On a Private Beach

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It is a beautiful summer morning. The sky is clear, and the air is crisp. The sun is shining brightly as I drive up in my vintage Triumph Spitfire 1500, red with black and tan interior. I come to a stop in front of you. You’re wearing a light blue skirt and a yellow sleeveless button down blouse, with the top two buttons open. I get out of the car and casually walk over to you.

I put my arm around your waist, and walk you to the car. You tell me you have your bathing suit and you ask me where we are going. I just smile and tell you not to worry. I open the car door and you slide in, your skirt slightly riding up your legs.

I get in the car and start it up. The engine revs as I put it into first gear, and away we go. I go through all of the gears, gaining speed. The radio is playing a Billy Joel song and I reach over to hold your hand. You give me your hand and I squeeze it gently. You put your head on my shoulder and close your eyes, listening to the song lyrics, feeling the sun on your face, and the wind blowing through your hair as we drive. Again you ask me where we are going, and again I tell you not to worry. It’s a special place that I found just for you. You squeeze my hand and proceed to fall asleep as we drive, your head still on my shoulder.

The change in the engine noise wakes you, and you realize that I am slowing down. I downshift several times and finally come to a stop at the side of the road. I shut off the engine as you look around. All you can see on this deserted road is rolling hills filled with wildflowers, lush green trees in the distance.

“It’s absolutely beautiful,” you say.

“Not nearly as beautiful as you,” I reply.

We get out of the car and I open the trunk, removing a blanket and a picnic basket. You follow me as I make my way through the flowers toward the top of a hill.

“Where are we?”

“A very special place hon. Where is not important.”

As we crest the hill, you can see a pond surrounded by the wildflowers, and a small deserted beach at the bottom of the hill. You touch my hand and I turn to face you. I put the basket and blanket down and put my arms around you, holding you tight to me and kissing you deeply. We kiss for what seems like hours. Finally you pull away from me and smile. You grab the blanket and start running down the hill toward the beach, giggling as you go, the blanket trailing behind you, waving like a flag in a breeze. I pick up the picnic basket and follow along, walking down the path that you made through the flowers.

As I get to the beach, you spread out the blanket and run back to me. We kiss again. You hold my hand as we walk to the blanket.

I sit down and you lie down, your head cradled in my crossed legs. You let out a sigh as I start to massage your shoulders and arms.

“mmmmmm, that feels so good. You could do that to me forever.”

My hands continue to massage your shoulders; you open the third button on your blouse, allowing me to move my hands inside. As I continue to massage your warm skin my hands wander down to your chest, and I gently start to massage your breasts. You let out a moan as I find your nipples, rolling them between my thumb and fingers. They become erect in my hands as you unbutton your blouse fully, exposing your beautiful, round breasts to the open air and to my hands. You moan softly and smile, as the warm sun and my hands feel so good against your naked skin.

We shift positions, so that I am lying beside you, and I take a nipple in my mouth, sucking on it, savoring the taste if it, feeling the textures of it with my tongue. Again, you moan softly. Your fingers gently run over my ears, tracing them with your fingernails. Now it’s my turn to let out a moan. I release your nipple from my mouth and find your other one. The air feels cold against the wet skin where my mouth has been.

I take you deeply into my mouth as a hand travels up your leg. You spread your legs for me as my hand moves up underneath your skirt. You moan again, louder this time, as my istanbul escort hand reaches your soaked panties. I trace the outline of the panties and run my fingers down the center of them, pressing the wet satin between your lips. You let out a gasp. My fingers move between your skin and your panties, gently caressing your soft, moist, curly hair. You reach down and grabbing your panties in your two hands, try to squirm out of them. I help you, and they wind up at our feet to dry in the sun.

Again we shift positions, and I am over you, kissing first your mouth, our tongues meeting and tasting each other; then I move down, kissing the smooth skin between your breasts. “mmmmm, it tastes so good there” I say. You just close your eyes and sigh. I start to kiss and lick my way down your stomach, stopping to give some attention to your navel. I play with your belly button with my tongue, moving it in and out, and it tickles you… you giggle and squirm. I move lower, undoing your skirt and letting it fall open underneath you. You are completely naked now, the warm sun playing over your body. As I kiss your legs, you spread them wider for me.

You can feel my unshaven face as I kiss the inside of your thighs, my lips and tongue against your warm, smooth skin. Your hands take my head and guide it higher, your moisture looking like small diamonds decorating the hair between your legs. The aroma is heady, as your hands move to spread your lips, revealing yourself to me. I move closer still, and you can feel my warm breath on your soft pink flesh. My tongue reaches its goal. You shudder.

I gently tug on you with my teeth, my tongue tasting your juices. The aroma is driving me wild with passion. My tongue moves rapidly over you and then plunges deeply into you, your legs stiffen and hug my head tightly. My tongue moves in and out of you, my face wet with your juices. I breathe deeply of you and sigh. The combination of my tongue and teeth, and the feel of my breath against you, is driving you wild. You move your hands up to your perfect breasts and caress them; your fingers wet, from your own juices, leave a trail across your chest.

My face is buried between your legs, my mouth drinking you in, my tongue lapping up your sweet nectar. My tongue plays over you, your legs spreading wider and wider as my tongue penetrates you deeper and deeper. My hands caress your inner thighs, and then move up your body to find your nipples. I trace their outline with a single finger on each hand, feeling the texture of them, your hands move down to my head pushing me deeper into you as you can feel your orgasm build. I thrust my tongue deeper and deeper into you. Your orgasm flows through your body, wave after wave; your legs hold my head tightly against you, my tongue deep inside of you. My tongue can feel your throbbing pulse as I ride out your orgasm, my face flooded with your juices. You collapse, and your legs let my head go. I withdraw my tongue from you, coated with your fluids. I move up your body, kissing and licking you as I go, and you continue to shudder as your orgasm trails away.

You turn on your side as I snuggle in behind you, cradling your breasts in my hands as my arms surround you. We lay there motionless for a while, the sun beating down on us, warming us, drying us. I kiss the back of your neck and your ears, and you shudder and press your body tightly into mine. You whisper something that I can’t quite make out.

“What did you say?” I ask.

“I’m hungry”, you say, giggling and turning around to face me.

“Would you like some lunch?”

“I’d rather eat first”, you reply with an evil grin.

We kiss again, and you can taste yourself on my mouth and on my face you hold my head and kiss my face, moving around to my ear and nibble and kiss it, your tongue tracing the inside of it. My pulse races as I try to kiss you back, but you don’t let me. Instead, you push me over on my back and kiss my neck, as you unbutton avcılar escort my shirt, revealing my hairy chest.

You start kissing your way down my body, stopping to taste my small nipples, teasing them with your tongue, making them erect. Then you continue down my body toward my navel, your nipples touching me, and you make me squirm, as your tongue darts in and out of it. Your hands work at my pants, I raise my hips to help you take them off of me. We are both naked now.

You look up at me with mischief in your eyes; I smile and lay my head back on the blanket. I feel you hands under me, caressing me and then I feel your tongue on the tip of my shaft, tasting the beads of liquid forming there. You can feel my pulse in your mouth as you take me in, feeling my firmness against your tongue. I start to moan as you take more of me in your mouth, your tongue tickling a spot just below the head. I moan with pleasure. You suck me in deeply, you feel my head slide down your throat. Your nose touches the curly hair at the base of my shaft. As you raise your head again, your teeth rake me, and you feel my legs stiffen. I suck in a short breath and moan again, this time louder. As my cock head leaves your mouth, you suck on it hard, drawing more fluid, and your tongue races around it, driving me crazy.

Again you plunge your mouth down around me, licking and sucking me, your lips firm around me, your fingers caressing the soft place between my balls and ass. You again use your teeth on me, nibbling your way to the top of me. One hand starts stroking me as you suck on my cock head, tickling it with your tongue, tasting me. I start to squirm, and you can feel my testicles rise up as my climax builds. You stroke me harder and faster, sucking me hard, my shaft is wet from your mouth. You can feel me go rigid and force myself deeper into your mouth as I start to orgasm. You suck harder, and I start to fill your mouth with my fluid. I moan loudly as you continue to suck my fluids, swallowing them. As I pump fluid into your mouth, you continue to suck and stroke me, wanting every drop you can get from me. Finally, completely spent, I collapse. As I start to get soft in your mouth, you suck me clean, savoring my taste. You let me go, and climb up my body, your breasts brushing against my chest. We kiss again and I can taste myself in your mouth as our tongues find each other.

“mmmmmmm, you taste terrific. That’s just what I was hungry for”

“You’re pretty terrific yourself. I’ve never had such an intense orgasm.”

“You haven’t seen anything yet, Hon,” you say, as you grab your bathing suit, and put it on “but the rest will have to wait. Let’s see what’s in the basket”

I grab my bathing suit and put it on, and I help you remove the contents of the basket to the blanket. I open a bottle of chardonnay as you unwrap the food. Cheese, crackers, fresh fruit and a container of whipped cream are laid out on the blanket. We lay opposite each other and feed each other, I can’t help but look at you and smile. I take a fresh strawberry and dip it into the whipped cream, and put it to your lips. Your tongue circles the berry, licking the cream from it and then you bite into the berry, juices running down your chin. I lean over and lick your chin, following the trail of juices to your mouth, and kiss you deeply. You then do the same to me. We continue feeding each other, purposely being sloppy, so we can clean each other with our mouths.

We both lay back, sated, the wine going to our heads, the sun making us warm. We put the remains of the food back into the basket and snuggle up together kissing deeply again.

“I’m going swimming Hon,” I say and stand up. I move to the water’s edge, and then, removing my suit, run and dive into the water, surfacing 15 yards from the shore. You stand up and, removing your bathing suit, walk into the water. You dive in and surface next to me, shaking the water out of your hair and into my face. You look at me and laugh, water running şirinevler escort down my face. You kiss me, and I grab you and pull you tight to me. I feel your breasts against my chest, and you can feel me getting harder between your legs. You reach down and stroke me, making me hard again; I reach between your legs and enter you with 2 fingers. You wrap your legs around me as my fingers continue to penetrate you deeply; you climb higher on my body as I thrust into you, your breasts rise up out of the water, and I take one in my mouth, sucking hard on the nipple. You shudder, “I want you inside me” you whisper I my ear.

I withdraw my hand and guide myself to your opening. You can feel the head of me rub up against you, sliding between your lips and your head falls back. “Oh god, I want you in me so bad.” You moan.

I slowly lower you onto me. The cold of the water and the warmth inside you makes me gasp. “Oh baby, you feel so good. You feel so tight around me.”

You grind your hips into me and I lift you. I can feel you squeeze me tightly as I withdraw from you, only the tip of me remains inside. I lower you again, and again you grind your hips into me. I continue to lift you and lower you thrusting deeper into you as I lower you, you grinding your hips into me at the bottom. With my cock deep inside you, I start to walk toward the shore, your arms around my neck.

We reach the shore and I put you on the sand. We kiss deeply, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths. I lay you down and enter you again pushing deeper and deeper into you we both are breathing hard as you feel another orgasm building. I continue to thrust into you, our hips meeting each time I push into you. You spread your legs wider and wider wanting more of me in you. Your legs start to shudder and you push your hips hard into mine. I can feel your climax, the rhythmic pulsing between your legs, your warm wetness flowing from you. I grab your hands and stretch your arms out, pinning you down. I force myself deeper and harder into you, feeling my own climax build. I force myself deeply into you one last time, and, looking into your eyes, I explode into you; you can feel me filling you, my fluids mixing with yours. You smile as I collapse on top of you, releasing your hands. You can hear my jagged breathing in your ear. “Oh God, baby” I breathe. We kiss again and I roll off of you and pull you against me, your breasts against my chest.

We lay together on the sand for a while, holding each other. With reluctance, we get up, and walk into the water, cleaning the sand from each other. We leave the water and towel each other off and get dressed. I pick up the blanket and basket. “My god, this place is just so beautiful, I don’t ever want to leave”, you tell me. “We have to go” I reply. You put your arm around me as we walk back up to the top of the hill. We stop and watch the sun set over the trees at the far end of the pond, the blanket around us. We kiss, and turn to walk back to the car. I put the basket in the trunk, and open the car door for you. You slide in, the blanket still around you. I get into the car and start it up, put it in gear and turn around, taking my time running through the gears. Again, your head rests on my shoulder, my arm around you. Again, you fall asleep, with a smile on your face as you feel our juices leak from between your legs. You awaken as we pull into your driveway. I shut the car off, and go around to the other side to open the door for you. You get out and turn to me.

“Can you stay?” You ask me, but you already know the answer.

“I can’t,” I say kissing you goodbye,” I have to go.”

You smile, and turn as you get to the door. You blow a kiss and smile; I blow a kiss back and pull out of the driveway, wanting to stay, knowing I can’t. I gun the motor and go through the gears quickly. And you hear my engine fade into the distance.

You go inside, smiling, thinking about the day. You make yourself some iced tea and head for the porch. You open the front door and walk out onto the porch. In the driveway you see my car. Confused, you turn around and see me standing there. I pull you to me and kiss you.

“I guess I’m staying” I say.

You look into my eyes and smile. You take my hand and lead me into the house. The front door closes behind us as we walk up the stairs and into your bedroom.