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Subject: Office Gym – Part 1 OFFICE GYM (adult-friends, authoritarian, interracial) Author email: yo[dot]cfcf[at][dot]com I appreciate all feedback! Part 1 8 pm on a Friday. It’s true that being a litigation summer associate at a large law firm is generally an easy gig, but sometimes stuff has to be done. Better reflection of real lawyer life, I suppose. I finally shut my computer and got ready to head out. My name is Diego. I’m 25, just finished my second year of law school in the Midwest, and interning in a large East Coast city firm for the summer. I grew up in southeast Asia but went to college and law school in the US. I’m a pettite 5’6, about 150 pounds, with straight, short black hair and brown eyes. Thanks to my ethnic background I have a naturally smooth torso. I have a fairly average to below average cut 5 inch cock. I’m gay, and openly so, but not too experienced. I’ve bottomed a couple of times, and generally have no interest in topping. I walked to a nearby gym where I liked to work out. I used to be a gymnast through high school, and I was intrigued to find out that there was a gym with gymnastics equipment in the downtown area. The gym tended to close early on Fridays so it was pretty dead. There was just one guy there, manning the front desk. His name was Jake, and he was the evening manager. He was 6 feet even, 180 pounds, brown hair, and green eyes, with a trim build. No indication he was anything other than straight, which was a shame. He wasn’t exactly a genius, but he was nice enough. I smiled and flashed my gym card. As I ruffled through my bag, I was dismayed – I forgot my gym clothes! I looked at Jake, istanbul travesti and asked, “Hey – I forgot my gym clothes. Do you have any I can buy and use?” “Sorry, no,” he said. “We just ran out of stock and I forgot to order new ones, so we won’t have any until next week.” “No problem,” I responded. “Hmm, any chance you’ll let me workout in my boxer briefs, socks, and undershirt? I’d just hate to have to go home to grab my gym stuff – it’s a good thirty minutes away. Plus, I was going to use the gymnastics stuff, anyway – no need for gym shoes.” “I don’t know about that,” he said. “The gym is pretty strict about not using underwear in the gym.” He pulled out the manual and looked at the rules. “Undershirts, underwear, and socks are all off-limits. You can’t work out in those.” “Damn it!” I was frustrated. “Any workarounds we can do?” Jake read further. “So, it technically says: you can’t wear underwear as your outermost clothes on the gym floor. But, you just need to have a collar and cover your male private parts. And, no pubic hair is allowed to touch the equipment. I think I saw something that might work…” I was perplexed, but the gym was empty and I wasn’t going to miss this chance. “What do you have?” He looked in a lost and found box. “I think these two could technically work.” He fished out a thick, black, leather dog collar – big enough for a fairly large dog. “This could fit around your neck, I guess.” “So I’d wear my undershirt with a dog collar?” I asked. I was a little confused, and to be honest, a little turned on – I hadn’t really done a lot of BDSM play but I was intrigued. “Well, istanbul travestileri no,” he answered. “Just the collar. No undershirts, remember? But there isn’t really a rule against being shirtless as long as you have a collar…” “OK,” I answered. “But what about the rest?” He fished out a silver metal chastity device, still in its box. “Looks like someone left it here. It might be small. But, the book only says your penis must be covered. Nothing about balls or ass…” he mused. At this point I was terrified but also very turned on. “I think it’ll fit. So I just need to wear this collar and this chastity device. Is that it?” “Hmm, maybe one more thing,” Jake began. “No pubic hair. Think you can use this hair removal cream?” I was so turned on at this point. I nodded. “OK,” he said, “you can go in the locker room and get ready. I can take that key,” he gestured towards the chastity device. I headed off to the empty locker room and stripped naked. I put my clothes on the bench and stared at my naked self in the mirror. Just then, Jake walked in. “Hey man, sorry, I was about to take a piss. Hey, need some help with the hair removal cream?” I nodded in a daze. He rubbed it on my cock and balls and my asshole. “Should we do your pits and legs too? I guess they technically come around puberty, right?” I was not in a position to object, so he did it. I was hairless from the neck down. My hard dick would have to go down in order to fit in the device, even though I was smaller than average. I thought about some un-sexy thoughts and finally got it in. The steel coldly but firmly kept my persistently stiffening travesti istanbul dick in check. Jake then put the collar around my neck and tightened it so it was firm but not strangling me. “How’s that?” he asked. “Good” was all I was able to sputter out. “Alright, then. Enjoy!” Jake smiled and waved as he headed out. I stepped into the gymnastics room, naked except for a collar and a locked cock, my dick straining against the steel and dripping pre-cum. I felt the cool breeze of the AC and went off to hit the horizontal bars, the rings, and the pommel horse. I felt exposed and turned on, even though no one was there. I was humiliated but also horny as fuck. I imagined people watching me, eying my naked body. Watching my smooth, muscular frame. I wondered if people would lust after me as I held a handstand. I spread my legs in mid-air and felt the cool air on my exposed asshole. My dick throbbed in its cage. I wondered if men would look at my smaller than average cage and wonder how small I must be in order to fit in there. I was humiliated, but turned on. The idea of critical eyes looking at my body and evaluating how it did – and did not – measure up. I thought about how smooth my torso already was naturally, due to my Asian background, but how much more boyish my body looked without pubic hair, armpit hair, and even leg hair. I wondered if men would deride me as a lesser man. If they would think of me as a weak boy. As a boy who deserved to wear a collar and be locked away, for real men to teach and play with. I thought of all the men fully dressed, and how much shorter I would look standing in bare feet. I felt vulnerable and exposed, but that only made me hornier. An hour and a half must have gone by. I heard the maintenance folks go into the locker room and leave. I was about to head back to the locker room when I heard a male voice. “Diego?” I turned around and my heart dropped.