One Night in NY

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A few years had passed since Lara a satin blindfold and a pair of leather double cuffs. Adam pulled these items from the crumpled lining of the packaging and pulled Lara’s hands over her head and slipped on the cuffs, making Lara watch in the mirror as he did so. Lara was nervously biting her lip in anticipation of what may be next. Adam then guided Lara to the bedroom door, closed it and lifted Lara’s cuffed hands on to hook on the door. Lara was now completely without control. She was Adam’s to do as he pleased, both physically and mentally. Adam slipped the blindfold over Lara’s eyes and for the first time he whispered to her ‘You’re all mine for tonight’ … Lara groaned at hearing this.

Adam left Lara blindfolded and cuffed to the door and quietly undressed. Lara was breathing deeply whilst she waited for what Adam was going to do her next.

Adam walked up to Lara… his hand gently caressing the lace of Lara’s outfit. His thumb stroking Lara’s bakırköy escort hardening nipple through her bra whilst the fingers his other hand teased her lips. Lara’s tongue chased Adam’s finger as it ran over her mouth.

Lara could feel herself becoming very wet and she ached to have her pussy touched. So much so she begged ‘please put your fingers inside me’. But Adam was not going to be dictated to and Lara knew it.

Adam continued to tease Lara. His hands gently wandering over Lara’s body without exploring further. Lara’s body arched at his touch and her desire to be satisfied grew. However Adam wanted to feel Lara’s touch first and guided her hand towards his hardened cock. Lara gasped at how hot and hard it felt. For a moment Lara just held Adam’s hard cock in her hand, her mind wandering to the thought of it being inside her. Then her mind snapped to and she started to stroke it as Adam whispered commands of how beşiktaş escort he wanted it. Lara was now rapidly stroking Adam’s cock, as he ran his hands over the outside of Lara’s sexy panties. They were so wet already. This pleased but frustrated Adam. He now too wanted to feel his cock inside Lara’s wetness. He slipped his hands inside the front edge of Lara’s panties, slowly moving over her neatly trimmed pubic hair and further towards her wetness. Gently parting her pussy lips with his finger and moving up towards Lara’s clit, kissing Lara’s neck as he did so. Lara’s legs buckled slightly.

But then quickly withdrew his hand and stepped back out of Lara’s reached. Adam then moved back closer and kneeled in front of Lara slowly sliding down her panties over her stockings and heels. Adam parted Lara’s legs further apart, revealing her glistening wetness. Adam wanted to taste Lara. Something he had longed to do again for some beylikdüzü escort time. Adam’s head now between Lara’s legs as he explored her pussy with his tongue. Lara’s tied hands searching for something to grab on to as Adam’s mouth sucked her clit hood. Adam continued to lick and suck Lara’s clit. Lara unable to control anything Adam did. Unable to even grasp hold of anything as her climax grew. Lara groaned loudly as she came with Adam’s mouth on her.

This was too much for Adam, his cock now ached. Adam stood up and positioned his cock between Lara’s pussy lips and eased himself inside her. Lara groaned, as did Adam as he felt her wetness envelop him. Adam thrust deep inside Lara, building his rhythm. Adam lifted Lara up to wrap her legs around him. As he did so he unwittingly unhooked her from the door. Lara’s arms hooked around Adam’s neck. Adam continued to fuck Lara against the door. Lara holding tight on to Adam. Groaning loudly as she felt her climaxing building again. Suddenly she felt Adam cum deep inside her and this made Lara cum too. They both collapsed on the bed, Lara still blindfolded and entwined around Adam.

Adam asked if all her business trips were this fun?

Lara replied “maybe, what are you going to do about it?”…