tell. Can you see my hands as they caress my breasts and pinch my nipples? I’ll let you in on a secret. My nipples can be very sensitive when aroused and I’ve been known to have gratifying orgasms by just touching and pinching them. Can you imagine how I would respond if I could lick and suck my own nipples? Can you see my nipples from there? Yes or No. No. Then take a couple of steps no more until you can. Good Drake. Tell me Yes or No…have you ever touch a girl’s nipple? You have. Do you like doing that? You don’t have to answer. Well, Drake? I see when I say you don’t have to answer you don’t answer. Very good, Drake…Norma then became quiet as the impending orgasm from touching her nipples reached a point of no return and she shouted to the

male. Drake are you watching me? Yes or No. Yes. And Drake this is only my nipple orgasm.. Watch me. Watch… and then her toes curled and her release was followed by a heavy moan. Were you watching me Drake? Were you watching me. Norma cried. And Drake proudly said yes.

Is your member hard Drake? Yes or No. Of course yes was his answer. I want to know that you are

stroking it as I bring my hands down to my cunt. When I’m excited I like the word cunt, Drake. avrupa yakası escort And pussy too. Norma took the band of her brief panty and pulled it up tightening the fabric to the indentation made by the slit of her pussy. Now my cunt becomes a slit, a gash…sometimes I call it my twat but not vagina. Say them for me Drake. Say those delicious dirty words. Look at the way my cunt becomes a slit when I do

this. Say those words Drake. And the male replies pussy, cunt, twat, slit, gash…what else Drake…hole, cunny, tee tee, mons, box, hair pie … stop Drake, hair pie doesn’t apply to me…as Norma slids down her panties revealing a hairless center of loveliness…visible cunt lips with a clitoris that rose out ½ an inch, glistening, awaiting a flicker of her hand to start her body in spasm. Do you like what you see? A pussy without hair. Yes or No? yes, Norma, yes. Have you ever touched a cunt? She asked as her fingers pressed on. Yes or No. You have? Have you see one without hair? She didn’t wait for the male’s answer. I have no hair on my pussy.

Or shall I call it my cunt, my twat, my box, my slit. What name should would you call it Drake? What name? May I call it pussy, Norma? Pussy. Yes pussy. I prefer cunt and pussy is fine too. Cunt. Pussy says Drake. Norma moans as the tingle from her finger passing over her clitoris brings forth a little spasm. Drake how’s your jerking coming, are you close. Yes. Just like when I watched you before having your orgasm, now I’m pleased that you are watching me Drake as I bring myself to a climax. Come closer, Drake, I want you to come over my body. I am so close my dear Drake. So close. This is beautiful. Oh! I’m on fire. It feels go good. Real good. Now. Now. I’m coming Drake. My cunt’s on fire. God damm, I’m coming. Her voice was now at a screaming pitch. A sound that made the male stop…taking his hand off his cock as he looked at her contorted face, the muscles of her legs and thighs rigid as the sensation of her orgasm ripped through her body. Norma’s breathing calmed down and she realized that the male had stopped masturbating.

You stopped, Drake. Was it my screaming? Yes or No? Speak to me. The male said, yes, your scream made me afraid. I’ve never heard a sound like that. It sounded painful. Was it?

No my dear Drake, you sweet thing. It was my cry of pleasure. Extreme pleasure. Unimagined pleasure. And you were here to witness it. Now you, Drake, must have your orgasm. On my body. Is that clear. Yes or No? Yes, Norma, Yes.

Come closer to my bed so I can almost feel you. Take my hand and put it on your cock. That’s it. How nice you member feels. And hard. I must touch your balls. Nice. Tight like small walnuts. I will cup your balls as you jerk your throbbing cock to orgasm. I like the feeling no pubic hair, but I do feel stubble. A better grooming is what you need. But we’ll deal with that later. At this point the sound of a car pulling into the driveway heard. Someone’s coming up the driveway. It might be Paul said Norma. The male said nothing. Are you almost ready? The male grunted yes, as he feverously ripped away at his rigid tool. That’s it Drake, jerk it…and then Norma picked herself up from her lying position and took the male’s cock in her mouth just as the male’s orgasm spewed forth. The male’s come was hot and thick and he trembled with his release.

The bell rang from downstairs and a moment later the door opened and the shout from downstairs was

welcomed relief…’Norma. It’s Carol. Where are you?’ Carol. Norma’s safe, wonderful friend and partner of 15 years. It’s Carol who’s here. Carol my confidant who knows everything me…well, most everything. I don’t think this day will be shared with her. Norma smiled and sucked one more time, squeezing a final drop from the male’s cock. Norma responded as quickly as she could swallow, commending herself for the quickness she regained herself. I just finished working out. Ain’t that the truth? I’m going to jump into the shower.

Make some coffee will you hon. With that she said to the male…leave my room quickly; I don’t want my friend Carol to know what just went on. Quickly go back to the room where you were. Norma touched the male’s body as he started to leave her and the room. She waited until she heard the door close and the male’s footsteps move down the hall. She took off the mask, headed straight for the shower. In and out in two delicious minutes. Not wanting to get his wash the male’s smell from her but rather put it away and retrieve when she wanted. A quick dry and a reach for just bought sweatsuit, Norma heads downstairs to slipping her fingers through her wet brown hair. Will my attempt to regain a sense of normalcy be successful?

She wondered the smell of freshly brewed coffee wafting from the kitchen. Carol was standing near the kitchen table drinking the brew and leafing throws a issue of Penthouse that was lying there. Hi. says Norma reaching for the cup that Carol just poured her. Penthouse I see. Yours or Paul’s? Carol chimes. Norma gives the magazine a quick glance. Must be Paul’s. Carol looks up. And speaking of that good-looking son of yours, I haven’t seen him lately. Norma ‘s response was quick. Neither have I.

End of part one.