One Final Night Of Love

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The oil lamp, with its tall glass chimney, emitted a soft glow in the living room of 13 Roseberry Street in the Sydney suburb of Balmain. Afternoon had given way to evening, and the balmy air of the Australian summer wafted through the open window.Leonard rose from his chair and strolled into the small courtyard garden at the back of their house where his sweetheart, Edith, sat at a small table, gazing up at the orange sunset sky, lost in thought. He still found it hard to believe that this beautiful young woman was his and wanted to spend her whole life with him.It had been six years since Edith’s wedding day in England when, in 1910, she married Leonard and looked forward to devoting her life to this perfect specimen of a man. Not only was he tall, handsome, and kind, but he was also a lover in a million, and Edith reflected on her good fortune that he had become hers.They dreamt of making a new start in a new land, leaving behind the grime and squalor of Edwardian London for the sunny skies and wide-open spaces of Australia. That dream became a reality three years previously when the SS Orvieto brought them to Sydney, after a voyage of forty-two days.Life was good, and the future looked assured, but on the other side of the world, Europe was in turmoil, with Britain declaring war on Germany in August 1914. Australia received this news enthusiastically, and pledged its support, along with other bursa escort countries of the British Empire.After the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps had fought an unsuccessful campaign against the Turks at Gallipoli, Australia turned its attention to France and, in early 1916, began recruiting more men. Being British, and with a patriotic sense of duty, Leonard enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force in June 1916. Edith couldn’t have been prouder of her military husband. He had joined the 17th Australian Infantry Battalion, and looked the perfect soldier in his khaki uniform, with its bright brass rising-sun collar badge, and his Australian slouch hat with its upturned left brim. She loved him more than ever as he underwent his battle training, but also worried about him going off to war. Knowing that he might leave Australia at any time, Edith spent all the precious hours she could with Leonard, making love at every opportunity.She has been dreading the moment when he is called away, but now that time has come and the next day is one that she is frightened to face.Leonard walks forward to where Edith is sitting and runs his hands gently through her hair. She turns her head to look up at him and he can see the moisture in her eyes that betrays the heaviness in her heart. They both need each other as never before, so Leonard’s strong arms lift her up and carry her from the garden.Aware of the bursa escort bayan need to make the most of every moment, Edith takes Leonard by the hand and pulls him towards the stairs, and on into the sanctuary of their bedroom. There, the noisy, harsh world outside is gone, and they are alone in their own warm, private, sybaritic space where they can hold each other and express their love. She turns to face him, and his eyes feast on her beauty.They embrace and kiss, their tongues playfully dancing, and their hands roaming freely. He slowly and sensuously undresses her, and when seeing her naked, his longing to share his love for her knows no bounds. He lowers his head and gazes at her pert breasts, their nipples inviting his mouth to encircle them. His flicking tongue draws soft sighs of pleasure as he tenderly sucks on one of them, trying to swallow her arousal. He rolls the other between his thumb and finger and loves to feel them harden from his touch.Leonard’s mouth plants a myriad of soft kisses all over the front of Edith’s body, before closing in on her pubic area with its pleasures nestling beneath their canopy of neatly trimmed curls. He runs his fingers through her pubes, then strokes the insides of her thighs before his hands reach their destination, her body’s Eldorado. Once there, he finds her wet and inviting, and slips two fingers into her velvety opening where they play and caress escort bursa amidst the warmth and moisture of her increasing ardour. His other hand closes in on her clitoris, engorged and hard, her nerve endings working overtime and sending waves of pleasure coursing through Edith’s body. He continues to caress the inside of her vagina, dripping with her arousal, whilst placing his lips around her erect clitoris, and drawing moans of pleasure from her.She wants her soldier man so badly now and removes his shirt to run her hands up and down his manly chest. He glances at her fingers, and the sight of the wedding ring he has placed there reminds him of how much she means to him and how much he wants her. Her slender fingers deftly unbuckle his belt and his trousers drop to the floor, his underwear unable to hide how he is feeling.Within seconds, they are on the bed revelling in their nakedness. Leonard is a fine specimen of a man, and there is nothing Edith likes more than idolising his rigidity. She straddles him in a 69 position so that he can work his tongue magic on her whilst she wraps her lips around his erection. Their wedding night was the very first time she had seen his cock. It mesmerised her with its pulsing veins that snaked down the thick shaft, and the prominent head that lay hidden under its hood of skin until exposed by his erection. Her fascination for it remains, and now her eyes take another good look before it disappears into her mouth. She is determined to give Leonard the best feelings ever this night and fellates him using all the different techniques that she knows will please him most.