Office Sex With Hubby Makes Father-In-Law My Hubby

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Office Sex With Hubby Makes Father-In-Law My Hubby???????Hello All… I am from a small town my size 34-30-38 height 5’2¨..And 25 years now…I was 24 when I got married and am an Interior Designer..Mine was an arranged marriage with my Boss’s son Nilesh – handsome with a nice cock.. ;)Now incident..I had joined my office 2 months after marriage and me and Nilesh spent time alone whenever we got a chance.. One fine day my dad in law went out for a meeting n there wasn’t much work in office..Nilesh brought me a 32 size bra and forced me to try it there.. I agreed n went to the attach washroom.. Being small my cleavage opened clearly and mangalsutra hanging on it added to its beauty.. I too got a little wild.. Removed my salwar kurta and wrapped just the dupatta around my waste on my pussy..I knocked d door to gain Nilesh’s attention n opened d door.. He was amazed.. He hugged me tight n started kissing me like anything.. On my neck, cleavage, earlobes while his hands played with my tight nipples and boobs.. I went on to undress him.. Removed and threw his shirt, opened his pant n pressed his cock from his undies…Finally removed his underwear and played hard with his cock…I slowly felt his hand grabbing my ass and he inserted his finger in my virgin ass.. I felt an electric shock n said naa.. In an instant he unwrapped the dupatta and threw it on floor.. My clean shaven pussy was exposed to him.. He pushed canlı bahis şirketleri me back n laid me on d table and started eating my pussy.. Ahmmm mmmm siii was all I said.. Nilesh is a great pussy eater.. I cummed instantly.. I lied there panting on the table..He came upon me n pressed my boobs from the bra.. He hugged me hard and also unhooked my bra.. Removed my straps.. And here was my hubby’s favorite view.. He attacked my boobs like there was no tomorrow.. Kissing, sucking, biting my nipples n boobs went on for minutes..He gave me a huge love bite I could not stop and shouted aaahhhhhNilesh then started teasing my pussy with his large 7¨ cock.. Aahaa.. Fuck me hard I shouted.. He roamed his hand on my face n said ‘Not so fast.. Suck me dry baby’ please Fuck me.. I prayed.. He made me get up n sat on the chair.. I instantly sat down n started licking his cock.. The tip felt like an ice cream.. I slowly proceeded.. As I was sucking he held my head and started moving.. Faster n faster n finally cummed in my mouth.. I almost chocked.. “Good sucker”n he hugged me back.. He then took me to 69 on d floor and again ate my pussy while I sucked his cock.. . That took me to cloud Nine.. All I said was “Make me your bitch.. Fuck me hard..”He then came on me and started Playing with my boobs nipples.. I went on to play with his cock.. He was whispering I love U.. Just as I cud answer I heard “Me too..”We canlı kaçak iddaa were shocked to find my dad in law, standing in front stroking his cock.. I realized my nudity n ran to the washroom.. Nilesh stood frozen there naked.. Dad in law called Madhu..I said papa aati hu ..He said “kapde yahii le aao..”I:”papa voh.. Main bas aai…”He knocked the door in anger.. N I opened it finally still nude.. He check me out from top to bottom n said “abhi abhi shaadi huii hai.. Tum dono kaa toh haq hai.. Muje achha laga tum Nilesh ko itna khush rakhti ho..”Me:jii papa..He(viewing my boobs moving with heavy breath: tum ho itna gazab.. Mera bhi khada kar diaa dekho..Saying so he took my hand n placed it on his standing cock..I took away my hand n turned at back.. Dad in law came n hugged me from back which scared me..I shouted “Nilesh..”Papa: “bete aab sazaa toh milegi.. Nilesh kyaa karegaa.. ”Saying so he started pressing my boobs with one hand n inserted his middle finger in my pussy…Me” mmmmaahhh.. Siii..”Papa : “nilesh ye toh majjedaar hai garam jaldi ho jaati hai…”I: “Papa voh aage se naa karenge pleasee maaf kar do..”Papa : “aabki sazza toh le jaa vaise bhii adhura hai.. Aab tak teri ras tapak rahi hai…”Saying so he violently shock his middle finger inside my pussy. And hugged me hard.. I let out a shout..He continued rubbing my nipples turn by turn n finger fucking my pussy till I cummed.. His hand canlı kaçak bahis was wet ..He took his hand off smelled it and took tht hand to Nilesh n asked “eisi khushboo hai kyaa??”Nilesh in shock just nodded..I: “papa jaane do plzz Nilesh plzz ”Father In Law : ” Nilesh tu jaa bahar kapde pehenke mere office mein beith.. Aaj ye meri hai..(Turning to me)aab to tuje aaram aaya.. Dekh tune kyaa hai”He opened his pant n kept my hand on his underwear.. His cock was thicker then Nilesh…F-I-L: “bade achhe se choosti hai naa.. Chal mera choos..”Me : “papa.. ”He held me by shoulders n made me sit on washroom floor.. He held me by head n put his entire cock in my mouth.. My face turned red n I could not breathe..He then violently shook my head to fuck him hard and after a few mins finally cummed.. I could hardly breathe.. His cum dripping from my lips..Father In Law : “aree bechari.. Jyada ho gayaa nai.. Chal madad kar do..”Saying so he sat on floor n started kissing my lips.. Also fondled n pressed my boobs.. My nipples..Later he again finger fucked me as he felt I would soon cum he removed his finger n help my pussy lips tightly closed..I: Aaaahh.. Mmm papaa.. Plzzz chhod do muje.. Aahaaa.. Papaa..He: ” tuje aaj main jannat dekhata hu ruk.. ”He instantly came on me n inserted his thick cock with one jerk and I shouted “AAaaaahhhhhhh ”Father in law : “Le aab dekh”He then kissed me hard on my lips bit them, pressed my boobs n nipples hard n kept fucking me till he did nt cum..My complete body was red..Ahead…I now act as wife of both of them.. Though my mom-in-law isn’t aware..I don’t know if U all would like the story.. But its a real story.. Enjoy life all…