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OUR SECRETSo me and my brother,both grew up on WELFARE under a single parent who turn out to be an ALCOHOLIC.All of us lived in the Ghetto.He dropped out of school to help support us,basicly pay the rent and buy food,Because Mom was to busy getting her drink on.Me on the other hand became rebellious.I refused to be some strongout whore,and being pimped.So I got involved with d**gs as a dealer.I enjoyed that FAST LIFE AND FASTMONEY,until i got caught the first time was 6 months Probation,the second time was 2 years in jail (actual 18 months)but the 3rd times(3 strikes)5 years in a WOMANS PRISON)Now I’m free my brother came and picked me up.He took me shopping,bought me a dress,and jewelry and shoes we went out to dinner and laugh and joked about everything.I felt like I was on an Date (Hey a girl could only wish)We went back to his place and my new home.I took a shower and put on a robe that he had bought me.When I came out he had a glass of wine all ready poured and slice some Cheese Cake that we picked-up on the way home.I said i want to talk you about something,he ok.I said THANK YOU for everything,for being my brother and my friend.You came to see me every month during those 5 years,even on anadolu yakası escort Mothers Day and I’m not a Mom,you never missed my Birthday,I could not recieve any gifts,but you did leave money on my account.You even told me when Pop died even though we did not him,and eight months later Mom died I know you had pay that Bill.You never gave upon me,never judge me in fact when we where k**s you always tried protect me and spoil me.There were many Horrorable things that I witness and was apart of in Prison,like I was a DYKES little slut,or I would let the guards have their way with me,I did what I had to do survive.While in there I went to A Ther****t who wanted to know if I had been ****d by my Father or some other Bullshit like that.she did ask if there was a person that I trust and feel secure with,someone that I wouldnot mine spending my life with.I thought about you.On those rare nights i was not being bothered I would masterbate until I went to sleep.i would dream about a man making love to me not just fucking me.But if seem i could not see his face,cause at that moment,i would wake up my hand on my pussy.But last week i did see his face,I ataşehir escort was Shocked,I got an appointment with Ther****t and told my story.She I have something to tell you,you are getting out tommorow,but what I’m about to tell you will be OUR SECRET.She said her and her brother are lovers,she is married with 2 k**s and its like having an AFFAIR,so i said I’m not crazy for wanting my brother to make love to me.She said no.Take a chance maybe he has the same feeling about you.I guess what I’m trying to say if I was not your sister could you find me attractive.he yes,but s*s I always felt that,but i was afraid if i touched you,I would destroy our family so i left.When I did you became rebellious and started to get in trouble with the law,and goingto jail.I always felt guilty about that.At that moment I kissed him hard on the lips.He pulled back a little and said that the wine talking,I said silly boy,thats g**** juice,i know you dont drink.So this real,i want you to make love to me.and i opened my rope to show him my nake body,he looked at my tits and my hairy pussy,as i rubbed it.I said of by the way do you like your pussy hairy or shaved.He said shaved,good ümraniye escort you can shave me tomorrow.do you want me here on the couch,or the floor,no tell you what i will race you to your bed.I got up and drop my robe on the way to room.i was in the bed while he stood at the door taking his clothes off.I held my arms open and said COME HERE LOVER.he climed onto the bed,we kissed passionatly,he started sucking my tittie and working his way down my body,but i pulled up ontop of me,I told him I want his DICK in me,we can eat each other some other time.he penetrated me very gently,I had to adjust to his hard member.my pussy was already wett.we kissed as we made love,i lifted my legs so he could go deeper,and i learned how to use my pussy muscles in prison this makes a man cum when you what him to.He looked into my eyes and said i going to cum,I said me too,lets cum together.He pushed all the way in me and laid on my CERVIX and drowned the back of my womb with his cum.He pulled out,my pussy was dripping wet from our juices.i said to him ANY REGRETS OR DO YOU FEEL GUILTY.He said i dont have any regrets for making love to you,but i still feel guilty that you are my sister.I want to talk to you about that,Mom and Pop are both dead which leave you and I.we are the last of our kind,so how about this idea,why dont we move somewhere where no one knows us,and live as a couple,we already have the same last name,you love me and i love you and raise a family and that will be OUR SECRET.He said sure lets pack.THE END