Our vacation

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Our vacationThis was before we had k**s, we made plans to go on a trip with my brother, his wife and my sister. Someone told of an all-inclusive resort on the French side of St. Marteen and it sounded like the kind of place we could have fun. Our very first day there I was greeted by a sight I couldn’t believe. Topless women all over the pool and beach area. It was a little uncomfortable with my sister there, but soon it was no big deal. We were having drink after drink and just having a great time. After dinner we were hanging outside by the bar when we noticed 2 couples who just got there wandering around looking kind of out of place. My brother struck up a conversation with one guy and we learned they were from a small town in Texas and it was their first time on a plane. The big joke was the one guy even brought his own bottle of soda on the plane. That night we all got pretty wasted but the one guy was out of his mind. The next morning at breakfast, who comes down all hung over? The Texan…he was in pretty bad shape and we were about to go on a tour of the island. The first part was kind of dull since all we saw were a bunch of shacks and a****ls but it got better real fast. We ended up at Orient Beach which is full nude. So here I am with my wife and my family. Wow now that was weird but we made the best of it commenting on all the sights. In fact, one of the Texas girls kind of said to canlı bahis me that it looked like fun and too bad my sister was there…hahaha. Now back at the resort, we played beer pong, volleyball and water sports. Dinner came and went and all of us decided to get back in our bathing suits for some night swimming. More drinks, new friends there and a lot of laughs. Now me, my wife, my b*o and his wife end up in the hot tub joined by our 4 new friends from Texas. A lot of laughs and more drinks were had by all. Now at some point my b*o and his wife said they had enough and went back to their room and then 1 of the other couples said they were beat and left shortly after. That left me, my wife and Sue and Bob in the tub. Now Bob was about my height but much thinner than me and Sue was a little heavier (not fat) than my wife with huge tits. Her face was I’ll say very cute. I’m not quite sure how the subject of sex came up but Sue all of a sudden took her top off. wow, I then gave my wife the look and a wink and to my surprise she took hers off. More drinks more jokes and then I said, I guess everything is bigger in Texas. Sue just said yup and you aint seen nothing until Bob takes his suit off. Now it was my wifes turn to be funny and she said if you’re going to talk the talk than you might as well walk the walk. So Bob looks at Sue and she said to go ahead and show us. So now this skinny guy stands bahis siteleri up and pulls off his suit. Holy shit, his cock had to be 10 inches long. Not really fat but very long. My wife almost had a stroke and all she could say was “amen sister”. Sue asked me what I was packing and I said that while I’m not nearly as long as Bob I make up with it being wide. She laughed and wanted me to prove it. So I yanked my suit off and Sue gave me a dirty smile and licked her lips. My wife was still in awe over the size of this guy and when Sue started to give him a handjob she just sat there not saying a word. I broke the silence when I said to her I think she should work me up a bit. So here we were, 2 lucky guys getting handjobs from our wives NICE. Sue then asked her if she wanted to feel Bobs cock. She looked at me and I said why not. So now she was jerking us both off and that was such a turn on for both of us. Sue then came over and said it was time for her to suck me off. My wife just let go and said to go ahead. I sat up on the edge and started getting a blow job from a hottie right in front of my wife. She gave me this dirty look and I nodded and the next thing I knew she sucking this 10 inch snake. She really was working him and Sue was doing me. Holy shit it was hot. Well snake man blew his load first and my woman took it all in. She then sat back and watched me finish up in Sue’s mouth. We laughed bahis firmaları and said how great that was and the next thing I know we were back in their room. Sue and Bob started kissing so my wife and I did too. We all ended up naked with them on the bed and us on the couch. Watching each other fuck was really hot and then Bob said lets switch it up. I asked her what she thought and she said what the fuck, she just sucked your cock so what’s the problem. I couldn’t believe what was happening. My wife was not the woman I thought she was. Cool. I started by going down on Sue and gave her a good tongue lashing. My wife was on the top of Bob going down real slow like she was afraid he would hurt her. I flipped Sue on her belly and started fucking her doggie style while watching my wife enjoy this guys cock. This guy had her on her back and was pounding the crap out of her. She had her legs straight up in the air taking this guy all the way. Sue was now ontop of me and was moaning like crazy. I was moving like crazy and even stuck a finger in her ass which made her squeal. She rolled off me onto her back and I began tittie fucking her. Oh, do I love tittie fucking and by the way she was acting she did to. I caught my wifes eye every once in a while and she was enjoying every moment. We flipped and flopped for nearly an hour before we were all done. We got dressed, kissed goodnight and staggered back to the room. My wife asked if everything was alright and I told her although it was weird, I had a blast. We didn’t hook up with them again but it made our vacation sex incredible for the rest of the trip.