Our little young girl neighbor’s ass

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Alison Tyler

Our little young girl neighbor’s assSaturday afternoon I was parking at our driveway, when the next door neighbor’s daughter Terry stepped by my window’s car.I had known her and her nice parents for many years, since they had moved next to us.Now Terry had blossomed into a totally hot very fuckable girl…The little girl smiled at me, saying she was home alone and her car was overheating, so she asked me if I could take a look at it. I looked her in the corner of my eye. She was wearing a very low cut tiny jean short, that showed those perfectly tight, ass cheeks.I was coming from the gym, so I had my sweat shorts and a t-shirt.My sweet wife had gone right now on shopping, so I was not in a hurry to get into my own house.I followed Terry to her garage, as she swayed her round tight butt ahead of me. My cock started to get aroused, watching that ass.While I was looking at the engine, she bent over and I could see her nice perky tits. Terry was not wearing a bra, so her nipples were punching against the thin material of her tiny top.I found out the radiator hose, it was leaking and needed changing.Terry smiled, saying her father had one of these hoses in stock; but she pleaded me to put it on for her.While I was putting the brand new hose on, I saw my chance… I asked Terry to stand in front of me, hold the hose so I could tighten üsküdar escort it up. She leant over, with that great ass sticking out of her tight jean shorts and I hardly came in my pants. My cock was now fully erect and aching inside of my sweat shorts…I reached out for the hose, but at same time I pushed in behind her onto her firm buttocks. Terry did not do or say anything; but I was sure she could feel my bulge just between her ass crack.I took my time to tighten those clamps on the hose, as I kept pushing on my crotch against her nice abut.Terry giggled and she even stuck out her ass more against me.My cock was now very hard, pushing into those tight cheeks, when Terry giggled again and she asked if I got excited working on cars.I just whispered in her ear that I was really aroused now by her tight ass. She was driving me crazy…She pushed me and turned around, looking at my huge bulge.Then she said now she was starting to experience some anal with his sweet boyfriend. Hearing this, almost made me cum…Terry smiled and she rubbed the growing bulge with her little hand.She then looked into my eyes and said we could go inside of her house, since she wanted to try another hard cock…Once we got her bedroom, I stripped off and watched as Terry pulled her jean shorts down to her ankles. tuzla escort She had a killer body.This young sexy slut was tanned all over, her soft skin smelled roses; she had amazing perky tits and a glistening shaved mound.She put her fingers to her pussy lips, to show me her wetness. I just stared at her naked body and said I wanted to eat her pussy.Terry nodded in silence, as she licked one finger.She got down on her bed and I buried my face between her spread thighs. The little bitch had a perfect pussy; I could not stop licking and sucking all of it.Her pussy lips were so tight; I had to spread them apart, to lick inside. Terry loved it. She whispered that her boyfriend was not so good using his tongue in her wet cunt.My cock got even harder as I heard her saying this.Terry screamed out loud, as she grinded her pussy on my face.I guessed she was close to cum. Then she did it. Her cunt juices flowed almost everywhere. I licked all what I could, as she kept moaning and shuddering.Her orgasm finally subside and Terry spread her legs even more, begging me to fuck her hungry cunt.I started to enter her, noticing she was very tight.Terry screamed and moaned loud like a whore, as she begged me to fuck her faster and harder. Catching my breath, I made my best to please her hot pussy.I pendik escort banged that girl like mad, while sucking her sweet perky tits.She came on my cock; I could feel her warm juices flooding out her now stretched cunt. She screamed like crazy as she came…Terry opened her eyes and asked me if I wanted to try her ass…I almost blew my load hearing that. I pulled out and she turned around, getting on all fours.She spread her butt cheeks for me and I saw her rosebud looked very tight. But she insisted she loved anal…I started getting it in, very slowly, pushing inch by inch.Terry was screaming in pain and pleasure, but she kept on begging me not to stop, despite the initial pain. I got into a nice rhythm and then Terry stopped complaining.I knew I was going to come; while she suddenly pushed back her body against my crotch and my hard thick cock went all the way deep inside of her tight anus.Terry screamed like crazy and I exploded like I had never done before, feeling my warm semen filling her tight rectum. I finally collapsed onto her back. Out of breath, she turned her head and looked at me, saying my dick felt so good in her ass…I told her this ass was the best one I had ever fucked. She turned to me, gave me a soft kiss, grabbing my still hard cock.I looked at her in the eyes, asking her if she still wanted more.Terry giggled softly and nodded her head a yes.She hissed that she was going to wear my cock out today.Whenever I wanted to fuck her; I should let her know…My cock got even harder as I heard her words.I looked at my wrist watch, checking out I have another two hours free, before my wife Ana would come back home from shopping…