Our Very First Date

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This is the very first story of the long relationship between Debbie and me. I will tell a new story of our adventures at regular intervals

I sat in my car feeling anxious, I had spoken to you earlier and had arranged to meet you here at 11am, but it was now well past that and you were not here.

We had met only a few days before, we had both been at a party where we had been introduced. I had liked you immediately and you must have liked the look of me because you agreed we could meet again. But where were you? A minute later I was so relieved as your car entered the car park and parked next to mine.

I opened your door and we smiled at each other, “Sorry I’m late Jeff” you apologised, “I wasn’t sure where this place was, Its a bit out of the way”, “I wasn’t worried” I fibbed, and taking your hand we walked to the pub entrance.

It was a gorgeous day and only a few other people were about, we mentioned this to the barman in the pub. “Its a bit early yet” he said ” in about an hour there will be plenty here.

We ordered a couple of soft drinks and took a menu to a corner table to study, chose what we wanted and ordered.

We felt a little awkward and tongue tied, but gradually we began to feel more at ease with each others company. We talked about our jobs and home lives and people and places we knew, You told me you were married but a little bored and you were looking for some excitement. I didn’t question you further on what kind of excitement you wanted, but thought it was a positive sign from my point of view. By the time the food arrived we were chatting away, quite comfortable with each others company.

Each time I looked at you I thought how anadolu yakası escort attractive you were, your fair hair reached your shoulders and you had big brown eyes that seemed to smoulder. you were wearing a silky top with buttons all the way down which in no way disguised or hid the fullness of your breasts, and jeans which hugged your shape excitingly.You have a lovely smile which was never far from your lips and which lit up your whole face.

As the meal came to an end, I asked you that as it was such a lovely day would you like to go for a walk. “Oooh yes that sounds like a good idea” you enthused.

Fields surrounded the pub and at the end of the car park was a stile which we climbed over and began our walk through long grass past our knees, we were holding hands as we walked and after a while we came to a soft grassy area surrounded by bushes and trees, we stopped and looked about us, the pub was way back in the distance and we were quite alone. I took both of your hands in mine and we gazed into each others eyes, then I pulled you to me and for the first time our lips met. we kissed long and passionately, our bodies pressed closely together and our tongues entwined

As we sank to the soft grass, you lay on your back and I hovered above you with one arm around you and one of my legs between yours. You smiled at me and I brought my free hand up to stroke your breast, you didn’t protest or show resistance and I felt your nipples harden under my hand. I unbuttoned your silky top all the way down and then moved my hand behind you to unhook your bra. Your breasts were so full and round and soft, and your nipples long ataşehir escort and erect. I lowered my mouth to one nipple and drew it in between my lips, you murmured restlessly as I sucked on your nipple and you held the back of my head and pulled me closer,

I moved my hand slowly down your body to the top of your jeans, and I opened the top button and eased the zip down. As my hand caressed the soft skin of your stomach, you let out little moans and sighs and I slipped my hand inside the waistband of your panties, I kissed you again as my hand touched your pussy hair then the top edge of the slit of your vagina,you raised your hips to meet my fingers which then slipped easily into the entrance of your pussy. I pushed my finger inside you and We kissed hungrily, you were already wet. I removed my hand and pulled off your jeans altogether, then I eased your panties down and off over your feet. You gasped and cried out as for the first time I had a full view of your beautiful pussy. the lips so full and succulent and partly open almost inviting me to enter, Your pussy was covered in soft downy hair neatly trimmed from the top of your slit, and your extended clitoris showed through. You opened your legs wide and I lowered my head between them, I pushed my tongue inside your pussy lips as far as I could go and I licked and sucked on your clit.You tasted delicious and the aroma from your sex filled my nostrils,

You cried out with soft moans, Oooooohhhh as your passion built and you clamped my head with your thighs, I sucked on the inner lips of your vagina and I could feel the wetness flowing.

My cock meanwhile was rock hard within my trousers, ümraniye escort I leaped up and quickly removed my chino’s and pants. I stood above you to let you admire my long thick erect cock, your eyes widened and you reached up to clasp it in your hand , you pulled me down to the ground by it and you kissed the end, I knew that I was struggling to keep my cum at bay, and I wanted to be inside you, so I urged you to put it in, you guided it to the entrance to your love hole. You opened your legs wide and I eased my cock into you, you were very wet yet your hole was still quite tight, Your pussy lips gripped my cock as it drove into you. Then I was in and we began to make love in a frenzy, I slid swiftly in and out of your body,You thrilled to the feel of my cock inside you and you wrapped your legs around me to pull me further in, I tried to look into your eyes, but they were clamped shut

I could feel the tension growing inside you, You were writhing and trembling and calling out and suddenly your body shuddered and your orgasm hit you. Wave after wave of love juice burst from your pussy lips, I could not last and my cum travelled rapidly from my balls and erupted inside you in a torrent. I continued thrusting into you until every last drop of sperm was squeezed from me and mingled so satisfyingly with yours inside you.

We lay on the grass my penis still inside you, not daring to move as our passions subsided. We hugged and we kissed hardly able to believe the levels of passion we had just reached.

Eventually we got to our feet and dressed to make our way back to the pub, the barman was right, there were many more people about now , but we were able to freshen up and have the drink that we badly need.. We giggled together and marvelled at our new feelings,we held hands and I asked you If I could see you again and you told me you would love to, Exchanging mobile phone numbers, I promised to be discreet when I called you in a couple of days as I walked you back to your car.