On a Beautiful Summer Day Ch. 02

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As you may remember, I divulged my secret cuckold desires to my neighbor after an coincidental meeting on a nearby walking trail. During subsequent “work outs” as we called them, he saw more and more of my wife’s treasures. I have not only accepted that he never made good on his gentleman’s promise to share glamour photos of his wife, but somehow grew accustomed to expecting me to suck him off while he looked. Funny, but there was something about him having the edge over me that made it more exciting. I do not know if it was my fantasy to become a cuckold or the fact that my dick is just so darn small. It just seems so right for me to be submissive. Anyway, every time we met innocently as neighbors or at neighborhood parties, I swear his smirk became bolder and bolder, enough to attract the attention of others. I of course hoped he would see the logic of not letting things get out of hand.

It was at the next block party that I noticed a couple of the husbands nodding and looking my direction. The thoughts their actions conjured up in my head felt dangerously exhilarating. My imagination was getting the better of me as Ron had told me he certainly would not want his wife to find out. So, why would Tom and Rick be grinning at me with so much confidence? I began feeling submissive and looked to be rescued. I quickly looked over at Ron for a possible answer, but he had his hands on my wife’s hips as they both were engrossed in an animated conversation. Were the guys smirking because she was in his arms or had he let the guys in on our little secret? I felt my feet begin to move and carry me over to Ron and my wife. They didn’t even seem to notice me. I only managed a mumble as he boldly and I can even say daringly defied my status as her husband, continuing to hang onto my wife, so openly in front of everyone who may be looking. This should not excite me, but I felt my little dick fill with blood.

I could understand his persistence as my wife decided to go braless today. She is not too big, maybe 32C, but since there was a small chill in the air, her t-shirt could not fully hide her pointy nipples. He was gloating at how much control he had, which subjugated me even more. I stood there impotent, unable to say anything that could would make sense. Who am I kidding? I showed him many intimate photos of my wife, told him I would be a willing cuckold and even let him hold my head as he satisfied his needs in my willing mouth. He had warned me he was about to cum and I just clamped my lips harder on his hard cock.

I snapped out of it but realized I did not know what course of action to take. I simply turned around and left them there. A bit late, but I wondered if anyone noticed my surrender. I wandered away with the image in my mind of me on my knees, his balls slapping my chin, spilling his pent up sperm into my will mouth, followed by me jacking myself off. What does Ron think of me now? I guess it is too late for that. I can’t change what has happened. ankara eve gelen escort Then I heard a call from the poker table in one of the tents. Several guys waved me over to join in that they needed help against Tom. As they laughed, Tom added confidently I probably had little to offer, but it is better than nothing. It didn’t hit me right away, but the remark seemed to draw a snicker out of Rick. What, I said. Rick than commanded me to sit down and ante up or asked if I might feel more comfortable by joining the women instead. There it is again, Tom and Rick were both grinning. Was it an intentional remark or just one of those things guys do to tease each other. I felt my dick hardening again. Why does this type of humiliation excite me? I had to calm down. We played at least an hour and Tom continued his winning streak. That is it for me, I said. Tom smirked again and stated, “yep, Jimmy, not everyone can be big.” I looked up as he continued, “a big winner that is.”

“Jimmy,” he started. I interrupted and said I like to be called Jim. He ignored me and repeated, “Jimmy, how would you like to get a little of your losses back.” Again, I felt he emphasized the word little intentionally. I noted their eyes were burning holes in me as they awaited a response. My voice squeaked out a few words that said I was already broke. His offer surprised me since I had made clear previously I was out of money. He smiled again and said he was open to negotiating the definition of currency. I gulped while looking at his smirk. He simply stated that he knew I had a few hidden treasures I might be up to “sharing.” Rick was nodding.

The other two guys were asking what is up, but Tom said it had something to do with one of my hobbies. “Well, I bet you are up for a tiny gamble,” Tom said. He was so right. The potential erotic nature of them knowing. Knowing what? I had divulged to Ron that I like sharing my wife’s pixs because of my cuckold desires and I lack confidence in my own manliness. And Tom once again sought out a diminutive. It could not be a coincidence. As I was pondering how to respond, my lips remained silent. I feared I would squeak again. I finally looked up and noticed my wife heading our way. I felt my face turning hot and red with embarrassment. One of the guys asked me if I was ok and I just blurted out “yes” to bring this uncomfortable conversation to an end, at least for the moment.

The guys all stood up and greeted my wife one by one. Tom caught everyone’s attention. He is a big guy and easily dwarfed my wife. Unlike my early baldness, he had jet black hair. he held her in his strong arms and complimented her. I honestly thought they looked good together. She seemed to fit into his arms naturally. His hand slipped down partially below her waist and was resting just on the very top of her ass as he again made another crack. “We will keep Jimmy just a wee bit longer, just one more hand.” My mind was dazed at gaziosmanpaşa escort yet another clearly obvious diminutive. I had always wanted to be teased about my size in public, but now it was really happening. What does he know? Since I had asked my wife to discretely tease me if the situation was right, she unwittingly added, “A tiny wee bit is more like it!”

Rick, Tom and my wife were laughing, and the others literally scratching their heads, Tom promised her not much longer. He held her in his arms the whole time we negotiated another hand. I am sure my wife lingered, thinking she was discretely rubbing my cuckold wannabe button. He even held onto her hand when Rick finally stepped up to greet her. They too kissed her on the lips and hugged. She was literally sandwiched between the two of them. It was not just a simple peck as I felt my little dick leaking precum, and was observed by the other guys. “Hey, leave Jimmy’s wife alone and let’s play,” shouted the other two male neighbors, apparently not blind but also not fully privy to what was transpiring. I cleared my throat after my voice squeaked again like a woman, trying to urge them to stop fooling around and play more cards.

The cards were dealt. It was not long and once again I dropped another hand. With my wife standing right there, Tom said he would come over later to square up. My wife asked what I had bet Tom and he blurted out, “a strip tease.” She looked me straight in the eyes as she joked, “I bet you would like that, wouldn’t you, Tom? But I think Jimmy would be a teeny bit against it.” Oh my god. She even called me Jimmy. Before I could speak, Tom took the lead and said he had better stop drinking that he slipped. As he said that and the guys laughed, Rick slapped me on the back for being such a good sport. Tom’s nod made it painfully clear, he will soon be seeing her in all her glory, of course in the photos I would have to share. My face must have been crimson red while I stumbled around to find the right words and managed to say he was only interested in some stuff I had been storing in the basement for awhile. He told me he would be over the coming Sunday to collect.

On Sunday, Tom was knocking at our front door as he had promised. My wife said she would get it and I mentioned maybe I should and perhaps she wanted to change first it that was indeed Tom. Of all times for her to get so playful! She teasingly grabbed the bottom of her shirt and quickly tied it into a knot. Her thin t-shirt now came to just below her tits. With no bra, short shorts and a bare midriff, she smiled at me. “You have always wanted me to flirt so here goes!” With that, she also pulled her shorts up just a bit to uncover the bottom of her cheeks. I had to admit she looked really hot, a real wet dream come true. On top of it, her nipples were poking nicely through the ultra-thin material. Tom came in and took both of her hands as he said hi to both of us.

As gölbaşı escort he drew her into his arms to greet her, he whispered something and then they kissed on the lips and hugged. She was crushed against his manly physique. I am sure he could feel her breasts and nipples thru the thin material. They lingered in the doorway as they embraced, right where anyone living in the cul-de-sac could see them. I quickly ushered them inside only to see he still had not let go of her. Hey, guys, I whined. He made some comment about her lipstick to which she responded by offering her lips to be kissed again. The next thing I knew they were kissing fairly hard. She finally pulled back, clearly a bit flushed, and smiling asked him, “you like?” At that point, both turned to me to see my reaction. I realized I was gripping my little penis thru my pants and quickly let go. I mumbled I had too much coffee and would be right back.

As I stayed in the bathroom long enough to collect my composure, I asked myself what just happened? Did Tom see me actually playing with my dick as he took liberties with my wife? What did she notice or think? I returned and Tom again took charge and told me it is time to pay up. When we were downstairs, he said to me they had whispered about kissing longer to see how I would react. He looked at me with disbelief and said, “you actually grabbed your little dick, didn’t you?” I only said, let’s get this over with.

I took the box out and pulled out her photos. He flipped thru one and then another. He kept telling me my little wifey is hot. Just like Ron said, as his eyes grew bigger and bigger. I was literally sweating, warning him that my wife could come downstairs. Look and leave, I said. Tom seemed to enjoy my discomfort and made no attempt to hurry and showed no concern for her pixs as he spread them across a table. He kept saying, damn, not bad at all. Wow… I did not know her aureoles were so damn big. They really are big and dark brown, a chocolate brown and about the size of old silver dollars.

What else had Ron told him? Did he know that I had sucked his cock a few times? It seemed so natural. He was at least twice my size. As the bulge in Tom’s pants grew something told me I would soon find out what he knew, what he expected. I was literally in agony fearing his request would come at any moment. What would I say? He needed to leave. What I did with Ron is unique, not something I sought out. It just happened. I can’t have another husband neighbor in on this. I was fearing the worst. He was going to touch my shoulders and I would willingly fall to my knees, one way or another in my own house with my wife so close by.

The voice of my wife brought me out of my daze. While big Tom studied photo after photo, he was literally licking his lips mesmerized with my wife’s wide-open pussy. As my wife talked with me from upstairs at the top of the steps, he snickered and blurted out I really did have a small dick as my wife was about to give me a blowjob in one picture. Startled at what he had said, I turned to him and asked if he wanted to go to Rick’s, he needed us both to come over. “Tom,” I shouted. He finally snapped out of his trance and asked me to repeat myself. Thank goodness Rick had called to help get me out of this mess, I think.