Not The Usual Day…

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Not The Usual Day At The Office

As I walked into the office, I felt myself heave an overly loud sigh of distress… When did this job from Hell ever end? I thought to myself. I swear, some days I just felt like crawling in a hole and dying, some days I felt like committing suicide, and the cause of it all was my boss, my overly commanding boss. If there was such a thing as the biggest asshole on the face of this earth, it was him. He was constantly telling me to do the most boring and pointless work that there was to be done around the office. I took my place at my desk and turned on the computer. As I was waiting for it to start up, my mind began wandering again to my shitty life.

I don’t even know why I put up with it, because he has been a jerk to me since day one. I didn’t owe anything to him, or have any compelling reason to do what I was doing. I wasn’t even just doing work, I was getting him lunch on my lunch-break, I was working overtime without the pay, everything that you could imagine that would make your life a living hell on the job.

I didn’t even realize that I was just sitting there, staring blankly into my screen saver until he came up to me.

“Um, Jessica, it doesn’t look like you are getting much work done here… Now does it?” I straightened up and quickly logged into the computer, then got up to face him.

“I-I-I’m sorry, Jus- I mean, Mr. Timberlake” My eyes darted to his, which glowered under the fluorescent lights. I felt anger build up in me immediately, as it always did when he approached me, but I never said anything. I managed to bite my lip and clench my fists once again, thinking about how much I needed this job. I quickly looked down at my feet.

“That’s more like it.” He snapped. He pushed my chin up to look into his eyes once again. Their burning glaze pierced straight through my eyes, and I felt my knees go weak from the sheer power of his stare. “I can’t have you slacking off like that anymore, I have too much work to do.” He quickly released my chin, and I kept my eyes locked to him as he turned and walked into his office.

I licked my lips inadvertently, and got back to work, but soon again I was drifting off. The way he stared into my eyes, for those moments I forgot about how he was the biggest asshole in the world. I replayed his gaze over and over in my mind, then I let my imagination wander to other things… the way he walked, with a manly stride, one that just screamed, “don’t mess with me-or else,” his long, muscular forearms… his supple ass… his life. No one knew much about him, just what they saw at work. I began to wonder what his life was like, if he did anything fun ever, if he had a girlfriend… The horrible thoughts from him faded from my mind as I began to think of the mysteriousness of this man. What would he be like if he wasn’t a complete jerk? I longed to know.

What was I thinking? Who cares, I thought, as I pushed all of my wild fantasies to the back of my head. This IS the biggest asshole on the face of this earth, for all I know. He can go fuck himself. I gave myself a mental kick and began to do my tedious work once again.

One, two, finally three hours passed by as I glanced at the clock every so often. It was about 12 o’clock, and I was about ready to go mad. I decided that this would be a good time to take my lunch break, so I grabbed my purse as fast as I could and tried to dart out of there without Justin seeing me. Of course, it was too late. As I passed the water machine I heard someone clearing kadıköy escort their throat behind me.

“Ahem!” I knew who it was before I even turned around.

“I-I was just leaving to go eat, I’m starving.” I looked down at my feet, but I could still feel his eyes piercing into me.

“Whatever. Before you leave come into my office, I have some… things to discuss with you.” With that he abruptly turned heel and strode into his office, slamming the door. I thought I might as well get this over with, so I could recover on my lunch break, if I was to even have one. I heaved a large sigh and walked over to the door and into his office.

He was at his desk furiously writing something. I walked over and stood about three feet in front of his desk, with my hands meekly at my sides. I was not in the mood to be dealing with this today. To my surprise he quickly slammed his pen down, and stood up slowly, his eyes locking with mine. He walked over to the door and slowly shut it, the creaking of the old woodwork ringing through the room. He never once took his gaze from mine, as the light of the room dimmed from the shutting of the door.

He lingered in the shadow of his filing cabinet, and then slowly made his way over to me. I didn’t realize that I was slowly backing away from him until my back brushed against the wall. Lord, was I that scared and pitiful? In a weak attempt to hide my fear of him I straightened my back and put a blank look on my face, for God knows what expression I had on before. My face was now inches away from his. Thank God I wasn’t short, I thought, as I stared eye-level with him.

“Did you want to discuss something with me?” I tried to state with no emotion. He just eyed me up and down, his face showing no signs whatsoever.

“Yeah…” He backed away a couple of feet and turned to go back to his desk. He sat down and began nonchalantly looking at his papers again. “Jessica, please tell me why I shouldn’t fire you.” He said as if it were nothing. I was instantly hit with a wave of shock, anger, and confusion, the emotions rising so quickly in me that I almost couldn’t see straight.

“W-W-What?” I managed to stammer out, anger still rising. He just stared at me with that burning gaze of his, as he stood to meet my eye level.

“I said…” He started walking around the room, with each word getting dangerously close to me, “Why… shouldn’t… I… fire… you?” He was now standing behind me, so close that I could feel his eyes burning a hole in the back of my head, and his hot breath on my neck. Thank God I couldn’t see his face right now… He would have gotten the bitch slap of the century. I took a couple of deep breaths to try to calm myself down. I wasn’t going to start yelling and give him what he wanted. I was going to be the stronger one, and when I turned around I was going to handle this calmly… yes, calmly.

I turned around slowly, looking at the ground, still trying to calm myself. I let my gaze travel the length of his body, slowly working my way up to his eyes. He was still dangerously close, and the minute I caught his stare I knew that I couldn’t hold the rage in any longer.

“You fucking bastard.” I spat out in a low tone, testing the waters between us. He just stood there, keeping my gaze ever so steadily. He slowly crossed his arms and I swallowed hard as his tongue snaked out and grazed his lower lip ever so slowly. “You CAN’T fire me, I do EVERYTHING for you!” I said sternly. “I do all the SHIT work üsküdar escort that NO ONE else wants to do for a bastard like you! If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t even be able to work!” My rage was growing by the minute, while there he was, just taking in everything I had to say. “Aren’t you going to answer me at all??!?” I screamed. “Fuck this.” I muttered as I stormed out of his office, the building a blur.

I quickly dodged into the copy room, not wanting to get bitched at in front of all my co-workers if he did decide to respond. I just leaned against the edge of the copy machine, giving a mental wave goodbye to my job, for there was no way in hell I was keeping it. Damn, I’m gonna lose my job, but yelling at Justin was almost worth it. I took some more deep breaths and finally decided that I was ready to go out and face whatever he had in store for me.

I turned around to go back to my desk and taking in the sight before me, my heart sank instantly. There he was, standing with his back against the door. I watched as his hand moved to the lock on the door, neither of us saying a word. He turned the knob like a pro and made his way over to me, sauntering that prideful stride I witnessed everyday. I became nervous very quickly and I couldn’t help myself this time as I backed up into the wall once again, not knowing his intentions. I expected some kind of yelling and screaming at any second, but his answer was calm.

“Is that good enough reason why I should keep you?” He placed both of his hands on either side of me against the wall, and I began to tremble from the knees down. As I took in his body, the lines on his masculine chest showing through his dress shirt… his perfectly placed curls on the top of his head, and his supple lips which were pursed slightly, my anger and rage began to turn into lust and desire. My previous thoughts about him flooded into my head all at once, and I desperately wanted to break this man of his hard spirit. I wanted him right then and there, I wanted all of that asshole.

I just continued to enjoy my view for a second longer, then looked directly into his eyes, which were normally an icy blue, but now were clouded and glazed over with intense desire as I guessed mine were. “Why are you…” I took a deep breath, reveling in the beautiful smell of him. “Why are you so… rough with me all the time?” He smirked as he placed his hands on my hips, and I whimpered, allowing him to trace the outline of my upper body with his skilled fingers.

“Oh, rough is it?” He traced his index finger from the nape of my neck to my collarbone, and down in between my breasts and finally let it rest on the top button of my pants, looking into my eyes and drawing me in to his seductive gravitational pull. He pressed his body against mine, and I quivered against him. I could feel his large erection through his slacks, threatening to bruise my thigh if held there any longer. He whispered into my neck with a soft growl. “I think you’ll know when I’m rough…”

With that he turned me around so that I was facing the wall, my hands spread across it, all the while keeping his body pressed closely against mine. I felt one of his hands gently push my long black hair that fell down my back to the side of my face and then travel down my back and back up my shirt. I let out a soft moan as he began hungrily kissing down my neck while tracing his long fingers up and down the sensitive skin on my back. I couldn’t help myself, and turned so that I was facing tuzla escort him, and our mouths met together in a passionate kiss deprived of any oxygen. He had his arms wrapped around my back, and the next thing I knew he had unsnapped my bra underneath my shirt with great quickness. He began fondling my breasts, kneading one and taking the other nipple in between his fingers and lightly pinching it. I felt shocks of electricity go down my spine, as he continued to explore my mouth with his tongue, occasionally biting my lower lip gently, causing me to gasp and arch my back toward him.

Man, if he was trying to make up for all of the times that he treated me like shit, it was working damn well. He moved one hand down from the breast that he was kneading and somehow snaked it into my pants, and began to lightly trace circles on top of my silky underwear. He was pleasuring, yet also teasing so many parts of my body that I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted to feel him inside of me, the deep churning feeling of desire in my stomach ached for it. I somehow willed my feet to move, and I edged him over to the copy machine, his hands still working their magic, as he looked at me inquisitively. He soon knew what I wanted from him, and began to comply.

In one swift motion he grabbed my ass and placed me on top of the edge of the machine, and began to unbutton my pants, lingering on each button to lightly lick my cheek or gently bite my earlobe. He was doing all the work and I loved it. He owed me this much, but I couldn’t wait to get my hands on him, to see his sculpted body naked. I threw his arms up after he had managed to get my pants off, and roughly yanked the shirt from his body over his head. He did the same to me, and in no time we were in front of each other in all of our glory, his enormous hard on throbbing against his stomach. He began to lower himself, but I didn’t want that, I couldn’t wait any longer.

“I want you IN me, now…” I whispered into his ear after I pulled him up in between my legs. Without another word, he guided himself and slammed into me, causing me to moan out in slight discomfort of his size. He sat there for a minute, and let me adjust to the breadth of his powerful erection, then slowly began to pull in and out of me, his hands spread against my ass, thrusting me against him. He started off with torturously slow, yet hard thrusts. Soon he began to pump in and out of me faster and faster, and I felt the room spinning. Giving a throaty growl, I clawed my nails against his back, leaving pink scratch marks. I desperately tried to maintain my balance as he managed to get faster and deeper with each thrust.

We both began to reach for breaths, gasping and moaning in tune to our rhythm. He grabbed my body roughly and proceeded to lay down on the floor with me on top of him, still inside me. I started again with the motions that we had before, riding him fast and hard, as he lay there, spent from standing up and contorting his face in sheer ecstasy. I began to feel a thin layer of sweat build on my body, and I lowered my head to his awaiting mouth, and sucked on his tongue hungrily. He placed his hands on my waist, and began to buck his hips into mine, grinding into me mercilessly. I felt my orgasm starting to build, and Justin sat up quickly, sucking on my neck, pulling me tighter against him. I threw back my head as the waves of pleasure racked my body, taking one last gasp as Justin released into me, his hands clutching the soft skin of my ass.

We both lay there for a couple minutes, trying to regain the energy we had lost with that adventure. Within two minutes, we were both dressed, and we both walked out of the room, not another word spoken.

Needless to say, he never spoke another mean word to me for the rest of the five years that I spent there.