Our Fun with Nancy

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I must have been reliving the previous night’s events in my dreams because I woke up with my eight inch cock throbbing in my hand. I looked over at my sexy wife still asleep beside me and began to gently stroke my cock. I licked my lips as I rubbed the little drop of pre-cum over the head of my cock and could still taste Kim’s pussy from the night before.“Mmm. That looks so damn sexy babe” Kim said to me as she opened her eyes and fixed them on my hand working my cock so well. “Are you going to make yourself cum for me?”“Yeah, I think I am.” I replied, never losing the rhythm my hand had built.Kim reached down with one hand and gently massaged my balls. “Oh fuck baby, take your time. Don’t rush it. You look so fucking sexy with your hard cock in your hand making some cum for me.” She said as she scooted a bit further down and laid her head on my belly so that she would have a close-up view.Her hot breath on my cock head only made my wanting to cum even greater. I could feel the first tell tale signs of my impending orgasm and let Kim know that I was ready.“I will make sure that you keep the sheets clean.” Kim said as she took the head of my cock into her mouth and began to suck.That was all it took. I speeded up my hand ministrations and began to spew my hot load directly into Kim’s open and willing mouth. Several powerful spurts followed and finally slowed to a trickle. Kim was able to contain my whole load in her mouth without spilling a drop.When I finished cumming and relaxed a bit, Kim came up to me and gave me an open mouth kiss allowing me to share in the salty sweetness of my load. “Now there is breakfast in bed that I could do every morning.” Kim said as she licked her lips and gave my now flaccid cock a little pat on its head.“Well, I guess that I should get up and get moving. I told Nancy that she and I would go bikini shopping today before our BBQ party.” Kim said as she rolled out of bed and strode naked across the room and into the bathroom.I almost got another erection just watching Kim’s sexy ass wiggling and her glorious c-cups bouncing. At almost six feet tall, Kim is all woman. Even at thirty seven and two kids later, she has an incredible ass that tapers down to long shapely legs that were made to wrap around a guys back. Her tits are a full C cup and although they sag a little bit they are still firm and are topped with extremely sensitive gumball sized nipples.I waited until I heard the shower start before I got my ass out of bed and walked naked into the kitchen to start the coffee pot. Having the kids at grandma’s house for most weekends in the summer has its definite advantages. Living out in the country also has its advantages as I grabbed my pack of cigarettes and went out onto the back deck to enjoy the sun on my naked body. I checked the water and chemical levels in the hot tub and made sure that the propane for the BBQ was sufficient for tonight’s get together.After getting myself a hot cup of coffee, I checked on Kim’s progress in the shower. She was sitting on the edge of the tub shaving her legs and pussy. I love to watch her do this so I sat down on the closed lid of the toilet and ogled the process. My cock was not long to respond to the sight of her spreading her legs wide and shaving the delicate area’s of her pussy lips. She looked at me and my hard on several times and told me not to get too excited because she was running late ankara travesti and didn’t have time to take care of my problem again.I feigned disappointment and just sat back to watch. Kim finished up by getting back under the shower spray and rinsing off all of the left over shaving cream. The water cascaded down her tits and over her freshly shaved mound of Venus. I was ready to jump in the shower and fuck her up against the wall but somehow grew the willpower to just watch.“What do you have planned to do today?” Kim asked as she shut off the water and wrapped her body in a huge sea green bath towel.“I’ll probably just drink beer all day and maybe go a few doors down and fuck that sexy young daughter of the Patterson’s.” I said as serious as I could with an evil grin on my face.“Oh, really?” Kim said, cocking one eyebrow at me.“Yeah, I know that she has wanted a piece of my cock for some time now. And you know how I hate to disappoint!” I couldn’t even get all of the words out without busting up laughing.“Then I guess that you will be too tired to fuck this horny little baby tonight.” She pouted as she came over to me and grabbed my cock hard. “This is my cock and you will only stick it where and when I tell you that you can.”“Yes Ma’am. Anything else?” I asked as she laughed and released my now hard cock from her grip.“Yeah, you can wear these all day to remind you of whose pussy you’re supposed to worship.” She said as she tossed the tiny red thong from the night before to me. “And they had better still be on when I get home from shopping with Nancy or else”I looked at the tiny bit of fabric with the huge cum stain on the front of them and felt another surge of blood rush to my engorged cock. Kim knows that it is a fetish of mine to wear her panties and it never fails to turn us both on. I slowly slid the silky fabric up my legs and secured it around my waist. My cock and balls were a bit more difficult to get tucked in but I managed to almost get them covered save for about two inches of my hard on.“Aw. Don’t you look pretty in my thong.” Kim said as she slipped a light sundress over her head. I did notice that she neglected to put on underwear or a bra even though the dress only came down to her mid thigh and was very loose and flowing. I am sure that if a gust of wind came along, she would be flashing her ass and cunt to whoever was around.“Now I really have to go, Nancy will be waiting. Remember, keep those on until I get back or you will be in serious trouble.” Kim said as she grabbed her purse and headed out the front door.I waved as her van pulled out of the driveway and then went out to the back deck to enjoy the sun for a little while. I never took off Kim’s thong but I did pull it to the side to let my cock and balls get out into the sun as well.After an hour or so, I threw on a pair of shorts, cut the lawn and did a few other yard chores. I was fully expecting Kim to be home by the time I was done but her van wasn’t in the driveway yet so I just grabbed a beer, doffed the shorts and sat on the deck admiring my work on the grass.Three beers and much admiration later, I heard the van pull into the front drive. My cock twitched a little because I knew that Kim always buys the sexiest and most revealing Bikini’s and I was looking forward to a little sneak preview of what she had purchased. I sat back in my chair and waited for Kim to find me. I didn’t ankara travestileri have to wait very long as I heard footsteps coming around the side of the house. The only problem was that I heard more than one set of feet making the noise.There I was sitting in the sun on the deck wearing nothing but a tiny bright red thong and Kim had brought company home. I was fucked; I had nothing to cover up with and nowhere to run. I had no choice but to sit there and wait to see what was going to happen.“Hey babe, Lawn looks great. And so does that.” Kim said pointing at my semi hard cock which was very noticeable beneath the skin tight thong. “What do you think Nancy? Doesn’t the lawn look good?”I looked up and saw Nancy standing beside Kim, both of them staring at my barely covered crotch. The dress that Nancy had on was almost identical except for the color. They were both carrying shopping bags which they quickly put down on the table.“Yes. It sure does. And it seems to be growing more the longer we look at it.” Nancy said, never allowing her gaze to drift from my expanding cock.Nancy had never seen me in anything more revealing than a swimsuit before so I tried the best that I could to act nonchalant and put her at ease. It was Kim’s ease of the situation that made Nancy feel at home with the scenery before her. Kim simply pulled two chairs to the glass table and sat in the first one while offering the second to Nancy which she gladly accepted.“Chris, be a dear and get us two gals a glass of wine. We are parched from shopping all day and need a cool down.” Kim said to me knowing that I would enjoy a little bit of exhibitionism.“Sure thing babe” I said as I got up and strolled through the open door and into the house to fetch the gals the prescribed wine. I could feel two sets of eyes on my more-or-less bare ass as I walked past them.I returned a few minutes later with the bottle and two glasses for the ladies and a fresh beer for myself. I diligently poured the wine into their glasses and settled back into my chair with my ice cold beer in my hand and my throbbing cock in my thong. I listened for a few minutes as Kim and Nancy talked about the days shopping and the upcoming night’s festivities.Kim must have felt relaxed with the wine she had consumed already because she leaned back in her chair and let her legs drift apart. From my vantage point directly across from her I could see her naked pussy staring at me. It was a gorgeous sight and very sexy. I wasn’t sure if Nancy would be able to see Kim’s open display but there was no mistaking the eye that she was giving my now rock hard and dripping cock. My pulsating cock could no longer be contained in Kim’s flimsy thong and the head stuck out about two inches above the waistband.I looked up at Kim and saw that she was looking at me with a very mischievous expression on her face. Her braless nipples were rock hard and poking through the thin material of her dress.“Oh look Nancy, Chris seems to have developed a little hard-on.” Kim chided, quickly stepping back into the role that she had assumed the previous night. “Looks like his little penis wants to get out and get some air.”Nancy said nothing for a few moments, she just took another sip of her wine and watched and listened intently. But I did notice that her legs were slowly parting beneath the table but not enough for me to see if she had a bare pussy like travesti ankara Kim.“You see Nancy, Chris here likes to wear my flimsy little panties and he likes it when I make fun of his tiny little manhood. All we have to do is to let him know that there is no way that that puny excuse for a cock is going to be getting anywhere near our pussies and he would be putty in our hands.” Kim explained. “But his manners can be very good and his willingness to serve almost incomparable”“Oh, really” Nancy finally broke her silence. “How does the serving part work? I’m intrigued now.”“Like this. Watch” Kim said with a look of mischievous lust in her eyes.“Chris. Refill our wineglasses, but get totally naked first”I stood up and slowly skinned Kim’s skimpy thong over my rock hard eight inch cock, down my legs and off. Standing there naked in front of the sexy Nancy and my equally if not more sexy wife was a thrill beyond words. I could see that Kim had spread her legs even wider and that Nancy had turned my way a bit and also allowed her legs to open slightly.“Don’t just stand there with your tiny cock hanging in the breeze, get the fuck over here and do as I said” Kim said sternly.I quickly refilled their glasses and then went to sit down again.“What the fuck are you doing? Stand up straight and let Nancy and me see that pitiful excuse for a cock”“Wow. That’s awesome” Nancy said, never taking her eyes off my throbbing erection. “What else can he do?”“He will do anything that we tell him to do or else he won’t be cumming for a very long time.” Kim told her friend.“Anything?” Nancy said incredulously.“Absolutely anything. Just last night I made him eat my pussy when it was full of cum.”“Now that is fucking hot. I wish Steve was here to hear all of this. I am sure that this would all interest him very much as he also loves a certain amount of kink” The unknowing Nancy said.“Then I’m thinking that we should make tonight interesting for both of them. Chris, take my new purchase here in this bag and modify it the way you want to.” Kim said handing me the fancy paper shopping bag with the big ‘Bikini Village’ emblazoned on the side.We both knew what she meant by modify. I have always been a huge fan of white bikini’s especially when they have the gusset cut out of the bottoms and the lining cut out of the top so that when wet, everything would be clearly visible.“And while you’re at it, put on my tiny hot pink g-string. I don’t want to see your puny little cock anymore today. And when you come back out bring us another bottle of wine”Shopping bag in hand, I went into the house and set about finding the razor blade that I keep handy for just this type of chore. Finally, sitting down at the kitchen table, I set about carefully cutting out the linings from the miniscule string bikini that Kim had purchased. I was quite sure that when I was finished even the slightest bit of dampness would render this fabric one hundred percent transparent. There would be nothing left to the imagination.“Chris, Hurry up with that wine… we are getting parched out here” Kim shouted.“Coming babe” I dutifully replied.I grabbed a fresh bottle of wine out of our built in cooler and headed out with the bottle in one hand and a corkscrew in the other.“What the fuck is that? I told you that I didn’t want to see your pitiful little cock anymore tonight.” Kim scorned.I had completely forgotten to wear what I was told in my haste to modify her new bikini and get the wine. I knew I would be punished in a way that only Kim could punish me. And trust me… I never mind that.“Come here and stand before me” Kim told me while pointing down at the deck.