Not Just Another Day at Work

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Felicia started another day at work. It was like any other day just like the many days before, nothing new and exciting. Felicia was feeling a bit down this particular day. Felicia is not unfortunate looking but she is not a super model. Felicia didn’t realize that someone had been admiring her from afar for months.

This someone was pretty much a stranger to Felicia for the most part, only an occasional hello from time to time when he would stop by the make a delivery. Felicia didn’t really know him. All she knew was that his name was Kenneth and he did delivers.

On this particular day, time crawled by. It seemed like 5:00 p.m. would never arrive. Just as Felicia was preparing her things to get ready to leave for the day, her boss entered the office and told her that a huge report needed to be prepared and completed by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. His regular assistant was not in and he told Felicia that she would have to complete this. Felicia tried to explain that she already had plans, even though she did not, but the boss was adamant that she was to complete it and if she did not then she didn’t need to bother coming in the next morning.

Felicia sat down at her desk, feeling very frustrated as she watched all her co-workers leave for the evening. As everyone left the building, she neglected the lock the doors behind them. This one event will become a huge surprise to her later in the evening.

After several hours of working, Felicia was becoming exhausted and more frustrated. What Felicia didn’t realize was Kenneth happened to be walking by the office and noticed that Felicia was still there. He could see her through the lit windows in the dark street. Kenneth thought to himself “Now is my chance to make an impression on her. I want her so badly.”

Kenneth went down to the small liquor store on the corner for a bottle of wine. He courageously walked back to the office building. He beginning pondering if they doors were locked and how could he try to win her heart if he was not able to get in. Kenneth pulled on the office door and to his delight they were unlocked. Was this by chance istanbul escort or written in the stars? Kenneth quietly walked into the office building closing the door behind him. Felicia was hard at work and didn’t realize that someone had entered the building. Kenneth feeling a bit nervous bumped into the copy machine, which startled Felicia. Felicia jumped up to see who was in the building. She jumped when she saw Kenneth standing there.

Felicia stated “Oh hello Kenneth, you frightened me.” “I didn’t realize that I didn’t lock the door. I’m working on a huge report that must be finished by morning. I’m about done with it now.” “Is there something that I can do for you? I didn’t know you made deliveries this late.”

Kenneth stated “I don’t make deliveries this late. I saw you through the windows as I was going by and thought you deserved a break.” He also said “I thought you might enjoy some wine.”

Felicia stated “Oh that would be very nice. I hope that no know finds out I was having some wine while I’m supposed to be working.”

Kenneth stated “I would never tell anyone.” They decided to go into the conference room and have some wine.

They didn’t realize that after just a few hours of talking and laughing that they had finished the entire bottle.

Kenneth felt he had enough courage in a bottle and told Felicia “Felicia, I have wanted to tell you something for a longtime. I really find you attractive and I have wanted to ask you to go out sometime but have never been brave enough.”

Felicia was shocked. She never in her wildest dreams thought that Kenneth saw her that way. She thought he was so attractive and she could never get a man like him.

Felicia stated “Kenneth, I’m really flattered but I didn’t think a guy like you would think I’m very attractive.”

Kenneth stated “You are beautiful! I have wanted to be more than friends for a very long time. I have deep feelings for you and have for a long time.”

Kenneth leaned over to kiss Felicia. They kissed avcılar escort passionately. Their fire ignited immediately. They both wanted each other more than anyone has ever wanted anyone in their lives.

Kenneth reaches down to look deep into Felicia’s eyes before beginning to unbutton her blouse.

Felicia looked back at Kenneth and said “Kenneth, please fuck me.” Kenneth kisses Felicia deeply and slowly unbuttons each button slowly.

Felicia reaches up to raise up Kenneth’s shirt. She removes his shirt and throws it across the room. They look deeply into each others eyes again with a look of hot desire.

Felicia begins kissing his chest. Kenneth removes her blouse and throws it across the room. Kenneth takes her by the hand and stands her up. He turns her around and reaches underneath her skirt to remove her panties only to discover she was not wearing any. He reaches his hand up to begin rubbing her clit. She spread her legs and placed her hands against the wall. He sits down between her legs to start licking her clit.

She moans loudly with pleasure. His tongue goes deep into her pussy.

“You taste so damn good!” Kenneth exclaims. Felicia begins moving her hips and reaches down and grabs his head shoving it into her cunt. Felicia screams “Kenneth fuck me!”

Kenneth stood up removes the rest of his clothes and pushes Felicia’s back up against the wall. He picks her up, wraps her legs around his waist and shoves his cock deep inside Felicia’s wet cunt.

Kenneth fucks Felicia hard. “Felicia, your pussy feels so damn good, I’m going to fuck you so good. I’m going to make you cum harder than you have ever cum in your live!” Kenneth said.

Felicia grinded her cunt hard moaning louder and louder each time. Felicia could begin to feel the sensation of her cum starting to build. She could feel it starting in her toes and moving up her legs to her inner thighs.

Felicia grabbed Kenneth’s shoulders hard and threw her head back and yelled “Kenneth, fuck me hard, I’m cumming!” “Fuck me Kenneth, don’t stop!”

Felicia’s cum exploded all şirinevler escort over Kenneth’s big, hard cock. Felicia’s cum was so warm but Kenneth could tell she wasn’t done yet. Kenneth gently let her legs down to the floor.

Felicia stated “I want to taste my cum on your cock.” Felicia started sucking his dick so hard and good. She took all of his hard cock in her mouth, not missing a drop of her sweet cum.

“How do you taste baby?” Kenneth asked

“I taste delicious!” she says. She licks and sucks his balls. She twirls her tongue all over his balls while stroking his big hard dick. Felicia would look up into Kenneth’s eyes while he watched her give him head.

“You give the best head I have ever had Felicia!” Kenneth moaned.

Felicia looks up at him and states “I want to ride your cock Kenneth! I want to ride you now! Let me fuck you on top of the conference table!”

Kenneth and Felicia move to the conference table. Kenneth pushes his way back on the table as Felicia crawls onto the table and climbs on top of him. She straddles him and slides her very wet pussy over his hard shaft. He reaches up and slightly pinches her hard nipples. Felicia grinds her cunt on his cock hard.

Felicia said “Kenneth, does my pussy feel good? Do you want to cum hard inside me?”

Kenneth moaned loudly “Hell yes your cunt feels good! Yes I want to cum inside your fucking pussy! I am going to fill you up!” “Fuck me baby! Fuck me good! Make my hard dick cum!”

Felicia rides his cock hard and deep, faster with each stroke of her cunt. Kenneth begins sucking her hard nipples and tits. Felicia is fucking him faster. He grabs her hips pushing her down harder on his cock. You hear their moans throughout the entire office.

Felicia screams loudly “Oh fuck this cunt baby, make me cum again! Oh Kenneth, YES!”

Kenneth moans loud “That’s right baby, grind that pussy on my cock. Cum baby, cum all over me!” Felicia rides him hard and fast. She yells out “Kenneth, I’m going to cum now!”

Kenneth yells loudly also “I’m cumming baby! I’m going to fill that pussy with my hot cum!”

Felicia and Kenneth cum together at the same instant! They both feel each others hot cum.

Felicia looked into Kenneth’s eyes and said “Thank you for fucking me Kenneth, I came so hard.”

Kenneth said “I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long, your pussy tastes so sweet and your cunt felt so good.”

They both agree this would not be the last time they would see each other.