One Thing Leads to Another Ch. 03

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For the prequels to this story, please refer to One Thing Leads to Another Chapters 1 and 2.


Jeff awoke expecting a warm body next to his, but to his utter disappointment he woke up alone in a strangers home. Confused and even a little hurt, he wandered around her place, finally seeing a note taped to the refrigerator.

“Jeff- I’m so sorry, but this morning I got called in to work. I was surprised it didn’t wake you! Help yourself to anything in the fridge, shower, or whatever else you might need, and lock the door behind you if you leave. I’m really sorry about leaving you alone… you have my number.. please feel free to text or call me again.. Last night was… beyond words. – Tina.”

He smiled to himself reading her words several times over. Last night had truly been incredible. They would sleep for a while, then if one or the other woke up, things would get steamy just as they had the very first time. It amazed him that they were both ready for it over and over again, she always wet and warm, and he never ceasing to be hard as a rock. He was sure their cries of ecstasy were heard several doors down all night long.

He gave her note another once over, then his eyes highlighted one phrase, “if you leave.”

So she was giving him permission to stay at her place… until she got home..

Jeff had an inner battle going on over this. He would love to stay and greet her. Even though he’d only spent one night with her, he felt completely smitten. He’d been with many women, proudly owning the title of a “player,” or “ladies man,” but never had he felt so complete with one woman. Even out of bed, when they had their date, she was everything he’d envisioned in a perfect woman. She’d been gracious, a little shy, but with a great sense of humor, a sweet, mischievous laugh, and great insight. He wasn’t sure how she’d ended up a barista for the last four years with how incredibly smart she was. She’d mentioned being a student, so maybe she was headed somewhere better. He needed to find out.

With as much as he’d love to stay and be there when she got home, he didn’t want to scare her. If she’d stayed away from dating for this long, she probably wasn’t looking for some creep who stays all day at her house alone waiting for her after the first date.

For the first time that day, he looked at the clock. Holy shit! It was already three in the anadolu yakası escort afternoon. He never ever slept this late! No wonder he had a headache.

Glancing at his phone, he groaned. Three missed calls from Ashley. Ashley was a girl he’d dated off and on last year. Here lately she was trying to reconnect, but Jeff wanted nothing to do with her. Fake hair, fake boobs, fake personality. He’d only been in it for the sex, but after a while even that wasn’t worth it.

Feeling even more confused with his grogginess, and confusion, he decided on showering at her place then leaving. Scaring Tina was the last thing he wanted, and he needed to figure out what to do about Ashley, but he HAD to have a shower now. He felt completely disgusting.

He jumped in the shower, and tried his best to keep from thinking about Tina being in this very shower just hours before him. Not succeeding, his cock twitched to life, and he groaned in frustration under the hot water.


Tina sighed glancing around the empty store. They’d been deserted practically all day, which was way out of place for a Saturday. Her manager kept giving her long looks and sideways glances.

She looked completely rough. Sleepless eyes, swollen lips, and two hickeys more than likely gave away her last nights activities.

Finally, after her manager had swept through the store making sure it was empty, she practically screamed “Tina…Ohmygawd did you GET SOME????!!!!!”

Tina spun around in horror, “Kelsey!!!! Geeze!”

“Oh. My. God. You did!!!! Who?! Tell me who right now, or so help me Tina…”

“I am NOT telling you.”

“Oh yes you are,” Kelsey pinned her up by her wrists against the counter, “Tell me. Now.”

“Fine. Do you know the really hot guy who works at the deli across the street…?”

“No. Fucking. Way.”

“Oh, yes way.

Kelsey danced around the store squealing like a child, “He’s so fucking HOT!!! OH MY GOD!!!! What happened?”

“Well we ran into each other at the store Thursday night, and he recognized me and asked for my number. He called me later that night, and we went out last night. He took me back home, and I practically attacked him, and then he spent the night. Oh my God I can’t believe I slept with him… but it was sooooooo good Kels. You have no idea..”

“And ataşehir escort you had to leave him this morning to come work…”

“Yeah…but it’s ok Kels you were short handed, and he was dead asleep…”

“Go home.”

Tina sputtered at her friends command, “…what? Kelsey for real it’s fine, he works across the street, I’m sure I’ll see him…”

“Tina. I’ve been waiting a long time for you to come to work looking like this. You are practically glowing babe. When I found out what Gavin and Shelly did to you honey, I thought you’d never leave your little shell. You deserve a hunk like this.”

Tina cringed at Gavin’s name being spoken out loud and looked down, “I really can stay… it’s ok… he might not even be there…”

“But he might. Go. Nothing’s happening today anyway.” Kelsey playfully shoved her toward the door, and finally Tina gave in with a girlish giggle, practically ripping her apron off heading for her car.


Tina drove up into her driveway, relieved to see his truck still there. She hurried inside, and froze when she heard the shower running. Dear Lord, he was naked in her shower.

Her stomach balled up, and she walked to the bathroom door, stopping short when the shower was turned off. She stood there paralyzed listening to his rustling, and bit her lip as he opened the door.

She could swear he was some sort of Greek god. He stood there in front of her all damp haired and muscular, with that damn lopsided grin that made her crazy and only a towel to cover his lower half. She sucked in a big breath as her eyes roved over him in his nearly naked glory, already feeling the heat between her legs.

He laughed heartily, “You’re making me a little nervous. You look like you’re gonna eat me alive.”

She grinned playfully and blushed, “I just might.”

He leaned down to kiss her, but she stopped him, took him by the hand and pulled him toward the couch in the living room. She motioned for him to sit, then straddled him, leaning down to kiss his warm neck. He smelled her, breathing in her coffee scented hair and shirt, smiling as she leaned back to remover her shirt and bra. he sucked her small nipple into his mouth and held tight onto her full hips as she began to grind against his hard-on under the towel. Needing her flesh against him, he pushed her gently off ümraniye escort of him to remove her pants, surprised to find again that she’d gone without panties, which only made him harder. She removed his towel from him, and tossed it across the room, bringing a laugh from him.

Finally, she was snuggled against him once again, straddling his lean form on the couch, kissing the breath completely out of him. She began to slide her moist pussy against his cock, moving her hips in small circles, receiving moans and groans from him. Breaking apart from her kiss, he moaned against her neck, “Tina…”


He huffed frustrated. He was usually not the one to beg…especially when it came to sex, “I’m gonna explode if you don’t help me out here…”

She nudged his head up, forcing him to look at her, and gave him a sultry whisper, “Tell me what you want.”

God, this woman was going to end him. “Please Tina, I need to feel you around me…I need to be inside you…”

She interrupted him with more kisses, moaning into his mouth as she lifted up, then slowly came back down, taking him inside of her. He gasped and moved his mouth again to her nipple. God he loved her breasts. She whimpered as he lightly bit her, slowly finding a rhythm and angle that suited both of them.

Sometimes moving her hips in circles and sometimes moving herself up and down his shaft, they both moaned and groaned in ecstasy. She slowly moved her hands down her own body, reaching for her clit, and began rubbing slowly, causing high pitched pants from her. Jeff watched her wide eyed, and growled as she reached her destination, soon moving her hand away so he could please her with his. He focused on her pleasure, circling and pulling her special place, and she was soon nearing climax, as was he. He grabbed her hips forcefully, and began bouncing her onto him watching her small breasts sway with his movements. Finally, she threw her head back, tightened, and screamed his name. It was the sexiest thing he’d ever seen in his life, and it was enough to send him over the edge, gritting his teeth and cursing as he pushed into her one last time, shooting his load forcefully.

They finished together, and she pulled up to let him slide out, but came back to rest on his chest, basking in the afterglow. He circled his arms around her and nestled his face into her hair.

He knew he should be leaving, but something about her made him never really want to. He put aside his struggle to understand himself and her, and simply held her as they relaxed against each other watching the sun drift away into a chilled evening.


To be continued…

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