One for the Books..Share Holders Meeting (part 1)

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One for the Books..Share Holders Meeting (part 1)One for the books….Share holders meeting…part 1It was just your average day at the bookstore, the girls were all buzzing about the latest Twilight movie, I was sorting books in the back because truthfully ..I wasnt in the mood, I had been kinda bummed every since Joey had quit, he got a chance at a better job, great news,right? except he had to move to his grandparents , hours away.I was into my fourth box of novels when Nick walked in,“ There you are! I was wanting to see if you were up for a little ride, you seem a bit….down, bored,sad, or some shit lately”“ Im fine….and Im sure of the ride youd like me to take, ( I smirked).. no thanks, I was sore for days”he just laughed and flashed that smile of his.“Well, I was thinking more of you coming on a business trip, a meeting of our share holders”“ Nick…your wife owns all three stores, she is the holder…of everything…”“ Well its kinda one, its an excuse to get away for awhile…..and its tax deductible ( he laughed) Itll be us, buddy Richard, hes a district for a well known new book store chain, and David,…hes in advertising, so we’re all in the biz, …kinda , we rent a nice cabin in Gatlinburg each year, have a little fun …, I think ita be jus what the doctor ordered for you, ma boy” I had been to Gatlinburg a couple of times , its full of nice shops, restaurants ,even some upper class bars, I had seen the aquarium,the space needle and a lot of the arcade, but the cabins? Way outta my price range, supposed to be really nice, and for almost a week? Against my better judgment I said the hell with it, Id go.Nick picked me up early, said the rest were meeting us there, so I slept a lot of the way, and Im not a morning person anyway, trust me… he woke me up as we passed through pigeon forge.“ We there ?” I ask,“ No just a little ways to go, figure we’d get something to eat, dont know whats at the cabin”We had a nice dinner at this cool looking 50s dinner place, just chit chatted ,nothing special ,before heading on.I was playing with my cell when Nick said, “ We’re here” I looked up and could say no more than“ well, now this is something”Cabin?? this place was a home, if anything, a mansion when you got inside, hot tub, pool table, big screen, fireplace, the works and as Nick said, “ And even trails so you can run your ass off, Me? Ill be enjoyin more than a few martini business meetings with my boys”We made our way through to the large back deck, which is where I met …his boys, as he called them, “ Daxx ,this is Richard” I was greeted with a car salesman smile and a firm handshake, he was about Nicks height, a little lighter,blonde hair and a tan that made him look like a surfboard model, no way it was kadıköy escort natural, he looked like he’d been constructed in a salon.“ Now over there Daxx is David” he sat laying in a lounger , kinda gave me a halfass salute, with a confident look of …Iam the man.. on his face, I guess I would have to, he was about 6 feet, and looked constructed to,….in a gym, he was sculpted, tattoos up each arm, definitely….not…from the same school as Nick and Richard.To be honest the first two days were a blur but royally fun, we went walking the shops, eating out, flirting with the waitresses, hell Richard talked two into coming up one night, to test the hot tub,we all danced ,drank, played a little pool,I think they were enjoying running our temperatures up, and that they damn well did ,but it was Richard that ended up escorting them home because they had work tomorrow… then he didnt show till the next morning, lucky ass.The 3rd day we all kinda went our own ways,which was cool, I still didnt know them all that well, and I was still a little suspicious, of Nicks reason for inviting me.That night, we were, watching movies, eating pizza, or at least me and Richard were, David and Nick were drinking and playing pool, I finally just thought Id call it a day, it was still early, but I was tired.I really dont know what time it was when I woke up, I was having this very nice dream, when I realized someone was rubbing my cock through the covers, I was disoriented, shocked, and blind, my heart pounded, and I started to speak,“ whhhat, the, who”“sssshhhhhh, we have to be very quiet, it was Nicks voice, I started to sit up, but he began kissing my neck, as he slid his hand under the covers, stroking my rock hard cock through my boxer briefs, It had been awhile since Id had any relief and it felt really good.He began kissing down my neck, on my chest, he was suckling my nipple, as he slipped his hand into my boxers and took my cock in his hand, firmly jacking me as he worked his way down my belly,I moaned,“sssshhhh…..” he flipped the rest of my cover off me, and worked his lips lower as he pushed my boxers down ,I bit my lip hard as he began slowly working my cock into his mouth, the sudden rush of warmth almost pushing me over the edge.He was slowly sucking me , torturing me by going only a little down on me then pulling all the way off only to deep throat me to my balls, he was gently pulling away from me making me lift my hips for moreI was getting close when he pulled off me. The familiar scent of strawberries in the air , the cold lube sending a shiver through me, he felt it to because he giggled at me which just irritated me more,but my disappointment üsküdar escort was replaced by excitement as I felt him on the bed and seen the shadow of his back as he straddled me, I felt him reach down and take me in his hand as he positioned himself, then he slowly lowered himself down upon me very slowly taking in my entire length til he was resting on me before just as slowly raising up off me, only to repeat it again, I was gritting my teeth to be quiet, scared the others would hear and barge in on us. I was literally twisting in the sheets now as he was lowering himself onto me, then when he had all of me, rolling his hips forward, and clenching his buttocks as he raised off me, I was going to cum any second and could not be quiet anymore, I began moaning, but the mood was broken with the shock of someones hand gently placed over my mouth, “SSSHHHHH” in my ear, my heart pounded as I realized we were not alone and I couldnt see who it was, he was now kissing my neck and breathing in my ear,“relax…We dont want things to be over to quickly now….do we??” It was Richards voice, I was sure by his cologne, he continued kissing down upon my chest lingering to play with my nipple piercing with his tongue.Richard lifted off me now, I felt him step off the bed as now multiple hands were on me directing me across the bed on all fours as someone removed my underwear, now someones hand was on the side of my face then into the hair on the back of my head as they urged me forward, their thumb at the side of my mouth, now inserted to direct me to open my mouth, I sucked it and before I could question,it was answered, …my jaws stretched to allow Nicks huge cock in , my lips barely fitting around it as started teasing with it, pulling it out to make my mouth search for it in the dark,….meanwhile, Richards large hands were on my ass, gently prying them apart before burying his tongue in my lil hole, I was murmuring around Nicks cock as Richard began playing with my cock and balls as he ate me.He kind of disappeared in the dark a moment or two, then once again his hands were on my ass, firmly now gripping them in his large hands, I felt every inch of him as he entered me, twisting in little circles with each full penetration, I was beginning to feel pushed around, like a rag doll, and decided to take control, I pushed Nick back, my hand firmly on his thigh, then began to get in a rhythm of my own, both of them caught on pretty quick , and simply remained still, as I began rocking forward and back on all fours, sucking hard and twisting my head as I came nearly off Nicks huge monster, all the while impaling myself onto Richard nicely sized manhood, I clenched my buttocks hard as I slid off Richard tuzla escort , allowing Nick to fill my mouth once more.Both of them were groaning, almost a low growl as I began to speed up feeling confident that the tables were turned.It was now that Richards excitement ruined my balancing act, he gripped my ass tightly as he began to speed up pulling my ass into his thrusting cock as I rocked back, his hard thrusts knocking me forward gagging on the now leaking cock that completely filled my mouth ,Nicks hand on the back of my head again as I felt him nearly in my throat.It was now that Richard thrust hard and remained completely still, I felt his entire body stiffen, my suspicions were proven when he slipped out of me and off the bed, because I felt his warm cum running down my thighs.Now I was again being directed it seemed, pulled forward to the edge of the bed, I now laid on my stomach , head and arms off the edge as continued sucking Nick, I placed my hands on his legs to control his depth somewhat, he was teasing again, withdrawing only to start again , I wasnt sure if we were alone now or not, but got my answer when Nick pulled back from me, and my mouth was then filled with the taste of strawberries….and cum, Richards cock still semihard, and still not tiny , I felt Nick getting on the bed beside me only a moment before straddling me, his hands on my upper arms pinning me to the bed, he was grinding on my wet ass, as he whispered to me,“Ive been thinking about your sweet lil ass for weeks….hey…I promised you a ride ..didnt I?”I really couldnt answer, and it was a good thing too, there was no being quiet,, even though I braced myself, and my ass was soaked in lube and cum , when in one steady thrust he buried himself into me to the balls, and began fucking me ,I could feel his balls against my own as he filled me again and again, I could feel his buttocks tightening with every thrust , the bed bouncing as he pounded me, I wasnt as much sucking Richard as just bein gagged by his cock, I was just cleaning his cum off at this point.The pitch was near its peak, when Nick laid upon me sliding his arm under my throat, putting me in a sleeper hold, I wasnt choked but was pined with no room to move as he put his entire manhood into me, I could only grip the sheets and bite my lip to keep from crying out now that Richard had pulled away.Nick was breathing in my ear as he fucked me hard, then I felt him throbbing all the way in my belly and I knew he was filling my bowels with his cum, I could almost feel the heat of it, just as I felt the cool rush of air as he unmounted me, my stretched hole leaking streams of hot cum, a sticky warm pool my cock now layed in.The guys left almost as quiet as they had snuck in, leaving me, to quietly as I could ..take a shower and strip the bed, I didnt get a lot of sleep on the mattress with only a sheet for cover, nor did it help that my balls were soo blue they hurt, I did feel kind of excited ,like I had done something amazing…I had mixed feelings I guess,I just couldnt imagine …..what would be next?…….