Out in the woods Part 2

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Out in the woods Part 2After having my cock released and slowly wanked i knelt back down and sucked on the guys cock once more then i wanted fucking. I stood back up and got out some lube and my trusty butt plug and proceded to lube my hole and place the plug into it. After a few minutes i felt very relaxed and ready and then for my admirers i replaced the plug for my 8″ vibrator which i teased them by letting them watch but not touch. I was very very on heat by now and i could sense they were too i told them they could all have a go if they wished but safe only and one of the guys just came there and then ( oh dear!!!) and went leaving just the three of klasbahis güvenilirmi us.As i had come in with the older chap it was only right he got first time and so he had his condom on and i turned around parted my legs and bent over slighty holding onto a tree.I waited in anticipation and i felt him push slowly at my enterance and he was in oh god how i needed this he held my hips and pushed in and out slowly ( how i like it) and told me that this was only his second time here and that he had never been with a xd before. He said he was married but hadnt had sex for ages and i could tell as in a couple of minutes he grunted klasbahis yeni giriş and pushed (ouch!) and came.He quickly pulled out and made his excuses and i waited for number two who took his place and pushed in and fucked me like a tart hard but firm and this felt good he had a smaller cock than the first but still a fuck is a fuck. He was well on heat like me and he soon came too and i thought how i miss doing this regular. I then got number three who had a thick cock but i was well open and didnt care now and he fucked and fucked and told me how cheap i was and that he was going to punish me for making him watch and klasbahis giriş wait and i wasnt dissapointed as i felt his hand come round and tug on my now pre cum leaking hard cock. Boy this felt wonderful and i came very quickly shooting all down over my stockings and heels whilst having this guy fuck me hard. I could sense he was close so i pulled him out took of his rubber and held my ass apart and told him to cum on me and boy he didnt dissapoint he shot loads down onto my open hole and i felt it dribble down onto my balls and it was so great to feel like that again. I turned gave him a kiss and off he went i dressed back up after a quick clean up and made my way back to the car sat in it for a short while thinking what i had just spent the last half an hour doing and got very hard again so i drove off with a grin and went home to play all dressd with my vibrator on my married bed knowing i had one more night to do this again if i wanted too x