Office Odyssey Ch. 01

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I was working at my desk when I heard the front door to the office open. A few seconds later, in walked Dana, as I had been expecting.

“Good morning,” she said in her typical sing-song manner of greeting. Sitting her bag and coffee thermos down and removing her coat, she looked around the work area and noticed that no one else was there.

“It’s just us today?” she asked.

“Just us,” I responded. “All day.”

“Oh… so…” Dana continued, sounding unsure of what to say.

“So I think you know how the day will start,” I interjected as I unzipped my pants. I was already thinking of how I was going to use Dana today.

“Yes, sir, I do,” she said, sounding resigned, as she walked to my desk and immediately dropped to her knees. I pulled my pants all the way down, freeing my erection to tower menacingly in front of her face. She gazed at it with a mix of admiration and apprehension.

“You’re so hard, sir. So big.”

“And I know you can take it all. Suck.” I grabbed her hair and shoved my cock forcefully between her full, plump lips as she grunted in surprise. Her eyes bulged as I pushed into her throat, but she took it like a professional cocksucker. Soon I was balls deep, giving her a slow and steady facefucking.

“Such a perfect start to the day. Do you agree?” I stared down at her while she struggled to keep my cock down her throat. I pulled out to let her answer the question.

“Yes, sir, I agree. I love sucking your cock to start the day.”

“That’s my good slut,” I responded as I returned my stiff cock to the warm embrace of her mouth and throat. About twenty more seconds of throatfucking passed before my next question.

“Did you fuck your husband last night?”

“No, sir, I didn’t.”

“Why not?”

“You texted and told me not to.”

“Good girl. How did he feel about that?”

“He was annoyed but I told him to just jerk off because I was too tired.”

I laughed at this as I pushed my dick back in her mouth, gripping her hair tight as I fucked her face. Over the wet, sloppy gagging sounds I continued speaking to my slut.

“Poor guy, forced to jerk off because his wife likes her manager’s cock better than his. When is the last time he made you cum?”

“I don’t even remember. When he fucks me the whole process only lasts a few minutes and I have to get myself off after on my own. That’s why I’m happy you take care of me.” This time, Dana put her mouth back on my cock, rather than me forcing it down. She moaned with pleasure as she throated me. I knew almost immediately that that was going to push me over the edge.

“I’m going to cum, Dana. Get ready.”

“Mmmhmm,” she responded as she sucked more vigorously. I felt myself lose control and began pumping a thick, creamy load into Dana’s waiting mouth. She moaned with pleasure as shot after shot plastered her tongue and throat.

“Are you going to swallow that load for me?”

“Mmm!” Dana’s eyes lit up with excitement as she stood up and quickly moved to her desk. She picked up the coffee cup she had brought with her, removing the lid and bringing it to her mouth. She let the thick load drip between her lips and into the cup. I watched as she let every drop fall from her mouth. When she was satisfied she had gotten all of it, she replaced the lid and gave me a beaming smile.

“Cream for my coffee, like we talked about. Thank you, sir.” We had previously discussed Dana’s cum fetish, in which she craved cum almost all the time, and wanted to be forced to eat and kadıköy escort drink it in different contexts than simply sucking cock.

“Excellent. I think you’re ready to get some work done. When you get all those reports finished, I’ll give you some more attention. You’re going to cum for me this morning, too.

“Yes, sir. I’ll work quickly.”

I was already getting hard again at the idea of Dana sipping on my cum all morning while she worked. We would have to make that part of our routine.

A few hours later, I checked on Dana’s progress.

“How’s it going?” asked as I came up behind her desk. I allowed my hands to rest on her shoulders, slowly moving them down to her heavy tits.

“Oh, sir… almost done. Just a few more minutes.”

“Good. Because I’m so hard at the idea of fucking your slutty little holes that I can’t wait much longer.”

Dana squirmed in excitement at this, clearly dealing with some arousal of her own. I gave her tits a firm squeeze and walked back to my desk, completing some minor administrative tasks while I waited.

Finally, Dana stood up at her desk and turned to look at me with a devilish grin. She sauntered over to me, allowing her hips to sway seductively the whole time.

“Sir, have I earned a fucking now? I really would like to cum.”

“You have. Strip.” As Dana complied with my command, I removed my pants and shirt as well. My cock was rock hard in anticipation of getting back inside one of my favorite pieces of fuckmeat.

Dana stood before me, awaiting my next command.

“Did you just shave last night?” I asked my slut, marveling at the smoothness of her pussy.

“Yes, I did. I knew you might want me today.”

“And did your husband know you shaved?”

“Yes, I… I think he did.”

“Naughty bitch. Getting yourself all perfectly shaved and then telling your husband you don’t feel like fucking him.”

“I know. I’m such a bitch to him but there’s just no way I can get excited about his cock when there’s… this waiting for me.”

Dana reached to stroke my hard cock, and I allowed her to do it for a few seconds before grabbing her shoulders and turning her around. I firmly bent her over the desk, leaving her backside exposed to me.

“A naughty bitch needs to be spanked. Do you agree?”

“Yes. I deserve it.”

I spanked her once, sharply, eliciting a gasp from her.

“And a naughty bitch needs to have her holes used to fulfill her role in life.”

“Oh god yes, please.” Another smack on her ass, leaving a clearly defined handprint on her.

I reached up and placed two fingers at her lips, pushing them into her mouth as she began to suck on them. After a few seconds of this, I pulled them back and placed them on her asshole. She appeared to shiver all down her spine as she felt me pressing on her backdoor.

“This is the hole that really makes you my whore, isn’t it?”

“Yes sir. My asshole belongs to you.”

“Not to your husband?” I spanked her ass harder than I had up to this point.

“Noooo, only to you. You own it.” I pushed my fingers into her ass and she began to moan from deep within her. With my other hand I grabbed a fistful of her hair and made her look back towards me.

“I should just fuck your ass, exclusively. That would be the mark of a real nasty whore. I could leave your slutty pussy for your husband to fuck.”

“Oh sir, no, I’m begging you. He can’t please my üsküdar escort pussy. I need your cock to punish all my holes.”

“Since you’ve asked so nicely…” I gave her another smack on her waiting ass, causing her to shriek in surprise. “Maybe I’ll put a load in your pussy before I send you home, if you behave.”

Dana just nodded in agreement as I continued to open her asshole with my fingers. I pulled them out once more and put them back in her mouth. She had a half-second of hesitation before opening for me, but greedily sucked on them once they were past her lips. She was my shameless whore, and she couldn’t refuse me anything.

I positioned myself behind her, with her hands resting on my desk. I slapped my hard cock on her ass a few times, then nestled it between her cheeks and rubbed slowly up and down. She moaned, knowing what was about to happen to her.

She whimpered as I pressed the head to her backdoor. I had gotten the lube out of my desk drawer and applied a good amount to my cock. It glistened in anticipation before I allowed it to do its work.

“Tell me what you are, Dana.”

“A whore.”

“More. More than that.” I slapped her ass as I pressed the head past her anal opening.

“Oh god, oh, I’m an office anal whore! I’m a slut for my boss’s big cock.”

“More!” Two firm slaps on each of her ass cheeks, pressing my dick further into her.

“Ohhhhh… Oh my fucking god it’s huge… fuck, I’m… I’m a nasty, cheating anal slut! I’m a disgusting, worthless piece of… ugh, fuckmeat. I’m a slampig for you and only you. I’m a cum receptacle for all of your thick loa- ahhhh, ugh, oh fuck! Oh my god, so deep!”

“Cum receptacle… I like that.” I tried to remain calm, as I had by this point fully entered her asshole, bottoming out and feeling the vice grip of her tightness.

I controlled my breathing and used slow, measured thrusts into Dana. Despite the overall rough nature of our lovemaking, I typically started slow with anal. I didn’t want to break my favorite fucktoy.

“Yes sir, I’m your filthy cum dumpster. I’m happiest when I… ugh, fuck… when you’re filling me with your loads.”

“Good slut,” I told her as pumped slowly in and out. “Look back at me, whore.” Dana complied with my order and turned to look back at me, smiling when she saw that I had picked up my phone to get some pictures of her. I snapped a few, making sure to get her face in the picture as well as the image of my cock splitting open her ass.

Photography finished, I put down my phone and grabbed her hips with both hands. It was time for Dana to take her pounding. She moaned expectantly, her hand going to her clit in anticipation of what was coming.

My first thrust made her scream. I pushed in hard and deep, bottoming out and staying all the way in her ass for several seconds. She moaned again as I started to slowly pull out.

I removed my cock almost all the way from her ass before shoving back in roughly. She whimpered weakly this time, pressing her head down into the desk. I repeated the process again, getting another similarly pitiful response from her. As I readied for a fourth hard thrust, I heard her sniffle, as if she were crying.

I paused with the head of cock at her rear entrance, grabbed a handful of her hair, and turned her to face me. Tears were beginning to well up in her eyes.

“Am I hurting you? Are you still sore from yesterday?” I had used her quite roughly the previous afternoon after tuzla escort our coworkers had all left.

One tear rolled down her cheek.

“Yes sir, I’m still sore.”

“And why didn’t you tell me?” I kept my cock in its ready position.

“Because it doesn’t matter, sir. Only your pleasure matters. I’m only here to have my holes fucked.”

“Excellent answer,” I told her as I pressed back into her asshole. “But you know I will stop if you ask me to. I train my toys to be smart enough to let me know when they need a break.”

“It will only hurt for a little bit and then it will feel good, sir. With your permission… oh, oh fuck that hurts… I would like to cum with you in my ass. It won’t take me long to cum.”

“I like the sound of that. Now, face down while I use this ass.”

Dana complied, turning her head away from me, moaning and grunting as I ravaged her tight hole. She was going crazy on her clit, bringing herself closer to orgasm as her ass was repeatedly invaded by my thrusting cock. We kept this pace for about two minutes before she let me know she was getting close.

“Close… close, sir. I’m going to cum… please, can I cum sir?”

“Cum, baby. Do it. Cum now. Cum with me.”

Dana launched into an animalistic mix of grunts and moans as the orgasm wracked her body. She spasmed under me, causing me to lose control as well.

“Cumming, slut. Cumming in your ass.”

“Oh yes!” Dana managed to articulate through her wild orgasm. “Oh yes please cum for me!”

My orgasm was short, but powerful as I pumped a sizeable load into Dana’s asshole. We both came down from our high at about the same time, panting and trying to catch our breath as my cock was still inside her. When I pulled out, she began to leak my load back out. I looked for a paper towel to give her, but quickly decided to grab her top from the floor instead.

“Clean yourself up with this like the nasty whore you are,” I ordered her as I gave her the shirt.

She flashed a naughty smile as she began to clean herself with the shirt.

“So dirty. Alex got me this shirt for Valentine’s Day this year.”

I chuckled.

“Tell him that we appreciate the nice cumrag he got you. Put it back on. You’re going to wear my cum home.”

“You make me do such dirty things, sir. I love it,” Dana said as she pulled the shirt over her head, covering up her amazingly fat tits once more. The main cum stain rested just above her left breast.

“That’s really all I needed from you today, Dana. Good work. I’m going to send you home early.”

“Thank you, sir. I appreciate that…”

It was clear that Dana wanted to say more.

“What is it?”

“Just… I was wondering if you still wanted to use my pussy today. I was a pretty good girl for you…”

“Ah, of course, I did say that.” I thought for a moment, and came up with a perfect solution. “What time does Alex get home today?”

Dana’s eyes lit up at what I was suggesting.

“Around seven, usually a little bit later.”

“Hmm… that would give us a few hours of playtime. Why don’t you go home, relax a bit, get yourself freshened up, and I will be over around four to continue our session.”

“At… at my house?”

“Yes, slut. I want to fuck you in your own house. In the bed you share with your husband. I want to fuck you in your living room and your shower and on your kitchen table. Maybe not all today, but soon.”

“Oh… sir. Sir, that sounds amazing.”

“I’m glad you like the idea,” I said as I moved to close to her. I wrapped her in my arms and brought her in for a forceful kiss. Our tongues danced in each other’s mouths as our hands roamed each other’s bodies. I gave her ass one more firm squeeze before breaking the kiss. Dana’s eyes were burning with passion as she looked up at me.

“I can’t wait to see you again.”