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Subject: Operation Pied Piper – part 23 IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL READERS: There are references made to Schools, Castles and Aristocratic titled personages around England and Scotland. None of the story features about those places or named titles personages are true, none of what you are about to read actually happened. This story and all the characters are 100% fiction. Nifty is the constant source of all your erotic dreams. All kinds of fetishes can be found here. I am grateful to Nifty for posting my stories. If you enjoyed my story or any others on this site then please show your appreciation and donate whatever you can afford. Every little helps. fty/donate.html Guy’s Thank you for taking the time to let me know you’re enjoying this story. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing from you with suggestions or even just that you’re enjoying the story, please email me to let me know. ———————————————————————- `Look, I am as bad as you, sorry, I am a real softy, I just can’t bear the thought of losing him, I love him so much and this promotion means he will be right on the front line’ He took out his hankie and wiped his eye, he shoved his hankie back in his pocket and sighed. I took hold of his hand and squeezed it, he glanced down and smiled weakly as a big tear rolled down my cheek. **************** Operation Pied Piper � Part 23 `He will be okay Mr G, `Jerry’ doesn’t have any pilots as good as ours’ He squeezed my hand back and ruffle my hair `Let’s hope not Davy, let’s hope not’ But I could tell from his voice, he didn’t really believe that. `Davy I don’t know about you, but I need some fresh air, do you fancy a walk in the snow with me? I nodded, ran upstairs and grabbed my coat meeting Mr G by the main entrance, the grounds surrounding the Castle looked enchanted, the ground thick with the purest snow, the trees their branches joyfully bearing their winter coat, Mr G put his arm round my shoulder and we headed out for our walk. We seemed to walk for ages, not a word was spoken, only occasional glances exchanged between us, but that was all that was need, we walked for ages. `Looks like more snow Davy’ Mr G glanced at his watch as the sky filled with swirling snow flakes `Christ we had better be getting back its Christmas dinner time too’ He turned up the collar of his uniform and took my hand, he squeezed it and smiled down at me and we set off back to the Castle. We ended up running the last hundred yards, practically falling through the door as the snow got heavier. We stood stamping our feet and brushing the snow off our shoulders, Mr G had to remove his hat too and brushed off the snow. `There you both are, that was a long walk, everything okay? It was Callum, we both nodded; I could sense the strain between them, Callum made eye contact with me and mouthed `thank you Davy, is he okay?’, I nodded, Callum patted me on the back as we passed. `Right are we ready to go through to the Christmas assembly and dinner? I nodded, Mr G cleared his throat and headed up the stairs and along the corridor to the Great Hall, his swagger stick leading the way. I got close up behind him. `Mr G don’t waste the time you have with Callum now, it is Christmas’ He nodded and squeezed me close to him. The Great Hall looked amazing the huge tree that Forts and the soldiers had found, was in the centre of the furthest short wall, piles of presents at its base, to the tree’s right was the grand piano, to the left were more tables set out with platter warmers; see I had learned something from the night before. Hanging around the walls, the window frames and fire place great garlands of holly and ivy had been placed, yet more garlands criss-crossed the ceiling and making it all the more magical, the three great crystal chandeliers had been especially illuminated, there shimmering crystals appearing to sprinkle magical fairy light around the whole room. In three rows down the hall were bench tables, all laid out at a right angle to the large top table, all the tables had white table cloths and yet more Candles twinkling above yet more gilt candelabras, each seat had a homemade Christmas Cracker, set between the knife and fork and spoons, we all had a matching glass tumbler and yet more sprigs of holly and ivy and poinsettia flowers decorated the centre of the tables and bells on little handles? I had never seen those before, must be a Scottish thing. So many of the boys began shaking them, Mr MacDonald had to ask everyone to put them down, adding you will all know when to shake them; mysteriously. I was amazed at the amount of work that had gone into making everything special; we didn’t even do this at home; Mr MacDonald had really pulled out all the stops, all the Masters had. For this assembly and the meal boys were allowed to sit with friends but also mix with the other years. I sat down next to three empty seats, I wondered who would join me, hopefully someone nice. `Hi Thomas’ I recognised those voices, I looked up it was the twins, Jon and Anthony; Oh well, `Lost Dickens? I couldn’t resist giving my standard greeting for them again, they both gave me a sarcastic look, they had another second year in tow. `He is at the top table, like your boyfriend, Sit there Jerry’ I smiled and nodded. `Hello guys, Jerry? The twins giggled, the other lad looked a bit ashamed. `His name is Brookmeyer, it’s a real Jerry name’ Although I recognised the other boy, I hadn’t spoken to him. `That doesn’t mean he is a Jerry’ I added, I turned to the other guy `Hi I am Thomas; David, what’s your first name Brookmeyer? `Hi David, I am Martin’ `The Jerry’ Jonathon added, I glared at him `Ignore them Martin, here sit next to me’ Martin’s face lit up, he was blond haired, quiet big for his age, he had hazel coloured eyes and a blond fuzz on his top lip, he must be going through puberty, I thought to myself, why would he let those two squirts bully him? With that thought still in my head, two other boys rushed past to their seats `Well look who it is, Nazi Brookmeyer’ They barked as one of them gave him a clout across the head. `You’ I stood up all brave, my voice slightly louder than I realised `He is no more a Nazi than any of us’ I shouted after them, I turned back to the table suddenly aware of a light blue uniform standing next to me. A hand touched my back `Everything okay Thomas’ `Err yes Mr G, they were just teasing Brookmeyer here because of his name, calling him a Nazi’ `Okay leave it to me Thomas’ I sat down, Mr G walked over to where the two boys were now sitting, he grabbed each by an ear and got them standing. `Okay boy’s what have you got to say for yourselves? Nothing `Are you going to apologise? Nothing `Okay you can explain yourself to Mr MacDonald then’ Mr G led them up to the top table to Mr MacDonald, Mr G leaned in and spoke in Mr Mac’s ear. Mr MacDonald stood up he looked really pissed off, he leaned over to Mr Campbell and said something to him, while shaking his head. He pushed back his chair, he looked resplendent in his full fly Plaid long kilt, he nodded to Mr G and took hold of the boys ears and half marched half skipped them, their feet barely touching ankara escort the ground down to my table, he stood next to us. `What have you got to say boy’s, to Mr Brookmeyer’ They stood silently, then squealed as their ears were pulled higher `Sorry, I didn’t hear you? He MacDonald barked the room had gone silent, all eyes on Mr MacDonald and the two miscreants. Still nothing. `You have until I count to three, or you will be missing the meal and any post from home and instead writing out ten thousand lines’ `It doesn’t matter Sir’ It was Brookmeyer, he stared at the table, Mr MacDonald smiled at him. `One, two three’ The boys began to blub `Sorry Brookmeyer’ They stammered out, snot and tears making them practically unintelligible. Mr MacDonald gave me a nod and then turned still holding the boys ears, he led them back to a couple of seats near the top table. The whole school hearing him shout `Sit there and make sure I don’t have to speak to you again today’ He then returned to his own seat, I patted Brookmeyer’s hand as the twins sat whispering and looking a bit shocked; that could so easily have been them. `Are you all right Martin? I whispered, he nodded, I looked at the twins and mouthed `say sorry’ They shook their heads, I went to stand up `Sorry Brookmeyer’ They said in unison, before my arse had even left the seat. Brookmeyer gave me a sly grin `Thank you Thomas’ He smiled, like I said I had no idea about who Brookmeyer was, but I along with everyone else was about to find out. I just hated to see fellow boy’s being bullied. I looked up at the top table, Mr MacDonald had returned to his chair and what a chair; a great gilt carver. He appeared to apologise to Mr Campbell, they both chuckled, Mr Campbell sat back in his gilt carver, his and Mr MacDonald’s the only two chairs like that in the room. I looked for Forts, he was seated next to an empty chair on one side and Mr Lucas on the other, he didn’t look very happy. With us all seated Mr Evans moved over to the Grand Piano, Mr MacDonald stood and tapped a small wooden gavel on the table. `Boy’s, honoured guest; that was Mr Campbell, Masters and good friends, Gentlemen, your attention please, firstly let me wish you all a very Merry Christmas.’ Mr MacDonald looked down and then stared out round the room, his face looked angry. `I am sorry about that little interruption to our celebrations. But Davidson and Carter have obviously forgotten the message of Christmas Boy’s I will not, I repeat, I will NOT accept any bullying in this school. Mr Brookmeyer could you please stand up’ Brookmeyer glanced at me, he looked terrified, I held his hand and stood up with him. `Thank you Thomas, you again show maturity beyond your years. Boys, no one can choose their surnames, remember that, but what I can tell you is that, Mr Brookmeyer’s two older brothers are both in the British Army and currently in France with the Expeditionary Force, so don’t any of you dare to insult him again because of his surname, I won’t tolerate it, Do you all understand? Mr MacDonald slammed his fist on to the table; even Mr Campbell jumped, you could have heard a pin drop. `Do I make myself clear? `Yes, Mr MacDonald Sir’ The assembled boys chanted out together. Mr MacDonald stood seemingly calming himself. Brookmeyer and I sat back down. `Boy’s I have chastised you enough, I thought we would start off our festivities, with some carols, followed by the school song and then the National Anthem, then we will eat and after that, as we are in Scotland at my ancestral home; now your home too, I have arranged a Scottish surprise for you, after that each boy will be called out to get their Christmas present, Mr Evans if you please’ A great chord rang out round the room from the piano; we all stood. We began singing the first of the five Carols; Mr Evans had specially selected, we all looked down at the Carol sheet, Tannenbaum; Christmas tree, in German; how appropriate considering what had just happened. This was followed by four more favourites and then Mr Evans announced a special song and a surprise for all the younger ones, a hearty rendition of `Jingle Bells’ with all the actions; that’s what all the little silver bells on the tables were for, we all shook them with gusto, we all ended up in fits of laughter including the Masters. With the Carols and Jingle Bells rowdily concluded, Mr MacDonald led the school in singing the Harrow Boys School song, this was followed by a very spirited and loud; probably a bit tuneless `God Save the King’ then the Lord’s Prayer. The gong rang out in the corridor and the doors opened and in marched Mr Duncan followed by several men I didn’t recognise, each in a white jacket and tartan trousers, each carrying a great platter of sliced turkey and ham, others carrying platters piled high with roast potatoes, boiled potatoes, carrots, roast parsnips, Brussel sprouts and finally a cauldron of gravy. They placed all the food on the platter heaters at the far end of the hall. Then the Masters all queued up and as plates where piled high, they brought them to the tables, serving us boys. Mr MacDonald made a point and show of serving Brookmeyer and me our meals. With us boy’s all with plates of food, the stewards served the top table, I watched Mr Duncan push his head in next to Forts, he tapped the chair and gave a lecherous grin that was obviously going to be his seat. With the top table served and eating, Mr Duncan went to his seat. I glanced over at Forts, Mr Duncan was practically draped over him, Forts looked so uncomfortable and appeared to be trying to push a hand away from his kilt. Brookmeyer, spluttered out `This food is amazing, is he your boyfriend? I looked at him questioningly `The guy you keep looking at, the Head boy? `Err yes, how did you guess? Am I that obvious’ He smiled at me `Thank you for your help earlier, I suppose Brookmeyer does sound a bit German, I get called a Nazi a lot.’ He looked back at his plate shovelling another fork full of food into his mouth, `Is it right your boyfriend lets younger guys play with him and see him naked? I gasped, Brookmeyer wasn’t backwards in coming forward, I thought for a second. `Sorry, who told you that?’ `Oh Jonathon and Anthony’ He nodded towards the twins `Well you shouldn’t believe all you hear’ `Oh well that’s a pity, he looks very handsome, would you introduce me to him?’ I turned to face Brookmeyer, but what was to be said, I just nodded. The stewards cleared away the plates, the gong rang out again and the chandeliers dimmed, the doors opened once more and in came the stewards once more, a great flaming Christmas pudding being held aloft for all to see, the top table all began clapping as it processed into the hall, the rest of us joined in. How I wished I was seated with Forts, I glanced over to him again, he seemed to be wrestling an Octopus, Mr Duncan was all over him; too much Christmas sherry, flowing at the top table perhaps. Once again the Masters served us our Christmas pudding, Brookmeyer’s and mine again served by Mr MacDonald. I mouthed `Thank you Sir’ He nodded and ruffled my hair. What we hadn’t seen as the pudding was plated up, was a sixpence being put under each serving of pudding, escort ankara we were all amazed to have found this hidden treat, all the boys got one, later we would find out thanks to Mr MacDonald. The plates were all gathered in, Mr MacDonald led us in three cheers for the stewards who had been serving us and to Mr Duncan the Chef, who managed to untangle himself from Forts to take his bow; much to Forts relief. Mr MacDonald rose from his seat again. `Now boy’s a Big Harrow Boys School welcome for the Pipes and Drums of the Black Watch and their sword dancers’ Mr MacDonald began clapping, we all followed suit, then for the second time in twenty four hours I heard the skirl of Bagpipes being inflated, the door opened once more as they began playing, Scotland the Brave, I leaned over to Brookmeyer and named the tune, he looked very impressed that I knew; I just smiled. Once again the Pipe and Drums processed into the hall followed by twelve soldiers all dressed in long kilts with fly plaids each carrying a sword. They split into three groups of four and placed their swords on the ground, points pointing inwards, then to another tune, they began the famous sword dance, I watched in awe how light on their feet these burly soldiers were, their kilts flying up into the air; but alas never revealing anything. What an amazing Christmas this was turning out to be, I glanced back up to the top table, Forts seemed to have given up the fight, Mr Duncan was all over him. I looked for Mr MacDonald he was chatting animatedly to Mr Campbell, did they sense me looking at them or were they talking about me, but our eyes all met, they both smiled and waved, I nodded, I could feel myself blushing. What a night I had had with them, we had watched Forts leaving with Torc’s, Callum and Mr G. Then Mr MacDonald had turned to me `So Davy, do we have the pleasure of your company tonight? I nodded, Mr MacDonald and Mr Campbell, stood and led me towards the door and out towards the stairs, Mr MacDonald switching off the lights as we went. Once in his room, he had dimmed the lights, we all began to undress, although I had been naked in front of Mr Mac many times, he had never made love to me, Mr Campbell; Archie, went and sat in the arm chair and watched as Mr MacDonald now naked led me to the bed. He smiled at me and kissed me, we climbed on to the bed together, we kneeled facing each other, his arms wrapped round me he kissed me again, gently at first and then with more urgency, my tongue meeting his and as they forced past each other in to the others mouth, he let a low moan as we snogged out tongues exploring each other’s mouths, he pulled apart. `Oh Davy you don’t know how much I have been looking forward to this’ His tongue snaked into my mouth again, I felt down feeling his cock growing hard, it’s fat bellend pushing into my stomach, I dropped down to it and took hold of the swelling shaft; fuck it was thick. I licked across the cock lips, tasting his precum as it smeared onto my tongue, I licked again and was similarly rewarded, I ran my tongue under the glans feeling the depth of the ridge, this was true mushroom head on a thick cock shaft, as I licked I could feel his cock pulsing to full hardness in my hand, it was massively thick at the base, at least 3 inches across, with a thick one inch wide tube running up the underneath, leading from his balls to just below where his glans split, his bow string was so tight, I flicked it with my tongue; half expecting to hear a note ring out. I opened as wide as I could and took his bellend into my mouth, I eased myself down, Mr Mac gripped my head and eased me further down, his audible moans, filling my ears, I so wanted to pleasure this man, I pushed further down, feeling his fat cockhead fill the back of my throat, his hands held my head there. Feeling his cockhead swelling even more, he gently, ever so gently fucked my mouth, I gasped as he went a bit deeper, then coughed, I struggled to pull my head back. `Relax Davy, relax, breath through your nose, I will never hurt you, do you trust me?’ His words poured over me instantly relaxing me, I tried breathing through my nose rather than struggling against his thickness, he rubbed my throat `That’s it Davy, fuck your throat is massaging my cock head, do you want to try a bit more? I pushed myself further onto his cock, my mouth stretched as wide as I could, I was worried my teeth must be pressing into his dick, he stroked my face wiping away the tears flowing from my eyes and eased himself even deeper. I didn’t think I was fighting him, but felt my throat give and his cock eased another inch into me, I was temporarily gripped with panic, nothing had ever been this deep in my gullet. His fingers obviously could feel my panic building. `Easy, easy, you’re doing amazing’ His voice encased me and calmed me again `Let me try moving it, do you trust me? I tried to nod, I still hand my hand partially wrapped round the bottom of his thick shaft, so I hadn’t taken anywhere near all eight inches yet; I began to doubt I could. His hands gently tilted my head and his bellend pulled out of my throat, I gasped a great breath of air as, I again tasted his precum smearing; no dribbling on to my tongue. `Ready? He held my head in the new position, and slid his cock forward, ready for it, I felt him push into my throat, he held it there and then slid it out, another breath and he slid it back again, I felt my hand getting squashed, I dropped it from his shaft and took hold of his hens egg sized balls, he moaned again and once more pushed his cock home, his bellend sliding into my throat followed by more of his shaft, again he held it in place, before easing out once more, I kept my eyes closed, occasionally feeling him wipe away the tears which flowed from them, the next time he pushed himself as far as he could, his pubes pressed against my nose, I had done it. I knelt listening to him moaning as he slowly fucked my mouth and throat. He pulled me off his shaft and lifted my head to his, again his tongue pushed deep into me, I could hear him grunting and moaning `I love you Davy, so much’ We broke apart and his head dropped to my own dripping rock hard six inches, he easily swallowed it to my thin patch of pubes and gripped my balls, he began to suck and lick up and down my whole length, I gasped as one of his fingers found my arse hole and gently teased it, then he pushed a finger into me, it slid in easily, Forts and Andrews last load providing all the lube it needed, then a second finger, I could feel my excitement rising, screaming to the surface as I fought against it, I tried to push him off my cock, but he held firm, his fingers working my boynut. `No, no I can’t cum yet’ I gasped as the first shot left my balls and spurted into his mouth, he murmured, and began working my shaft and arse even harder, as each blast coasted his tongue and mouth in my boy juice, drained I sat back on my calves, his fingers sliding from my hole. He pulled off me licking his lips, even in the dim lighting I could see he was grinning at me. He pushed his mouth to mine and rolled a dollop of my cum off his tongue into my mouth, he held our mouths together as we swapped my load back and forth. He ankara escort bayan eased me onto my back and lifted my legs pushing them back and open, exposing my puffy hole to him once more, I had forgotten about Archie, Mr Mac turned to him `Come and join us, let me show you why this boy is so special to me’ Archie climbed on to the bed I could see he was naked and hard, a large cock sticking out from a thick nest of pubes, he got on to all fours next to Mr Mac, both inches from my hole. `He is beautiful, so beautiful’ I felt a finger draw a circle around my hole, then a kiss, I looked up, it was Archie’s mouth, Mr Mac pulled my arse cheeks apart, as Archie’s tongue teased my hole, worming it’s way inside me. Mr Mac smiled at me `Can you taste Forts and Andrew’s cum? Archie moaned his tongue digging deeper, he was nodding and feasting on the cum inside me, he pushed a finger into me and then a second and then a third, my arse easily opening to take his fingers, I could feel the bed shuddering, he was giving his cock a good wank while he was eating my hole, he swapped places with Mr Mac, who’s tongue pushed into me too `Can I go first Davy? Is that okay? It was Archie, I nodded and managed to gasp `Please’ Mr Mac, shuffled up to my head and pushed his cock head into my mouth again, it tasted amazing his precum flowing freely from his cock lips. Archie crawled up closer behind me, I reached for his cock, it wasn’t as thick as Mr Mac’s but was the same length, he appeared to be cut, I couldn’t feel any loose skin, under his glans, he pushed the head against my wet hole, I pushed back with my arse and he slid into me, he gripped my hips and moaned `Fuck he is still tight, even after being fucked a few times, Athol, this is amazing, you’re so lucky’ `Hey your ahead of me, I haven’t fucked him yet, to nights the night’ Mr MacDonald stroked my face and smiled down at me, my mouth stretched round his cock head. Archie pushed himself into me, I took him without any problems, he gripped my legs, I wrapped them round his waist, he began to rhythmically fuck me, his balls slapping against my arse cheeks, I carried on sucking on Mr Mac’s bellend. `Davy this is amazing thank you, I wish I had been brave enough to volunteer to have you on the `boy platter’ He smiled at me, as the slapping against my arse became louder, his breathing was getting shorter, he hips faster `Oh fuck, sorry, I’m cumming’ He collapsed forward his legs going rigid as he spasmed on top of me, I gripped his cock with my arse muscles, feeling each spurt, MacDonald pulled his cock from my mouth as Archie, pushed his lips to mine, his tongue pushing into mouth, he lay panting on me, his skin glistening in the light, he kissed me once more and sat back up, his cock sliding from me. He climbed off the bed `Guys, I am going to leave you, so you can enjoy your first time together, it’s been amazing, thank you Davy’ I was about to say he didn’t have to go, when me Mac slapped his cock on my mouth, he looked down at me and shook his head. Archie left for another room, the door closing behind him. Mr Mac shuffled down till he was lying next to me, he stroked my face. `Are you okay Davy? I nodded smiling `Do you still want me? My words of `of course’ where muffled as he kissed me again, he rolled on top of me, his hard cock bumping into my leg as he got between my legs forcing them apart, he grabbed a pillow and pushed it under my bum lifting and tilting my hips towards him, his hard cock bumped against my arse cheeks, he eased them apart and I felt his huge cockhead kiss my arse hole, he reached for some Vaseline in the bedside locker, his eyes never leaving mine as he smeared some over his bellend and shaft and then my hole, he eased in a couple of fingers and grinned. `I don’t think we could get you any more ready, I will go slowly, if I am hurting too much, stop me’ I nodded, knowing full well it was going to hurt. His arms wrapped round my thighs and lifted me up off the bed, he lined up his cock again, I knew what to do, I closed my eyes and as his massive bellend increased its pressure on my hole I bit my lip, I pushed back harder, feeling my hole opening and ever so slowly engulfing his cock head, I let out an `wouch’ as his bellend popped into me. He held himself steady as I got used to him, then over the next fifteen to twenty minutes he eased inch after inch of his cock into me, it was so thick, I kept feeling my hole expecting it to tear at any moment to accommodate him, but he was true to his word and treated me so gently, checking on me constantly, I was just about to say I couldn’t take any more, when he smiled down to me `Davy you have taken me all’ I felt like a wet lettuce, I forced my legs round his waist and locked my feet, I had wanted this for so long and now it had happened, he moved his knees and gripping me tightly round the waist he slowly rolled us over so he was on his back and I was sitting on his cock, he locked his mouth to mine, I was seeing starts, my hole tingling all over my body, he pulled away `Now exhaust yourself on it champ’ I grinned and moved my legs till my feet were flat on the bed, I steeled myself as I slowly lifted myself up, just a couple of inches to start and then back down, and again, and again, his cock throbbed inside me, I gripped it with my arse muscles, he was watching me intently in the gloom, his face just a beaming smile, I eased up again, gripping his shaft with my arse as I did, he pushed up to meet me coming down. His hands gripped my arse and pulled my lips to his, we snogged again his cock deep inside me, I kept clamping and releasing it with my arse, he groaned and moaned into my mouth. He gripped me tightly again and flipped me on to my back, he was firmly back in the driving seat. He slapped my arse hard and gripping my hips, he began to thrust hard into me, my arse now taking it, easily. His heavy balls slapped against me harder and faster. `Oh Davy, I cannae hold it’ He banged into me hard several more times and I felt his cock swell and throb, pumping his cum deep into me, I kept my legs wrapped tightly round him, enjoying every spasm and twitch his cock made, he spasmed several times juddering after each one as his orgasm faded and then it happened my cock erupted, untouched it began pumping out my cum over his chest and down on to mine. He was smiling like a cat with the cream `You are fucking amazing Davy Thomas that was well worth waiting for’ We lay in each other’s arms, enjoying the closeness and special bond. `Are you going to stay the night? He asked, I felt torn, I looked away. `I promised Forts, that he would always be the last person to cum in me and me in him each day, sorry, I must get back to him’ I looked away, Mr MacDonald took my face and pulled it to his and kissed me again `Davy you’re an amazing guy’ The enthusiastic clapping as the dancers finished, brought me back to the present, I glanced at Brookmeyer, he was waiting for a response from me, I hadn’t a clue what he had said, fuck it, I nodded. `Cool’ He said `Sorry what have I just agreed too again? He laughed `Me having some fun with Forts big cock’ `And us’ The twins added, shit oh well too late to turn back now. ********************* Other stories by this writer: `NightCam Fun’ `Exploring my brother’ `Joshs Adventures series’ `An Army life for me’ `Grandmas Bedroom’ `Dominic Online’ `Vampyre’ `The Extraordinary Christmas Party’