Old Henry Pt. 03

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A few of days later I was kneeling in the garden pottering about doing some weeding. It was a warm day and I wearing just my bikini bottoms, when I heard the familiar sound of Henry hailing me.

I turned to see him standing in the driveway by the side of the house. I waved to him to come in and after standing up walked over to him not worrying about my naked breasts jigging on my chest, after all he had seen them and much more. He apologized for disturbing me, going on to say he had rung the bell but had not had a reply but knew I was in the garden. I said not to worry. He said I was looking like a real garden nymph, at which I laughed.

We briefly talked about what I was up to before he held out a USB stick, telling me he had edited the material he had shot and this was what he had put together. I took it from him, remembering vividly some of the things I had done whilst he was shooting the material and for a strange reason felt my face redden a little.

I thanked him, but refrained from asking him anything about it instead asking whether he would like a cup of tea, to which he said no as he had to be somewhere. So I told him I’d take a look to see whether Jon would enjoy it. He said to come over later in the week on Friday for a glass of wine and let him know how it went, with which he left.

I put the stick on the garden table next to my phone and returned to weeding the vegie bed I’d been working on, but it was if the device was a thought magnet getting stronger and stronger, as I wondered about what it might contain.

It was about time to quit so I put away the tools I’d been using into the garden shed, and after picking up the stick and phone went into the house. I’d got a bit dirty after grubbing in the earth and decided to take a shower first.

After finishing, I debated on whether getting dressed but thought why, it was a warm day, so I poured a glass of wine and settled down naked in front of the TV. There was a slot on the front of the PVR and after a bit of fiddling with the controls found some JPEG files and a movie file. I set up a slide show for the images and pressed play.

It was about ten minutes later that I sat stunned, by both the clarity of the images and the things Henry had caught on camera. As I worked my way through, I could feel my body responding to the sexuality of the content and by the end, I was gently teasing my hardened clit.

It ended and I navigated back to the movie file and pressed play and this time there was no escaping the influence of the pornographic content on my body. As the last shot of semen flew across my face, my body was heaving as my fingers brought me to a huge climax.

Wow I thought, if Jon wasn’t tuned on by this he never would be. The content was excellent and knowing Jon, I knew he would not mind, especially as he would also be amazed at the $500 I had earned for the few hours I was at the club, we could certainly use the money.

I copied the files off the stick onto my computer and encrypted the contents of the stick, now only someone with the magic password would be able to see this material. I quickly wrote a short letter to Jon with the usual missed him and all that stuff before putting it and the stick into an envelope. I looked at my watch as today was the weekly deadline to send letters to Jon via the company air courier, it was getting late, and if I didn’t hurry I’d miss the deadline.

I threw on some clothes and left to take the envelope to Jon’s company’s building. Just getting there on time the receptionist said, as I handed it over. She told me he would get it the next day, happy snaps she said as she put the envelope in a tray. You could say that, I replied with a bit of a grin on my face thinking about what I was sending, if only she knew.

Friday came I put on a short dress and I went over to Henry’s. After he poured a glass of wine, he asked me about the stuff he had given me. I smiled and said it was great and I had already sent it over to Jon, expecting him to phone on the Saturday morning.

Great he said, asking me whether I enjoyed doing it and watching myself performing. I laughed and said I did; it was a buzz. In that case Henry went on why not go the next step and make some money out of it. I was a bit taken aback as I wasn’t sure what Jon would say if I was to go down this road.

I asked how much and was shocked at how much I could earn. He chuckled and told me the top earners were earning up to $3000 a day. I was amazed.

I asked what they were expected to do for that, though I knew it would involve a lot of nudity and sex of some kind. He told me gang bangs paid the most, as they usually took a day or two to film, though anything about sex made money. I was stunned at myself, did I want to go down this pathway? Though speaking about it to Old Henry like this made it sound very pedestrian, just a job, which would make me a lot of money.

He went on to say that George was interested in bahis siteleri me working at the club but with more client involvement. Client involvement, I said with a grin? That was a nice way of putting men fondling my nakedness. The idea appealed as it did seem like easy money, but I would have to ask Jon, then maybe we could talk about it. I was sure he wouldn’t mind, as he had already implied that it was entirely up to me.

It was strange talking like this about something that until recently I had barely given a thought to, and in front of a man who wasn’t my husband. Maybe that was why I could talk about it. There was no doubt that I enjoyed showing myself off to strangers, it was a question of how far this should go.

We talked a bit more and then Henry proposed if Jon didn’t mind, maybe I could do a sort of soft trial. He looked a bit sheepish as he went on to say he had organized with his mates for boy’s movie night and maybe I could come along. I smiled of course I liked movies what was he showing? Was it a popular movie? He chuckled and said very much so, but not in the way I was asking, it was the other kind of movie, the blue kind. Oh, I remembered saying, did they do that often? To which he replied every now and then they all got primed up for it with their little blue helpers. He chuckled adding it was really a wanking night for old timers. I laughed and said what a bunch of dirty old men they were, to which he grinned.

He said more seriously, the desire never leaves, just the means to satisfy it, so it’s what we do to help each other remember better times.

I looked at him thoughtfully remembering the photograph of his late wife; yes, I’d do it if Jon didn’t mind. We’d pay you, same rates as in the business, I started to object, but he put up his hands, insisting all his mates were well off, and could easily afford anything they wanted.

I asked what he would want me to do? Over the next half an hour he explained how it might work and what might be expected from me. I must admit I was a bit intrigued as to how it would feel being used by many men. Returning next door, I wondered with a touch of excitement what I had let myself in for.

The a few days later I managed to get to talk to Jon, he looked tired but was in good spirits. I asked if he had got my present and he said with a grin he had and had found it very stimulating. I laughed and said I should hope so too. We talked a bit more about it and about his job and how long he would be over there; he said it would probably wind up in a month. I told him I couldn’t wait to have him home again.

We only had a short time, so I quickly explained without going into details what Henry had said asking what he thought. He was as amazed at how much money could be earned as I was, so I asked if he would mind me doing it. To which as always he said of course not, it was always up to me. He added that if I did, could I get Henry to take some shots, so he could check it out, as a professional. You mean as a professional wanker, I replied, we both laughed. The time was running out and I said the usual lovey things and we said our goodbyes.

That evening I couldn’t wait to let Henry know that Jon had given me to OK. He had been out all day so I did some housework to keep me occupied until I heard his car drive into his driveway. I decided to leave it for half an hour and then go over, so I went to change, choosing a light weight summer frock as the evening was still warm, a lacy bra and a small thong.

I walked around to his place, ringing the front door bell. The door opened and he welcomed me as I stood at the door before ushering me in and we walked through to the kitchen. After he poured me a glass of wine, we sat down and had some small talk about the day. I then went on to tell him I had talked to Jon about how far I should go, and he had said as far as I wanted.

Henry again told me I had a very understanding husband, which I couldn’t deny.

So I inquired, did he still want me to “perform” for his friends, to which the answer was of course, yes.

Henry was quiet for a moment and then asked me whether I had any sexy underwear, suspenders and the like? I said I just had the normal sort of stuff some frilly panties and lacy bras. Did I have any sexy costumes, like nurse’s gear, to which I replied no, I didn’t, just the usual lingerie including the nightie he had seen me in.

Maybe we should go and check out what is available he suggested. I commented that the shops would be closed but Henry smiled and told me not all if you knew where to go. He grabbed his car keys and said let’s do some shopping. I told him I didn’t have any money with me, but he said not to worry.

We drove into the semi industrial part of town that was all but deserted stopping outside an Adult Shop that had a red light glowing on the front wall. Henry asked if I had ever gone to one of these shops to which I replied, never.

The front of the building canlı bahis siteleri was all black with a red rose painted on it, there were no windows. We pushed the door open and walked in. I was surprised at how big it was as I took in the displays. A man behind the counter said hi, and we replied the same.

Henry walked past the various racks of mags and books, most had naked and semi naked women on their covers often with a cock up their cunt, but I stopped. I felt a bit out of place, a woman in what appeared a man’s domain and started to look more closely at the pictures. The women in the pictures were all sorts, many of the women were plain but had fantastic tits, and others were very pretty as they sat exposing themselves for the camera and of course the viewer. One that drew my attention was a pretty naked Asian girl who sat facing the camera her legs wide apart. Her fingers were toying with her exposed clit whilst in her anus was a cock inserted to the balls. I picked up the mag and turned it over to see other women on the back cover also impaled up their arseholes. I picked up another with a pale white girl riding a big black man’s cock.

Henry’s voice startled me as he had returned to stand next to me. He asked whether I had done any anal sex. To which I answered, no I hadn’t, though Jon had asked at one time. Henry asked whether I would be interested to which I replied why not, though I was not sure whether I would enjoy it or not.

Henry then said practice helped, as he drew me over to a board with several butt plugs attached. I couldn’t imagine them inside me, but I was fascinated by the different shapes and sizes, running my fingers over the soft surfaces, some seem frighteningly large. He also indicated a carton containing a douche that he explained was used for cleaning one’s rectum. He went on to say that some women really got off on anal sex and double penetration.

He indicated another area, and as we moved toward it, the front door opened and a couple of young guys came in looking very sheepish as they saw us there.

I turned back to Henry and he showed me various packets of costumes that were displayed. There were nurses, waitresses, cowgirls, policewomen, girl guides and many others. Some showed women dressed in them, whilst others just had descriptions like Surprise Bunny.

I asked Henry if this was what he was talking about when he said costumes, looking at the skimpy clothes. He said yes, explaining it was like a game, where the women teased the men by dressing in a role. Most men loved it. Sort of like a Christmas present, all tinsel and glitter wrapped around sex.

We walked over to another area in a corner where there was lingerie was on display, all of it either transparent or very skimpy. I fingered the material; this was a long way from my undies. There were silky half and quarter bras, tiny thongs, baby-dolls, and packets of crotch less knickers.

I looked through the lingerie, most of which was in very small packets, though there was a rack of party clothes and some filmy stuff. A rack of night dresses drew my attention, some full length but very much see through, others very short, or open at the front. All, as Old Henry had said, designed to package the naked female body.

As I moved items, a short baby doll nightie fell off the stand. As I bent to pick it up Henry said to try it on. I looked at him and down at the flimsy material and told him he must be joking. He replied why not, you’re here so give it a go. Can you do that I asked and where would I change?

Henry then walked over to the man behind the counter, who chuckled at something Henry said. Henry returned with a grin and said to change here, the man didn’t mind though I couldn’t put on the frilly thong panties, health and all that.

If you do, take off all your clothes and wear only the nightdress. But I stammered, what about those two over I said nodding at the two lads. Henry said not to worry about them and told me to look around, there were naked women everywhere. I replied that was true, but not in person.

Henry suggested I go to the other side of the rack, then I would be out of sight of the two lads and I could just hand over my clothes and then pop it on. I looked at him again and felt a tingling in my loins, the idea was actually turning me on a bit. I couldn’t believe I was going to go ahead with this madness.

Go on, live dangerously Henry told me. I swallowed and walked around the other side of the stand. Taking a deep breath, I slid the dress over my head and passed it over to Henry. Then before I lost my nerve I unclipped my bra and slid down my panties in a big rush. Henry’s hand was waiting and I handed over my underwear. God not only was I in an Adult shop for the first time, but I was stark naked to boot, I was certainly feeling turned on.

I picked the nightie off the stand where I’d left it, and quickly put it on. It didn’t take long. I was shocked, it stopped canlı bahis at crotch height, the bottom was fluffy and I could feel it around the top of my buttocks, whilst the fluffy lined front parted as it swept down revealing my hairy pussy. Two strings with pom-poms that tied the top together hung down between the cleavages of my breasts. The material did little to hide my nipples.

Henry asked how it felt to which I replied with a chuckle under dressed and sexy. I told Henry that he could come and check it out if he liked. He replied rather than that, the man had told him if I walked to the front counter he’d give it to me for nothing. I can’t do that I said, to which Henry said why not, what harm could it do and I’d get another bit of sexy gear for my wardrobe. I thought about it for a moment and then thought well why not, I’d been parading in front of men at the club, so why not here. With which I walked out from behind the rack and walked over to the man at the counter.

The two lads looked up and their jaws almost fell to the floor as I exposed myself before them. The shop assistant’s eyes crawled all over my body, returning to my face as I arrived to stand in front of him.

He smiled and said well done, I looked stunning, and it would be great if I wore it for the rest of the time whilst I was shopping. I turned back to face Henry and walked over to him. The two lads stared once more at me as I went by, chortling to each other. Good on you Henry told me, and went to give me back my clothes, I told him not to bother this was fine and carried on browsing as I was, which made him grin.

I was a short time later that one of the lads plucked up courage, and walked over to where I was looking through the dildo collection He was holding his mobile, and asked me if he could take a selfie with me. Of course I said, and he waved over his mate.

For the next few minutes I posed with them, as they clicked away on their phones. Henry then came over and suggested he take a shot with both their phones and his of both of them on either side. He took a couple of shots, before coming closer and parting the top to completely reveal my naked breasts. Another few shots took place before the lads thanked me, chuckling to each other as they left after hiring a blue movie.

After I had retied the pom poms, as if it made any difference, I continued to browse the shelves with growing sexual excitement, Henry after a while gathered together a collection of boxes and packets and took them to the man at the counter. I walked over to the two of them as if we were buying groceries. The man complimented me and said I’d be welcome back any time.

Henry offered me the clothes I had arrived in for me to change into but I said, why bother, I was fine as I was if he didn’t mind, to which he grinned in reply.

After he paid for the collection we exited into the street, my pussy on full display. Fortunately, at this time, the area was deserted and I didn’t have to cope with any more surprises. As I sat as Henry drove home, my hands in my lap became more aware of the furriness between my thighs, and my fingers started to move towards my sex, I was excited; by the shop, my near nakedness and being driven exposed like this.

I turned to Henry my fingers on my clitoris, my breathing getting deeper and he returned my glance. He laid his hand on my thigh and nodded it was OK. Gee what was wrong with me. I again untied the pom poms pulling the flimsy cloth aside to expose my nipples to Henry and my eager fingers. I didn’t take long for my body to start to move as I became more and more excited. We were close to home when I could delay no more, my body heaving as I climaxed. Oh God, that was amazing I croaked at Henry who smiled back before returning to drive the car up his driveway.

I turned to Henry and apologized, saying I had been a bit selfish indulging myself like that, but he said not to worry, he enjoyed watching me.

I asked him if he was excited and leaned over to touch his lap. He told me he was, but was not sure for how long, that was the curse of old age. Let’s go in then I suggested.

I had no qualms about being seen dressed or rather undressed the way I was at the moment, as Henry’s drive was fairly private. He opened the car back door and picked up the bags and packets and walking up to his front door. He looked over to me asking me to take them so he could get his keys. As I reached over to take them, his hands brushing lightly against my breasts as he passed me the pile, before he reached into his pocket and pulled out his house keys.

We entered and I put the pile down on his kitchen bench. I looked at him again and kneeling down in front of him undid his trousers before pulling both his trousers and pants down to reveal his semi erect cock.

He started to say it was alright, I didn’t need to do anything, but I stopped him and taking his cock gently started to caress it before opening my mouth and licking the tip with my tongue. It started to harden and I slid it into my mouth. A short time later he took my head and moved it slowly back and forward before my mouth was suddenly filled with the taste of his semen.