Our 2 new toys (a Feeldoe and a Belladonna fist di

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Desperate Housewives

Our 2 new toys (a Feeldoe and a Belladonna fist diMy wife’s got a small selection of strapon dildos which she likes to use on me and other women. The smallest is only about 5 inches long and pretty slim, while the largest is 10 inches and about 5 1/2 inches round at the head.While she loves to bend me over and fuck me with all of them, the problem is that there is no spontaneity with a strapon. OK, I live to be her sex toy, but there are times when we decide mid game that she’s going to fuck me when she hadn’t planned for that, so she has to stop for a little while while she gets a harness and cock out of the cupboard.We were looking at some sex toy sites recently and noticed the Feeldoe strapless strapons and both decided that we’d like to get one. From ordering it, it took nearly a week to arrive, so we were both really anxious to try it out as soon as it arrived.All I can say is OMG!!!If you haven’t seen them, there is a small section of the dildo which has a bulblike shape and that goes into the woman. The rest of the dildo then hangs forward from her crotch just like a real (though purple!) 7 inch cock.I’d read on a review that inserting it into the woman with lube makes it hard for her to grip it enough to stay in, so she sat on my face for a while and I licked her ass and pussy till she was ready to slip her end into place.The moment I saw it there I just fell back onto my knees and tried to deep throat it. If they could custom make one that matched a person’s skin tone perfectly then it would be hard to tell it from a real cock from more than a couple of feet away. It is such a sexy sight to see your woman with a cock that’s just a little bigger than your own and perfectly placed without any straps, harness or dildo pants in the way.She decided that she wanted me on my back with my knees pulled up to my chest, so I climbed onto the bed and up came my legs. She squeezed a little lube onto her fingers and quite roughly pushed a couple of them in and out a few times. She told me that she didn’t want me too lubed as it was supposed to hurt, so other than that little lube and my spit on the dildo that was all she used.The head is about an inch and a half across, so she slid the head into me quite easily, then eased it all the way in. There are some ridges near the base of the “cock” designed to rub on her clit, but she pushed it so far in that I felt them going through my ring as well. She pulled back quite slowly, then came back into me really hard and just as deep.I had to grip my knees süpertotobet yeni giriş to keep my legs up, so I couldn’t have played with my cock even if she had let me (though if I had, she’d probably stuck my chastity cage on to stop me). For about 10 minutes to fucked my ass really roughly and it felt amazing. I love it when she rough fucks me, but this felt so much better than any time before. Looking up at her it felt more like being fucked by a TS than by a woman.She got me to turn over and lie flat on my stomach with my legs parted just a little. With no subtlety she rammed the cock back into me while laying on top of me with her tits pressing into my shoulders. This was the most sexy thing she’s ever done to me (and she’s done A LOT of things to me, some I’ve enjoyed more than others!). Again, she rode me for about 10 minutes, then she pulled out of my ass and told me to turn over. She turned round in the bed and lay on top of me and slipped the dildo into my mouth, while starting to suck me off. I was very glad that I’d fasted for a day in anticipation of the package arriving and that she’d given me an enema before we started. I don’t like s**t, but don’t mind cleaning toys as they come out of my ass as long as I haven’t cum yet. To begin with that was OK, but the feeling of her fucking me with 100% skin-to-skin contact had turned me on so badly that I came in a couple of minutes. She decided to fuck my mouth for a couple of minutes more though, till only my spit was left on the shaft.After that, she kept it in place to test something else that we’d read online. It’s true. She came 3 times simply walking round the house with the cock bouncing from the front of her dressing gown. She said that every little movement made the section that goes into her fanny move in a slightly different way. Walking down the stairs felt so good that she went up and down them about a dozen times, with the cat looking on as if she had gone mad!She finally decided to take it out and passed it to me to lick clean and then wash and put next to the bed.Later that day we tried out our second purchase, a Belladonna fist dildo. This is moulded from Bella’s hand and forearm with the fingers together and stretched out. All in all, it’s about a foot long, but when we measured it it was nearly nine inches round at it’s widest point (the knuckles) and looks really realistic.To warm me up she got me to kneel on the rug at the side of the bed and bend over while she used the Feeldoe as a regular süpertotobet giriş dildo, holding the bulb section in her hand like a handle. After the rough fucking she’d given me I was still quite loose, so it slipped into me really easily. This time, though, we knew things were going to be very different so she’d slipped a condom over the Feeldoe and was using loads of anal fisting lube. If you’ve never used this stuff, it’s great, but isn’t good on latex toys as it’s oil based (hence the condom).She kept pulling the Feeldoe out, re-lubing it, then slipping it back in till my ass was really greasy. She then slipped an elbow length rubber glove on (to protect me from her long nails) and started to finger me with 2, then 3 and finally all 4 fingers. More lube, then she tucked her thumb into the palm of her hand and slipped the ends of all her fingers and thumb up me, stopping just short of her knuckles.I expected her to to slip her whole fist in, but she pulled back and I felt her start to slip the Belladonna fist in. Again, she’d covered it with a condom and loads of lube, but she was struggling to get it as far in as her own fist had been. When we were looking at it, it looked about the same size as her fist, but it felt quite a bit bigger than her hand and when we measured it later it’s about an inch and a half bigger than her fist is.She’s not afraid to hurt me at times (like the time she stuck half a high heeled boot up my ass toe first with no lube as punishment for cumming on it when she was out!) but this time she was taking things really carefully. It took about 20 minutes of moving the fist slowly in and out, side to side and round and round before it slid into my ass quite suddenly. She says that as it went in, my ass seemed to swallow it because almost straight away my ring was round it’s wrist with the knuckles well up me.She fisted my ass with the new toy for ages (nearly a whole 1 hour porn DVD had played while we concentrated on the toy), slipping it in almost to it’s total length and sometimes sliding it out and then pushing it back in again. It was a great feeling, more full than with her own hand and (in a way) more degrading than if it were own hand too.When she finally took it out, my ass felt totally empty and she said I was so gaped that she could see right up into me. After being bent over for nearly an hour, I was really stiff as I tried to get up from the bed. Then, as I straightened up, I found that my ass was really sore too. It’s funny ‘cos süpertotobet güvenilirmi as she was doing it to me I didn’t feel much more than some mild discomfort. She told me to turn around and she showed me the fist and it was quite a mess, with quite a lot of shit stains on the condom. I expected her to tell me to lick them off, but instead she just stood it on the floor and got on her hands and knees and told me to fuck her in the ass.Amazing! I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times she’s let me fuck her in the ass. She likes anal play, but feels that me fucking her like that is too submissive on her part. Toys in her ass while I eat her ass and pussy is one thing (especially as I usually have them shoved in my mouth a few times), but to butt fuck her is a very rare privilege and the last time I did it was at least a year ago when she was still growing into her role as my mistress and I wasn’t fully her slave.Again, I was so turned on that I came very quickly. I would have done from having my ass stretched so wide, or from fucking her very tight ass (only small toys for her ass, unlike mine), so the combination of both things meant I dropped a very big load into her after what only seemed like a few thrusts. I knew what to expect, so when she told me to lie back on the rug I was already opening my mouth and she sat straight on my face and pushed the creampie into my waiting lips. I can’t say I enjoy eating my cum from her ass, but I do love the way it makes me feel so degraded and submissive. She hadn’t had an enema, so the creampie was really brown!After washing everything clean, we collapsed into bed despite it only being about 9pm and were both asleep really quickly. I remember having some really erotic dreams and waking up a couple of times in the night with a raging hardon. In the morning, I was looking forward to our usual routine of her sitting on my face before going for a shower, but she’d come-on during the night and neither of us like period play.Time of the month or not, that didn’t stop her working my ass over with the Feeldoe that evening and I’m really looking forward to working the fist up my ass again soon. It’s so big, though, that we’ve decided not to use it when I’ll be working the next day or I’ll struggle to walk normally.A WORD OF WARNING!!!The Belladonna fist is made from a strange type of PVC that’s slightly absorbent. I’m really glad that we’d read about this on a review as it meant that we knew to use a condom over it. If you use it without some sort of barrier protection, it will discolour and also has the potential to absorb loads of germs from your ass (if that’s where you’re putting it) which will fester and could cause some health problems, especially if you both share it. It will also smell even worse than it already does!