Oh Nancy – Chapter 3

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Oh Nancy – Chapter 3Oh Nancy – Chapter 3Freddie figured she wanted them to complete their night in her room, so his destination was to her bedroom as he carefully made his way up the stairs carrying the most precious thing in his life. However, once he reached the foot of the stairs and turned to head for the goth’s room, she stopped him with a soft tap on his shoulder and pointed towards another room with a door partially opened of the practical mansion of a house.He started in that direction without question and pushed the door open to the guest room with his shoulder. The room was filled with the bare necessities of a queen-size bed with a light blue comforter, a nightstand with a lamp on the right side of the head of the bed and a small dresser opposite to the foot of the bed with a television resting on top.The only thing the teen paid any attention towards as he remembered to stay in-character was the bed. He made it a few steps towards the bed, but she tapped his shoulder to get his attention and stop.The housewife relinquished her hold of him with her legs and let her bare feet touch the softly carpeted floor. She graced him with a hidden smile before she turned to pull back the comforter and top white sheet then slipped into bed.’Nancy’ kept her smile directed at him while getting comfortable with a pillow behind her head. She patted the spot next to her and he took the invitation to crawl up to her right side. She opened her arms and the couple snuggled up together, her left hand resting on his shoulder and his right on her hip while she rested on her back and him on his left side.They just relaxed and cuddled with one another, softly trading kisses or rubbing their noses against each other’s skin, enjoying each other’s lingering afterglow from exchanging ‘desserts’, their missed presence and giving their food a chance to at least partially digest.’Walter’ closed his eyes while his forehead rested against her temple. “This evening had been wonderful Nancy,” he breathed against her fair light skin.She smiled and whispered in return, “I’ve certainly enjoyed it too Walter and I’m so happy that you’re home.”The astronaut softly grinned and placed a kiss on her upper right cheek. “I am too Nancy. I’ve missed you and I’m happy to be home… it’s been too long.””It has, but you’re home now… at least for a little while,” she regretfully muttered.Freddie stiffened, her words cutting into him and incorporating their situation into the character’s lives.She felt him stiffening and gripped him a little tighter to reassure him that she was there. She placed a reassuring peck on his lips and the couple settled down to relax in each other’s embrace.The couple continued to relax in silence as time passed for them without care, letting the lethargy of their mutual releases overtake them. They would exchange soft kisses and snuggling with their hands lazily trailing up and down each other’s bodies, just getting reacquainted with each other’s physical presence, the soft and supple curves of ‘Nancy’s’ body and ‘Walter’s’ well muscular sculpted framed where it felt he had gained a few more pounds in muscle.Over the course of the next half hour, ‘Walter’ felt so relaxed that he thought he would doze off, but before sleeep could overtake him, ‘Nancy’ pulled away and sat up, but kept her eyes on him. She apologetically smiled while speaking, “I’m sorry, but I have to use the little girl’s room. The wine has caught up with me.” She kissed his cheek then scooted off the bed and with a slight swivel of her hips made her way out of the room.The astronaut lazily kept his eyes on his love while she exited the room, particularly her mostly bare back other than two thin coiled straps crossing over her skin in an ‘X’. He rolled onto his back to get comfortable, trying to fight back a hint of tiredness pulling him into slumber land.The blonde housewife returned only minutes later and stopped at the threshold into the room. She rested her hands on either side of the door frame and just stood there, lovingly gazing at him.He looked back, looking at the girl standing at the door that had rescued his heart from heartbreak. He wondered why he wanted to get into a spaceship to reach the heavens when he had an angel already down here on Earth with him.’Nancy’ slowly walked to him with a seductive smile playing on her face, her hips slightly swaying more than they would naturally walking. She stopped at the side of the bed and had a seat on the edge.The couple shared a smile before she leaned forward and found each other’s lips. She parted her lips and ran the tip of her tongue over his lips, asking permission to enter. He granted her request and soon their tongues were gently duelling with one another, giving and taking ground while they mewed and groaned from the sensation and closeness.While their lips locked, she grabbed his shoulders for balance and slightly pulled on them, signalling she wanted him to sit up. He pulled himself up into a seated position and her hands immediately went for the hem of his shirt. She began tugging on it, wanting him to be free of it.He lifted his arms above his head and they momentarily broke from their kissing while ‘Nancy’ helped him pull the undershirt then toss it to the floor. She smirked then licked her bottom lip while gazing at his well-toned muscles he had developed through all his physical activity in the service.’Walter’ expected for them to continue their kissing, but ‘Nancy’ had other plans. She kissed his cheek then immediately started pecking his neck and past his collarbone. She kissed over his chest from one pectoral muscle to the next until she stopped at his left nipple and gave it a flick of her tongue. He chuckled as the tickling sensation rippling through his chest and she grinned at the pleasant response he was having.She threw a leg over his closed legs to line up with him while she scooted back to trail kisses down his skin.His abdomen muscles were taunt and defined from his military service. She ran her fingertip over his muscles and followed the path between his muscles. She reached his bellybutton with her fingers while her lips were catching up, tracing the inside with her pointer finger before bringing her mouth to it and flicking her tongue in it.The astronaut chuckled, the soft pad of her tongue tickling him and the playfulness of the act. However, it didn’t last long as she moved her mouth further down with lazy licks and kisses. She only stopped with the waistband of his boxers stopped her, but that was not to be an obstacle for her.She hooked her fingers over the elastic band of his boxers and tugged on them. He lifted up and she was able to pull them over his manhood and his ass until they were mid-thigh. The blood flow to his manhood was starting to return and began stiffening, but he still had a way to go before getting rock hard and she had every intention of making it happen.”I want you Walter… I need you Walter…”He cupped the sides of her upper arms and gently rubbed up and down. “I’m right here Nancy.”She smiled and tenderly cupped the top side of his rod with her left hand while she extended her tongue and swiped the flat-side of it from the base to just under his glands then flicked his little eye with the tip of her tongue.Walter let out a soft groan and relaxed back on the bed, letting the pillow prop up his head in order to watch. He twitched against her tongue and steadily grew harder with each swipe of her tongue. He moved his hands towards her, one resting on her left shoulder while his other hand sought out her hand.Their hands met and fingers interlaced just as she parted her lips and slipped them over and around his crown.”Oh, Nancy…” he hissed, closed his eyes and tightened his grip on her hand.She smiled around his meat filling her mouth and started the slow process of bobbing her head to lather his shaft with her spittle. As she did downstairs, she enjoyed the manly taste and scent of her main. His hardness and softness growing into her mouth was a nice contradicting feeling along her tongue and between her lips.She moaned around him from the feeling and wanting to add to his pleasure with the vibrations going down his shaft.His hips started gently moving in time with her motion despite trying to curtail his own movement to prevent forcing himself deeper than she desired.’Nancy’ pulled her mouth away and affectionately held him; his shaft was standing at full attention and gently throbbing in her hand. She debated what she wanted to do next. She had many options in continuing and finishing him with a gentle stroke of her hand, her mouth or her chest, but she wanted to feel him inside after so long before she released his gift. Sure, she would have happily gotten him hard again, but her desire was too great to wait any longer.”Walter.””Yes Nancy?”Playing up the role of a bashful sixties housewife, she blushingly uttered, “I need you… I need you inside.””And I need you.” He curled his finger and motioned for her to come closer.’Nancy’ stood up on her knees and waddled over until she was straddling over his stomach.He shook his head and motioned a little more for her to come closer.She licked her lips and followed his direction until she was hovering over his face, comically covering his face with the end of her dress.’Walter’ hooked his arms under her thighs then hands over them to gently grip them to hold her steady. He took a deep sniff, smelling her sweet fragrance, especially the lingering sent of any residue from his previous tastes downstairs. Her lips were swollen with desire and the first hint of new moisture was seeping from her. The sight and smell was intoxicating, causing his shaft to flex with desire.The pilot extended his tongue and flicked the tip over one of her outer lips to let the taste dance on his taste buds. He closed his mouth and moaned at the sweet taste. He took another swipe to the other lip to savour her flavour, moaning in approval. He extended his tongue and alternated licking her lips with the flat side of his tongue.’Nancy’ closed her eyes and moaned at his slow, almost torturous slow licking and gripped the pillow on either side of his head to relieve the slowly building tension traveling from her pelvic region up her stomach and down her thighs. She licked her lips and encouraged him, “Walter, Walter, right there… right there my love.”After hearing her plea, he pushed his tongue between her inner lips and steadily swiped inside, making lazy random gestures, keeping her stimulated but unbalanced with his motions.’Nancy’ grabbed the headboard to steady herself as her legs became weak from the much-missed attention from his mouth and the two helpings of ‘dessert’ he had downstairs as fantastic as they had been for her, weren’t enough to make up for his absence. She rotated her hips, pushing her opening to his willing mouth and was rewarded.’Walter’ responded with increasing his swipes, but ‘formalizing’ his movements by spelling out letters illegal bahis and numbers. He started skipping around with even numbers then back to odd numbers with the occasional letters. His talented tongue was long enough to get inside and flick around her sensitive insides.The blonde shivered and breath shortened with soft moans and whimpers, “Ah, ouhh… Walter… ughgh… ah, ah, ah… mmmhhmm…”He tilted his head and moved to pull his tongue out and start lapping around her exposed nub, causing her to jerk her hips forward and pushing against his face. He opened his mouth and closed his lips around her clit and gave a suckle like a piece of hard candy. He added darting the tip of his tongue against it.’Nancy’ dropped her head back, her golden locks tickling her back, and bit into her bottom lip, fighting back the urge to curse out her pleasure. She rapidly breathed through her nose and the muscles in her thighs clenched, threatening to close on him, but he held her legs steady and kept of his lapping pace with the occasional thrusting of his tongue as deeply into her as he could manage, intending to get her juices flowing and make her as wet as possible.Her knuckles were turning white and breathing becoming ragged as her negligee struggled to keep her beautiful bounty within the material from her heaving chest. She was reaching her limit and losing the struggle to hold off her release. “Walt… Walter… I’m going to… but I… I wanna… cum… with… you… in… inside… me.”Her words were broken with her heavy breathing and muffled by her thighs against his ears, but he got the message. He reluctantly pulled his mouth away, allowing his lovely wife to pull back from the brink and gently rubbed up and down the top of her thighs.’Nancy’ glanced down with a near delirious smile, still unable to see her husband’s face, letting a laugh escape past her lips. She carefully scooted back from his face to let him have a fresh breath while the Air F0rce officer answered by scooting back, pulling away from her until his back was propped up with the pillows and against the headboard. He gently patted his lap.Her face lit up with a grin and she grabbed the band of his boxers to finish pulling them off of his legs. He lifted his legs to help her and after a moment of them getting caught in his ankles, she playfully threw them away. He was completely stripped save for his socks, something that he had enjoyed doing years ago when his mother was distracted with their building’s doorman.Having completely forgotten the boxers in an instant, she scooted back up and sat down just in front of his crotch, the heat and sweet dew that had formed while enjoying herself on her man. She slowly rotated her hips, grinding against him to give him a little more stimulation in case he had softened in the lull of pleasuring her, but not enough to set her off. The solidness pressing back against her told her that he hadn’t, but she wanted to give him just a little more pleasure.’Walter’ shivered from the sensation against the underside of his shaft and gripped her hips to hold on to something.The light blue dropped to cover their groins, leaving what was about to happen between them for their respective imaginations to paint from the mutual feeling they were about to experience together.The dedicated housewife rested his hands on his shoulders and leaned in for one last gentle kiss before she started. She lifted up slightly and slipped her right hand under the hem of her dress to hold him steady. She controlled his rod like a control stick and teased her opening with his spongy head, coating it with some of her juices and sending ripples of pleasure through both of them.’Nancy’ looked ‘Walter’ in the eyes and bit her bottom lip, holding back a slight wince as his head slipped past her folds from slowly sinking down on him. He was always a bit of a tight fit in her when they started, but since it had been so long since he had been inside her and she had only used her fingers to penetrate herself during his absence, the feeling intensified of his steely flesh parting her insides to accommodate him—both pleasure and unfortunately a bit of pain.His face was etched with worry at seeing his wife’s mild discomfort on her face and cupped her ass cheeks, supporting almost her entire weight as she slowly sank herself down on him to help her.The blonde rotated her hips to try to help her along and bit into her bottom lip to suppress her whimpering from his solid rod pushing her muscles apart to accommodate him.The housewife finally finished settling on him, sheathing entirely into her warm and slick love channel. She clenched her eyes closed, taking in several deep breaths as she was trying to re-accommodate his size inside her. She rested her forehead against his forehead and cupped the side of his neck with her left hand. Her right hand rubbed up and down his chest, attempting to transfer the tingling energy from their joining to him as she felt she was going to be overwhelmed by it.’Walter’ softly groaned as a short breath left his nose and tickled her nose and upper lip. She was a warm velvet vice clenching around him and saying it felt incredible was an understatement. He had missed this connection so much and not for the physical act itself.He pulled his right hand from her rear and out from the negligee to cup her left cheek, “Just take your time Nancy… there’s no rush, there’s no rush… we have all the time in the world…”The dirty blonde’s hand left his chest and began rubbing a hand over her silk covered abdomen. She breathed out in panting breath, “It’s been a while Walter… you make me feel so… full… so complete…”He barely had to tip his chin up to peck her on the lips then whispered, “And you make me feel complete… I’ve missed being with you… and not just like this… just…””Being here with me… just standing beside me and holding my hand… like when we would go down to the pier when we were teenagers…” She brushed the back of his head while she finished whispering into his ear, “I know Walter, I know.”As she sat there to continue to adjust and simply relax, the astronaut’s fingers slipped under the straps of her nightie and slowly pulled it off her shoulders and down her upper arms, revealing her skin when the material completely dropped to her waist and hanging on her hips.’Walter’ twitched inside his wife’s slick opening at seeing more of her fair skin. Her chest was beautiful in its suppleness, roundness and fullness in defying most of gravity topped with pink nipples. He loved to kiss, lick and fondle them and they both of course enjoyed making love to each other with them, but unlike those that came before him, he knew that they were not the end all be all of the lovely young woman sitting on his lap. She knew that he realized that and loved him for it.His hands eventually reached the underside of her breasts and cupped them. His thumbs slowly rubbed in circles her stiffening life-giving nubs as his palms gently caressed the undersides of her magnificent orbs. His fingers joined the petting by gently drumming the side of her unblemished fleshy mounds.She smiled and lulled her head to her right side at the gentle, loving touch. He made her feel precious with his handling her with care in his delicate brushes of his fingertips and cupping her with strong palms—when she wanted them handled in the way she wanted when she didn’t want to feel like she was made of glass.Her nipples pleasurably ached from the touch of the pad of his thumbs. She had missed his touch on them as his touch felt electric. She enjoyed her own touch of course, but the pads of his thumbs were just a little tougher and offered a wonderful contrast yet held the same loving affection.’Walter’s’ right hand finally released a globe, letting it gently bounce before settling again, and slowly made its way down to caress her side and the rest of her skin. He leaned forward and placed a soft peck on the side of her neck then started kissing away at her pulse point.”Oh, Walter…” she moaned out from his touch and lips.’Nancy’ at this point finally seemed to relax and slowly lifted up by her knees until he was only half in her then slowly sank back down. She cycled through these movements several times, just gently rising and falling by her own power.’Walter’ held on to her side and under her breast to help support her, groaning into her neck as her velvet love channel squeezed him and brushed up and down his length. He had to pull his lips away from her neck before he threatened to leave a mark on her as the pleasure was going too much for him to hold back an overt action. He sat back and let his head lull back against the headboard.She slid her arms from his biceps she had held onto for support and grabbed the headboard for leverage and started rocking back and forth to push and pull his length inside.The astronaut pulled his right hand away from her hip and licked his fingertips then caught her left nub to playful tweak it.She closed her eyes and huffed out, “Walt… ter…”He grinned in satisfaction and let his right hand continued playing with her nipple and breast while he moved his left hand down to brush up and down her side. The well-built astronaut’s hand moved from her hip and gripped her rear cheek.’Nancy’s’ eyes clenched and the soft moans escaping past her lips grew louder, “Walter I’m… I’m almost… please Walter, just a little more…”The astronaut withdrew his right hand from her heavy orb and palmed over her abdomen then dipped further down of the loose nightie that gathered around her hips and obscured their joining. His thumb found her swollen pearl and gently and expertly stroked it like a D-pad on one of his flight controls.She came down and ground herself against his pelvis and this thumb, seeking more stimulation while she felt her crest rising to crash down on her. She dropped her head and their foreheads met again then a set of blue eyes and brown eyes connected.”Let go Nancy,” she heard just over her laboured breath.His loving gaze and request was the push that crumbled the dam against her pleasure.She threw her head back, pushing out her chest where his left hand reaching up and gripping her soft, supple flesh and had his thumb mimic the movements on her nipple that he was doing to her love button. Her pelvis pushed forward, driving every last bit of him into her and his head grazed her cervix. Her warm silky vice clenched him hard, wanting to send him tumbling off the edge with her, but he still had a way to go.”WALTER!”Her lovely and rapture filled voice sounded throughout the room and practically most of the house. She jerked on his lap, grinding on him further as she rode out her release. She started trembling from the aftershocks, muscles in her arms and legs tensing then relaxing.’Nancy’s’ shivers began to subside then her inner muscles relaxed their grip around him, but he was still a snug fit inside her. She trembled while collapsing onto his chest and head on his shoulder. He pulled illegal bahis siteleri his hands away from her buttons and lovingly wrapped his arms around her to keep her close. He kissed her upper cheek and reassured in a hushed tone, “I have you darling. You’re safe. Just enjoy… just enjoy.”‘Nancy’ shivered again, but this time in feeling nearly emotionally overwhelmed with his presence. She closed her eyes and just… be. Jade felt so safe and loved, something she had chased for so long in her life and the feelings of the character and hers mixing so thoroughly, she couldn’t tell where hers started and where ‘Nancy’s’ picked up. It really didn’t matter.She would have been happy to fallen asleeep in this position and she knew Freddie wouldn’t have mind, but…Jade took a deep breath, taking in his manly scent, before getting her mind set back into character and she slowly lifting off of him, a slick sound being made from his withdrawal, and straddled over her hips. He groaned with the loss of such warmth and pressure around his slick member.He slid down the bed with only a pillow supporting his head and bringing her knees under his armpits. His eyes spotted her dew covered enflamed opening and his desire overcame him. He brought his right arm under her inner thigh then repeated with his other arm to settle her knees on either side of his head then gripped her soft, shapely rear and brought her opening to his mouth.He took a slow lick up her slit, causing her to pleasurably shiver, still sensitive from her release.”Walter…” she hitched out while his tongue explored and cleaned her lips, but avoiding flicking her exposed button. “Too soon darling…” she whimpered as she pulled away from his mouth.”I’m sorry love. You were just too tempting,” he answered charmingly and with a bit of smugness.’Nancy’ pressed her teeth into her bottom lip, grinning at his playful nature. She certainly could understand his reasoning since she knew how sweet she tasted and she had to resist at times in wanting to make love to him with her mouth—something she never imagine she would enjoy so much.The ’60s housewife lifted her right leg over his face and settled lying beside him to cuddle. She trailed her hand down his stomach and took a hold of his ‘Little Walter’ and giving him a lazily stroke, using her released juices as lubricant.’Walter’ closed his eyes and softly groaned, welcoming her gentle touch while wrapping an arm around her back to keep her close. She in turn continued a tender stroking motion, just enough to give him pleasure but not enough to start building him to his release. They still had some more fun to share in her opinion.They kept snuggled for the few minutes until she thought she had calmed enough not to be oversensitive to his attention. She let him go and sat up then started crawling down the bed until she stopped just at the foot of it and moving to the middle. While remaining on her hands and knees, she looked over her shoulder and flicked an eyebrow.The look in her eyes told him exactly what she wanted and he didn’t hesitate to pull his legs under him then got onto his knees. He scooted up behind her and gripped her left hip to hold her steady. He gripped himself and rubbed his spongy head against her moist opening, causing her to shiver.”Walter…”He touched her lips with his head then slowly pushed his hips forward, slipping his head through her slick opening.The blonde housewife threw her head back and whimpered through puckered lips and closed eyes until he’s completely sheathed into her then she let a low grumble groan from deep inside.The narcoleptic flyer gripped her hips and allowed them to settle in the new position with the new sensations running through both of them for the different angle of penetration. They shared groans as they settled.After perhaps a half minute, he slowly pulled back and took in the sight of his hard rod slipping between her lovely pale cheeks. The sight was quite erotic and had to resist the urge of thrusting hard back into her. He slowly pushed back in while rubbing soft circles over her right cheek to distract himself. Her skin was so soft and smooth to the touch and was getting just as excited touching it as she was by the attention he was giving her.’Nancy’ sighed from the impromptu massage of her cheek, giving her more pleasure and distracting her from the underside of his shaft sliding over her inner bundle of nerves. She started pushing back with her hands and knees to gently meet his thrusts.’Walter’ took it as a signal to slowly pick up the pace, taking a firmer grip on her hips.After several cycles, the couple had picked up a steady even pace and the soft sound of flesh started filling the room along with their combined grunts and whimpers.The hopeful moonwalker closed his eyes and groaned with the slickness and warmth enveloping his manhood. He brushed his palm over her back, feeling the smoothness of her pale and blemish free skin. A thin sheen of sweat started dewing on her back, particularly down her spine and that brought him plenty of pleasure from the sight, knowing how hard it was for her to start sweating.The blonde housewife tried to keep her eyes open, but repeatedly closed them as she just felt the fullness inside her retreat and return with every gentle thrust. His mushroom head would strike at an upward angle towards her back while the underside continued brushing over her g-spot. She was getting wetter and tighter and his fleshy steel rod felt like it was somehow hardening further. She let her head tilt to the side and panted breath through her painted lips.She grabbed her gently swinging right breast and gently squeezed it and pinching her nipple, pushing her closer to another release. She briefly considered if he could make her pass out from the pleasure.He picked up the pace and they were both racing to the goal and as much as he hated to deprive his love—character or real life one—he needed to pull back from the brink.The astronaut pulled his rod out and gripped the base then tapped the underside against her pale cheeks in an attempt to cool himself down. She let out a surprise yelp then giggled from the contact. He took several sharp breaths, forcing himself to further control then pushed back inside her.He hunched over her, covering her back with his chest, and braced his hands on the bed with his arms parallel with hers.’Walter’ slowed down his sawing motion into her, allowing him to draw out the pleasure longer for both of them. He reached up and cupped her right tit over her hand, lacing his fingers with hers and gently squeezing and massaging it with her.”Walt… Walter,” she sighed with the added stimulation.”Yes Nancy,” he breathed into her ear.She whimpered, her breath becoming more ragged with each thrust of himself into her, “You don’t… you don’t think I’m… ‘dirty’ for us… for wanting us to make love like…” She stumbled on her words as her breath became raggedy, “…like an!mals?”The part of Freddie’s mind that could still focus was thoroughly impressed with his girlfriend’s acting abilities in portraying the ‘innocent’ housewife in thinking that his position was somehow ‘dirty’ in making love. He had prayed that the powerbrokers in Hollywood one day would see her abilities and give her the opportunities to show the world.The astronaut straightened up to support himself on his knees and shins. His right hand moved to her hip to under her slip that was still bunched at her waist and hanging on her hips to let his fingers slide over her parted lips. His other one brushed up her side and cupped her softly jiggling left orb, giving it a reassuring squeeze before guiding her up to stand on her knees and make her back flush with his chest. He kissed her cheek and groaned, “Of course not darling. You’re always my lady.”The dutifully housewife placed her hands on top of his corresponding hands, joining them in pleasuring her and muttered, her breath becoming shorter with every one of his thrusts, “Even if I don’t… I may not want to be a lady in private? If I want to be ah… harlot?”He kissed her cheek again and reassured her, “Always.”She smiled bashfully, feeling so loved in being accepted and not having to conform to any kind of preconceived imagine in his eyes. She didn’t have to be either the Madonna or the Whore, she could simply be and that acceptance was nearly emotionally overwhelming.He threw his ass back then bucked into her then slowly repeated the process while his hand massaged her orb and his fingers stroked over nether lips and flicked her love button.’Nancy’ rested her head back on his shoulder and whimpered, “Oh Walter… Walter… oh God… jank…” She was tightening and her nectar started flowing, increasing the slick sound of him pushing and pulling away.She raced to the finish line and crossed it before she realized how truly close she was to it. She threw her head back, brushing against his shoulder and thrusting her chest into his hand, and shouted and let the roleplaying mask fall, “Oh fuck! Fuck, fuck!”He growled into her ear, the velvet tightness trying to milk him for his seed and if she hadn’t brought him to his ‘small death’ earlier, he would be filling her with his love.Soon her muscles relaxed, giving the astronaut a respite from her tightness and she felt like a leaf slowly falling from a tree in autumn and zapped of energy as she came back down to Earth in feeling her surroundings, particularly his warm embrace. Her legs trembled from bracing on her knees and needed to relax. She kissed his cheek and whispered into his ear, “I need… I need to lie down.”He helped lower her on the bad then pulled out and rested on his heels.The blonde rolled onto her back and ‘Walter’ sat up and gripped her hips to steady her to re-enter. ‘Nancy’ thought he was about to begin his gentle rocking, but he lifted her right leg and kissed her ankle then down her calf then peppered her knee with kisses. His other hand travelled from her hip to palm over her abdomen under the silky material. His thumb brushed over her bellybutton then playfully dipped inside of it.She giggled from the delicate touch of his lips and finger which quickly turned into a surprise yelp when he slipped back inside her, just a little easier in parting her lips and her inner muscles from them finally relaxing and added slickness of her honey.’Nancy’ pushed her head back against the bunched up comforter and sheet at the foot of the bed, pushing up her heavy chest.He reached out and held onto her lovely chest for leverage, using his thumbs to brush over her nipples and areola to add to her pleasure. She cupped her hands over his hands to help him in place while he started sawing back into her. She rolled her head from side to side, moaning as her own wave of pleasure grew in her belly.The handsome military officer marvelled at how soft she felt in his hands and warm and tight she felt around his manhood. He felt like he was in heaven with making love with his angel. She looked like canlı bahis siteleri she was in her own world of pleasure and couldn’t be happier for her and himself. Her happiness made him happy and told him once again that she was the one for him.He was feeling the familiar tingling in his loins again that signalled that he was approaching his climax, but he wasn’t ready to finish his reunion lovemaking even if the stopping and starting was starting to take their toll on him.’Walter’ let go of her chest and pulled back and out of ‘Nancy’ to sit up on his knees. His slick rod stood up proudly and sucked and blew breath out nearly as heavy as one of his workout.’Nancy’ softly winced from the loss of him completing her then pushed herself up by the elbows then asked with a concerned filled voice, “What’s wrong Walter?”‘Walter’ took several deep breaths then answered, “Nothing, I was just… getting close and… I wanted this to last a little longer.”The dirty blonde sat up and pulled her legs to a butterfly position. She reached over and gently grasped his manhood above his hand and answered with a reassuring smile, flattered she could make him feel that good that quickly, “Darling, it’s okay. As you said, we have all the time in the world…” She gently stroked the top half of his solid meat and pointed it over her navel. “If you’re ready to cum right now it’s okay… I promise the night won’t be over. I’ll get you hard again. I’ll lick and suck and make love with my breasts again to bring you back.”Her words and touch were nearly enough to let him cut loose at that very moment, but the military officer focused and kissed her forehead. “I know you would Nancy, but I don’t think I would have anything left to give you darling.” He beamed a playful smile, “I’m not as young as I used to be.”Her lips curled in a seductive way and teased, “You’re plenty satisfying to me.” She lay back on the bed and opened her legs open, bringing the soles of her feet together keep her knees bent in a butterfly manner.He crawled up and repositioned to enter her. He softly pushed inside her until he sheathed completely inside her.She groaned and closed her eyes tight, feeling full again with his solid rod. She let out a slow breath while opening her eyes then cupped his left cheek and reassured him with a brush of her thumb, “I’m all yours my love.”‘Walter’ bent forwards and lapped around her right nipple before catching it between his lips and suckled hard. She wrapped her arms around the back of his neck and cupped the back of his head, threading her fingers through his hair to encouragingly hold him to her breast.He licked and sucked and worshiped her nub and soft flesh with his tongue and lips trying to devour her while a new rush of lust filled him and he increased his bucking into her.’Nancy’ groaned from his shaft filling her and hitting all the spots along her walls with the added f0rceof his pelvis smacking against her groin and inner thighs. “Oh God Walter. Oh God, oh God… love me Walter. Keep loving me… Fuuu…”She squeezed around him at the same time while his balls tightened and pelvis, inner thighs and abdomen muscles tightened, signalling he was on his last leg before reaching his release and couldn’t attempt to hold back another time.He reluctantly pulled his mouth away from her breast and breathed against it while his hips at this point were moving on their own, “Nancy… please… I’m close… where… where my love?””Darling… I want—Oh God! —I want… I want you inside… please darling… oh chizz… I need to feel your love inside me…”The dutiful ’60s housewife’s words flipped a switch in his head and he softly groaned out, “You want a baby Nancy?”Jade’s ‘Nancy’ mind-set broke and her mind flashed back to months ago when they sat together in Cat and Sam’s living room as the pair made love and she thought about the ch!ldren they would have together one day. The look in his eyes told her that he would if she wanted, perhaps not right now, but he wanted to have ch!ldren with her.The actress was able to slip back into her role and breathed out, “Yes, Walter… I want a baby with you, but…” She swiped a kiss from him then whispered while staring him straight in the eyes. “…we’re in not rush, but… it’s… it’s okay… please Walter… inside.”He slipped his hands back under her rear to help her with her bucking against him for a few quick thrust before she sat up to straddle his lap, crashing his lips against her lips.She wrapped her arms around behind his neck and held him like a life preserver, determined to devour his mouth and pushing her tongue passed his lips. She pulled her legs back to her around his hips to rest her knees against the mattress to help support herself as her husband was doing all the work to support her in a sitting on his knees and straining toes.’Nancy’ lifted herself up from his lap and dropped back down in several quick cycles, giving him a short squeeze before lifting up again.His loving wife’s actions were enough to final push ‘Walter’ over the edge. He moved his hands from her ass to palm over her shoulder blades and let his fingertips hook over the back of her shoulders, forcing her completely down on his lap. He groaned into the crook of her neck and pushed hard to fully sheath himself inside of her, “Holy Chizz Nancy!”His pelvis jerked forward, driving his rod deep inside and flexing hard before his seed blasted out of him and smacking into her cervix. The next nearly strong shot s**ttered and splashed against her walls, coating her insides with his love.The blonde rolled her head back again and moaned with closed eyes as she felt the warmth of his release splash against her velvet walls. It still felt strange to her, the warmth and the stickiness coating her inner walls and filling her, but it was him, it was essentially a part of him that he was giving her that would one day be his contribution to the gift of life they would create together.She dropped her head back down to bring her lips to his ear and cooed while brushed the back of his head, “That’s it Walter. Give me your love. I want it. I need it.””Furrckk…” he growled past her ear as muscles tightened and shaft flexed several more times inside her with lesser releases.’Walter’ tumbled back onto his back and pulled his lovely wife down with him.’Nancy’ yelped in surprise then pulled her arms out from behind his neck and lifted up with support of holding onto his shoulders. She slipped her right hand down to rub up and down his tightening and muscular abs while she ground against him. “I’m okay baby. Finish, I want you to finish.”The browned eye flyer closed his eyes and growled while his pelvic and glutens tightened a few more times, “Fucking shit!”He tightened his grip on her hips and bucked a few more times, his primal mind determined to get his seed to her womb wanting to make a ch!ld with her. As the last of his release waned, his muscles began to relax and another pleasurable wave rippled through him.The blonde shuddered, just relishing in the feeling the warm deposit. She tightened her inner muscles to help ring him out like a rag for every bit of his seed.The astronaut groaned as the last of his essence fired into her and the weariness of their lovemaking and his third release of the afternoon and early evening set-in.As the couple settled, one looked up and the other down to stare into each other’s eyes. They rarely finished this way, but when they did it, it seemed magical.The blonde dedicated housewife softly uttered, “I love you Walter.””I love you Nancy,” he was able to mutter as he fought to keep his eyes open.’Nancy’ smiled and leaned forward to snuggled the crown of her head into the crook of his neck for a few minutes, giving him another cuddling they both wanted. They stayed that way for moments to catch and steady their breathing, each able to feel through their closeness their slowing heartbeats.She felt him starting to soften inside and sat up. She gently massaged his taut abs then lifted a leg and pulled away until he completely slipped from her, his still half erect shaft lightly coated with her nectar and some of his release and flopped onto his lower abs.The blonde sat on her heels and reached between her legs to collect some of her released juices and whatever dripping seed escaped her channel. She brought the mixture on her fingertips and slipped them past her lips. She closed her eyes and moaned at the taste of their combined love. She sucked and licked her tongue between her fingers to make sure she got every drop and finished cleaning her fingers in no time. She dipped her fingers back to her opening a second time to make sure she was in no immediate danger of leaking down her legs. She smacked her lips, enjoying the last of their taste and while she was confirming that none of his release would leave her at the moment, she realized she wanted more.She looked down at her satisfied husband with his sweet smile on his face and saw his semi-stiff rod coated with their love. She bent down and parted lips and sucked nearly all of him into her mouth until it touched the back of her throat.”Nancy…” He groaned from the sensation but quickly relaxed under the gentle mouth ministrations and a reassuring rub of her hand over his abs.The dedicated housewife gently bobbed on him, sucking and slurping away their combined mess and his softening rode twitching in return as if it couldn’t decide to relax or try to get hard again. Their combination of his salty and her sweet flavours was a particularly nice treat for her to finish the night. She cupped and tenderly massaged his hard working jewels in thanks for letting them share such a special ending.The tasted of their combination began to fade from her tongue and started tasting only her man. She had enough energy to keep going and get him hard again for another round even if he really didn’t feel up to it, but she didn’t want to wear him completely out as they had plans for the weekend. His jewels did deserve a nice rest with what they had provided for her since he returned home.She released him from her mouth and gave his soften manhood a few more thankful licks and once he was finished cleaned off, she kissed his right hip and whispered, “Relax love, I’ll be right back darling.”‘Nancy’ slipped off the bed to trot out of the room, clenching her muscles and covering her love channel with a hand to prevent dripping down her legs and floor while her other hand is still holding on to her now wrinkled nightie still bunched around her waist, and made her way to the nearest bathrooms.’Walter’ felt the fingertips of sleeep wanting to grip him, but he fought the sensation and after the minutes ticked away, ‘Nancy’ returned to the bedroom threshold in a pair of loose and very short cotton shorts, but remained topless. She walked towards him and bent down and recovered his discarded wife beater and pulled over her head and on. She pulled the hem down and let it loosely hanging on her frame and covering herself, always enjoying wearing his shirts. She slipped back into bed and snuggled back to him, pulling the sheet up to cover them both.Freddie kissed her forehead and as the couple allowed themselves to fall asleeep, he realized that she never used the ‘cut-scene’ word.