Oh Boy Ch. 01

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It all started over twenty years ago, I had just commenced my first real proper job as a trainee accountant. A family firm with about twenty employees, I was the office junior and making tea appeared my chief function.

However I soon progressed and was sitting my first exam to become an accounts assistant, I passed with flying colours and the office custom was a few drinks on the Friday evening to celebrate any successes within the practice. I worked out in later years it was just an excuse to allow the men to get close to the female employees, especially the junior girls.

It was there I got friendly with the new office junior Janet, she was a nice friendly girl who I knew fancied me, I was too shy to ask, never having had a girlfriend before. Well a few drinks this Friday and we arranged a date for the following Friday, it went well and over the next few weeks we slowly became a bit of an item. Janet was a good kisser and I enjoyed everything about it, especially how my cock grew hard when we French kissed. I was of course embarrassed by getting stiff and did my best to hide it from Janet.

That was until one evening we had been out with a group of friends and all had one drink to many. I walked Janet home and we stopped in the church doorway as usual for a snog. We kissed passionately and I was surprised to feel Janet`s hand take mine and place it on her breast. God what a feeling! Soft female flesh, I opened her blouse and fumbled inside managing to get her ample boob out of her bra. I was amazed how hard her nipple was, and how she moaned as I gently caressed it.

My cock was as hard as steel and instead of keeping it tucked down my leg was sticking out and touching her leg. I managed to release her other boob and her breathing increased even more, her tongue was playing a merry dance in my mouth. Her hands began to feel for my belt and she was just about to undo it when a car pulled into the car park turning around the headlights lit us up. The moment was gone Janet quickly fastened herself up and I adjusted my belt.

She giggled sexily, kissed me again; we then left the doorway and walked across the car park towards her home just a short step away. We passed the car that had stopped our evenings fun, the windows were all steamed up so we couldn`t see anything but the sound of the girl squealing left little to the imagination as to what was occurring on the back seat, we giggled knowingly I kissed Janet goodnight, we arranged to go out Sunday afternoon as usual. My cock had lost its stiffness and I could walk properly the mile or so home. I lay in bed thinking about the events of the evening and decided I quite liked the softness of Janet`s charms.

Sunday afternoon provided interesting, I arrived promptly at three as arranged Janet answered the door, I expected her to be ready to go for a walk as customary, so I was a surprised to see her in a skirt and blouse and barefoot,

“Come in Steve,” She said, “Mom and Dad have gone out,” She turned, I followed, “We have the house to ourselves all afternoon,” She said sexily and sat on the sofa patting the seat next to her, I needed no second invitation.

Seconds later we were wrapped around each other, her blouse open and I was fumbling for the first time to undo a bra. Her boobs were soon in my hands and I toyed with her hard nipples she was breathing heavily I kissed her deeply as her hand made its way down my shirt undoing the buttons as she went, my belt appeared no contest to her and she had my trousers open effortlessly.

My cock for its part was raging hard, fortunately down the leg of my trousers. Janet appeared to be somewhat determined to get to it; although I was embarrassed I soon gave up any thought of resisting and lifted my backside off the sofa so she could pull my trousers down, my cock fortunately was still sticking down the leg of my pants.

Janet`s breathing was becoming very heavy and sexy, “Let`s see what you`ve got in here,” She said before returning to kissing me, her hand grabbed the front of my pants and pulled them down, my cock leapt straight up once released slapping against my stomach. .

Janet`s hand let go of my pants and grabbed my hard cock, it was at that moment she let out a scream and jumped up from the sofa. “Jesus Christ!” She exclaimed staring at my very rampant cock, her eyes appeared to be unable to avert themselves from it, I was getting flustered. I had always imagined a loving tender moment when this had happened not the look I was getting from Janet, “Get dressed and get out,” She shouted.

“But what…”

“Just get out, get out.” I dressed quickly and left without another word.

I was crestfallen wondering what I had done to upset her like that. The following day at work I was aware she made a conscientious decision to avoid me, usually our paths would cross twice possibly three times every day, it was how we had met really. I knew she was expecting her exam results any day and on Thursday it was announced she had passed. That meant the usual small istanbul escort celebration down the pub Friday after work, I hoped this would afford me the opportunity to find out what the problem was and how I could make things right between us.

Friday morning I spied an opportunity to maybe get some inside information from Janice. Janice was the same age as me and we had attended the same school albeit different classes. Janice had joined the company two days before me and was the same grade also working hard to complete her exams.

Janice and Janet had become good friends and Janet had once told me she could discuss anything with her friend. Janice was the one girl in the office who stood out from the rest, she was only just over five foot tall but the couple of inches she lacked for in height she certainly made up for with her stunning figure, and well she knew how to show it off.

Her skirts were always that inch shorter than anyone else’s, her top either tighter or had an extra button undone. When she wore black trousers as she did from time to time they certainly got the men`s hearts racing.

However there was a problem, for the past few years Janice had been dating a lad called Kevin Steadman and Kevin Steadman wasn`t to be argued with, no sir. Kevin was older than me by about eighteen months, he had left school as soon as he could and began working on a building site, he drove a big motorbike and didn`t suffer fools gladly. He had made it clear Janice was his and keep away.

“Janice,” I asked casually, “Has Janet said anything to you?” Before she could answer one of the senior partners walked in, we went about our business and I didn`t get another chance to ask her again.

The after works celebration for Janet was well attended as usual and a speech by the senior Partner well received, drinks were always on the Company but nobody went overboard, things were quietening down when Janice came and stood next to me at the bar.

She smiled sweetly “Steve.”


“Would you like a drink?”

“I`ll get them what are you having?”

“Glass of dry white please.”

“What about Janet?” I asked knowing they had been sitting together all evening, I had been waiting to get Janet on her own.

“Oh Janet`s just left.”

“Just left?” I repeated her words rather stupidly.

“Yes Mike Barnfield offered her a lift home,” He was a Senior Partner and very suave, “She accepted rather quickly if you ask me.”

“Oh did she?” I was confused.

“Never mind come and sit with me over here,” Janice led the way to where she had been sitting with Janet before she left. Janice quickly picked me up, I was very shy and not very comfortable in female company, she soon put me at ease and we had a pleasant hour, “Right you can walk me home now,” She announced.

“I can?”

“Yes you know where I live not far from you and on the way home too so come on.” Janice stood up and I followed like an obedient little dog. Outside it was just becoming dusk on a lovely early spring evening, Janice linked her arm through mine, I cannot deny it felt good.

“What about your boyfriend?” I asked rather concerned Kevin may see us and not like it too much.

“Oh we fell out a couple of months ago.”

“Oh Sorry.”

“Yeah we`re all over,” She sounded rather sad.

“His loss I`d say.” She squeezed my arm tighter it took us a good half an hour to get to the corner of her cul-de-sac, “Thank you Janice,” I said as I was about to let her walk the twenty yards to her door from here.

“You said you would walk me home,” She protested, we turned the corner and walked to her front door, ” Fancy a nightcap?” She asked as she put the key in the door.

“Shouldn`t really, but thank you again for a nice evening.”

“You know you and Janet have fallen out?”

“Yes,” She had grabbed my attention.

“Well come in and I`ll tell you what I know.” We entered her parents home she showed me into a nice lounge, “Red or white?”

“Red please,” I replied, I watched her walk to the drinks cabinet her short skirt showing off her shapely legs, she poured two glasses of wine and handed me one.

“Do sit down,” She said nodding towards the three seater settee, she sat opposite me in a large armchair, she crossed her legs and I caught a glimpse of her white panties, she made no attempt to pull down her skirt and took a sip of her wine, “What do you think?”

“Very nice,” I replied although I didn`t know if it was the wine or the view I was referring to. “What did Janet say/” I asked averting my gaze.

Janice smiled knowingly and placed her glass on a small table by her chair before she stood up and came and sat next to me, again she crossed her legs causing her mini skirt to rise high up her thigh.”Well, it`s a little personnel.”

“Is it?” I felt myself colour

“Yes,” Janice was enjoying my reaction, “In fact I`d say it was very personal,” She appeared to enjoy my demise. “I`m don`t avcılar escort even know where to start.”

“Oh God that bad?” I was dreading what was to come.

“Bad? I wouldn`t say it was bad myself.”

“You wouldn`t?” I looked amazed, “So why did…” I was lost to explain the situation Janet and I were in when she kicked me out last Sunday. “Well it appeared to offend Janet.” I stammered.

“Mmmmm so she said,” Janice teased. I was at a complete loss and totally out of my depth here and needed to escape. “Shall we see if we can resolve the situation?”

“Do you think we can?” I felt a little easier.

“Oh I`m sure we can.” She assured me.

“The only thing is…” She paused.


“Well perhaps we need to look at the problem.” I missed her meaning, I didn`t miss her hand on my knee, “Yes a second opinion is in order I think,” Her hand was creeping upward, “Two heads are better than one,” Her hand was closer to my cock which was responding to her touch, “A problem shared and all that,” I gulped hard as Janice`s hand found the end of my manhood.

I was about to protest and make a bolt for the door but Janice was too quick for me, she grabbed my belt and with a couple of swift movements had my trousers open and her hand inside my pants. She tugged my cock free, it sprang out stiff and hard in all it`s full glory, much to my complete embarrassment.

I was about to knock her hand away and make a run for it when she did something I will never forget, before I could even utter a word in protest she bent forward and took my knob end into her mouth. What the hell was she doing? I was about to scream in protest when the sensation she was creating with her mouth shot to my brain.

My cock twitched and hardened more, Janice moaned a strange sound with her mouth still around my cock. I swallowed hard and gave in to her pleasure giving. I regained a little composure and considered the situation. I could not see what she was doing because her hair had fallen forward masking her face and my cock.

I gently moved her hair to observe exactly what she was doing, her hand was moving up and down the bottom of my cock in time to her mouth going from my crown downwards. She had a perfect rhythm her hand was always up as her mouth descended thereby stopping my cock going into her mouth any deeper than she wished.

For my part I just watched her working away and revelling in the sensations she was creating. I had never experienced or dreamed of anything like this before. She took my cock from her lips and looked at it, she then looked at me, smiled then instead of putting her mouth onto my cock again she began to lick up and down the underside, from my knob end slowly down to my balls and back up again.

The sensation was unbelievable as she lick her way up and down circling my balls once or twice, she then slipped my cock back between her lips, I let out a groan, my cock seemed to grow bigger. Janice again moaned from her throat at the pleasure she was giving me.

We never heard her parents enter the house, what we did hear was her Mother call out, “Janice Love are you home?”

I have never before or since witnessed a female move so fast, almost before I had realised what was happening Janice was sat back in the chair opposite me as if she had been there for hours. Her Mother opened the lounge door, fortunately the open door hid all but my feet from her view, it afforded me just a few seconds to stuff my cock into my pants and make myself almost respectable.

“Hello Mum, nice evening?” Janice asked matter of factly, she glanced towards me noting I was decent she smiled and said, “This is Steve he works with me and kindly walked me home after celebration drinks.”

“That`s very good of him,” Her Mother smiled, “I thought the days of chivalry had gone,” I noticed she had similar stature to her daughter, “Thank you Steve,” She had a nice smile.

“My pleasure I assure you.” I replied, a wicked thought crossed my mind at that moment, I wondered if Janice`s mother took cock in her mouth? My cock gave an involuntary twitch at the idea.

Two minutes later I bid them goodnight, Janice showed me to the door, “Thanks Steve,” She said, then mouthed silently “Come around Sunday afternoon half two.” I nodded and turned to walk home.

Lying in bed that night I analysed what had occurred earlier that evening, the best looking girl for miles around had done an unbelievable thing in sucking my cock, I had had a thought about the girls mother doing the same thing. My cock was hard at my thoughts and needed taking care of. All day Saturday and Sunday morning I kept coming back to the same thoughts, Janice and her Mom.

It was on days like this I wished I had passed my driving test, I was taking it next Thursday so all being well I would be on the road by next weekend. My Dad had given me his old car and it was all ready once I passed the test.

I had agreed to go on holiday with Dave Johnson, he was a good mate şirinevler escort and we had agreed to have a holiday together this spring, he had booked us a week at a holiday camp, cheap cheerful and a bit of fun how he described it. Not my idea of any of those things but it was done for Saturday week, I figured it was only a week so okay I would manage.

After lunch Sunday I showered and dressed, slashed my new aftershave on and headed to Janice`s. I knocked on her door not knowing what to expect. What greeted me was a vision of loveliness, I admired the view, white mini skirt, and I mean mini skirt, tight red jumper showing her ample bosom to the max. Janice grabbed my hand and almost dragged me inside pulling me towards her she reached up and gave me and wonderfully wet kiss, I responded and our tongues danced together, she kicked the front door shut.

We broke our embrace and she led me by the hand, not into the lounge as I expected but towards the stairs, she continued up the stairs, I followed obediently catching a climpse of her panties as she led the way.

Entering her bedroom, the beautiful scent of her perfume almost made my head spin, before I knew or could question what she was doing she pushed me backwards onto her bed, she giggled sexily and joined me. I kicked my shoes off as I considered it appropriate. We kissed deeply again, her hand unbuttoned my shirt as we did so, “Mmmmm you smell nice,” She said undoing the last button of my shirt,

“So do you,” I replied.

We kissed again, her hand opened my belt and delved inside my trousers, she had no problem whatsoever finding her target. My cock had responded accordingly, again she gave a giggle and began to kiss down my chest until she reached the tip of my dick. I watched as she looked at my hard on before she placed a kiss on the top. Her eyes never left mine as she took my cock into her mouth.

I moaned in ecstasy, my backside coming up off the bed, her hand wrapped around my cock and she began sucking it much the same as she had done the previous Friday downstairs. I laid back and enjoyed the sensations and the view as her head bobbed up and down. I decided I could get to like this treatment, I closed my eyes and bathed in the sensations

My eyes opened when Janice took my cock from her mouth, she kept her hand around it.

“Get naked and get in bed,” It was a demand rather than a request. Janice`s bounced off the bed and into the bathroom. I got naked and into bed, a few seconds later she came back, she was just in her bra and tight sexy silk panties, she slipped in bed next to me. It was the first time I had been this close to a near naked woman, the feeling of her body on mine was fantastic.

Again Janice took control and disappeared under the duvet, soon finding my rampant cock, after a couple of licks around my balls and along the underside of my shaft I felt her begin to move her body. She managed to turn herself around without taking my cock from her mouth, and she positioned herself stride my head. I was looking directly at her panty clad pussy about a foot from my face.

I didn`t have a clue what I was supposed to do, no need to worry Janice certainly did, she lowered herself towards my face until I could smell the aroma of her most secret places. She did not hesitate and rubbed her silk clad pussy onto my mouth, I couldn`t believe how hot it was. Instinctively I kissed her where I thought I should, the moan of what I assumed was approval gave me the signal I was doing the right thing.

I kissed between her legs for a few minutes, she was going at my cock harder than ever before. I felt her take me from her mouth.

“You teasing bugger,” She moaned sexily.

I wasn`t ready for what she did next, her hand came down and pulled her panties to one side. I was looking at my very first naked pussy. I didn`t know what to do or think as I looked at it. No need to worry again Janice knew exactly what she wanted, again she lowered herself onto my mouth.

Instinct took over and I kissed her pussy as I had been doing before, the groan I received from her again told me I must be doing something right. A thought entered my head, what happened if I used my tongue on her, after all, the sensations her tongue was giving me were unbelievable so it must be worth a shot. I slowly ran my tongue along her slit

“Oooooh yeeeees,” She hissed, I licked a little harder, Oooooooooooh, oooooooooh.” She moaned her mouth still around my cock. I carried on with this for a while, she carried on moaning,

I wondered what would happen if I moved my head and ran my tongue along the full length of her pussy? I moved my head backwards towards her bum. I found her little rosebud. I didn`t linger and moved forward past her opening along her lips until I found what I later learnt was her clitoris. The effect of my tongue making contact with it was amazing.

“Aaaaaaaaah, ooooooh aaaaahhhh, yeeeeesssss, god yeeees,” She was almost screaming now, I lashed at this new found thing and she began to quiver, “Yes pleeeeeease, pleeeease, ” She ground down harder onto my face, “God yeees yeees,” She squealed moving herself downwards a little she forced my tongue into her pussy, she ground her pussy down onto my tongue, I darted it in and out of her wetness, I raised my hands onto her bum and moved her off my tongue.