Not quite…

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“That’s it, already?”You had turned your head to the side and then face back into the pillow.“My hands are starting to cramp up a bit, dear.”A special, playful emphasis on that last word.Damn, that I was simply viewing the most gorgeous woman on earth was my thought as I looked at your tanned body, prone on our hotel bed. I adored giving you those full body massages that you enjoyed, the effect producing sometimes total relaxation into which you fell blissfully asleep and, yet, occasionally would awaken your other desires much to both of our later appreciations.“I could suggest we get dressed and grab something to eat at the B”, a bistro-type restaurant which was my favorite place in Honolulu and to which I had brought you a few times. No complaints ever from you at this particular choice. Perhaps, one day, we would enjoy the Peninsula in Manila. I wanted to treat you to an eatery in that hotel that had the best, undisputed, world class Italian food (go figure) that I had ever had in the world. Alexandria would always have a different meaning in our lives, but for decadence, this Filipino site would surpass escort izmit that particular hunger.“I suppose…but“, you did add, “I have been enjoying that little pressure against my ass. So, maybe, we could spend some…”“Nope.” I pushed myself up, away from you.My cock was engorged, you had felt that. And, yes, perhaps, I did allow the potential of an invite as I periodically leaned up against the curvature of your toned ass while gliding my oiled hands over your back and hips. I had other desires too. I liked teasing you as well and there was a brief moment that the slipperiness of your skin and my cock nearly merged into a lengthy, mutually pleasurable fuck.Let’s get you dressed”. I gently pulled on your wrists. The yellow turquoise and diamond bracelets that flashed as we swam in the gentle surf off Waikiki earlier that afternoon the only items you wore for the moment. You slowly crawled back over the edge of the bed. Your feet now onto the floor. I kept you there, facing away from me; my touch, holding you there, was a specific understanding. I walked over to the dresser and opened izmit escort several drawers—followed by the opening of your closet. A long pause there. I returned to you, my body now pressed up against you, deliberately on my account. Your thighs were pushed against the mattress, it being level with your hips. There was a sudden rush of breathlessness from you as I did that. “I’ve been wanting you all day, lover. Please, just won’t you?”I could feel your body stiffen, your legs particularly, as I knelt behind you, my lips lightly touching just the back of one thigh. My hands touching, softly the outer curves of your hips at the time. I traced the tip of my tongue inwardly, then higher to that area that would drive you closer to demanding more attention, You felt my hand pull your right ankle up. You allowed this and felt a the sensation of satin slide over your foot and ankle and then further upwards. I saw you look down towards your legs, watching the slipping on of the pair of bright crimson thongs you had brought for this trip. I felt that this color made you look izmit kendi evi olan escort not only sexy but magnificent. You balanced yourself unquestionably against the bed as you slightly raised your other leg. I pulled the thong up along your legs, and around your thighs…carefully slipping the one strap gently between your cheeks, adjusting the front and that strap so as to not be too tight around you. Your one hand joined mine at the level of your pussy. You had placed some pressure there. Yes, I felt you. I knew you wanted me too.I pulsed and throbbed against your ass as I stood directly behind you. Your hands drifted backwards to grasp my hips, pulling me against you. It would have been so simple to finger that vertical strap to the side and push you over the edge of the bed. I’m sure those were your thoughts as well. I dropped my mouth over your right shoulder and traced the contour of your muscles up along your neck. Sucking gently along your smooth skin, drawing your flesh at once hard into my mouth as you moaned, almost collapsing into my arms as I held you from behind. Your head twisting around, your mouth wanting to engage my attention but not quite able to. My hands pressed up against your breasts, holding them, pressing them hard against your ribs. My tongue allowing a leisurely exploration of your neck on that side, up to your ear and deliciously around the lobe.