Our Family’s Camp – 3

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“Don’t they look cozy,” I heard my mother say.Opening my eyes, I looked up and saw Mom and Dad standing next to the bed my brother, sister, and I shared for the night.  Beth had rolled onto her side, spooning against me, while Jeff pressed his body against her back.“Goodmorning,” I said as I woke up.“It looks like we’re going to need a bigger bed,” Dad said.“No, these beds are fine.  My brothers can’t get away from me,” Beth said.“You guys need to get moving.  We’re going to fix breakfast, then go check on the new boat,” Mom said.“Okay, we’ll be out in a few minutes.  Are we getting dressed, or are we going to the marina naked?” I said.“We’ll dress before we have to leave, Mark.  Until then, it’s up to you,” Dad said.I chuckled, realizing my parents were naked.  I got out of bed, nudged my brother, then headed for the bathroom.  After taking a leak, I decided to shower to clean off the remnants of last night’s sexual activity.  While I stood under the spray, Jeff came in, took a piss, then got into the stall with me.“Do you mind some company?” Jeff said.I rubbed the bar of soap with both hands, set it down, and began coating my brother’s genitals.  He smiled and said, “I guess not.”Jeff grabbed the soap, rubbing me with it.  We took turns washing each other while chuckling.  Beth came into the bathroom and sat on the toilet.  When she finished, our sister joined Jeff and me.“I had fun last night,” Beth said while Jeff and I scrubbed her.“I think all of us did, Beth.  This is turning out to be a great trip,” I said as I hugged her.  “What happens when we get home?”“For one thing, Mom, Dad, Beth, and I won’t have to sneak around any longer.  You almost caught us a few times,” Jeff said.“It would have shocked you if you caught me sucking Dad’s cock while Jeff fucked Mom,” Beth said.“Yeah, it sure would have.  I like the way you two showed me about our family.  When I watched you from the stand, I thought I’d come in my shorts,”  I said.Beth chuckled as she stroked my cock.  “You came, but it was in Jeff and me, not your shorts.”“Then, to top it off, Mom blew me in the shower after she shaved my crotch,” I said.“Mom loves sucking cock, Mark.  One time, she tried to get my dick and Dad’s in her mouth at the same time,” Jeff said.Laughing, Beth knelt and tried to get Jeff’s and my cock into her mouth.  She couldn’t, so she sucked me, then my brother.  Getting up, she said, “I can’t do it either.  Your cocks are too big.”We finished in the shower, dried ourselves, then went to the kitchen.  Jeff and I got coffee for the three of us before joining our parents at the table.“What time will the boat be ready?” Beth said.“I’m not sure, Beth.  Scott said he will call me when it’s ready for us.  Are you guys excited about getting the boat?” Dad said.Jeff nodded and said, “I am, Dad.  It’s going to be great.  We should have brought our fishing gear with us this trip.”“Mom and I have been talking.  We want to head home for a few days, then come back for a couple of weeks,” Dad said.“That sounds great, Dad.  Will we be able to take the boat out after we learn to operate it?” I said.“I don’t know why not, Mark.  You’re mother, and I will probably want to go most of the time, but I’m sure there will be occasions when you three will go alone,” Dad said.“I want you to make sure you don’t get drunk while you’re on the boat.  Having a beer or two is okay, but if you’re going to have more, select a designated driver, just like with a car,” Mom said.Jeff and I made French Toast and sausage for breakfast.  When we finished eating, Beth and Mom took care of the dirty dishes.  I sat at the table, watching my naked mother and sister at the counter.  Getting up, I went to the bedroom and grabbed my camera.I went back to the kitchen, sat at the table, and started taking shots of Mom and Beth.  When Dad told them to turn around and smile, they did.  Mom and Beth put their arms around bahis şirketleri one another’s waists as they posed.After taking several photos, I went to get my tripod and remote release.  I set up the camera, framed the area I wanted, then told Dad and Jeff to stand with Mom and Beth.  Once I was sure everything was set, I joined the rest of my family.  Naked, we posed for a family photograph.  Using the remote, I took about ten shots before returning to the camera to check the results.Everyone gathered close as I displayed the photos on the screen of my digital camera.  After looking at the newest photographs, I started showing everyone the shots I took of Jeff and Beth from my stand.“You didn’t take very many pictures of Jeff and me,” Beth said.“I know.  When I realized what was going on, I froze.  I didn’t know what to do until you waved me over to join you and my brother,” I said.Laughing, Jeff said, “We can always recreate it, Mark.”“If you do, invite your father and me,” Mom said.Dad’s phone rang.  He answered it, talked for a few minutes, then hung up.“We need to get going.  The boat’s ready,” Dad said.We headed for our rooms to get ready.  I watched my sister as she put on her bra and adjusted her breasts in the cups.  Jeff and I decided to wear shorts and tee-shirts.“Will you pose for me in your underwear one of these days, Beth?” I said.  I’d asked her before but wanted to make sure she’d do it.Grinning, Beth said, “Sure.  I already said I would.  Let me know when you want me to do it, Mark.  I think it will be fun.”Mom and Dad came out of their room.  We got into the truck and headed for the marina.  When we arrived, we all jumped out.  Scott met us in the building, and Dad completed the paperwork.  Once they finished, we walked to the docks where our new pontoon boat was in a slip.Jeff, Beth, and I looked around while Dad and Scott went through a checklist, ensuring everything Dad bought was on the boat.  Scott showed us where the Personal Floatation Devices were stored, then set up the changing tent and porta-potty, telling us how it worked.After he explained how to put up the bimini top, he went over starting the engine and a few other things, including how to operate the fishfinder.  A half-hour later, Scott backed the boat into the channel, and we headed toward the lake.“This boat handles well,” Dad said as he sat at the console.Dad, Jeff, and I knew how to drive a boat from the times we rented one in the past.  My brother and I each took a turn behind the wheel, then Beth and Mom drove.  After an hour, we went back to the marina.  Dad took over, pulling into the slip while Jeff and I helped tie the boat to the dock.Scott asked if we had any questions.  When Dad said we were all set, he thanked us and said the gas tank was full.  Scott went over the break-in of the two-hundred horsepower outboard motor, reminding us to make sure we followed the recommendations.“I made arrangements to have a slip when we’re at the cabin.  When we’re home, the marina will store the boat in one of their buildings.  I also bought a trailer so we can take it to other lakes if we want to,” Dad said.“Is there anything else we need, honey?” Mom said.“I want to get a few more dock lines, fenders, and a few other things.  Let’s go to the marina store and pick out what we want.  When we finish, we can go out again,” Dad said.In the store, we gathered the items Dad wanted for the boat.  Mom and Beth found towels, adding them to the pile on the counter.  Once we had what we wanted, we returned to the boat and stowed the things.“We should get rain gear to keep on the boat.  I looked at what they have in their store, but I think we can do better somewhere else,” Mom said.“I wish I’d worn my bikini.  It’s hot out today,” Beth said.“I thought you and Mom wanted the pontoon boat so you could go naked,” I said.Mom laughed and said, “We can when there isn’t anyone around. bahis firmaları  If there are a lot of boats on the lake, we have to be careful.”“We can always go into one of the coves around the lake.  We have fished in several of them and never saw another boat,” Jeff said.Dad laughed as he pulled out and headed into the lake.  We all sat on the seats in the bow area, watching the scenery.  The boat was designed for fishing, with three removable pedestal seats behind the console.“We have to keep the RPMs down during the break-in period.  If we run the motor too hard, it can cause damage,” Dad said.“What are we going to name the boat?” Mom said.“I think we should name it, Playtime,” Beth said.We had a brief discussion, then Dad said, “I agree with the name.  You know what they say, a family that plays together stays together.  I have a feeling we’re all going to enjoy our playtime on the boat.”Our family decided the name Beth suggested was great, so the boat’s name became Playtime.  Mom told Dad to find one of the coves so we could christen the new boat.  Dad moved closer to shore as we cruised.  When he spotted a secluded spot, he pulled in.Jeff tossed the anchor into the water to hold us in place while Mom took a couple of towels out, spreading them on the deck.  She sat on the towels, removed her clothes, and invited Dad to join her.Beth, Jeff, and I sat on one of the seats, watching Dad fuck Mom.  He pumped his cock in and out of her pussy while she held his shoulders.  After a few minutes, Mom pushed Dad away.“Who’s next?” Mom said.Jeff pointed at me and smiled.  I shucked my shorts, stroking my cock as I took Dad’s place between Mom’s legs.  She gripped my shaft, guiding me into her pussy.  After I pushed all the way in, Mom used her vaginal muscles to squeeze my dick.I started thrusting in and out of Mom’s pussy.  She hooked her legs over mine, rocking her hips.  I glanced up to see Beth on her knees, sucking Dad’s cock.  I fucked my mom for a few minutes, then she told me to get up.  Jeff took my place between her legs and slipped his cock into her.As I watched my brother fucking Mom, I sat next to Dad.  Beth moved from his cock to mine and started blowing me.  My sister bobbed her head, stopping so she could remove her shirt and bra.  Dad knelt behind her and played with her tits.Mom and Jeff separated, and he sat up.  Mom got up, knelt between Dad’s legs, and stroked his cock.  Beth pulled her mouth from my cock, removed her shorts, and stretched out on the towel.  Jeff knelt between her legs, fisted his cock, and shoved it into my sister’s pussy.Mom motioned me next to her.  She ran her hand over my back, then guided my mouth to Dad’s cock.  Casting my eyes up, I looked at my dad.  He smiled as I lowered my head, feeling his cock slide between my lips.  I sucked in more of his dick, tasting my mom’s pussy on it.My new sexual journey was now complete.  I had sucked my brother’s cock, and fucked my sister and my mom.  There was more I wanted to do, but I knew those things would come in time.While I sucked my dad, Mom fondled his balls.  She put her mouth next to my ear, telling me how hot it was to see me with Dad’s cock in my mouth.  She took one of my hands, guiding it between her legs.  I felt her wetness as I pushed my finger into her.Jeff came over to where I knelt.  He moved me away from Dad and leaned over, taking my cock into his mouth.  Dad got up, went to Beth, and took over where Jeff left off.  My brother blew me for a little while, then stopped.  He had Mom sit on the bench, moved between her legs, and shoved his face against her crotch.Mom grabbed my brother’s hair, rocking her hips as Jeff licked and sucked her pussy.  I sat back, waiting for my turn to fuck Beth.  Dad groaned and shoved into my sister.  He threw his head back as he came in her pussy.When Dad pulled his cock out of Beth, she beckoned me over.  I walked on my knees, kaçak bahis siteleri moving toward my sister.  She smiled as she glanced at Dad’s slick dick.  Grinning, I pulled my dad close so I could clean his cock before I fucked Beth.  After I sucked Dad clean, I moved between my sister’s legs.  I looked down, seeing my dad’s cum leaking from her pussy.Beth let out a moan as I licked her gooey pussy.  I collected my dad’s semen, swallowing it as I tried to scoop it out with my tongue.  Reaching down, she pulled at me until I slotted my cock in her pussy.  It didn’t take long for me to feel my climax building.  Dad knelt next to us, put his hand between our bodies, and diddled Beth’s clit.  She groaned, wiggling against his fingers and my cock as her pussy convulsed around my shaft.  Beth and I reached our orgasms at the same time.  When my cock stopped spewing cum into her pussy, I leaned forward and kissed her.Mom came over, put her hand on my shoulder, and pulled me away from Beth.  Chuckling, she knelt between my sister’s splayed legs and started licking her pussy.  Jeff knelt behind Mom, gripped her hips, and slipped his cock into her pussy.  As my brother fucked our mom, she moaned into Beth’s crotch.I sat next to Dad, watching Mom, Jeff, and Beth.  He put his hand on my leg, squeezing me above my knee.  I put my hand on Dad’s shoulder as he stroked my thigh.  After a moment, Dad leaned over and sucked my limp dick into his mouth.  Moaning, I ran my fingers through my dad’s hair as he bobbed his head on my hardening cock.  After a few minutes, Dad sat up and smiled at me.“How are you handling all of this, Mark?” Dad said.Moving my hand between Dad’s legs, I caressed his cock and balls.  “I’m not sure how things could be any better, Dad.  The last few days have been a real eye-opener for me.  I guess you never know until you try.”“Your mother and I are happy you’ve embraced our family’s lifestyle.  We were concerned you would think we’re a bunch of sexual degenerates.  Our greatest fear was you’d be so disgusted you’d leave home.  It was your sister’s idea to have you catch her and Jeff.”  Dad chuckled and put his hand on my crotch.  “It was Mom’s idea to shave you.”“When Mom came into the shower with me, I thought I’d shit.  Then she shaved my crotch, and I worried because I got hard.  To top it all off, Mom gave me a blowjob.  After I came in her mouth, she told me you and her fooled around with Jeff and Beth.  To say the least, it was one hell of a day,” I said.I heard Jeff groan.  Glancing over, I watched my brother pull Mom tight to his crotch.  Judging from his reactions, I thought he was coming in her.  Jeff pulled his cock from my Mom’s pussy.  He stood up, his dick softening as he stretched.  Mom removed her head from between my sister’s legs, then she stood up.  I could see my brother’s cum streaking her thigh.Mom sat up and grinned.  She stood and said, “We need to rinse off.  Let’s jump in the lake.”Dad checked the fishfinder to see how deep the water was.  He said it was ten feet deep and over our heads.  We moved to the stern of our boat, opened the door, and stepped onto the swim platform.  One by one, we jumped into the refreshing water.  After treading water for a few minutes, we used the ladder to climb out of the lake.Mom passed out towels so we could dry ourselves.  I couldn’t help watching Mom and Beth’s tits wobble as they rubbed themselves.  Reluctantly, we dressed for the ride back to the marina.  As we cruised, we all took turns behind the wheel.  When we arrived at our slip, I put the boat against the dock while Dad and Jeff helped.  After making sure everything was secure, we headed for the cabin.“Let’s stop for something to eat.  I don’t feel like making dinner tonight,” Mom said as Dad pulled out of the parking lot.We stopped at a restaurant for dinner.  While we ate, we talked about our new boat and the fun we’d have with it.  I told my family I wanted to take a few pictures of the craft to show people at work.“We have to make sure to bring our fishing gear next time we come up here.  I want to catch a few Bluegills for a fish fry,” Jeff said.