Old and young guy spitroast (part two)

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Old and young guy spitroast (part two)As we sat chatting and sharing experiences, Darren, who was sat beside me put down his beer and moved a bit closer to my side. As I turned to look at him I placed my hand on his thigh, and he reciprocated by doing the same to mine, slowly we both leaned towards each other and began to kiss, our tongues probed each others mouths as I felt Darren’s hand slide further up my thigh towards my crotch. His hand gently wrapped around the bulge in my jeans and began to rub my soft cock, within moments we had removed each others tops and were both sat there bare chested, my hand was now wrapped around Darren’s crotch and he was undoing my belt buckle, one by one he undid the button fly of my jeans and slipped his hands down the front of my boxers until I could finally feel his warm hand wrapped around my ever hardening cock. As we continued pleasuring each other by hand I had almost forgot Ian was sat across the room from us, until that is I heard the sound of his zip being undone and of clothing being removed, glancing across I watched as Ian removed his shirt and lowered his trousers and sat back down and started rubbing his cock over his briefs, motioning for Darren to turn and lay back on the sofa, I then proceed bahis siteleri to kiss and tease his nipples and work my way down his chubby chest and stomach until I am at the waistband of his boxer shorts. Wriggling out of his trousers I then began to mouth his cock over his shorts with my hand slipping up and under the leg and occasionally brushing against his cock. The more I mouthed it the harder it became, although not big at just over 5inches, his cock was now rock hard, slipping his boxers down over it, it sprung out to attention. His cock had a really flared mushroom shaped head and had a tapered shape, becoming really thick at the base, and it was rippled with veins, lowering my head I wrapped my lips around his head, swirling my tongue around it, before finally sliding my wet lips down its length. For several minutes I sucked on his cock and played with his balls, occasionally running my tongue around them and taking them between my lips and sucking them.As I sucked Darren I kept looking across at Ian who by now had got his cock out and was stroking its length as he watched us. I beckoned for Ian to come over and as I continued to suck Darren, Ian eased my cock out over my shorts and wrapped his mouth around my length, expertly, canlı bahis he begun to suck my cock, his tongue darting over my piss slit and flared head, before deep throating me and taking all 7ins deep into his throat. Ian then started to position my legs as I laid back on the sofa so that he could get his mouth to my ass, slowly his tongue started to probe at my hole, gentle swirls of the tongue driving me wild with pleasure as he savoured my ass, all the while he did this I continued to suck Darren’s cock. Once my hole was nice and wet Ian knelt between my legs and as I reached down to hold his thick 8in cock, he began to guide it into my willing ass, inch by inch it slowly slid inside of me. Ian’s cock I had noticed earlier had a very pronounced upward curve in it and as he eased it deep inside of me that curve was hitting spots that no other cock has hit deep inside of me before. Before long I felt Ian’s bushy greying pubic hair bristling against my ass and he was now fully inside of me, slowly he started to slide his cock in and out of my tight hole, his hand wrapped around my cock, slowly wanking me as he fucked me. It felt so good to have this old guy fucking my ass as I got to suck on a young guys cock. It had been too long since güvenilir bahis I last had the chance for this sort of fun.After several minutes Darren asked for a turn to fuck me, so as he got comfortable on the sofa I sat astride his lap facing him and slowly lowered my now gaping ass down on his thick hard cock, his flared head popped as it entered my ass and I easily slid down his short but rock hard shaft, the thick base stretching me more than even Ian’s 8ins had done. Slowly I began to going on his lap and ride his cock, as I did so he licked and sucked my nipples and ran his hands through my chest hair, for several minutes I took his cock deep and enjoyed the feel of him gripping and parting my ass cheeks as he thrust his cock up and deeper into my hole. Ian then stood beside us and leant against the wall and wrapped his hand around his cock and began to feed it in turn into mine and then Darren’s mouth.After a while Darren began to grunt and gasp as his cock started to twitch and I knew from the pulsating deep inside my ass that he would soon be cumming, with a warm and fulfilling gush I felt him unload a hot, thick torrent of cum deep inside of me. Now, usually I would say it better to be safe than sorry when it comes to safe sex, but if I am confident and comfortable with someone then I am willing to go bareback, and having not felt cum flood my ass for so long it felt so good to finally have a guy filling me with his warm cum.Part 3 coming soon!