Not your typical gnagbang/bukake scenario

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Not your typical gnagbang/bukake scenarioYou’re dressed in a very sexy, classy black dress, as if going to a high-endsocial event such as a charity dinner or opening night for a theaterproduction. The dress is expensive and shows off your beauty and sexiness,but your class even more so.Of course underneath all this finery, you are dressed as the slut you are,with stockings, garter belt and no panties. (Do you even *wear* panties?)After your evening out (or even just getting dressed!), you are blindfoldedand tied to a large, comfortable bed, spread-eagle.In the background, you hear people, mostly men, talking in hushed voices.If canlı bahis you strain, you hear the unmistakable sound of male masturbation: ballsslapping against a thigh or a moistened glans rubbing up against a foreskin.The pace of the breathing gradually picks up for everyone present and thetemperature in the room rises, not to mention your own temperature.You hear the first grunts from one of the guys and feel the shots of cum asthey land, disappointingly, near the hem of your new dress! You can feelthe material clinging to your skin with the splotches of jizz, and smell themanly aroma as it penetrates your nostrils.Then bahis siteleri you hear scissors, and feel as someone cuts away the section of dresswith this man’s deposit. You then feel the wet, gooey fabric rubbingagainst your cheek. You open your mouth, hoping the tormentor will give youa taste.Meanwhile, another male shoots his load on another part of your dress, thistime closer to your tits.Once again, the section of dress is cut away, and the cum is smeared on yourface. This time you get a smear on your tongue, which is wagging out, as agood cumslut’s tongue should. The taste only fuels your desire.One-by-one, all the guys bahis firmaları cum on your dress and cut away the stained materialto use as applicators for your facial. As more of the dress is cut away,you get a splash of cum on your bare skin or your stockings.You have no idea hold long this goes on, only that there are very fewremnants of your dress left to cover your red-hot body. One guy is ready toshoot his load and, seeing no more high-priced cumrag to absorb his seed,coats your face with the jizz you have wanted in full so desperately and forso long now.At this point, your blindfold is removed and the one providing you with yourcum-feast is none other than your man, although there is a line of hard (orhardening) cocks behind him, all waiting their turn.You are untied and undressed so you can better service the awaitingmasses..